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It Brings Back Memories

Sunday, August 6th, 2006

    When spring gives way to summer here in the Bible Belt, you just never know quite what to expect as far as weather conditions are concerned.  This year is turning out to be one of THOSE…I mean,  the kind of summer where the heat  kicks in, it gets hotter and hotter and the rain is falling everywhere BUT here. I mean you expect the summer months to be noticeably warmer than any other time of the year but not like THIS.  DAMN!  This is that searing “face-over-the-open-flame” type heat.  How about 107 degrees in the middle of the day? That’s without figuring in the heat index which adds a few more degrees on to “burning hot” temperatures.  The death toll slowly climbs and the weather man says ” chance of rain”, MAYBE, on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Then in the days that follow, they show you how the storm system that was supposed to bring some relief is breaking up as it approaches our area.  The ferns and the “elephant ears” around the spa are starting to bow down, as all the drought-tolerant weeds thrive in the backyard.  All this  takes me back to days gone by when I was a kid growing up in the “Islands”.  The heat and humidity was very much like it is here right now but when you live on an island, surrounded by ocean, the beach, and cool ocean relief was never far away.  It’s only the beginning of August which means four to six more weeks of this heat before we begin to get some relief.   The birds are standing in line at the bird bath and Buster, my Shih-Tzu, gives my “can-we-just-skip-it-this-time” look  when it time to go for his evening “raise-the-leg” and “take-a-dump” walk.  Having grown up in a tropical environment,summer has always been my favorite time of year and I’m definitely not and never look forward to the cold temperatures that accompany the winter season.  But when the leaves start to turn from green to bright red, orange and yellow on the neighbors’ trees down the street and out in the country and the numbers on the thermometer start to head south as birds do in the fall,  all the perspiration and gallons of water I have to consume to keep from passing out, will fade to a distant place in my memory. My focus will be re-directed to the bone-chilling winds  and ice that await when fall colors give way to winter snowfall. Then……….I can complain about how cold it is, pray for an early spring and wish it was summer again.  It’s a vicious circle, isn’t it?