I am good with silence. A lot of times it is my preference. There are days when I do blast music & TV at the same time but more times then not, its quiet. Although, even though I’m by myself, I make a lot of noise. LOL

But even when there’s no music or TV on – it really isn’t silent now is it? There’s the hum of the frig or other appliances, the A/C or heater. There’s electronic buzzes going on. In my house there is a tick of clock I never hear unless electricity goes out, usually in a storm. There’s cars noises outside or airplanes overhead, city wise anyways. Not so much in the country or small town.

I know when I hangout in small town America, it seems awfully quiet compared to the city. The sounds are different from a city. Less cars, less everything, people go to bed early. LOL I think country quite is good for ones senses. The bombardment of noises I think is bad for humans, I think it desensitizes natural human senses. Can’t hear the enemy sneaking up on you. Heeheehee what have I been reading? That so make sense thought ain’t it? Well I think so. Survival – fight or flight; can’t flee or know to flee if you can’t hear what the hell is coming after you.

Some people have better hearing then others. I think I’m kinda deaf ea. Or more like selective hearing. A lot of times I hear what I want to hear I think. I’m good at tuning out boring, because I’m ADD like that. Note to self: I need better listening skills. LOL

I love the early mornings after a big snow. The snow blankets the ground and muffles mother nature. The silence becomes purer blanketed in a foot of snow.

Ma ke aloha ~ until I write again bumbye.

Silence Is Golden

2 Responses to “Silence”

  1. Mokihana/Mokichokipakalanahanahana says:

    Right now I have on Hawaiian mele on Pandora while I work. I have two CPUs in my office. One is totally quiet. The other, too loud da fan. Cuz I love da mele but not electronic kine noise.

    Silence. Hearing nā manu outside, or da makani in da trees. Good kine.

  2. Alan says:

    Good to see you posting again to your blog. Was getting worried.

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