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This dream was too frkng wierd. K-I dreamed I was sitting outside somewhere at a computer station. I was online and next thing you know this critter ~ a skunk is nibbling at my toes.

I’m pushing it away. I’m not even thinking da ting can spray stinky stuff. I try pushem away wit my feet anden with my hand. Da ting no like go away.  I pushem away with my hand and it starts nibbling on my fingers. Not biting or anything just playful kine. Then it crawled up on me and was hanging on my back, behind my right shoulder. I was trying to shrug it off and but I no could.

Next ting I know my sista tells me go sit in da car and leave da door open, make sure I hang on inside and lean my shoulder out towards da door. So I do dat and she drives da car really fast in cirlces in this parking lot and still yet da skunk is latched on to me and not going fly off even doe I stay half way flying out of da car.

Dat scenario pau, neva work. We both walk into da house, da skunk still on my shoulder………AND I WAKE UP!


Hoooooo da kine, I’ve heard of monkey on your back BUT A SKUNK! LOL

I had this dream that the plane I was in crashed. It was one of those little vibrator type Cessna 12 or 6 seater airplane. Anyway all I remember is the plane was doing just fine and next thing you know it started to dive, nose first and I knew I was going to makidiedead. I said my prayers, thank you for letting me last this long; I was ready for the impact…..

When the plane pulled up & started flying normal. I was startled awake. Shoots. I remember thinking miracles do happen. I woke up thinking that and yet I was disappointed that I didn’t get to see the rest of the dream. Did da plane crash or not? No cause, I believe in miracles? But I wanted to know if da plane went crash. Hudhead as why.

I use have a lot of falling or flying dreams and den I go BOOM, fall down to da ground. But I was like Wylie Coyote! I stay facing up and crawl outta da puka. I told you I watched too much cartoons small keed time. *L*

dream dictionary [from:]


Airplane Crash
To dream that a plane crashes, suggests that you have set overly high and unrealistic goals for yourself. Your goals may be too high and are impossible to realize. You are in danger of having it come crashing down. Alternatively, your lack of confidence, self-defeating attitude and self-doubt toward the goals you have set for yourself is represented by the crashing airplane; you do not believe in your ability to attain those goals. Loss of power and uncertainty in achieving your goals are also signified

But I neva see da plane crash, does it mean it did or didn’t? Oh well neva mind da plane, cause according to da dream interpretation, I have some serious issues. *L*

Lack of confidence, self defeating attitude and self doubt, DANG just call me stupidhead! LOL

In my dreams……I dreamed, I had to clean out my dreams. I was in front of this refrigerator case like in the supermarket and I had to pick out all these frozen baggies and throw’em in my cart. Whatever was in the cart was going to get thrown out.

Each baggie was like a frozen piece of ice, you couldn’t see what was in it. It wasn’t labled. But I was picking’um out and throwing it in the cart. I had alot to throw away.

I had never heard of cleaning out ones dreams. Ain’t it ususally follow your dreams. Or be true to it. Or whateva but neva trow’em away. Anyways I did. Trow plenny away. Sad but not really. I guess cause I knew a lot of it was small keed time stupidhead stuffs that I’ve learned to believe and haven’t let go of. I suppose cleaning out my dreams were the same as letting go. Obviously there was a lot to let go of.

I had to let go of my “Dracula Nightmare.” *L* I haven’t thought of that for a long time till this morning. When I was little I slept on the top bunk of an old military bunk bed. You know the ones made of steal and I had military surplus planket. My Dad gottum’ from the army surplus store.

So anyway I use to think Dracula was watching me and breathing on me. So I use to tuck the blanket all around under me, even my head. Thinking ok, Dracula no can bite me or get to me. So I slept totally enclosed under my blanket like one cacoon I thought. I got dirty scoldings for doing that cause my parents said I could suffocate and die in my sleep. Not a problem, I had the solution. hehehehe I measured where my face is and cut one 3 inch puka so my nose could fit in it and I could still breathe fresh air. I got lickens for putting one puka in my blanket.

All the while I’m having these clean out your dreams dream, I am coughing my guts out. My throat was so dry and scratchy. My bad, I ate a small package of kettle corn. I’m not suppose to or I shouldn’t eat popcorn. It feels like its stripping my throat raw, it irritates it to high heaven. BUT do I listen to me? Not even. I smelled Kettle Corn at da swap meet so I had to buy one small package. Not just buy, but eat da whole damn package of Kettle Corn. Was ono & addictive. But I course I had to pay the price. Pau wit da popcorn now.

I couldn’t tell if I was having one dream or gazillion dreams; but there was stuff about kids on the play ground. I couldn’t figure out if it was about me or about when my kids were kids. Something about potluck and rows and rows of crock pots with food. There was stuff I don’t rememeber now. Hmmmmm

Anyway in my dreams, I dreamed to clean out my dreams and I hope I threw away the right ones and left the good ones alone. I was wondering if I had to clean out my dreams because maybe some were “dirty.” LOL Me, dirty dreams? Not. Sensual, perhaps? aaaaaaa *L*

I dreamed I was sleeping in bed against the wall and a little long haired dog came running into da room, jumped on the bed and bit my left hand and wouldn’t let go. I thought I was screaming help, trying to pull myself up outta bed but I kept getting pulled down by the pain and tugging of the dog. The dog was between me, the wall and the matterss. I finally realize I need to scream help not just think help, and I screamed out loud “Help help!” The dog was dead suffocated between the wall, matterss and my behind. I woke up with my left hand aching.
Pau dream.




To see a dog in your dream, indicate a skill that you have ignored or forgotten, but needs to be activated. Alternatively, dogs may symbolize intuition, loyalty, generosity, protection, and fidelity. Your own values and intentions will enable you to go forward in the world and succeed. If the dog is vicious and/or growling, then it signifies some inner conflict within yourself. It may indicate betrayal and untrustworthiness. If the dog is dead or dying, then it indicates a loss of a good friend. Alternatively, it represents a deterioration of your instincts. Also consider common notions associated with the word dog, such as loyalty (“man’s best friend”) and to be “treated like a dog”.

To see a happily barking dog in your dream, symbolizes pleasures and much social activity. If the dog is barking ferociously, then it represents your habit of unnecessary barking at people and the situations around you. It could also mean unfriendly companions. To dream that a dog bites your on the leg, suggests that you have lost your ability to balance aspects of your life. You may be hesitant in approaching a new situation or have no desire to move forward with your goals.



To see bites in your dream, forewarns of danger from someone who has wished you harm, either physical or monetary. Be careful of people who surround you.

To dream that you are being bitten, represents your vulnerability regarding your unresolved issues emotions. You may be pestered by a problem or obstacle.

To dream that you are being bitten by a vampire, signifies your need to shut out a person in your life who has been using you. It is time to open your eyes and stand up for your self. Do not let yourself be manipulated and played for a fool.



To dream of your hands, represents your relationship to those around you and how you connect with the world. Hands serve as a form of communication. Perhaps you need to lend out a helping hand to someone. In particular, the left hand symbolizes your graciousness and feminine, receptive qualities. And the right hand symbolizes masculine, active attributes. It may also be a pun for some decision or something being “right”.

To dream that you are holding hands with someone, represents your connection with that person. Your dream may also reflect anxieties about losing touch with him/her or that you are drifting apart.

To dream that you hands are injured, denotes an attack on your ego.


Great ~ So I’ve forgotten about a skill and I need to reactive it, there’s been an attack on my ego, I am vulnerable in regards to my unresolved issues emotions, I may be pestered by a problem or obstacle, da dog was vicious and/or growling, so it signifies some inner conflict within me, my insticts are deteriorating, I may have loss a good friend and if so I’m going to feel really bad because I suffocated dem with my okole. Auwe!

Gosh, do I have issues! But don’t we all. *L*

This came to me like in a dream but it wasn’t a story. I was asleep so thats why I’m thinking this was a dream. It was more like a flashback. LOL Or like a slide show of mahu’s I know, of mahu incidents of the past and mahu-isms. *L* If you are homophobic you may not want to go any further. Exit now. But you know if you read’em you going laugh and go eeewwwwwl. I not going tell you stay reading mahu stuff!

The first Mahus I knew in person was wen I was a junior in high school. Bobbie & Pauline transferred from a town school. Town get people “la dat” you know, country side no had. LOL These two were out right gay, they did not hide it, they were not closet cases at all. They use to come into “our battroom” cause if they went into da boys bathroom dey would get beat up. They could come in our battroom and do all their girlygirly things and we had no problem with it. In fact they were teaching us how to put on makeup.

Rememba back in da day fake eyelashes were in, and its coming back I hear. But they use to wear like 2-5 pairs of false eyelashes. They use to teach us girls how fo’do dat. So you can have beautiful girraffe looking eyes. *L* Have you ever put on fake eyelashes? I did and look like I stay making morse code signals wit my eyes cause they keep blinking 280. (whoa I neva use dat term in awhile)

One time I was talking story wit da janitor of our battroom. She was telling me, “you know how you can tell if as one wahine stay making shishi or as one kane stay making shishi? I coulda swear had one bugga in hea making shishi, but I neva see’um.” I told her, “Mrs B, you know da two mahus in school, dey use dis battroom cause if dey go in da boys one da boys going beatem’ up.” She was like, “I’m glad you told me I taught I was going nuts, I knew was one kane making shishi in hea.”

At my 20something class reunion I found out one of my classmates was gay. He was a Japanese guy and for some reason in high school I neva thought of Japanee guys being gay. I’ve always knew there were Filipino guys who were kinda girlish. In Visayan its called, “By-yoit.” Or something like that, its like “sissy” I think. For woteva reason I neva thought of Japnee guys being gay. Maybe its dat samurai family mentality thing, you know. Homosexuality is not race specific but I didn’t know dat back in da day.

I’ve always knew they were males dressed like females because of Hotel Street. Small kid time, sometimes on paydays our treat was to go cruise to Leonard’s Bakery for malasadas and going home us cruise Hotel Street. Da way my Fahdah explained it was, “You see all dis BIG WAHINE, as NOT WAHINE.” It wasn’t till I was high school that I understood there were Butchies & Lesbians.

I’ve always been fascinated how guys can be more gorgeous den gorgeous. Alot of it is smoke and mirrors. *L* Its all about makeup, how they dress and how they present themselves, the illusion they create. They create some great illusions. I’ve always wondered what they do with dey boto, cause wouldn’t there be a bulge? They don’t have a natural “camel toe.” Eeewwwl did I say that. LOL

One time I was watching a speacial on TV about mahus and they were getting ready for one of there shows. So dis mahu dey were following went thru the process of getting ready. So herm/shim puts on her panty hose anden she stuff pieces of foam on the sides and okole section to give the illusuin of curvey hips. Anden herm wen buss out one roll of Duct Tape and wen put tape from below da belly button down da crotch and come up da okole in back. I was cracking up. You duct tape your boto?! I guess you have to shove it down huh? Eh, I don’t have a boto. But I’m thinking cannot have bulge in front so gotta pushem down and unda. Downunda! LOL Doesn’t that hurt?

Who knew, another use for Duct Tape. A totally guy thing. Would a female think ‘duct tape’ when plumbing needs to be “fixed.” How funny. You know this use is not listed in the book of 101 Uses for Duct Tape. Who came up with this idea, a redneck? *L*

102. For the illusion of a camel toe when you have a boto……..

Mahu’s are fun. There’s a reason they are called GAY cause they are, gay as in happy fun loving. Gay never use to mean mahu. Gay means happy.

My mahu friends always slap me in their limp wristed way. Cause I just bust out and ask anykind questions straight out. (Cause you know I’m straight like dat*L*)

What made you want to be one wahine? When did you know you was mahu? When you go out in full drag, do you use falseys? What do you use to stuff your bra? What do you have in your bag? Do you always carry vaseline?

LOL Ok, I betta stop now before I get grosser.

I had a dream about the tides, as in the oceans tides. Not Tide the detergent. I must be really messed up if I start dreaming about detergent.*L*

I don’t remember alot because I took too long to write it down. I remember driving makai, towards the ocean. Don’t exactly know what beach or what shore. It was a mixture of North Shore Waimea & Sunset, Ke’e & Polihale (Kauai) and Waianae side down Kaena Point ways. I was driving down this coast line, don’t remember what kind of vehicle just a car. I’m driving towards this hairpin curve, I’m driving really slow. There’s water on the road. Its high tide, its splashing on the road big time. It looks like I have to drive thru an inch of water and I’m creeping slowly with the car. I’m thinking it takes 6inches of water to displace a car so I’m safe for now. I drive thru the water and make it around the bend. I drive till I come to a parking lot and bathroom facilities. There are other cars and people there. Its high tide. I can hear the waves crashing really hard. I get out of the car and walk towards the shore. People are watching the waves. Some one asks me if I want to see the house. I say sure. I follow the person to this house thats built really close to the ocean. Too close for my comfort, they shoulda built it mauka like across the street a ways. I take a tour of the house. Nice simple house but it doesn’t feel right, the sound of the ocean is threatening and not soothing. It doesn’t sound right. I get out of the house. The person is telling me the house is safe because they’ve built a big ole’ dike retaining wall to keep the ocean from reaching the house. I’m looking at a big ugly brown fortress kind of wall it has limu and stuff hanging on it, those big leafy things that CA beaches have. Its ugly. I wake wondering why the house was built so close to the ocean and they think the ocean will not reach it. It has, the ocean was always there.
Pau dream.

I’m thinking this is one of those “I miss the ocean” or homesick dreams. Not that I havem’ a lot but since I’ve been blogging down my dreams, well this is the second ocean scenario. Then again if I was born and raised on an island wouldn’t I have ocean, island dreams. Yes. So dream on. *L*

I guess its kinda like when I lived at home I hardly went to da beach. Actually I did cut out alot from school and go beach but thats anada story. I mean most people, I’m thinking my friends and family at home don’t hardly go beach. Understandably so, its called work, kids, soccor, other activities. They don’t just go to the beach to just go to the beach. There has to be party, potluck, meeting what have you.

Because I live mainland wea no moe beach, wen I go home I make sure I start my day at da beach. I head out to Ko Olina, park at Lagoon 4 walk to da hotel & back. Its maked off, its 1.5 miles one way so I walk the 3 miles den kick back on the beach reading my book or the newspaper. Then again thats cause I don’t live there and I can do that on a weekday when there’s hardly anyone there. I would never do it on a weekend cause its so dang crowded. Couple of times doe, I did go to Ala Moana on a weekday early in the morning and still it was crowded. I was like, don’t people work anymore, these can’t all be tourist. But maybe they were. I guess I still look at Oahu as from back in da day. On weekdays there was nobody at the beach hardly. Thats why we use to cutout and go beach because we’d have it to ourselves. No such thing anymore huh?

I think this dream was to remind me of the ocean. It will always be there in its abundance. If the ocean could speak, the tales it could tell. Would we listen?

I dreamed about this portable buffet table. It looked like a huge grill. Kind of like the one I seen in Sports Autthority, the sporting goods store camping section. It was oval and shiny red, small hibatchi kine style. Well this portable was huge compared to the grill. It was big shiny red. It had collapsable legs for both the top & bottom. It opened up like a suitcase. It was shiny metal, one side was for hot food and the other side was for cold food. So you could dump ice anden put da bowls in and the hot side was like a buffet with different size pans and hot water to keep food hot. Folded up you couldn’t fit this in a car but you could put it in back of a pickup cause it was like the size of a picnic table. I woke up wondering what was so portable about it if you couldn’t put it in your car?
End of dream.

So I dream in color. What does that mean? I see colors in my dream.*L* I was thinking maybe it makes me smarter or dumber or something or other. Other, huh? I’m wondering if I’m dreaming of inventions. Like I’m suppose to invent it. Nah. I’m thinking there already is one, but maybe not shiny red. I’m good at brainstorming and ideas but the follow up part is a tad bit lacking. hehehehe

I’m always thinking of designs but I can’t draw to save my life. Its like abstract ideas floating around in my brains and I don’t know how to express it. I’m thinking I should start sewing. Again. I always go on these binges of sewing alot then not sewing at all. I sewed one blouse least year because I needed something aloha print.

When my older sister was here visiting she told my daughter that in high school I was a good designer. I had forgotten about all the crazy stuff I use to sew and wear. It was my way of being different. I remember one year for the first day back to school, I made a black shirt with white collar & cuffs, black skirt and black bag. This was way before the Goth look. My Mahdah asked me, you going school or funeral? It was the death of summer. LOL I use to do some wierd things with material. And wen I couldn’t find material I cut up a sheet. Dang I had dirty lickings for dat. Totally my fault I didn’t get rid of the evidence, I didn’t take out da rubbish. I can laugh about it now. I wasn’t laughing wen I got lickings. *L* Wow I totlally dirgress…..

BUFFET’s hello?
My all time favorite buffet is Todai’s. Maybe because I’m not around good seafood and sushi. Its one or the other rarely both and expensive of course. So why not throw down the $26 at Todai’s. If its your birthday, its free. Going to Todai’s is educational for me cause I learn all the names of stuff I never knew the name of. I always forget what their called, I know what it looks like and I know I likem’.

You know locals bond ova food. We might hate each ada sometimes but wen come time for grind, its all about da ono.*L*

I don’t know if its two dreams or one it seems all disconnected yet connected. Whats the connection? Me. Whats disconnected? Me, not ok maybe; I mean the time frames, I’m not sure.

Ok Part I of the dream is:
I’m in Sears. I’m not suppose to be there. I’m wearing green camophlage? How do spell dat? Camos! The green army go to war wear. Anyway I’m in an office I shouldn’t be in and I have to use the bathroom thats way across the way so I gotta sneak thru the store since I’m not suppose to be there. So I’m ducking under clothes and stuff heading towards the bathroom. I hear a noise and I freeze under the clothing that I’m hiding. I wait and listen. Across the aisle I see a guy crawling on his belly on the floor, going the opposite direction I was going. He creeps steadily ahead making me think there’s motion detectors or something. I watch him wondering if he sees me. He continues to crawl, stops, our eyes lock for a second and he continues to move on. I move in the opposite direction continuing to hide under racks of clothes. Just as I’m about to dash across the floor I freeze cause I hear noise. A lady with big racks of clothes is coming to the area where I’m at. I can’t do anything but freeze and wait. She stocks a rack. Then she comes over to the rack I’m at. And starts removing clothes and adding clothes. I just kneel in the middle, one knee down on the ground, the other knee up, both my hands on my knee, my army camo pulled down over my eyes, I keep frozen. The store lady just continues to do her job not even paying attention to me, like I’m not even there. Next thing you know another lady comes with another rack doing stuff on the other side. Both of them are talking story, gossiping about other employees. That lady looks down at me and says to the other lady, “they really make these manicans look real nowadays.” They finish their job and leave.

Part II of the dream:
I’m in somebody’s house, I’m thinking my friend Shirley’s. We were moving stuff, going in and out of the house. The wooden front porch started to erode, like with termites kine. Each time walk in and out of the house the porch was getting worse and worse, till we couldn’t use it anymore. We had to go use the back door. Outside there was one of her brothers (she has 4 older brothers all Viet Nam Vets). He had this golf cart that was reinforced with roller bars, over it and around it. It pulled like 3 little flat beds, kind of like the airport baggage handlers use. Another brother was sitting on a bench in t he yard he has his own howitzer cannon or whatever its called. I was asking them if there was war and who are we fighting. I still had my camo’s on.

That’s all I remember. I think there was more.


I always wonder about why I dream what I dream. Dreams are supposably stuff in your subconscious that your conscious can’t handle.

Soooooo, I can’t handle war? I’ve never been in a war war, so I don’t know. I’m not good with death and dying; people getting hurt. I’m the person who asks whats the number to 911. You would not want to die around me, I’m not good at it or I don’t think I am. I think this is from watching too much disaster stuff on TV. Information overload, dumping into my subconscious and all that psychobabble stuff. Ya’think?

I like the part about “they make manicans look so real nowadays”. Me, a manican model. Thats too funny. When my girls were real little, they would talk to the manicans in JC Penney. I use to tell them that the manicans couldn’t hear, they had to use sign language. So my kids would make up their own sign language with their hands and faces and act things out like charades. I think bachi on me yeah. *L*

So am I nuts? Where’s Dr. DreamAnalysis when you need one. *L*

I dreamed I had to go visit my Aunty dem down Waianae side. She gave me instructions to their new house. I reach Waianae and turn makai where she told me. Its like I’m driving ova da ocean, I’m thinkng Key West. Wow I don’t rememba Waianae being la dis. I keep driving for a long time till the road banks mauka and I can see a whole bunch of big ass fancy smancy homes on the shore line. I’m confursed cause I’m thinking it looks like I stay Kahala, Port Lock, Diamond Head side, but really its da Waianae mountains.

I find da house I’m looking for. More confusion, look like one warehouse with floor to ceiling picture windows scattered around. I go to the front door, knock, ring the bell, and pound some more. Nobody answers. How could anybody hear the front door if they stay way in the back? I know my Aunty is home I just talked to her.

I open the door and walk in. The entry way is big as a regular living room. I start yelling, “Hui ~ NT, I’m heeeerrreeeee. hui!” Nobody answers. I walk thru the entry way that opens up into the middle of this big rectangle house. I’m like this house is kapakahi made. Da swimming pool is in the middle of da house! Patio furniture and big plants surround the pool. Overhead is a big sky light. There are walls all around with spaces that don’t have doors.

I stand in the first space with no doors and stick my head in calling for my NT. I see a kitchen, dining room, and bedroom. Nobody answers. I do this at three of entry ways, I see the same thing but with different style decor. I’m thinking how many kitchens do you need.

As I walk around, I hear my NT’s voice coming from da ada end of da building yelling, “LinG! LinG! Come down hea.” I walk down to wea da voice is coming from. I’m thinking ~ Wow long time I neva hea somebody call me LING. Dis one NT always pronounced “Lin” like “Ling”. Nobody but her called me that. Everybody pronounces Lin like Lin accept dis one NT it was always LING. Small time I use to tink as was my Pakay name especially when she says it twice in a row. It made me feel like I was related to Li Hing Mui! *L*

Anyway I find my Aunty in this big living room with great views of course. There are other women there, but she’s the only one that speaks. She’s lying on the couch, apolgizing for not getting up. She’s not feeling well. She tell me she has a really bad headache. I tell her jokingly, “Aunty you get headache cause you neva have sex as why?”

She laughs. She explains, “Ling, you know mans dey no like dried up kine belot. Dey like da young one da muscle moe strong. Even doe da old man muscle not too good”. I’m shocked and laughing. I remember her when she was 30-ish and now I’m looking at her and she could be a hundred years old but the eyes are still kolohe.

She starts telling me stories about my cousin dem. I realize she’s using nicknames only the family uses. I haven’t heard these names since hannabuttah days. Pet names. Names said with affection. Names when heard you knew exactly who was calling you. Some names she used exclusively and we all knew who she was talking about but never dared using the pet name she used. It was only for her to use.

I ask her things about the house and why is it where it is. She ignores me. I asked her “If I just go mauka from the crossroads nearest to the house won’t I get to Makua Cave or Kaena Point side. She looks at me real mean and tells me, “No go dat way, you only going hit Haole Camp no go ova deya, go back da way you came.”

Anden I woke up! Tired. Information ovaload. Trying to remember. The more I try the more I forget.

So many details. I know there was more I don’t remember. Colors? One of the dining rooms had a very red laquer dining room set, big rectangle table and 8 chairs.

Waianae side looking like Diamond Head side. Not. They wouldn’t develope that coast line like that would they. That would be so wrong. They would chance’um?

Why do I dream what I dream? Thats the question I always ask myself. Whats the message? Men only like young belots! NOT. They WISH they can have….neva mind. LOL I don’t think this was a belot message dream. Wouldn’t it be wet? nahnahnah juss kidding. *L*

I’m thinking this dream was about pet names. Yeah. That makes moe sense. Names that only two people use or something to that effect. When you hear that name you know exactly who is calling or talking. They are the only one who knows of that name, the one allowed to use it.

I woke up with this tune/song in my head. Or maybe it was in my dreams, but I woke up thinking it………………

“Touch me in the morning, then just walk away
We don’t have tomorrow but we had yesterday…….”

I kept thinking, whats da rest of the words and who sang it. It was like dis broken record. Ok it was my broken mind cause I couldn’ t rememba. It bugs me when I can’t rememba what I want to rememba. CRSS Disease can be time consuming. (Can’t Rememba Shit Sometimes as opposed to da totally degenerate CRS period)

Why is this song in my head anyway…….it was part of a dream? I don’t rememba da dream if there was one. I can’t remember the song, how am I going to remember the dream. I only can not remember one thing at a time. *L* How do I know that if I CRSS!

“Wasn’t it you who said nothing good’s gonna last foreva…….”

Diana Ross and da Supremes! Right? Wrong. I dunno. It just came to me. Somebody la dat. I had to write this out to jog my memory.

Hmmmm why this song. Listening too much to da classic rock station. Was it the last song I heard on the radio? Did I hear it yesterday? Theme song of a movie? What did I watch yesterday? Fahgeddaboutit. sssshhhheeeeessssh

I’m sorta not a singer and part of that is due to the fact that I can’t remember the words. Accept of course when I’m in my vehicle by myself cruising, then I am better then whoeverdahell is singing. Or SO I dare to act out and wish. *L*

I don’t karaoke either. What’s the point? If I karaoke I will sound like Cameron Diaz in MY BEST FRIENDS WEDDING. LOL Ok not dat bad maybe but close I’m thinking. The last time I went karaoke with my friends was so hilarious cause my friend RD & me was da peanut gallery, background singers and dancers. We were the only ones who didn’t want da mike, everybody else stay getting all habut waiting their turn. Anden one of my friends picked a country & western song, something about “Satin Sheets” and people was like rolling their eyes, but they was all singing too. Us wanted to be da judges, I wanna be SIMON from American Idol; ok so I’m more like Paula Abdul.

Funny how songs can just place you in that certain time zone. You hear a song and it reminds you of when it was or what you was doing.