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Call me retahded but I don’t think of RAPTURE as an end of the world thing. Ok maybe I do now because of the media but before all the blitz about rapture this and that. Initially “rapture” to me has/had a sexual connotation. So I don’t think, see or hear “rapture” as the end of the world kind of scenario.

To me… rapture has to do with joy, like happy happy joy joy, ecstatic. Positive over the top joy. “Orgasmic kine of joy!”

Ok there I said it. Hence the sexual connotation. I associate RAPTURE with orgasm NOT the end of the world.

Ya’know what I mean jelly bean? LOL

I understand how “rapture” can mean ‘the carrying of a person to another place or sphere of existence’ BUT still I don’t associate it with end of the world as we know it.

I don’t mean to be pressumptious which means yes I am; but I think the way I think about ‘rapture’ is da way God thinks of rapture.

S-E-X baybee. *L* What! God created all things right. Hello, the big O! Ohyeah. Happyhappy joyjoy. Is that not Godly?

Ok granted this may sound blashphamous on this Sunday morning that we were told we were not going see BUT ok what is more sinful:

A) Telling people that the RAPTURE – aka as end of the world, kiss your ass goodbye because life as you know it will no longer exist – then learning ooops no I guess not – wait Dec 21, 2012 – kiss your ass goodbye for Xmas 2012.


B) Telling people that RAPTURE involves, describes, and is associated with ORGASM.

I rest my case! Am I lying? No. Am I bullshitting you and being a false phophet? I don’t think so.

Welll you might think I’m a false prophet telling you that ‘rapture’ descrbes orgasms BUT dat would be because you ain’t had one.

Perhaps you’ve not had an orgasm ever, or lately. Go get one first and then tell me I’m wrong. I can handle it. We are responsible for our own orgasms although we like to blame the other person….. OH I digress….. LOL

‘The carrying of a person to another place or sphere of existence’ – who wouldn’t want to experience that kind of orgasmicness.


So in Tahitian class – bump right bump left push back push front – hana hou for about a minute or so give or take some. Anden switch to – push back push front push back push front – another minute or more of this movement….

This was some serious kegel exercises – push back push front push back push front – try try, oh and your knees have to be little bit bent, always soft knees….

As I’m doing this I’m thinking OH this is making my belot strong hah! Seriously. It does dat aint it? Push front push back push front….. its good for your okole too huh kinda tightens it up. We all need tighter behinds right. Don’t want it all loose and just hanging out there. *L* This pelvic exercise is good warm ups for your core. Seriously. A warmed up core is easier to get hot. nah nah nah LOL

Considering I am one of the most if not thee most makule person in class, I probably need it the most too huh. Well at least I am AWARE. I don’t think anybody else in class was thinking about the lack of or strength of their belot muscles.

Rememba da old joke: What comes between A-lot and C-lot?

I think we’ve had this kegel discussion before but its always worth revisiting and of course doing. It is the easiest exercise to do and wahines can do it any time any place any where and do WE DO IT? Hardly. Only when us gotta rush go shishi we start squeezing and unsqueezing oh no squeeze harder. You know wot I mean? hheheheheehehe

So in class I was like totally reminded of how I do not do this enough or regularly. But now if I do it in class regularly – HALA watch out – strong belot!

Men can do kegels can’t they? Oh different muscles doe huh? Can make da shishi stop go, stop go? So can they…. um neva mind…. LOL

I think belot muscle awareness is necessary for a good sex life. Why am I laughing… ain’t it though…. if you know how your body works and what works for your body then you can have ……. good fun! Why am I still laughing…… oh right cause it takes two. Well not necessarily huh, its woteva floats your boat. Sailing with a partner is moe funner den sailing by oneself…. especially if you are making use of your strong muscles.

Push back push front push back push front……..


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Background story: I was done with my dieting down and all that, I had just finished my last scan and headed to the nearest “breakfast place” to eat my first full no restrictions kind of meal. As I sat there drinking my tea and waiting for my breakfast I started to stare at the Condiment Holder. Then I busted out my camera because……. I think this is self explanatory.

Maybe it was all the radioactive stuff in my body that made me spock dis. LOL


I just had to remove da stuff in it because da kine……


OMG it was looking at me……..I wonder who designed this……


Does this mean I’m horney kinda person……..


SO! lol


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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A fag hag is a slang term for a woman who either associates mostly or exclusively with homosexual men, or is best or good friends with a gay man or men. It originated in gay male culture in the United States and was historically an insult.[1] Some women who associate with gay men object to being called fag hags,[2] while others embrace the term.[3][4] The male counterpart, men who have similar interpersonal relationships with lesbian women, are called dyke tykes[citation needed] or Dutch boys; furthermore people who associate with gays, lesbians, and bisexuals may be called fruit flies, [5] regardless of their sex.

From a very young age I’ve always known there were guys who were more girly then girls. Mahus. Probably cause I remember our family trips to Leonard’s Bakery and on the way home my Fahdah would always cruise by Glades. He would point out, “see dat one, not wahine.” We’d be at the traffic light and someone in drag would be walking down the street and my Dad would say “look you tink wahine but get boto da bugga.” So I’ve always knew Queens existed.

For some reason; it had not dawned on me that if there were guys who LIKED guys then there are girls who LIKE girls. It wasn’t till I was in High School that I realized there are Butchies, Dykes and Lesbians in general. I’m slow like that. I’m straight out straight myself. Lets make that perfectly clear, I love….well neva mind what I love. I love being the HETROSEXUAL that I am. And so WHO YOU SLEEP WITH should not be an issue with me in the sense that it ain’t none of my business. Unless of course I am the other half of said relationship and I ain’t talking about me per se, so neva mind; lets not go there.

I’ve always had mahu friends. In HS there was these two mahu’s and they came hangout in our bathroom because they couldn’t go in da boys one cause da boys would beat dacrap out of them. So they came hangout wit us in the bathroom and put on makeup etc. Note: The bathroom that we hung out in was more of a hangout hangout then a bathroom. We sat on the floor talkstory & smoke, the rubbish can was one drum and had at least one ukulele strumming. Good accoustics yeah da battroom. LOL When da mahus came in deya to hangout we, ok ME; I use to ask’um anykine “mahu questions.” How you do dis or dat, or ha’come you la dat. Everyone has their own story yeah and niele me like know hah. Plus too my Godsista is my Godbrah and Godbrah is Godsista but they are who they are, its all good; its not an issue.

SO couple of weeks ago I’m hangout at an event with a co-worker who is “ladat” yeah. I don’t know how we got on the topic of s-e-x but something he said made me say “OH my friend she writes yaoi, you know samurai-on-samurai stuff.” Then he commence to asking me if I’ve seen this one Japanese movie about samurais and sex. My first thought was & I said, REALM OF THE SENSES? He started laughing out loud, OMG NO. I can’t remember what movie he was talking about. So I was telling him I was reading this book that was totally YAOI-ish and I found it educational, from a females perspective anyway. He became very interested and I gave him the title and author. Told him to look at in on (And you know he did. LOL)

Well this guy who is “ladat” is my kids friend too, and their age so they hangout whenever. Well Mr. Ladat; Herspaced #2 and put a note on there; something to the effect that – “You are a FH because you’re Mom is a FH; do you know what your Mom is reading?” So of course #2 calls ands says MOM explain that note. I was cracking up because I knew about da note cause Mr Ladat showed it to me and the first thing I said was “she is going to call for an explanation.”

So I told #2 the story about the book la dat. I told her my friend who is female is the author and that the genre that she writes and so thats why I was reading it. She was like, “Mom, your friend is female so how does she know these things?” I was like ummmmmm, no laughing be serious, think fast and rememba I’m da Momma; “SHE DOES RESEARCH.” #2 says “Mom you have strange friends.” I cracked up, she doesn’t know the half of it. Funny how we grew up more strange then our kids, but our kids think they are “bad” ones. LOL

On a side note: I got a call from Mr. Ladat at work. He called to ask me what my job title was and I blurted out FAGHAG, Sr. (#2 is FH, Jr.) I heard the phone click and he said “OMG you just said that so loud!” I was like – you had it on speaker phone? Hello cubicle city is where he sits. I told him I bet everybody’s ears just perked up like dogs & bitches. So unprofessional, I swear. *L*

OH and the book that has elevated me to the status of certifiable FH:

Gojou Hajime by Kikue Mugen



IMHO there will always be a double standard. May not be as bad as my parents dem days wheneva I was growing up but none da less not ever all dat equal either. As long as there are botos and belots there will be different standards. OH did I say da B-word. I didn’t call anybody a BeeYacht, so I’m good right?

Part of the double standard thing is mentality. Ok alot of IT IS mentality. Females are moms. Males are dads. That story about man gives birth, puh-lese; “man” had a uterus. Excuse me men do not have uterus-ses! So there. How you wanna confuse you’re kid like that? I’m your Dad and I gave birth to you. Yes I am your Dad&Mom rolled into one, I Ffked myself. No no no, I wanted to be a man so I changed da outside but the inside was still wahine so az why ha’come, could still yet puinsai come hapai la dat. How you going tell da baby you going come stay go, wen you go come go went awreddy. LOL

Ok now I fo’get why I wen start dis DoubleStandard bs. Oh yeah yeah yeah. Da Republican Convention, Vice President blah blah blah. As all I heard about on TV – CNN. Gustav and VP candidate daughta hapai. If SHE was a HE dey wouldn’t scrutanize HIM la da but dey do HER? Why? Cause she da Mahdah! Am I lying.

What life has taught me is dat, IF something wrong wit da kid, wit da ohana; da Mahdah da one! Regardless if her fault or not; SHE is da fall guy. You da MOM, its your fault da kid is messed up. Why do you think Mom’s pray so much. They know, IF something wrong, ITS there fault. It’s part of the job description, it comes wit da territory. Freud or Jung said right? LOL

Yes Mom’s can have an executive career BUT. Always a BUT. BUT WOT? BUT you pay da price. Eda way. Career or Ohana? Both. OK fine. So den crisis situation, career or ohana? Wait, is the crisis wit da ohana or da career? Both. Which you going choose… baby stay sick sick dey like dey mahdah or catastrophic Hurricane Katrina pot (shuddup, ok PART) II. Knock on wood, making da sign of da cross. You get my drift. You know wot I mean……..

It’s hard being a Mom and even harder being a Mom with a career, even way way harder to the 100th degree being a Mom who is 2nd in command of a country, who could be the Commander In Chief IF Godforbid something happens to da Main Man.

Maybe its just me. See cause one of my biggest fears was my Babies having babies. My Parents put da fear of da Lord God Almighty and da belt into me; with continuously lecturing me of about not getting hapai. HOWEVA DEY failed to TELL ME just how dahell it is one gets pregnant. For the longest time I thought holding hands equals making babies. Thank you Ewa school and Waipahu Intermediate for s-e-x education. As a parent I swore I would tell my kids about s-e-x. And gunnfunnit I did! It was some what of a standup routine, with me & my 2 daughtas rolling on da floor but hey whateva works.

I find it hard to believe and yet I also understand, how parents don’t talk to their kids about babies having babies. And I’m sure even if they do frkng hudhead brattyass children will do whatdeydo. GO head spread yo’legs sommoe! You know what I mean. ME, I use to rant & rave everytime I hear about a hapai teenagah yeah. I would be going off, YOU KNOW you kids got no business bringing ada people into dis world when you no can even afford to buy your own shoes you going buy shoes and pampers fo’somebody else!

BUT hey its hard being a MOM, even more so with the scrutiny of the press and the country. Its all about choices ain’t it. Yeah they wouldn’t criticize & put a man thru the wringer la dat. A lot of times No Double Standard is rhetoric. Its apples and oranges, botos & belots I tell you.



Did you hear, read, see the story about dis one lady suing Victoria Secret BECAUSE, da thong she bought from them hit her in the eye?

I ain’t making this up. My imagaination is not DAT off da wall. Its just off, but not in dat direction.

The story goes, this lady bought a thong from Victoria Secret. Said thong had this little heart ornament dilly, you know like a heart holding the dental floss aka elastic togedda. Ok so, the claim is she got injured by dat ting. Da bugga wen fly in her eye and went scratch her cornea. Da docta said there are three scratches on her cornea.

OK now, how does one THONG tatong tong go flying into ones eye? Like one sling shot yeah. And how does a sling shot work? You have to PULL the elastic. Anden TWING!

SO you gotta use your imagination hea….. Girlfren stay TRYING to put on her Tatong thong, her stay stretching’um…….stretching’um sommmmmoe…..and moe and TOING right in da eye! How da hell? I must watch WAY TOO much CSI. But what dey gotta do is calculate da amount of TORQUE it took fo’dat flying panty to scratch her eyeball. As pretty vicious, her said had 3 lacerations on her eyeball. And why did she HAVE TO pull the thong la dat…. hhmmmmm.

I saw this on one of those msn videos I think. The Defendent & her lawyer was being interviewed by Meridith Vierra. I swear dat Lawyer wanted to laugh. He was being too freaking serious. How you going be serious and you talking about one flying panty. Puh-lese. Bugga prolly wen FUT cause he was holding his laugh. But I digress…..

Ok so where was I….FLYING THONG! Oh yeah. So this thong injured da wahine and she is sueing Victoria Secret. K. In order for dat THONG to go flying into her eye and scratch’um up it had to get stretched to da max. Ya’think? Why would one have to do dat? CAUSE da ting so tiny and da ASS SO BIG had to get around it BUT neva reach cause wen juss fly in da eye! Lucky she neva kill somebody. I can see the headlines now…. MAN DIES FROM FLYING THONG: Girlfriend in custody.

To me dis is not one product liabilty. It’s OE! Operator error. Hello? This was not one small wahine. BUT it was one kinda small thong as thongs are. Its rubba bands connected to one napkin yeah. Small skinny narrow kine napkin.

My question is: Why would you admit to something like this on TV or court? Because you want to be known as the person who got her eyeball scratched by a flying Victoria Secret thong? Why would a lawyer even take this case. Because he wants to be known as the lawyer who sued Victoria Secret?

People are dying and getting injured in wars, people are economically struggling and “these people” go on TV and talk about how one flying panty wen scratch dey eyeballs and so they want a couple of million dollar cause they could not properly cover dey big ass with dental floss!

YA’KNOW if the thong I was putting on had to be stretched so far as to be able to injury me….. I would take dat as one sign…..”get your ass to da gym girlfriend.” And I wouldn’t tell anybody I was trying to force my ass into a thong, much less go on TV and tell only a gazillion people. No doubt more because it will forever be on now huh?

Do you know whats gonna happen now….. because of this one law suit……. Victoria Secret is gonna have to put disclaimers on their thongs. What would it say? “Do not stretch this over your big ass, buy a bigger size.” How rude is that.

Ok how about: “Not responsible for injuries cause by your lack of poor judgement” Is dat moe tackful ya’think?

Victoria Secret is not a cheap place and they have some nice stuff. I have some “cute” Victoria Secret drawers. LOL With all this lawsuit and peronal injury stuff, you know whats gonna happen don’t you? It is gonna raise the price of panties! First the housing market, gas prices, the corn crop, and now higher priced THONGS! Its frkn survival of the fittest, no doubt half of the population is gonna go COMMANDO. *L*


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Shuttup ~ you guys all ready laughing, ok maybe thats just me.

So I was in da gym this morning. Yeah, I made it to the gym thats always a good thing. Anyways I figure I hardly go gym except on weekends so wot da hey I go use ALL da machines. Ok not really, it was a legs day, so all da leg kine machines.

I sat in da Leg Abductor machine. Da machine that you sit in and spread your legs apart. Or is it Adductor, eda way I did both. So as I did dat, for some reason I could hear voices from da past SCOLDING me. I started laughing cause I rememba fo’eva getting scolding small time (ok now too, shuddup) cause I sit wit my legs wide open. Da Visayan word I think is da kine: Bee-lung-kud?

As a little girl wearing dresses my Grandma or somebody would always slap me on the side of the thighs. For a long time I didn’t get it. Wot no can see my panty, wots da problem? It took a long while to figure out why girls no’pose to sit la dat. I rememba being scolded & slapped: NO Bee-lung-kud! I never asked why. Why, cause I woulda gotten moe lickens and I awreddy got slapped. No need ask why. I came from da generation of if you ask “certain” things you get “certain” lickings. So shuddup.

My kids find it hard to believe when I told them once upon a time girls couldn’t wear pants to school. It wasn’t till junior year in high school that the dress code was changed and girls were allowed to wear pants. We always wore dresses or blouse & skirts wit shorts undaneath. I finally figured out why you not suppose to BEE-lung-kud; but still yet if I get shorts on can, hah? LOL

As I sit da way I sit, all I can say is sitting “la dis” is comfortable. You know what I mean. You no have to have one boto for sit wit you legs apart, I mean boto-less people should sit da way dey like sit. Oh yeah and dey do in da privacy of dey own home. LOL

So den in da gym I was doing da exercise dat you push your legs apart. It works the outside of the thighs right, getting rid of/minimizing dat “sexsatary spread.” In our family, da wahines have serious thighs. My sista calls it da family curse. She says “look at da skinny ones even dem get thick thighs.” Curses can be blessings. And you know what, when you’re grown up, you can bee-lung-kud weneva you like. LOL

I did da push you legs apart so gotta even’um out right, I went and did da pull your legs togedda. That exercise helps the inner thighs. Or so it says. You sit there “bee-lung-kud” – legs wide apart then you pull then together. Simple enough. So simple I’m thinking how much can I do? I keep adding 10 lbs increments. It gets harder to do but its still doable. Especially since it dawned on me “EH dis going make my belot muscle strong hah?” Its like doing kaegel exercises from da outside in. Kapakahi Kaegels? Its working the same area, da belot section. Right?

I did 100 lbs you know. I don’t know how dat translates into psi (pressure per square inch) but beware, I could damage “stuff” dat get between these thighs!


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I learned a new word yesterday. Its true huh, you learn something new everyday. If you don’t learn something new everyday, it means you ain’t paying attention. Ya’think?

So the word yesterday was labiaplasty. Well today, it is: phalloplasty. Plasty = plastic surguring (? lol) or recon as in reconstruction. Phallo, as in phallic as in: of, relating to, or resembling a penis.


So did you know that: “Phalloplasty surgery encompasses penis lengthening surgery, penis widening surgery in the flaccid and erect state and glanular enhancement.”

I did not know that till yesterday, thanks to a posting on the Threads. Remember I was asking about how come guys don’t get enhanced? Well they do too get get it souped up, sometimes. Who knew? I looked at one of the websites that had all these before and after shots. Owww-weee. OMGawd it looked so very painful. I was wondering what about when you gotta go shishi, you know? eeewwlll Plus some had da stitches and what not, ouch totally clinical. Nothing sexy exciting about seeing a stitched up prick, ya know.


I could not be a good nurse at all. Whats da numba to 911? I would be the worst nurse ever. You would see it in my face – totally tacky funny face & rolling my eyes. The worst bedside manners ever. Nurses have to have to have a certain presences yeah. I would be cracking up or throwing up. Yuck. You gotta commend those who can handle all that RAW stuff.


There is so much risk in this type of surgery:

“The risk of infection is approximately 6%, which results in longer periods of antibiotic usage and excess scar formation. Redoes are about 5%, so if you are not satisfied, with the results this may require more money and longer healing, no pun intended. With Fat Transfer it is quite possible to develop irregularities in the shaft area, resulting in a lumpy appearance. You can re-injure yourself or impede healing if you use it too soon. Take care and listen to your surgeon’s advice. There is a small chance of hematoma, which according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, “is a mass of usually clotted blood that forms in a tissue, organ, or body space as a result of a broken blood vessel.”

I wonder how soon after surgery that you can do this:nose

What! I had to figure out how to add that cartoon in here. Oh yeah and there’s more. rollingI’m bad yeah? Probably going to hell for talking about the penis like this huh? Well its funny haha cause its not something that is discussed you know, so discussion wise its really quite educational. I mean if it wasn’t for yesterdays topic I would not have learned about this one. So its all good. Right? hehehehehe


I mean you do what you gotta do. There are risk to everything. I suppose the question is ~ Do you feel lucky? You like chance’um? Your peepee, your call.


Oh wait, wait, wait……try look PROOF PEOPLES GOT PILAU MIND. Or is it just me? kitty



Made you look? K-den no look. DDuck Guys stop copying him. I can’t do that my thumb is too little.

I’m sorry I think the correct terminology is Labiaplasty. The topic was brought up on the Threads. I would say TREDS but if I may be so bold as to use the correct spelling. pup

I’ve heard of this but never put much thought into it. So now that topic has been brought out I’ve thought about it; way more then I should. Scarey thought….

I think there are legitiment reason(s) for doing this procedure other then cosmetic. Then again maybe not, I don’t know. Anyway I’m sure anyone thinking about getting this procedure done does the research and gets a more then a few opinions.

My first thought was ~ who was da first wahine to look between her legs and come to this conclusion: my labia needs to be cosmetically enhanced. She couldn’t just say “hon eat dis?’ or “give me good lickings.” (I know ~ I’m so tacky) My imagination preceeds me. OR maybe some Yoga master spread her legs doing a forward pretzel posture sticking her head down up between her legs to look at herself. (Ladies ~ stop it ~ you can’t do that. Oh you’re a yoga master? Knockyourself out.)

More likely though a female placed a mirror between her legs and looked at herself. I’m wondering though, maybe she didn’t read the wording on the mirror. OBJECT IN MIRROR MAY BE LARGER.

Cosmetic wise I see this as a money making procedure along with enhanced boobs, fake asses, face lifts and botox trout pout chocho lips. You know what I mean.

Botox, tox means there’s toxins. As in a bacterium Clostridium botulinum, or something like that, yes like da stuff that can cause botulism. Granted Botox is FDA approved & safe they say. Botox is relatively new, since the 80′s. What will we find out in 20 years. You know kind of like SMOKEing. But I digress. lipsgreen

I can see where if you’re some kind of porn star you want this done because your precious pu-nay-nay is up front and center of a frkng camera on someones big screen. But dang the way that industry works, they’ll find someone younger and “fresher” and thats a sad thing; cause then your enhanced labia is no longer needed.

I find it ironic that people in a 3rd world country like Ethiopia are trying their hardest to outlaw female genitalia mutilation and in America females
pay to get their genitalia reconstructed. Ok I know, its comparing apples with oranges, but hey its fruits.

I think there should be more male genitalia enhancement procedures. Ya’think? Cause like I said, there’s Pimp My Ride, Overhaulin, Pimp My Truck; how about PIMP MY DICK. Are any doctors working on THAT issue? Why gotta be wahines getting operated on?

Anyways all this talk about enhancement, ssshheeesh…. pieces of all this cosmetic surgery business reminds me of a story I just read…..

In the book MOLOKAI by Alan starts with a B; there is a mahu character. Well because of the maipake’ aka Hansens Disease (aka leporasy back in da day) his body literally changes; taking on a female appearance, his dick shrinks so look like punani, his breast develops, his body literally looks like one wahine. Anden he makidiedead. Shuttup. The point is, HE was so happy that his body evolved into one wahine becuase he had prayed everyday for God to make him a woman and with the disease that prayer came true.

So what does dat have to do with Pimping My Pu-nay-nay you say….
Prolly notting. LOL It just came to mind and it also brought to mind that I understand what it means for me to go under the knife (like twice). Like a doctor taking a a scapel to me and removing stuff, cancerous stuff. With this realization, for myself I would not go thru cosmetic surgery because surgery would take some serious healthy days away from my life. I don’t need to spend time/life under anesthesia. I just need to live life to the fullest ~ unenhanced undoctored belot and all.

I think instead of women worrying about the apperance of their belot, dey should focus on their “skills.” You know what I mean. Cause like how many men judge you by the LOOK of your labia? I think men don’t give a ratass what your labia looks like and if they do, hello I think its a sign that you don’t need him. As long as you are taking care of business – HIS ooohbabyyeah busisness. REAL women know, looks are decieving! Da belot might not look pimped out, but da “skill” level is masterful. Amene!

Its that wonderful time of the year, the yearly check up time. Literally check UP. The “open wide” exam. I ain’t talking about no dentist either. So I called my OB/Gyn’s office to make an appointment. Doctors appointments nowdays usually take 3-6 weeks sometimes. You could be healed of whatever you have by that time. So when the office lady asked me, when do you want to be seen? I replied “first available;” thinking its gonna be weeks from now right.

Well I tawt wrong. Duh. She said we have available time Monday morning. I was like this coming Monday. She said yeah. I was shocked. Anden I swear, you know how some people can just make you laugh. Was it me or her? Was both? K ~ we ended up cracking up so much……and I have no idea who this person is so that in itself is funny. This person has a slight accent. I’m thinking Filipino only cause she was cracking me up. And you know Filipinos R Punny, huh?

K ~ so this is our conversation:

Me: Monday 10:30 am is good for me

Her: Do YOU remember THE DRILL?

Me totally clueless brainfarting huh, wot drill?: THERE’S A TEST?

Her: NO hunkypunky for 3 days before your exam.

ME cracking up big time: SO I have to do IT TONIGHT?

Her cracking up big time: Do you want to change the appointment?

ME still cracking up: No no no he’ll live.

Her cracking up: Do you want me to write a note to your husband?

Me cracking up even moe now: Naaahhh he’ll juss expect something else!

Her cracking up big time now: I can change the appointment.

Me still laughing: Monday is fine.

Her still laughing: I’ll see you Monday morning.