LOL I can laugh cause I not famous and on TV. Oh ok I on youtube. But as not da same thing as having my own “series.” Wot da hell was I going write about?

OH YEAH DA R-Word? LOL As oppose to da N-word. Hmmmm WOT N-word could dat be….NUTS?

True story: My girlfrnd standing in front of DaKine BailBonds on Oct. 31. A reporter goes up to her and asks “What do you think about DaDog using da N-word?” Being from Waipahu and deaf ea, she asked “What M-word? Mahu?”

You know all da huhu pilikia po’ole Dog DBH going thru ova saying da N-word…..I neva hardly heard da story on mainland TV. K-maybe I wasn’t watching too. But its not such a big story here. Its bigger on da intanet and in Hawaii.

See if DaDog was truely assimilated and full of Aloha and could say moe den Aloha, Bra and Mahalo, Brah; I think he would have used da local term Popolo. And you know wot, da Enquirer don’t give a ratsass about “popolo.” For one thing “popolo” is a true Italian word and not derogertory. Go google “popolo” ~ you get a bunch of Italian restaurants and such.

In Hawaii Popolo is local slang/description for Black people. Yes it can misconstrued (I know college word) as racist just like Haole can be misconstrued as racist. But in Hawaii locals use ethnicity, ethnic labels of one another as “descriptors.” Its a decription of da person. You know wot I mean. If I say dat Jap, Buddah Head or Katonk. I just talking about one Japanee person. It does not imply hatred or racism. If I say BookBook, Flip, Offdaboat, LOL I’m describing…. y’all get my drift.

Speaking for myself and not all local peoples…..thats da way I am. Any word, discription what have you, can be “racist” if when you add “attitude” and hatefulness.

I never thought of the word Haole as a racist word until a Haole told me it was a racist word. I was huh? Cause to me Haole is Caucasion, white, european, I don’t know their ethnic background dey look like all da ada Haoles. You know what I mean. There was no racism/prejudice in Haole untill a Haole told me there was.

Maybe its da way I grew up. I grew up prejudice. I’m not gonna tell you I’m not, cause I grew up dat way. Growin up in Hawaii, I was told dis race is la dat, or la dis or no good or junk or watch out “fo’dose kine people?” At da same time I was taught every group of peoples have good, bad and indifferent. All people are not da same. Mix messages yeah. You guys know what I talking about? Its a Hawaii thing, huh? A local thing? Its what makes us local.

True locals are strange la dat yeah. Because even with each group da Japanee…. Samurai class, different island, Okinawian, northern, southern blah blah blah; within each ETHNICITY dey get some moe layers of prejudices yeah. With Filipinos its Tagalog, Ilocano and Visayan plus da ada 100 or more other bookbook tribes. With Pakays its, Manderin, Haka or Taiwain woteva. But we all get along….Koombayah…. most times. Cause we have potlucks. One ting locals not racist about ono grindz. LOL

It irks me when get all da kine “racial” issues going on….for example Haole vs Popolo…..and people say stuff like “some of my best friends are Popolo?” yeah, so? It irks me becasue its no different den wen Haoles talk stink about Mexicans. And probably because in da mainland I’m identified as “Mexican-ish” ~ I’m cool with that, some of my best friends are Mexicans. LOL I mean *L* People have talked to me saying stuff like “you know YOU Mexicans…. blah blah blah.” So, so kiss my toe all da way to Mexico. hehehehe

I am an IDENTIFIABLE ethnic person and proud of it, even if people can’t tell what ethnicity it is. Dey know I ain’t haole. I’m cool with that. LOL A little bit scarey if/wen people think I’m Middle Eastern but hey it was on an airplane and us was da only brown peoples. I was looking for terrarist and da peoples was looking at me funny kine. Duh? Bachi.

Once upon a time, I lived in Los Angeles and had a lot of Popolo friends. And everynow and then in heated or not so heated “conversation” dey would call me da N-word with and without da F-word in front or back of it. Ok, I think it must just be me BUT I took it as a compliment because it was a term of acceptance. It made me a “sista” LOL. And I could say to them “Negro Puhlese!” and it was all good. This was also back in da 70′s when political incorrectness was not on the internet! *L*

5 Responses to “Racist, me?”

  1. Soos says:

    You reap what you sow.

    If your public persona is so different from your private one… you shouldn’t be a public person. Whoever you are, you should treat others the way you want to be treated.

    Otherwise, your son will sell you out!

    You gotta be real, and you have no worries there, Lika.

  2. Mokihana says:

    I love what u said about in Hawai’i the names are “descriptive”, not a put-down. Cuz it’s so true. But if you take da same conversation to da mainland, u going be accused of being racist. I love that it’s unique to Hawai’i. A whole culture who knows what they mean when they talk… kinda like one foreign language, yeah?

  3. Evelyn says:

    I’m with you, Lika. The whole thing is so irritating. On top of that, it was a private conversation! Sometimes what we say at home is not how we would talk at work. It’s just so blown out of the water! Give me a break already!

    You guys are right — we do use words like Flip or Portagee or whatever, but we use them almost like terms of endearment. They are loving words almost. It’s fun and playful. It’s just the way our culture is. Too bad, so sad. If little miss chicky can’t get over it, too bad. You want to tell me she didn’t get a cut out of that Enquirer money? I think she just wants more. Please.

  4. Kikue Mugen says:

    Very well put Lika.. I enjoyed every single word!

  5. Eugene says:

    This is one of the best blogs I’ve ever read! Lika’s tellin it like it is. I was just google-ing “popolo” cuz I wanted to know if it was still cool for a brotha to kick it in hawaii, ha.

    I been there lots (mostly Honaunau / mid-’90s), but never heard the word… Peace be with you Lika!

    “When you get to a level with your friends that you can joke about race / religion & use slurs… that’s awesome! I think more and more people are catching on to that. It defuses the hurtfulness of it… but you still gotta pull it off with massive respect! PEAAAACE.” -Sir Winston Churchill

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