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Woohoo I went to the gym. About frkng time ain’t it? For once I dragged my notsosorryass into the gym this morning. Hoooo wot a good girl am I! One day. After how many MISSED days.

Of all people, I know for myself how good going to the gym is for me. I know it may not look like it but hey looks are deceiving. LOL Whether it looks it or not, I need the gym. Just cause. General health. Blood pressure. Mental/depressive lapses. Its just a good habit to have. For me, its very necessary. But do I act like it? NO. Slacker. whatever….

My issue is getting to da gym. Excuses. Laziness. Like I said excuses. Then once I get in there, its like why didn’t I get here sooner. And at the end of a workout its like, “why don’t I do this everyday or every other?” Why don’t I do it more often. Retarded. I have that “undisciplined” gene. LOL yeah chalk it up to genetics. (although I think its called L-a-z-y) There are peoples with the “disciplined” gene and those without. I’m without…..

Today I did legs. I love leg days. I always walk out of the gym taller, better posture; back straight with an exaggerated teerah walk. That should be everyday, not just when one walks out of the gym. funny Right? Right.

I also did some arms, and if I do triceps I may as well do biceps. Yes lets tone the top and bottom. Can’t have those arms waving when I’m not. I have skinny friends with flabby triceps. ssshhh don’t tell’um I said. I mean if you wear a size 2 shouldn’t your arms be 2-ish instead of 12. Do you know what I mean. I like to think my thickness is all proportionally THICK so there’s no question. laff

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Sorta kinda so far….. Last week was the first time since December 06 that I went to the gym 6 days a week. I have been such a slacker. But I am now unslacking……

Monday to Friday I go to the gym at 4:50 am. Ideally. Without red lights; I live 5 minutes from the gym. The plan is usually to be in the gym by 5 AM, which translate into I’m in there by 5:10 AM. The point is I get there. On weekends I go whenever I wake up.

I think I’m back in the groove. I need to be. Other then the usual “weight” issue, it has to do with other numbers also. My Doctor doesn’t scold or anything, he just says “you know what you need to do.” Don’t we all? My AC1, A1C, C1A whatever its called that number is up. Its not high, its not bad; but the point that it moved up 1 notch is an issue. It shouldn’t move up at all. Its okay if it goes down, but up is never a good thing when it comes to me & numbers.

My A1C(?) went up from 3 months ago. Duh, 3 months ago I stopped going to the gym as regularly as I usually go. I’ve been going to the gym Saturdays & Sundays, most times; not all the time. For two weeks I didn’t go at all but I practiced hula 5 days a week that time so I think thats a work out. A1C is all about sugar right?

None the less the point is I’m back on track in the gym. Rise and shine at 4:45am; after 3 alarms going off every 10 minutes or so. I need to work on getting up in a more timely manner. I don’t rise. I frkng ddddrrraaagggg. Like slow motion drag; sleep walking into the bathroom drag. LOL

I think I’m back in my gym groove. Hopefully. I think I can I think I can. Lolo, I did awreddy. Yes I can. Si se puede! *L*

Finally! I went to the gym, it’s only the 3rd time this year that I’ve been to da gym. Pretty sad. I have not been able to drag mysorryass out of bed in the morning. I just hybernate. Its too cold to move out from under da warm comfy covers. Why be freeze ass when can be comfortably snoozing?

I went to bed with intentions of waking up and going to the gym. Its the least I can do. I don’t have nothing else scheduled but clean house. Clean house or gym? GYM. Besides I bribe myself…if I go gym then I can go Target afterwards cause its in the next building den I can go Starbucks cause I get one gift card. Gym & Starbucks, whats wrong with dat picture? One of the reasons I go to the gym, so I can go to Starbuck. Calories on, calories off. (you know: “Wax on, Wax off ~ Daniel-san”) LOL

So I woke up with my knees aching. Ok, I went to bed with my knees aching and woke up feeling all stiff. Dang, its a sign. I betta drag mysorryass into the gym. Everytime I start feeling achey breaky, I think I’m getting sick sick. I think fibromyglasia, I think anykine worst case scenarios; hypothyroidism. I don’t need that, been there done that you know. So, whenever I start feeling aches and pains, I know I really need to go to the gym.

Working out is always good for the mind, body & soul so ok I got that out of the way for today. What a good girl I am. The question is can I do it at least 4 or 5 days a week? At this point even 3 would be good.

Someone in hula class asked me if I lost weight. I’m like, not that I know of; I ain’t been to gym but twice this year. She’s like, I haven’t been to the gym since Thanksgiving.

I think may be……Seeeeee Tahitian class is an hour before hula right, so I think what happened is….. all that shaking my booty…. it moved da momona-ness opu down to da hips. So with one pa’u skirt on; look skinny da front cause of all da elastic and no can tell get bigbooty cause da full skirt cover’um yeah. So I neva loose weight, da weight just shifted to another area! *L*

I have been a bad girl, ain’t been to the gym since Tuesday before Thanksgiving. Slept in all last week. Wotsupwitdat? *L* Just lazy. Hard as hell to get out of a warm bed, yeah. So this morning I was up & at the gym at 5 a.m. sharp, Ok maybe it was 5:05 but it was early.

For whatever reason, oh yeah someone was ON my machine. You know how you always go to the same machine? Maybe thats just me. Anyways someone was on the treadmill that I usually use. Yes there was a dozen other ones but I was like, I need to change anyway.

Soooooo, I went on the elliptical machine. You know the machine where both your arms & legs are pumping, kinda like running in place. Once upon a time I use to only go on the elliptical machine and never used the treadmill. Then I had surgery and I couldn’t use the elliptical machine the arm motion hurt my shoulder.

Its been about two years now and I thought I did ok on the machine. I do feel a little ache in my right shoulder but I’m wondering if its psychosomatic or is it for real aching. Its for real aching. *L* Its this dull ache/tired feeling in the right shoulder. My left side doesn’t feel that way at all.

I know after my first surgery I couldn’t lift my hand up to my head. I didn’t know that till I tried to wash my hair. OMG it was so strange, I’d never felt like that before. My left hand I had no problem. I guess all my issues were on the right side. That’s were 2 tumors were removed, where tubes were hanging out. eeewwwwllll. My right side has always been weaker.

I can do shoulder shrugs now though. Use to be I couldn’t even do that. I always thought that was the easiest exercise to do; until I couldn’t do it. Now I make sure I do’em just in case THEY gotta cuttroat me again. LOL Funny but NOT yeah? I’m messed up like that.

My shoulders have this dull ache going on. Kinda like I exercised. Oh yeah, thats what I did. Its a good ache as oppose to a bad ache. So thats a good thing. *L*

Alarm goes off. BEEP BEEP BEEP Like really loud goes off. I look at the clock it says

4:20 AM – Its really 4:00 AM, I have my clock set 20 minutes fast and I know that so I turn the alarm off anden on.

Snuggle back unda da covahs and just when I’m about to hit into a deep sleep. BEEP BEEP BEEP

4:40 AM – Its really 4:20 AM and I need to decide in 5 minutes or less but usually its more; Am I going to drag my ass outta bed and go to the gym. Monday thru Friday I have this debate in my head:

Do I just lie comfortably asleep OR do I go and exercise like a good little Cancer Survivor so I can continue to survive with the quality of life of a healthy person as oppose to some sickly bedridden person? Usually that in itself scares the crap outta me to at least get up and go shishi and wash face and get dress. Usually.

Every now and then, too many times in fact; I’m like if you stay in bed you will die. I go back moimoi. Andwot? Still yet gotta get up and go work.

4:35 AM – My cell phone alarm goes off. By this time I should be dressed and at least be putting on my shoes because it really is 4:35 AM. If my cell alarm goes off and I am still in bed; chances are I ain’t getting outta bed for another 2 hours.

4:50 AM – My cell phone alarm #2 goes off. By this time I should be going out the door OR in the car Or on the way to the gym or if I’m running early (and when would that be?) then it goes off as I get to the gym, which is a 10 minute drive maybe less. Depends how heavy my feet is, pedal to the metal and all. Or how many crazies pull outta no where becuase they ASSUME its not even 5:00AM, nobody’s on the road. WRONG! You be surprise how many people jus pull on to the main drag without giving it a second look, they just take the turn. What stop sign? What yield? What look left and right?

Ideally I am in the gym at 5:05AM but I think I average more like 5:10AM. Regardless of what time I get there, there is always the wake up debate in my mind: GO or SLEEP? Too many times its “Go Sleep!” *L* I’ve been averaging 4 outta 5 days going to the gym so I think thats pretty excellent (as she pats herself on the back). Except da Docta said “Hana Ho.” LOL No he neva say “hana ho” but he did say, do some moe. LOL

I went to the gym at 5:00am. Ok, it was 5:05 or 5:10am but I was there. I haven’t been to the gym at 5:00am since March I think. Early March. Maybe February, no was March.

Anyways I did my 30-40minutes on da treadmill and a few machines den had to hele home get ready fo’work. It felt good in the morning. But about 3:00pm I’m pretty much dragging. *L* I need to get into my routine again.

I’m prolly jinx-ing it by writing about it. But its a good sign when I do it on Monday, I try to follow thru for the whole week. If I don’t go on Mondays, den its half ass or not at all on Tuesday, I’ll just wait till Monday kine attitude.

Supposeably working out first thing in the morning is good for your metabolism. Um’ wot if I don’t have one. hehehe Its all good. Working out in general is good.

The cool thing about doing it first thing in the morning; let me rephrase dat, the cool thing about working out in the morning (doing it too*L*) is you get it done and don’t have to worry about it. You know; Getterdun! (Larry da cableguy)

When I do it first thing in the morning (go to the gym it, not freaky freaky it) I feel like I don’t have to worry about it afta work you know. Ok maybe freaky freaky too. nah nah nah

If you do IT in the morning, you think you going gym? *L*

I’ve been a total slacker when it comes to going to the gym.  As if I don’t need to or something. Always something huh?

So I was putting on my shoes and on TV was that Wife Swap. They showed clips of one beef at da end so shoots I like see beef. LOL Two extreme ends of the spectrum da two wives so of course going get beef. I tawt da wahines was going duke it out. But no, da cowboy wen go false crack da Italian buggah. Auwe. Law suite? Ya’think. Nah, they’ll settle outta court or the TV show will make them an offer they can’t refuse.

Finally I get outta da house headed to the gym. Oh wait but first, I need cash. So I gotta stop at Fry’s (kinda like Foodland) go ATM. Oh wait wait wait, I should get a powerball ticket while I’m here.

Ok, I hele to the gym. So happens right next to the gym, like two doors down is JoAnne’s, its fabric and artsy fartsy craft store kind of place. Think Ben Franklin on steroids or something to that effect. *L* So I get to the gym and no moe parking.

I cruising around and I’m like if I don’t find parking I’m headed to JoAnne’s. I need to go look at crafting crafty doo-dads; you never know I might need something. Anyway just as I’m thinking “JoAnne’s here I come” there’s a parking space for me. Aw shoots, as one sign yeah gotta get in da gym.

So I’m tired just walking in because its later then usual. So I do my 40 minutes on the treadmill bit. I was sweating like a dog. I don’t know if it was hot flashes or no air conditioning or its just frkng hot here awreddy.

It is 94 degrees as I type. Ishityounot and its almost 10pm. Summer is here. They expect triple digits as early as this week or may be next. Its gonna be this week. If its 94 now of course its gonna reach a 100 degrees.

If you have an erge to wanna know how hot Phoenix gets; all you gotta do is turn on your oven wait about 5 minutes then stick your head in the oven. Thats the way the heat just slams you in the face if you are walking out of your air conditioned house, going into your air conditioned car and going to your air conditioned job or the air conditioned mall/store.

So I went to the gym, what a good girl am I.  I even  worked out, some; a little.  Hey, somethings bettah den notting.*L*

Went to the gym today. Well its about time. LOL Haven’t been to the gym since Monday. The week before that I was a total slacker not dragging my body up and out of the house at 5am.

Now can I go back to my 5am gym routine? I suppose we’ll see come Tuesday morning. I have a 7 a.m. scan scheduled and it’ll take me a little less then an hour to get there so I don’t plan to go to the gym. I’ll go at night. Something is better then nothing.

I don’t look like I go to the gym at all. That’s pretty sad if I’m doing two a days and look like none at all. You know what I mean. Maybe its just me. I’m always putting myself down like that. I have issues. Don’t we all….. LOL

My body missed being in the gym. Even if its just to walk my 30 minutes on the treadmill. I use to not like the treadmill but I’ve learned it beats being a couch potatoe. Again walking 30 minutes is betta den sitting for 30 minutes. It helps keep unda control da “secretary spread.”

Sometimes at work I just have to stand up and do stuff cause sitting there I swear I feel my oklole spreading to the sides of the chair. Kinda scarey. *L*

Anyway I was glad to be back in da gym. When I go to the gym regularly anden I stop, my body kinda sends subliminal messages to my mind…. GET YO’ASS TO DA GYM! *L*

On the calendar of classes at the gym I go to; there is Hip Hop Aerobics at 10am. Anden Hula at 11am.

I thought about going to the HipHop Aerobics class before but then I thought nah nah nah, no can. My son is a break dancer/hip hop dancer/DJ kind of person from back in da day and still yet. Buggah can dance like he Popolo. I wonda wea he got dat rhythm from? hehehee When he lived at home one TV was constantly on MTV and he would be dancing around and he would try try teach me. Aysos use to be hilarious.

One time he said “Ok Mom dis one I know you can do…copy me; left hand behind left ear. Right hand stretched out front and pulse to the right one two threee, K-switch sides and pulse from front to the left one two three.” So us stay doing it to da music. I’m like “Wot da hell is dat?” He looks at me laughing, “Da Sprinkla!” So I start doing dat dance and tellem’ “Bruh bruh, wot dis”; I do da dance going “psssst! pssst! pssst!” He looks at me “Wot dat?” “Filipino Sprinkla!” LOL

So I know I’m HipHop challenged but eh can try try yeah. So last week I was early fo’class and I watched da last five minutes of da HipHop Aerobics class and I’m like, “sssshhheeeessh I can do dat.” LOL I like ack hah.

Dis morning I going Hula at 11 anyway just go at 10 and go to da HipHop Aerobics too. So I did. OMG I stay in da back row cracking up at myself, dyslexic 5, 6, 7, 8 right hand left leg, slide slide. Oh yeah, its your birthday, you gonna party like its your birthday. I have too much fun da kine.

Da teacha breaks it down and all. It ain’t dat hard. It ain’t like really really like MTV da kine my son does but none the less dance. I have problems remembering the combinations. Its the combination steps and hand movement that I get kinda tangled up. LOL Too funny. But its fun and if you going exercise you might as well have fun. Its hip hop music so there is a lot of room to improvise and “freestyle” just make your own kine. Heeeeey.

The music makes the class go real fast. I started out strong, oh yeah I can do dis anden by da last 15 minutes AUWE I was huffing and puffing and slide slide, oh yeah Michael Jackson would be scared. LOL It was pretty cool. I enjojed it.

So I went from wikiwiki HipHop aerobics to nahenahe Hula class. Have you done your exercise today? I sure as hell did. *L*

Experts say it takes 21 days to break a bad habit or start a new one. New habit, not necessarily bad. Although alot of times we get rid of one bad habit and start a new bad habit.

I’m talking GOOD habit here. I know this is going to sound like a gung ho resolution of the year thingee but it ain’t. For one, I didn’t make a resolution and if I did it would be about finances, which is a totally another story.

So anyway I’ve gone to the gym everyday this month. I prolly juss jinxed myself by saying that but whatever. I even dragged my wiery ass outta bed this a.m. and went. What a good girl I am. Although yesterday morning my wiery ass stayed wieryly in bed.

Since the first of the month, actually Dec 30th I’ve been to the gym everyday. Twice a day if I wake up and get to the gym at 5 a.m. So regularly I do two-a-days M-F and once on Sat & Sun.

Sounds like I should be skinny huh. Not. hehehe Psyche. My brains feel skinny and thats a good thing. Health starts in the mind. So in my mind I am “normal.” Inside is another story. *L*

Just going to the gym make me feel I’m doing something right and perhaps its a false sense of security but doing something in the gym is way better then not doing something at all. And you know just cause I go to the gym doesn’t mean much other then “I go to the gym.”

I know that when I don’t go to the gym in the a.m. if I have to go to work, I will yawn all morning feeling lazy. So working out helps me keep my energy level and not feel so larthargic. If I lie down I so could be out like a light. LOL

Anyway I’ve been physicall good to my body with exercise and diet. If only I could be as disciplined with money. *L*