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Ton ton ton TON ton ton TON TON…..OH thats the Star Wars theme song, you know when the stormtroopers are marching…. Who doesn’t like Star Wars? Oh yeah there are some SciFi haters. hehehe So anyways I SAW the STORMTROOPERS……..and DarthVader….. and and and…….


I couldn’t read the banner……anyways its a group of Star Wars enthusiast or re-enactors or what ever they are called…. I saw DarthVader and he was very very tall. Elevator shoes maybe….. Regardless it was very cool….


CHEWBACA was there……seeeeeeee


There were all kinds of characters…..




Then there were……SANDPEOPLE…


There was a lot of STORMTROOPERS…….


BUT you know what was missing….. EWOKS! There was no ewoks. So I had to go find an Ewok picutre……


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There were a lot of horses at the Parade. Behind each set of horses were pooper scooper squads. Funny because the Poop Squads got just as much or more cheers. I’ll put them first instead of last. One of the many Poop Squads.


Black Clydesdale. These guys are huge……


Different type of horses pulling different types of wagons.




The Miniture Horse group was the cutest. There are dogs that are bigger then some of these horses. I felt bad for one of the horses because the rider was way bigger then the horsey, dat horsey worked hard. It was like a 3 mile long parade route.



And of course can’t have a major parade without the major beer distributer. These guys are famous. I love the Budweiser commercials. But I think as these guys cousins.

OH and one more guy…


Oh oh oh and check horsey’s weave……. its a pretty huh?


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I went to the Fiesta Bowl Parade on Saturday (1-3-09). The last time I went to the Fiesta Bowl Parade was back in the 80′s I think. The kids were all still little. Anyways I took a lot of pictures. I’ll post a few at a time.

I noticed there weren’t that many floats but had bands and balloons and groups. I’ll start with balloons…….


It is the Southwest…..


This was one HUGE supersize eagle………..


US Airways is based in Phoenix.


A pink woody wood pecker? Do kids know who woody woodpecker is? They probably just know peckerhead. :)


The eyes…..


Last one…….. Arizona’s version of a gecko.

More to come. What will it be? Folklorico? Horses? The Shriners. LOL

Happy New Year everybody.

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Da Quails:


More cactus. I loved how the sun shined on the yellow needles. It looked fake.


Another fake looking cactus.


This reminded me of seaweed or coral, something from the ocean maybe.


I don’t think these are peyote buttons but that’s what I thought of. Don’t they look like something like this? I don’t know. I think you only can find peyote down in Texas and Mexico. Not here. Shoots it would have been “harvested” if it really was. *L*


More cactus.



These pictures were taken at about 9:30am Sunday 9-28-08 it was only 90something degrees then. It was just another hot day in the Valley of the Sun. This is from the landscape of the We-Ko-Pa Golf course.

This is your typical suguaro cactus found at certain elevations around southern Arizona. There’s more down in the Tucson area I think. True story: I met this Pima/Papago aka Tohono O’odham guy from Sells, AZ way long time ago and he was talking about the cactus and how their people make jelly and what not from the cactus. I told him; the first time I saw saguaro cactus in person for real, it looked to me like I was being flipped off, proof God has a sense of humor. He said, he was born and raised among the saguaros and not once had he thought of it that way. Of course till I mentioned it. Me & my brainstorms.


Typical desert scenery.


Desert Scene with waterhole, its a golf course.


More desert scenery.


Why does this remind of Star Wars. LOL


Another view – oh yeah those white robot dudes in Star Wars huh?


I love this picture just because. I dunno, a nature thing. See the spider web. I couldn’t find the spider. Probably was too hot to be out.


Last one. The whole cactus. Is it called an agave. I should really learn what I’m taking pictures about huh? K-bumbai. *L*


Tomorrow? hmmmm more cactus? LOL


I spent Sunday at the golf course. I was a volunteer at a golf tournament and so since I was going could I take pictures. I get to use the camera? Oh yeah. Love using da work camera. I was at the golf course from 9:30AM to 6:45pm more or less. I had fun actually and it was work but fun work. I did a lot of different things but mostly I was designated paparazzi. *L*

I took a lot of pictures of cactus. I love still life. In looking at all the pictures I took, I learned I’ve not mastered the taking pictures of people yet. Its either fuzzy or they looking away or maybe I am, but humans aren’t a favorite subject to capture. Cactus, trees, flowers and sunsets or sunrise are more of my speed.

I took these pictures and I don’t remember them looking like this when I was looking thru the lens. When I took the picture with the two trees, I thought I was just taking the in between part and didn’t know I captured the whole tree. Duh? My eyes look at one thing and then totally capture the bigger picture then I didn’t totally see. I’ve been told I have an EYE. Actually I have two. But I’ve been told I have an eye, whatever that means. I think its an accidental eye or a makapio eye. What I see in the lens and what I see afterwards are two different pictures. Go figgah. As long as they are nice, why ask why. Although there’s a bunch thats kinda fuzzy and I think its my eyes or the lack of. I’m trying though.

Golf carts at sunset. I didn’t notice the golf carts till I downloaded and saw it on the computer.


Two trees in front of a sunset. I was aiming for the in between part. Duh. Still pretty anyway.


This is an Arizona Sunset. I didn’t know I caught part of the tree on the right. I didn’t see the plants on the bottom. I didn’t know I framed it the way I did. I was aiming at the colors. I really like doing this photography stuff. Tomorrow, cactus. *L*



There are things that I’ve been putting off. Work wise, clean house wise, self wise, other wise….. Don’t know what it is? Ok yes I do. Indecision. No decision. Undisciplined. Lolo. What can I say? This poster says it all….



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Festivals are for kids. Big kids, little kids, young kids and old kids too. You know how alot of kids now days catch a bad rep and respectfully so cause some kids are ugly and you wonder who raised them. But lets not go there right now.

A lot of times its not the kids choice to participate in dance class. With Polynesian/Local kids I think its part of the culture. Its a no brainer, as Polynesians dats wot we do yeah. You cannot have anything Aloha, anything Polynesian without song and dance. Oh, grindz too but dats a given wit everybody. Well maybe not da finger sandwich peoples doe. LOL But I digress…

The following are pictures of a bunch of kids that danced at Aloha Festival. I think they are with Tausala from Mesa, AZ. I was watching/taking pictures from behind the stage. The front was way to crowded claustraphobic for me. So I stood behind the stage taking pic-chas.

Da boys waiting for there turn to go on. The did a Figian dance (I think).

Rear view of kids dancing. The leaves were used like an implement/weapon. They were really cute.

Dancing a spear dance. But they no had spears just sticks.
spear dance

All the dancing and singing takes time and practice. I’m sure others in the family dance and sing too. Its a family affair. But these should be very proud of their heritage and talents. I think it shows in their performance that they are proud and talented. At least they doing some constructive as oppose to destructive, yeah.


This is one of my favorite pictures that I took. The kids were just playing on the hill.


Juss cute yeah. Ua pau fo’now.

True story: Couple of years ago I’m at my cousins house in Phoenix fo’eat; and a bunch of guest show up. My cousin yells “EH YOU grew up in Ewa hah?” I yell back, “yeah Fernandez Village.” The guy who came in looks at me and holds up da dog tag on his key chain. I go get my key chain, I hold up my dog tag. Us crack up. Gotta be Ewa yeah. It turns out; cause you know small world, he’s my olda sistas classmate.

OH, da dog tags: back in da day early 60′s think Bay of Pigs la dat; peoples tawt Hawaii would get sneak attacked again. Well they – da big peoples I guess – figgahed out if us get bombed going be day time, da kids in school da parent stay hanahana. So Ewa School sold dog tags for da kids, for 25cents you could order a dog tag and on it it has your parents name & your address. Some people put blood type or allergic to something or asmatic woteva. But small time we all wore our dog tags. AND we had bomb drills regularly. Duck unda da desk and cova yo’head. I’m serious.

The following pictures are of The Gerald Toki School of Kali. Kali is probably better known as Escrima, Filipino martial arts. You know using da two sticks kine. Escrima is really the Spanish given name, Kali is an ancient Filipino/Indonesian form of martial arts. There are also different styles and systems of Kali. The following are pictures from the demonstration they put on at Aloha Festival.

Fighting wit da sticks. Did you know dat da sticks are just substitute for da bolo knife or any weapon? Duh, I didn’t know dat. I just tawt dey beat yo’ass using sticks. Its really to disarm a person with a weapon. You know Filipinos and dey cut cane knife yeah. LOL


This is a picture of two sisters that practice Kali. They are the cutest thing and they look like they having so much fun. I watched them last year too and they are always fun to watch.


Here the girls are sparring with a partner. I think the guy in the blue & red sash is da Fahdah. I’m not sure. The bolohead guy is Gerald. He’s tall as me. Ok he’s taller. My cousin always told me, if you in one fight; you want Gerald by your side. *L* I think he became MASTA of his art form cause he got tired of all da Ewa bulls humbugging him.

sistas sparring

Doing katas:


Students & Guru:


The schools logo:


If you go to and search Arizona Aloha Festival 08 & Kali you will see these demonstrations being done. Check out da sistas, dey just cute.

Ua pau fo’now.

The Arizona Aloha Festival is held every year the 3rd weekend in March. Its been going on for about 15 years? Give or take some; long time doe. It started wit one stage, now get tree(3)! The Festival is held in the downtown Phoenix area; an area called Heritage Square Park and the Science Center. Its like a block from Chase field where the Diamondbacks play ball. In fact thats where most cars park. $10.00s! Scarey yeah. Its considered a “free family even in Phoenix.” Well hello if they charged admission no one would show up. $10 for parking is far from free yeah. But as da City of Phoenix yeah, as how dey make dey money.

This is the Rosson House. Its a museum, I think. LOL I’ve never been in it cause gotta pay. Why I going look at Victorian stuff and when get all da vendors and stages to go look see free, yeah. This was taken wen I first got here so people are still setting up. We had to be there at 8:15 for a opening ceremony run thru. This was taken before 8AM.


You see all the tents as all part of the food court. So if you was there, you would inhale and smell hulihuli chicken. I standing like on the second level of a parking structure taking these pictures. The picture below as taken afta opening ceremony so was pushing 11AM I think. Oh and da lines for grindz, long you know….


OK now this is way way across da ada way. LOL This is the Lathhouse Stage. Thats where we danced. We were grateful for this stage because it is shadey. Last year it was 100 degrees, serious kine and us had burn feet from da astro turf on da stage. So this stage was cool. Literally and figuratively.


Ok so I think the above pictures are looking north? Towards my left anyway. LOL The following pics are looking south den? Looking right. Woteva. The tallest structure you see is part of the Science Center Museum. The parking structure in the back ground is part of the Chase Ballfield. On da ada side of dat parking place get Chase Ballpark.


Also to the very right is da Marketplace Stage where had da opening ceremony. No can see cause of da trees and the angle yeah. The pic-cha above is before all da peoples wen go come stay go. LOL


Nobody stay yet but me. This is looking down where all da vendors are set up.


This down da ada side. Eh, whose shadow dat? The Shadow shopper…..


I get plenny moe pics to blog. Ua pau fo’now.