I am good with silence. A lot of times it is my preference. There are days when I do blast music & TV at the same time but more times then not, its quiet. Although, even though I’m by myself, I make a lot of noise. LOL

But even when there’s no music or TV on – it really isn’t silent now is it? There’s the hum of the frig or other appliances, the A/C or heater. There’s electronic buzzes going on. In my house there is a tick of clock I never hear unless electricity goes out, usually in a storm. There’s cars noises outside or airplanes overhead, city wise anyways. Not so much in the country or small town.

I know when I hangout in small town America, it seems awfully quiet compared to the city. The sounds are different from a city. Less cars, less everything, people go to bed early. LOL I think country quite is good for ones senses. The bombardment of noises I think is bad for humans, I think it desensitizes natural human senses. Can’t hear the enemy sneaking up on you. Heeheehee what have I been reading? That so make sense thought ain’t it? Well I think so. Survival – fight or flight; can’t flee or know to flee if you can’t hear what the hell is coming after you.

Some people have better hearing then others. I think I’m kinda deaf ea. Or more like selective hearing. A lot of times I hear what I want to hear I think. I’m good at tuning out boring, because I’m ADD like that. Note to self: I need better listening skills. LOL

I love the early mornings after a big snow. The snow blankets the ground and muffles mother nature. The silence becomes purer blanketed in a foot of snow.

Ma ke aloha ~ until I write again bumbye.

Silence Is Golden

Or is it death and dying?

Once upon one time it was always our parents or grandparents going to their friends funerals.

Now it is our turn. It is our friends, people our “age bracket” that we bid goodbye to.

Sometimes I don’t see what’s right in front of me or am I just ignoring the obvious. :)

I suppose funerals makes us face our own mortality, it does me. Whenever there’s a friends funeral I always think, I’m probably next – knockonwood yeah. With that said, I want to go to my granddaughters wedding. So that means I need to work on staying healthy. For the most part I think I’m doing well. But I need a second opinion. Always.

I think we/me go through different deaths, well not death per se; but more like letting go of thingss – issues – attitudes – whatever it may be. Or is that just maturity? LOL I crack myself up.

But what if what we let go of was/is something we should keep? How do we know? Maturity, I said! LOL

No wonder it feels good writing – it unleashes all these off the wall thoughts. Free therapy.

Ma ke aloha ~ until I write again bumbye.


Ok its a Tahitian class. I understand now why Tahitian – as in oteas are not for a certain age bracket. I mean still can, can. But there is a physical price for it. LOL Ok maybe its just me.

Once upon a time I had a left knee injury and a left hip injury and I never went to the doctor for it. Probably cause it happened when I was hapai and I would not have gotten it x-rayed anyway and it got all better. Fast forward 20 years afta dat and when ever I feel aches on the left side I kinda ova compensate on the right side. So now my left knee doesn’t bother me; that’s the knee that got hit by a foul ball, softball. Fast pitch kine. So nowadays my right knee feels really bad after hula & Tahitian class. So I started wrapping both knees for class. Wow – big difference. I still hurt but not the same achy breaky way. The ace bandage really does give extra support.

I enjoy Tahitian class. I suck at it but its a cardio class for me. I can still hang with the younga ones so I think I all that, still blessed to be able to fa’arapu (ami). I can shakem but da only thing breaking I think is my body. But there’s a pill for that. The trick is to take Aleve or ones favorite pain killers before class. But I never remember till I come home all “feeling it” anden I take some. LOL

I really thought I was the shits dancing Tahitian UNTILL I watched the video. WTF! LOL Seriously – my mind knows the routine my ass doesn’t or sometimes its da ada way around. Its a timing thing. I was about to brag that I was “thee oldest person dancing Tahitian at Aloha Festival” omg glad I didn’t. LOL Well now I know, before I just suspected it & now I admit it. But you know A’a I KA HULA (and/or Tahitian). I think it better to stick to da aparimas and ahororas (the slower more hula-ish tahitian dances) – but thats not whats taught in class so I just go with the flow.

I am the “oldest” one in class and my friend is 2 years younger. She’s a tall Pakay, right. And she was saying she doesn’t have a booty or the one she has is flat kine. And I told her go buy the fakeass booty panty, da false advertising kine it will add a hump to your rump. Us just crack up in da back of the class. Us da AUNTYS in da back all kolohe.

Hula is very subtle exercise in the sense that you don’t feel it while you’re doing it but da next morning hoooo all the moaning and groaning. You would think I’d be use to it by now but I think muscle memory is over rated. I think I’d need to do a class 2 or 3 times a week then my muscles wouldn’t feel in shock once a week. LOL

I was wondering this evening; why does my forearms hurt. I didn’t go lift weights or anything. Makule – Duh – how soon we forget; in class today we did basics with the uliulis and we are learning an uliuli dance. So I was constantly shaking the uliulis for at least 30 minutes or more. I have good forearms. LOL When I use to do weights regularly somebody at work said “I can see you still in the gym” and I said how do you know, cause I had not seen that person for a while. And he said ‘your forearm.’ I just laughed cause I kinda don’t see it, I’m a retard like that. But I said “how do you know I’m not playing tennis?” He said “because there ain’t no tennis courts around these parts.” Oh true dat, point taken. LOL

People dance hula for different reasons. I really don’t care for doing “gigs” and entertaining. I do Aloha Festival and I think I’ve done one gig at the museum or something. I think maybe I dislike the having to change and all the hoopla that goes with doing a show, you know. I just have a mental block sometimes and if my heart is not in it, I shouldn’t be doing it. Anden the other part is maybe I can’t remember everything I’m suppose to yeah. When everybody going right I stay kapakahi kine, hui da ada right! LOL

I suck at kahiko. Maybe I was traumatized small keed time taking hula in Ewa at Haole Clubhouse. Too many whack whacks behind the leg with da puili. nah nah nah I have guilty conscience when I mess up doing kahiko. Because it is traditional, when I screw up I think Pele or somebody going show up and scold me cause I’m messing up the tradition, you know what I mean.

For me I dance for that connection to the soul of the aina, home and ohana. I feel there is healing in the mind body connection. So it is what I need to do.

I’m kinda nuts dancing hula doe, I think I entertain & humor myself more then anything else. Especially nowadays, sometimes I just can’t get my feet and hands timing down, I know da feet da hands go hammajang or visa versa. Because you know hula is sometimes like trying to rub you tummy one way and pat your head the other way. If you think too much about it its hard to do, once you get it right its good but getting to the point of getting it right takes a lot time and practice. I real remedial, so yeah I need more den once a week.

Kanikapila wise I think I only can dance 3 songs without practice. Or so I think. If I don’t practice the song like every other day at least, it is outta site and outta mind. But for some reason 3 songs I can wing it. Maybe cause they are as old or olda den me. nah nah nah

Ma ke aloha ~ until I write again bumbye

P.S. It feels good to be writing again. LOL

[Inspired by Pua's post on FB. Random Christian dude called her out about her tattoos and Lord have mercy did he pick on the wrong Tita who was still in line to get her coffee. Should ask Starbucks if they have the video of that LOL]

I think God is against ugly ass random shitty looking tattoos. Nah nah nah I dorono what God thinks. I don’t pull the God-card out when I need to justify something. I just pull out the Judge-card – ‘don’t judge me’ – don’t know why people say that because we all ‘judge’ in one way or another; ok make assumptions. We just don’t all admit it. Mankind is opinionated like that. I’m not a bible-ish person, couldn’t quote it to save my life. BUT I can goggle. LOL

Kakaroached from da intanet somewheres:

So, what does the Bible say about tattoos?

Leviticus 19:23-28 23 “When you enter the land and plant fruit trees, leave the fruit unharvested for the first three years and consider it forbidden.[f] Do not eat it. 24 In the fourth year the entire crop must be consecrated to the Lord as a celebration of praise. 25 Finally, in the fifth year you may eat the fruit. If you follow this pattern, your harvest will increase. I am the Lord your God. 26 “Do not eat meat that has not been drained of its blood. “Do not practice fortune-telling or witchcraft. 27 “Do not trim off the hair on your temples or trim your beards. 28 “Do not cut your bodies for the dead, and do not mark your skin with tattoos. I am the Lord.

“The “tattoo” marks described in Leviticus 19:28 were clearly related to false religious practices. The word translated tattoo in our English Bibles is the Hebrew word “qa aqa”, this word appears only one time in the Bible, here in this passage Leviticus. The word “qa aqa” means literally “to cut” but taken with the surrounding words indicates a cutting that left a mark imprinted in the skin. This could have been a form of branding, scarring, cutting or a process where ink was inlaid into the skin; there is not enough data to fully define exactly what this word meant. However we translate the word “qa aqa” though, in this passage, it is certainly used in the context of cultic religious worship. The prohibition against “qa aqa”, (translated tattoo) was to keep the Israelites from being involved or affiliated with cultic worship practices. Plus, I get the sense that it is referring putting the tattoo on yourself… so just make sure you have someone do it for you. (ha, just a little joke there!)”

Isn’t Leviticus in the Old Testament and not in da new? Correct me if I’m wrong. Some people follow the Old Testament literally. Some people follow the New Testament and the two is different. So not everybody the same. Anyways not all the Bible stuff is right either I’m thinking cause it was written by man anden translated by more men and you know how stuff get lost in the translation. Uh huh – just saying….

I think the ethnic cultural tattoo-ing is Godgiven. When you look at the art, complexity, and stories of Polynesian, Aotearoa, Phillipines, Japan or where ever they’ve had it in time and memorial, it is very significant becuase it is part of what defines their ethnicity. At the same time it is sad that these art forms become saturated with dominate societies definitions and taken out of its original context.

My body is a blank canvas. I’ve always wanted a tattoo but never knew where I would put it. I’m old school and don’t think it should be in anyones face business wise, but these days its different ain’t it? I didn’t want it where it showed publicly unless was at the beach. So no, not on my ass either. :) Well I guess I could wear a thong but I would be busy digging my ass most of the time so why wear dental floss? My thought is if I’m going to have something between my buttcheeks, it betta feel good. LOL fo’realz, but I digress….

So after 3 decades or so, what am I going to get tattooed? I want something that is mines alone, if its going to be art on my body it should not be something generic. But I’m indecisive and whishy washy. Tattoos are not for indecisive people. (Light bulb moment, what?) In the mean time I’ve listened to Keone Nunes speak in person at a couple of presentations he’s done. He’s a friend of a friend and she has one done from him blah blah blah. And he speaks about “the artist making the choice of what to tattoo” and about researching, geneoloyg and why etc etc and I’ve come to the conclusion maybe I’m not meant to have a tattoo. (another light bulb turns on, lol) If Keone said he would do a tattoo on me, I think I would let him do it because of who he is; then the question would be “do I trust him to do what he sees appropriate for me?” The answer is yes and no; and there in lies my indecisiveness. Keone would say “you know wot no need, not today” – on that I would agree.

But I also think if I’m ever in Papaete, Tahiti I may go look see try try maybe? LOL


Ma ke aloha ~ until I write again ~ bumbye.

Hanalei Moon?

Hanalei Moon?

I’m just practicing to see if I remember how to post a pic.

I don’t think thats thee HANALEI MOON. I just labeled it that cause thats the first thing I thought of. AND I could dance it too without practice. I just remembered that… you all sing… I can dance. LOL

Ma ke aloha ~ until I write again ~ bumbye.

I’mmmmm hereeee……. Amazingly I think my fingas rememba cause my mind lost it.

Alohastories? Hawaiistory? no no no plural Hawaiianstories….K K K So I rememba my password…… woot woot LOL Ok what did I want to write about… I dorono – I fo’get so excited just getting in here.

Just thought I’d drop a few random thoughts…. about – brainfart -

Really thought I was going to jam out some awesome random thoughts…. LOL it’ll come to me I just gotta write on, right on …. Does anyone besides Mokichokipakalanahanahana write in here anymore? Thought I’d come in and keep her company. LOL

PINTEREST-ing (dats what I was thinking of writing about….)

Ok so I’m a big Pinterester – is that a word? It is now, one who does Pinteresting right? Right.

I have a hundred something boards. They are in alphabetical order. I’ve pinned 30something thousand pics. I have almost 700 hundred followers, 682 I think – give or take some. Who woulda thunk it?

Pinterest is basically digital scrapbooking. You get to paste pictures of stuff you like. No fuss no muss yeah.

I’ve always thought that it would be cool to have cradleboard collection. I now realize that: 1) it would be really expensive & 2) where would I put it, it takes a lot of space. With Pinterest, I have my cradleboard collection. Doesn’t take up space and I did not have to buy anything. I’ve “collected” more then I’ve ever imagined.

I’ve always known about the AINU people of Japan. Just thought they were the taller northern Japanese. Did not realize they came from like Russian or Europe. Didn’t know that the Japanese people treat them bad. Like dominate society vs Native or Blacks la dat. Yet they are the Indigenous people of Hokaido it was there lands and they got invaded & taken over by Japan. Anyways I learn me all kines of stuff ova deya. LOL

Pinterest is a good place to get ideas, for whatever. Even recipes, even though don’t hardly cook. But if I did, get resources. LOL There are a lot of awesome pictures, professional and not so much. Love the pictures of flowers, sunsets, sunrises, and mother nature.

There are great ideas for DO IT YOUSELFing kine stuff. Also crafting and what not. Just search whatever comes to mind. Its very educational. I learned more about Niihau on Pinterest then I learned in school. Wotkine dat? LOL

To me basically, Pinterest is about pinning right. Well some people make comments as if I took the picture. I’m thinking, they are thinking; that I’m suppose to respond. I did not take the picture there fore I really don’t know. You know what I mean. I like the picture so I pinned. Do I have to put a disclaimer? Its pinterest – it pictures, why you asking me, you need to as the person who took the picture. Right? lol

With that said I have a “Board” with my stuff. See: Created With Aloha. Ok if you ask me about those pictures then I can answer the question because I took them.

Come FOLLOW ME. LOL Monkey see monkey do? Be number 700! Search for ‘Oh Linda.’

Ma ke aloha pumehana ~ until I write again ~ bumbye.

I always say I hate funerals but I think its a love hate relationship kind of thing.

Funerals are for the living cause you figgah da makidiedead person don’t give a care. Its the living that get all sad or pilikia or indifferent or crazy.

Funerals are for saying good bye. Closure.

At one point in my life I told myself the next funeral I go to is going to be by own. I so lied, right. Since that time I been to more the a few. Hard to not go sometimes, its a matter of obligations, of face, loyalty, respect et. al. I had to go say good bye, right.

I think one of the reasons I hate funerals is that I’m a crier. I cry till my head hurts and my hearts way too heavy. Sometimes I think I’m cool I’m not crying and then I hear somebody bawling their eyes out and I start crying again. I cry when I see people who I know don’t usually cry, cry. I mean if they don’t hardly cry and here they are crying, it must be really sad, ain’t it. Anyway I think so.

Not all funerals are created equal, I suppose some organized better then others. Some more dramatic then others. I guess its the family and circumstances of death.

I think I told myself I’m not going to another funeral other then my own after a a baby’s funeral. Those are the saddest. Kids funeral. Teenagers, young people in general; their funerals always lead me to thinking of the things they could have of accomplished. With older people at least you know they have fullfilled some if not all their expectations, they’ve experienced life from youth to senior citizen, they truly have experienced life.

Funerals of friends of the same age bracket brings me face to face with my own mortality. Its crazy and its life, it just is. Mourn and move on, easier said then done a lot of times.

Funerals bring together some of the best reunions. People you’ve not seen in ages. Reconnections. I think thats one of the positives of funerals.

My MIL was buried this past Friday and everyone was saying how organized things was and it was put together really fast and pretty much efficiently. That all has to do with planning. Even the Funeral Home was impressed. For the record, I did not do anything but show up. Sad but true; thanks to my very efficient kids & DH.

You know how there’s always that one or two relatives that has to have or wants to have their two cents put in….. yeah there were those. They got squashed with a big fat no, early. And I think, thats what it takes; just a serious big fat no!

The issue we faced was pictures. My MIL’s 2 sisters, wanted this that or the other, how come there’s no pictures. And after telling them; THAT WAS HER REQUEST everyday for about 3 or 4 days they finally shuttup.

I’ve been to funerals in Oklahoma before but for the first time I noticed a big difference between HI & OK; they don’t give money or cards la dat. Its cultural, thats their way. I must not have paid attention before.

Another thing that bothered me was the “Sisters” who came by the next day expecting to “take or have” stuff. Who’s taking this & who’s taking that. These are elderly people so gotta be tactful and not disrepectful, right? The sad thing was/is; when my MIL needed her sisters most, they were not there. But soon as she’s gone, they are at the house asking for stuff, she said this and she said that. No she didn’t, you weren’t even around. And the freaking sad thing is they are just going to yardsale the stuff they do get. Its about money, not their memory blah blah blah.

I was telling DH, I don’t think my sisters would do me that way becasue I would not do them that way becuase we were not raised like that. How you go ask for peoples stuff the day after the funeral? Thats so wrong. Then again not all cultures/peoples da same yeah.

All this funeraling around got questions to pop up like “who would be your pall bearers?” My answer was “UM I never thought of that; nephews?” Then there’s the Plan B part, when I haven’t even thought of Plan A; What if the people you requested pass before you, who would you want to do it?? All I have is my ScoobyDoo answer, “aaaaaahhhhnono.” So I need to think of Plan A & B. At least the A part. I did the start the funeral jams playlist, e kala mai; Celebration of Life music. SPIRIT IN THE SKY LOL

DH’s family was surprised to hear that I was not going to be buried with/by DH. Why I gotta be by him when I makidiedead, what we going do? Besides we both believe you return to the earth you come from. I did not come from Cherokee County, OK – no disrespect intended. Its cold in Oklahoma. lol When I first heard DH say I could be buried in Oklahoma for free at their family graveyard; I had to make sure that does not happen. I got my reserve spot at Mililani. Y’all invited!



Wow hard to believe I haven’t been in here since Dec 2011. Time flys when you’re Facebooking. I’m surprised I remembered my PW and it let me in. Thought maybe it be DENIED. But I guess not. I am still accepted? LOL

So is Mokihana the only loyal writer in here? Its becasue she mentioned her blog & Hawaiistories and I’m like WOT? Still yet get? So here I is.

Waving at all you all who still frequent here. I must make a better effort to come and write even.

Yes I must write more. Some of my bestest writings is in hea, somewhere; buried in the depths of the being wheneva it is I started writing in here.

I must remember to get my FACE outta Facebook.

A hui hou ~ Until I write again. It should not be another year but hey don’t hold your breath.

Hmmmm whatever can I write about next….. I will sleep on it.

Malama pono!

I haven’t written in here since JULY! Seriously. I knew its been a while but I didn’t know it was that long a while…..

Way too much Facebooking huh…..


What will I write about…… I’m a frkng FARMER in Farmville. Kind of closet Farmer at that… I stopped Yoville-ing….

With that said I do a bunch of mindless clicking….. wotsupwitdat…. mindless….. click cause its there, why….

Posting…. I do post … on FB…. First song of the a.m….. kakaroached stuff from other peoples…. food porn….

Just stuff in general…. I hope I’m not boring people but what can I say….

I’ve written some of my what I think is my best stuff in here……. LOL …. Legend in my own mind like that….

I do need to write more and NOT be doing mindless clicking……

Note to self ~ WRITE!

Some different notes, same but different ……..

I am at
………. my friends house in OKC.

I am thinking……this is a very quiet city.

The TV is ……. not on.

I went………to the Tulsa PowWow yesterday and had dinner & hungout at the Deep Duece Grill till 2am.

I am ………. enjoying my OKC visit, heat & humidity and all.

I am going
…….to someplace that is closed but someone has the keys. LOL

I am reading………….THE KAISHO by Eric Van Lustenberg – I think thats how you spell it.

I am wishing………..well I won’t go there.

On my mind…………I shouldn’t wear green panties if I’m wearing white pants. LOL

Noticing that………..I expect certain things to happen even though I know they are not I am still hopeful – yeah wishful thinking on my part. *L*

I just made……. A. lol not

I am surrounded by
………. the figments of my imagination.

One of my favorite things……..just chillin chillaxin.

I am listening to………. the silence of a city.

I can’t believe and did not think that ………..I would have these past days off.

I love it when
…….my kids are together. LOL

REMEMBER WHEN……….I had hair down to my ass.

IF TOMORROW NEVER COMES……… I don’t think I’d know it so what difference does it make?

IF Tomorrow Never Comes