Wow hard to believe I haven’t been in here since Dec 2011. Time flys when you’re Facebooking. I’m surprised I remembered my PW and it let me in. Thought maybe it be DENIED. But I guess not. I am still accepted? LOL

So is Mokihana the only loyal writer in here? Its becasue she mentioned her blog & Hawaiistories and I’m like WOT? Still yet get? So here I is.

Waving at all you all who still frequent here. I must make a better effort to come and write even.

Yes I must write more. Some of my bestest writings is in hea, somewhere; buried in the depths of the being wheneva it is I started writing in here.

I must remember to get my FACE outta Facebook.

A hui hou ~ Until I write again. It should not be another year but hey don’t hold your breath.

Hmmmm whatever can I write about next….. I will sleep on it.

Malama pono!

2 Responses to “Where The Hell Have I Been”

  1. Mokihana says:

    Ho! U wen get yoa maka outa FB, at least foa awhile. ‘Bout time. Cuz yoa blog gives me one laff, makes me think, and generally gives me one smiyo.

    So hele on, tita. Rite moa! Cuz I stay lonely ova hea!!

  2. Babooze says:

    Face outta Facebook??? I no tink so no? I stay in deah too but i always come snaek aroun hea an ova at Moki’s place too.\m/ Been hea, done dat, come back lattahs.\m/

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