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July 21, 2007

iPhone vs. Car

"Ever wonder what happens when your iPhone gets run over by a car?" That was the cringe-inducing question posed by friend and fellow iPhone owner Paul, both on Twitter and on the Bytemarks mailing list. Holding my breath, I read the rest of the story. Read on... Posted by Prophet Zarquon at 10:38 PM
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August 16, 2004

It's just internet now?

WiReD has posted an announcement concerning the word "internet."

As of today, WiReD magazine is no longer capitalizing the words internet, web and net. Their reasoning is that the internet is simply another medium for information distribution, and is thus undeserving of capitalization. They concede that the internet did change the world, but no more so than television or the printing press did in their day. Thus, by deliberately lowercasing the words internet, web and net, they claim to be putting the significance of the net back into perspective.

Posted by Wendell at 04:47 PM
May 13, 2004

Movable Type 3.0

With the new pricing structure of Movable Type, I'm wondering what it will do to community weblogs like this one. Especially considering the cost of the new software for this site alone would be $599.95 (for a limited time, $699.95 thereafter). I'm guessing that most won't upgrade to the new version and will keep their current version or will folks be migrating to other, cheaper software.

Posted by Hayneyz at 02:45 PM
February 24, 2004

Free music from Pepsi-iTunes

Ever since Feb. 1, with the debut of contest advertising on the Super Bowl, I've been looking for Pepsi bottles with the telltale yellow cap and Apple iTunes logo signifying that the Pepsi-iTunes promotion had reached Hawaii.

For the uninitiated, Pepsi is giving away 100,000,000 free songs on Apple's iTunes via secret codes on the inside of the yellow Pepsi bottle caps.

Skunk! Nada. Zip. Leftover ProBowl promo bottles, that's all. Until Feb. 22, when I went into the Chevron convenience store in the Stadium Sack-n-Save parking lot... Bought four botles of yellow-capped sugar water with the promise that "One in three wins a free song on iTunes"!

I got THREE out of four! Let the free music downloads begin!

Posted by ZZType at 09:25 PM
February 11, 2004

From .AVI to VHS?

Been messing around with a few digital cameras that are capable of taking video images.

Posted by Helen at 10:45 PM
January 18, 2004

Privacy Schmivacy

This morning, the Advertiser ran a storyabout privacy issues and picture cell phones. The headline reads, "Privacy issues plague picture phones". The privacy issues outlined in the article made me wonder...

Posted by Beth at 07:26 AM
January 14, 2004

It's the Bandwidth, Stupid?

Oceanic Time "We're not AOL" Warner Cable is running a TV spot claiming Road Runner is now "50% Faster" (Please correct me if I am wrong about this ad, I've only seen it once).

So, Oahu broadband users, is it really 50% faster? Has Oceanic uncapped your consumer broadband connection? Have you challenged your bandwidth lately?

Posted by Jon at 03:54 PM
October 20, 2003

A challenge to our local digital photographers

A French reader sent me this splendid JPEG. It's a very large file, takes awhile to load, but then you can scan horizontally and view Paris at night in a full circular panorama. Let's have one like it for Honolulu! Top of the First Hawaiian Building?

(I suspect the Honolulu version would be more impressive in daylight.)

Posted by Albert at 02:10 PM
September 24, 2003

Hitting this up?

Is anyone going to be taking advantage of the free WiFi day tomorrow? I, myself, am lucky enough to have a day off, so I might check out Ward Borders.

Posted by R-Lan at 09:15 AM
July 23, 2003

you want wifi with that?

Last July, Ryan wrote a HawaiiStories entry about going wireless, and a couple of months ago Arlen wrote about how difficult it is to track down free wifi.

I've got a new airport-powered laptop (I LOVE my new job). Surfing for free sure beats paying through the nose to use the internet at Kinko's. Does anyone have any hot tips?

Posted by Bill at 10:00 PM
June 09, 2003

O'ahu geek needed

I had a crisis with my Win95 machine yesterday; the video died, although I could see scandisk operate. Once that procedure completed the screen turned to diagonal mush. I thought it was a monitor problem, because it's been unreliable when powering up for a while (see here for details).

Anyway, I need a hardware geek to help me remove the hard drive from the old machine and hook it up to the new(er) machine as a slave drive, complete with ribbon cabling and jumper settings.

Posted by Linkmeister at 04:57 PM
June 01, 2003

Life without a PDA

My Palm IIIe decided not to display any more information, however it still kept the data intact and I was able to sync it to my PC.

Posted by Helen at 02:52 AM
May 14, 2003

It has Arrived

While passing through Ala Moana today, I noticed that there were people putting the finishing touches on the Apple Store. The grand opening is Saturday. Despite the fact that this wasn't really announced on Apple's website, there is now a page for the Ala Moana Store.

Posted by Vivi at 08:17 PM
April 26, 2003

The World as Blog

Remember the GeoURL discussion a while back? Somebody got really creative and created a world map indicating newly-updated blogs through the code. Let the owner explain it:

Posted by Linkmeister at 10:25 AM
April 23, 2003

Gas Station Sat Dishes

Does anyone know what the satellite dishes on service stations are used for?

Posted by Haken at 10:35 AM
March 15, 2003

Hidden Treasure in Hawaii?

"There's gold in them thar hills!"

For ages and eons, man has been seeking hidden treasure. Long John Silver, Erik The Great, Lewis and Clark, Thor Heyerdahl, and many others all struck out on adventures either for the sport of exploration, the thrill of being first to discover something new, or for rush of finding the loot! Well, if you think the days of treasure hunting are over, then you've obviously never been geocaching!

Posted by Beth at 08:19 AM
February 07, 2003

eMachines PC?

I am not in a rush but sooner or later I will want (or need) to buy a new PC. Somehow the eMachines PC seem to be inexpensive brand. Anyone got any good or bad things to say about their stuff?

Posted by Helen at 10:37 PM
January 22, 2003

The RIAA and Your Rights

"A federal judge ordered Verizon Communications yesterday to give a record industry trade group the identity of an Internet subscriber suspected of making available unauthorized copies of several hundred songs." read on...
Posted by Grant at 05:29 PM
December 29, 2002

Junk email

For the heck of it any junk email that I have been recieving goes into another folder (and it is not trash). Once in awhile I scan the subject headers to see what it is all about.

Posted by Helen at 10:20 AM
December 11, 2002

Information gone wrong

I come home today after work and my answering machine has a message for me. The message says that I am entitled to test out the latest golf club technology.

One problem with this honor.

Posted by Helen at 06:39 PM
November 21, 2002

Room and Board for a Board

This isn't Hawaii-related, but I figure it's as good a place to ask this question, especially since there seem to be many Mac geeks lurking in the woodwork here at HS. Perhaps someone might know the answer.

Is it possible to run a bulletin board/forum on Mac OS X, and how would that actually work?

Posted by Vivi at 10:48 PM

Hawaii to get a taste of Apple?

Good riddance, CompUSA "Mac specialists." Apple seems to be planning on opening its westernmost Apple Store in Hawaii. In Ala Moana, in fact, if I'm reading the official job posting right. (You gotta love their sense of humor: "Does the thought of working for Apple make you tingle more than those three seconds right after a sneeze?")

Seattle just found out they'll be similarly blessed, and it made headlines! Part of a nationwide expansion, it seems. Thanks to Jon for the scoop!

Posted by Prophet Zarquon at 12:13 AM
November 20, 2002

Scientists to create new life

Can you believe this?

Scientists Want New Form of Life

WASHINGTON (AP) - Scientists intend to announce Thursday that they will attempt to create a new form of life in a laboratory dish, The Washington Post reported.

Posted by keithk at 07:02 PM
September 26, 2002

Yet another VCR

Found out that my 3 year old VCR sort of kicked the bucket this week. Got a new one to replace it.

Posted by Helen at 04:13 PM
August 27, 2002

Precedent in Paradise

Hawaiian Airlines pilot Robert Konop, who has an undergraduate degree in television and film production and is a prolific online movie reviewer, this week won a "partial victory" from the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in a case that might set a landmark precedent in how existing federal law is applied to this newfangled technology known as the web.

In reporting on the case last year, Matt Gallaway, legal correspondent for Business 2.0, wrote, "Big Brother lost one."

Posted by Prophet Zarquon at 10:24 AM
August 25, 2002

V.92 modems

I'm suspecting that my current modem is dying and needs to be replaced. While checking out CompUSA they are selling modems that support the V.92 standard.

Posted by Helen at 11:21 AM
August 24, 2002

All Computers Go To China, Not Heaven

In all my years as a programmer, I've never owned a computer. Well, except for that old Atari 800 (48k RAM, 90K floppy) my dad bought me back in 1979. The Atari didn't count, though. It was a game machine for things like Star Raider and Galahad and the Holy Grail, games I wanted to play after I outgrew their Atari game console. As much as I would like to say that I knew where all the dead and outdated computers I ever used went, I didn't. At least not until now--and it's not a pretty sight.

Posted by Haken at 02:48 PM
August 17, 2002

Call Me

I'm continually pondering getting a wireless phone. After a trip to San Francisco's Virgin Megastore opened my eyes to prepaid service, I've been salivating over getting customized ringtones and text messaging. So I figure I should ask people's opinions of wireless phone services?

Posted by Vivi at 01:26 PM
July 26, 2002

Too much M5 Technology?

If you ever watched the original Star Trek episode "The Ultimate Computer" there is a scene where the out of control M5 computer is about to destroy a robot spaceship to which Dr. McCoy utters the memorial line "Fanastic machine this M5, there is no off switch."

Posted by Helen at 10:19 PM
July 10, 2002

In Memorium Download As Much Stuff From Gnutella Net

If you haven't heard by now, Gnutella key programmer, Gene Kan, was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound on June 29. At 25, he was a leader in his field of peer-to-peer technology and a multi-millionaire, having sold his company, Infrasearch, to Sun Microsystems.

A couple of years ago, I briefly corresponded with him when I had questions about a project that I was working on based partially on Gnutella. It's really a shame that things ended this way for him. Kan had everything in the world, and yet, apparently, the one thing he needed most, he didn't have.

Like any tech genius, he kept a blog if you're interested.

In memorial, we should all download something from gnutella net. I think he would like that. :)

Posted by Haken at 09:53 AM
July 05, 2002

Look Ma, No Wires!

Wannabe geek that I am, I've just now made the jump to WiFi. (That's the cool term for the IEEE 802.11b standard.) Of course, for hardcore folks — particularly on the East Coast — this stuff is old hat. But I'm tripping out.

Anyone else gone wireless? Are there any wardrivers in Honolulu yet? Planning on making some cryptic chalk marks downtown?

Posted by Prophet Zarquon at 11:40 PM
April 29, 2002

Finally Bought A Digital Camera

After spending years lugging my 11 year old Canon Elan SLR camera around the world and taking thousands of pictures, I finally, on an impulse, bought a digital camera that'll allow me to take snapshots for my weblog.

Wanna see what I had for lunch?

Posted by Haken at 12:57 AM
April 28, 2002

Got Protection?

I just discovered that two of our computers had the W32.Klez.H@mm virus. I'm not certain where it came from because this one is really sneaky. I urge you all to make sure you have the latest updates for Windows, IE, and Outlook Express at Microsoft's site.

Posted by Tom at 06:02 AM
April 04, 2002

Space Parties

Friday, April 12 will bring the second annual "Yuri's Night," a global celebration of human achievment — specifically the 41st anniversary of the first space flight (by Yuri Gagarin) and the 21st anniversary of the first Space Shuttle launch. Remember to at least raise your glass!

Posted by Prophet Zarquon at 04:40 PM
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