Earlier this summer I started to learn to dance the song THESE ISLANDS by Danny Couch, his Almost Paradise CD (#5). As I practiced, ova & ova & ova again, hearing “This is aloha, this is aloha, this aloha….” my mind finally snapped thinking you know what, this is one of those home sick songs. I’m going to attend da Aloha World Gatherings dinner….so maybe…. hmmmmm

So I practiced and I practiced. Cause I kinda slow like that, so I’m thinking muscle memory right; it’ll register. Long story short I emailed IZ & UK telling dem, IF get time right before we sing HAWAII ALOHA I like dance THESE ISLANDS as a gift of hula, mahalo & aloha.

Inhale…tell me if you can smell dis:


Ok so that was months and months ago. One week before the dinner I get an email saying its a go, yeah dance dat hula; only 2 people knew. So the activities at the dinner are winding down and IZ says:

“You ready, you not sked?”

“Yeah I ready, no I not sked.” (Only me right, nobody to compare to if I going kapakahi or not.)

So she says “us go.” We walk toward the dance area, she holding da mike and she tells everybody standup, join hands & make a circle. I’m behind her saying “wait wait wait, we not singing Hawaii Aloha yet?”

“Shuttup and dance.”

I go to the dance floor. I have a moment of panic because nobody is sitting in their seats they are all standing in a big circle, the lights are in my eyes and all I really see is shadows of people standing in a circle holding hands.


So I’m standing there acking like I know what I going do because afta all I did practice, right? Right. The music comes on and I pretend, just like practice……but only fo’real now people stay watching…..hala.

Da first part is just standing there, right foot out and doing da motions.

Have you seen these Islands
Have you seen the beauty of this land
Do you know its people
Brothers, Sisters walking in hand in hand
Have you seen the ocean, miles and miles of crystal deep blue sea
Can you smell the flowers
Fill the air with fragrances for free
This is aloha, this is aloha, this is aloha
This land of Hawaii…….

So I just poser dancing the above. The ocean part suppose to be close to da floor, like low tide-ish but I had this dress on, if I went make low tide da “volocanoes” would have “fall out” free show distracting kine. So I had to adjust da ocean to lilobit high tide keep my back straight so da volocanoes stay in its place. puppy

Anyway by da time I reached “fragrances for free” I figured out I was going way to fast and I need to breath and relax, let go & let God…..


Needless to say I got thru the song. I think I danced from the na’au, from da inside out; why else would people cry? Imagine if you will……a room full of homesick peoples holding hands in a circle, imagine this homesick song playing, and in da middle of dis circle one homesick person dancing da song. All that homesick aloha & mana’o ~ wot? ~ going come in in waimaka’s yeah.


It was good tears. Happy sad tears. No there wasn’t sadness. Ok sad us no stay home but as ok cause us just wen pau eat and we was full and we had each ada, yeah.

For me it was a very touching experience. I got more aloha then I could of ever thought of. I knew that if I did the song right there would be tears, mines. So I was so overwhelmed by da aloha and mahalos. It was a very encouraging experience.

Mahalo so much to all those who were there and for all the kind words and aloha. Mahalo for the fellowship we shared that evening. God willing, hana hou next year!

Ohwowlaulau & now get video. Look who’s on youtube. Mahalo UK.

Told you. What happens in LasVegas, ends up on someones blog. *L*

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  1. Mokihana says:

    I stay sitting hea wit wai maka nui loa, just reading dis post. U know how bad I wanted to go, and when I read dis, I can almost imagine myself dea, watching u, holding hands wit da peeps I get so much aloha foa.

    Even doe I wasn’t dea, u wen bless me, Lika. I hope I can see one video of dis sometime, but if not… I can imagine, and I can feel da aloha… and I can see this gift dat u wen give all of us, wedda we stay LV oa hea.

    Mahalo nui, sista.

  2. Lika says:

    Ahhh Mahalo ~ go bug UK!

  3. auntiepupule says:

    Tita Lika, Da way you wen write says it ALL!

    Sharing Love and ALOHA!!


    Auntie Pupule

  4. UK says:


  5. Kikue Mugen says:

    It was the most sensational thing I saw in a looong time. I’m serious when I say “sensation”, because as I stood there the chicken skeen was flowing through me. Absolutely beautiful. Oh and your expressions made it seem so natural, as though you were drifting on the words of the mele. It was awesome!

    Hugs to you sista! We go do’yum next yeeah! Hana hou!

    Love you Lika!
    Izzie :D

  6. Kawena says:

    Was really nice, Lika! Brave, yeah, you?! Nah, you’re a natural. I’m sorry I didn’t get to see it in person. You really have a lot of heart…can tell just by your smile. Show-off! Nah, nah…just joking! Your performance was the icing on the cake for the Gathering.

  7. KG says:


    I wanted for goooooooooooooooo. OMG you such a beautiful Dancer! made me all teary eyed. I know if I had been there I would have been tears flowing down da face. made my night thanks soooo much

    PS thanks UK

  8. George aka. Babooze says:

    So wot can wun Babooze say wen all dees uddah Babooze’s alredi said em’. U wun winnah Tita. Ho da brave u. Too bad i no can see em’. Da internet police hea block anyting from youtube an no can see da pitchas u post on da site but still i jus’ came fo’ read. Dat took a lot of aloha to do wot u did an i wish i could see but das ok. I can still see in my mind.

    U go Tita. \m/

  9. Soos says:

    I can tell you gave your friends a wonderful gift. Fantastic!

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  11. skeet says:

    Oh, wow! You even made me go all chicken skin and I was crying by the time your hula came to an end (and I’m just an old haole gal who calls Waianae home.) Your post is as beautiful as the dance, pulling us in to share the aloha that made it so special. Mahalo for putting this in the Carnival of Aloha so I could find it.

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  13. Alyce Moral Aka Sunny. says:

    Much Mahalo, To everyone from Aloha Gatherings and Aloha world, for a spatular evening of events. This was my first year at the Gathering. I’m a Prof. Hula Dancer and Live for the Aloha. As the saying says. I live to Hula and Hula to live. Lika, your beatiful!, Mahalo, for being so kind to me the night of the event and giving me the info of what piece of music and song on the cd. and where I could get it on the internet. Your such a beatiful dancer and you danced so beatiful that night. My dream has always been to live in the islands and dance the rest of my life. Mahalo for making a little piece of heaven happen that night for me. Plan to see you at the next gathering in 08,. Much Aloha to all, Sunny

  14. 'Alika says:

    Nani loa! I wish I was there. Sounds like you had a great time. BTW, I’m going to start hula lessons next Sunday in New Hampshire. I’m so excited! Feel free to keep in touch with me. Are you a member of Hawai’i Threads by any chance? Just thought I’d ask you.

    A hui hou,

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