Ok its a Tahitian class. I understand now why Tahitian – as in oteas are not for a certain age bracket. I mean still can, can. But there is a physical price for it. LOL Ok maybe its just me.

Once upon a time I had a left knee injury and a left hip injury and I never went to the doctor for it. Probably cause it happened when I was hapai and I would not have gotten it x-rayed anyway and it got all better. Fast forward 20 years afta dat and when ever I feel aches on the left side I kinda ova compensate on the right side. So now my left knee doesn’t bother me; that’s the knee that got hit by a foul ball, softball. Fast pitch kine. So nowadays my right knee feels really bad after hula & Tahitian class. So I started wrapping both knees for class. Wow – big difference. I still hurt but not the same achy breaky way. The ace bandage really does give extra support.

I enjoy Tahitian class. I suck at it but its a cardio class for me. I can still hang with the younga ones so I think I all that, still blessed to be able to fa’arapu (ami). I can shakem but da only thing breaking I think is my body. But there’s a pill for that. The trick is to take Aleve or ones favorite pain killers before class. But I never remember till I come home all “feeling it” anden I take some. LOL

I really thought I was the shits dancing Tahitian UNTILL I watched the video. WTF! LOL Seriously – my mind knows the routine my ass doesn’t or sometimes its da ada way around. Its a timing thing. I was about to brag that I was “thee oldest person dancing Tahitian at Aloha Festival” omg glad I didn’t. LOL Well now I know, before I just suspected it & now I admit it. But you know A’a I KA HULA (and/or Tahitian). I think it better to stick to da aparimas and ahororas (the slower more hula-ish tahitian dances) – but thats not whats taught in class so I just go with the flow.

I am the “oldest” one in class and my friend is 2 years younger. She’s a tall Pakay, right. And she was saying she doesn’t have a booty or the one she has is flat kine. And I told her go buy the fakeass booty panty, da false advertising kine it will add a hump to your rump. Us just crack up in da back of the class. Us da AUNTYS in da back all kolohe.

Hula is very subtle exercise in the sense that you don’t feel it while you’re doing it but da next morning hoooo all the moaning and groaning. You would think I’d be use to it by now but I think muscle memory is over rated. I think I’d need to do a class 2 or 3 times a week then my muscles wouldn’t feel in shock once a week. LOL

I was wondering this evening; why does my forearms hurt. I didn’t go lift weights or anything. Makule – Duh – how soon we forget; in class today we did basics with the uliulis and we are learning an uliuli dance. So I was constantly shaking the uliulis for at least 30 minutes or more. I have good forearms. LOL When I use to do weights regularly somebody at work said “I can see you still in the gym” and I said how do you know, cause I had not seen that person for a while. And he said ‘your forearm.’ I just laughed cause I kinda don’t see it, I’m a retard like that. But I said “how do you know I’m not playing tennis?” He said “because there ain’t no tennis courts around these parts.” Oh true dat, point taken. LOL

People dance hula for different reasons. I really don’t care for doing “gigs” and entertaining. I do Aloha Festival and I think I’ve done one gig at the museum or something. I think maybe I dislike the having to change and all the hoopla that goes with doing a show, you know. I just have a mental block sometimes and if my heart is not in it, I shouldn’t be doing it. Anden the other part is maybe I can’t remember everything I’m suppose to yeah. When everybody going right I stay kapakahi kine, hui da ada right! LOL

I suck at kahiko. Maybe I was traumatized small keed time taking hula in Ewa at Haole Clubhouse. Too many whack whacks behind the leg with da puili. nah nah nah I have guilty conscience when I mess up doing kahiko. Because it is traditional, when I screw up I think Pele or somebody going show up and scold me cause I’m messing up the tradition, you know what I mean.

For me I dance for that connection to the soul of the aina, home and ohana. I feel there is healing in the mind body connection. So it is what I need to do.

I’m kinda nuts dancing hula doe, I think I entertain & humor myself more then anything else. Especially nowadays, sometimes I just can’t get my feet and hands timing down, I know da feet da hands go hammajang or visa versa. Because you know hula is sometimes like trying to rub you tummy one way and pat your head the other way. If you think too much about it its hard to do, once you get it right its good but getting to the point of getting it right takes a lot time and practice. I real remedial, so yeah I need more den once a week.

Kanikapila wise I think I only can dance 3 songs without practice. Or so I think. If I don’t practice the song like every other day at least, it is outta site and outta mind. But for some reason 3 songs I can wing it. Maybe cause they are as old or olda den me. nah nah nah

Ma ke aloha ~ until I write again bumbye

P.S. It feels good to be writing again. LOL

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  1. Mokihana/Mokichokipakalanahanahana says:

    I love how you write. I hated having to give up hula because I get nomo meniscus in my left leg. So anykine side to side stuffs.. ho da pain! But I think wat if I go wrapum like u? Den maybe I could.

    I love kanikapila; especially wit Lurkah dem.

    Anyway, good ting u still dancing. Good connection to da ‘aina and our culture, good foa da body and soul.

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