Or is it death and dying?

Once upon one time it was always our parents or grandparents going to their friends funerals.

Now it is our turn. It is our friends, people our “age bracket” that we bid goodbye to.

Sometimes I don’t see what’s right in front of me or am I just ignoring the obvious. :)

I suppose funerals makes us face our own mortality, it does me. Whenever there’s a friends funeral I always think, I’m probably next – knockonwood yeah. With that said, I want to go to my granddaughters wedding. So that means I need to work on staying healthy. For the most part I think I’m doing well. But I need a second opinion. Always.

I think we/me go through different deaths, well not death per se; but more like letting go of thingss – issues – attitudes – whatever it may be. Or is that just maturity? LOL I crack myself up.

But what if what we let go of was/is something we should keep? How do we know? Maturity, I said! LOL

No wonder it feels good writing – it unleashes all these off the wall thoughts. Free therapy.

Ma ke aloha ~ until I write again bumbye.


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  1. Mokihana/Mokichokipakalanahanahana says:

    Yeah, now it’s our turn. Scary. Sad. Both. I just lost a hula friend. And another… well… praying for a miracle for her. It doesn’t look good.

    I still feel like I have so much more living to do. And not enough time.

    But one day at a time. Go gym. Eat healthy. No let anything die inside while I’m living.

    Mālama pono.

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