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You cannot walk around Norman, OK without seeing some one wearing an OU T-shirt; especially if its game day. You can’t drive around without seeing “Sooner” something. There’s Sooner everything. And respectfully so, this is a college town. University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK. Sooner! BOOMER!

If I wanted to I coulda gone to my daughtas bachelorette party. I was invited. LOL I think just cause I was here and cause my kids are nice la dat. LOL But nah let da kids have their fun. Didn’t want to inhibit da kids yeah. You know, “your MOM?” But like my daughta told one of da cousins, “its MY mom.” And cuz said, “oh yeah, its your Mom.” LOL I’m da cool Mom LOL aka worst den da kids kind Mom. So I neva like go and drink da kids unda da table yeah. Cause I would so pay for it da next day. It takes longer to recover. Why go thru all dat pain? I figure the less I drink, the longer I live. Its all about the choices, right? LOL

My daughtas are naughty. LOL Where did they learn it from? Did I teach dem about condems, lube & dildos? If I did I don’t remember. Anyway, I made bachelorrette favors today. OMG guess wot was in’um…..cute & funny, but practical useable. LOL The favors consisted of: a flavored condem, an itty bitty tube of lube, a blow pop, a sugar daddy (da kine on a stick) and three cherry filled kisses. Silly yeah.

Anden somebody said “Did you guys get a veil?” As in a veil for the bachelorette party. NO. OMG No veil. I have toile. I have this that or the other. K ~ give me one big barrette…… So I doubled up this long piece of toile (netting) anden tied it with 2 long ribbons of the wedding colors. Oh so neat and simple. Den #1 says, Mom you suppose to put condems or something on’um? Oh, OK? But da bride no need condems anymoe? Its decoration. Oh Ok. so I glue condems on da ribbon. Oh wait MOM, here I have this? OMG its a pacifier shaped like a penis! A little peepee. Give me some moe ribbon. So I tied da Peepee sucker to the big bow anden got moe ribbon and tied two lilo tubes of lube. A Peepee Head veil. Too cute. Another Design By Dakine. *L*


So den I pau do bachelorette favors, pau da veil. I putting stuff away and I give da left ova items to #1. Heya da extra lube? She’s like oh yeah I need dat for one of the games. “Lube is involved in one of the games?” Yeah Mom. See – She shows me an ArmaDILDO in a package. I get big eye, long neck. Wot you do is, you put alot of lube on this and you play hot potatoe. You do? LOL Then SON jumps in THAT SUCKER GETS REALLY SLICK! My mouth is open catching flys, am I having this conversation with my children? LOL We played this at so&so’s bachelorette party. If you drop it you’re out. Last person standing WINS da DILLYO! Allrighty then.

Yeah I coulda gone to that party and won me a brand new thrown around dildo. But ya’know somebody had to stay home and hold down the fort. LOL

I have fond memories of Haleiewa Beach Park. Fond kolohe memories.

I got to hangout there while I was home and I don’t remember the shore line being the way it is. Well considering I use to hang out there before da Alii Beach side was even developed. It was all kiawe back in da day.

Oh yeah and prolly cause we are talking about decades ago as in da 60′s and 70′s. LOL Way way hell back in da days when Jerry’s was still across da street. Or was dat a figment of my imagination…. lol

One of my fondest memories of Haleiewa was Sea Spree in da 60′s. *L*
I remember lying on da beach by da coconut trees and watching da 4th of Jyly fireworks. It was such a RUSH. Hmmm wot was we doing before watching da fireworks? LOL It was so pretty and psychedelic MAN. Felt like da fireworks, da pretty green ones was going fall on me… hala, I’m having flashbacks now. *L* When was the last time I used the word “psychedelic?” Prolly before my kids were born. hehehehe


This may or maynot be da tree I lied under as a kid. But auwe look at it now. Da roots stay all exposed yeah. Use to be had sand and grass. no could see da roots la dat. Now da shoreline is eroded. I suppose thats expected after decades of storms and hurricanes. I remember it floodding so bad it wiped out Jerry’s so I shouldn’t be surprised that the shoreline ain’t what it use to be.

I remember there was sand up to the jetty. You could just walk up to da jetty. Now you don’t see the sand, you don’t see little kids jumping up and down on the jetty. The day we were there there wasn’t any kids playing in that area. There was a bunch of limos though, they pull in the parking lot da people in it jump out stand on the wall take pictures or video then they jump back in the limo. Whats da point?


I don’t remember these rocks on the shoreline. I thought there use to be a lot more sand but no moe dat much sand now. The aina ages too.

A lot of things USE TO BE yeah……….

Sounds like I have money huh? Lost Wages? I can’t lose what I don’t have. I don’t have any wages so I’m thinking I’m safe. Wrong. Its all about discipline. Ok I don’t have that either. In general, I’m not a gambler. Although I have my sandwich bag of quarters. IF I gamble, thats what I use. Other then that I’m feeding my face and or shopping.


Tomorrow night is the annual (7th or 8th?) Aloha World Gathering. People who frequent and/or meet in person for some good fun times. I’ve been to the first one, I think it was in 2000 and da one in 2004. Its always cool to meet up with everybody.

Its being held at the California Hotel. Where else would locals frequent? Like Augie T says, “How many hotels get in Las Vegas and Locals dey all go to da same one!” I think its dat “ja’like home” feeling yeah. Someting.

Part of the Fremont Street Experience.


I love sitting at Starbucks at the Golden Nugget on Fremont Street and just watching people. Its always interesting and it makes you wonder what each persons story is ya’know. I’m niele like that. See if you can find one of my favorite stores on Fremont Street. ABCstore is at the other end but check this out……


This is one of the coolest stores with everything anything Harley except for the bikes, they are all down at the showroom. I think the cheapest thing in that store is $25.00. Maybe. lol

Gotta go pack. Should be an interesting fun weekend. What did somebody say….What happens in Vegas, ends up on someones blog!


I didn’t think of it as going on a vacation. I’ve been on vacation since June 8th so life is one big vacation this summer. My daughter wanted us to meet her in Palm Springs, well San Jacinto/Hemet really. So we did, since we planned to go to LasVegas on Sunday anyway we just did the circle tour.

Its been a while since I’ve been down towards Indio/Palm Springs as we traveled I-10 and got over the hills heading towards Indio….. Is it over cast or is that smog? Overcast. NuhUh, smog. No can’t be, must be overcast. IT IS, its smog….ugly brown air from LA! LA air is now 120 miles inland? Pretty sad. I was thinking it was sand & dust. Its the wind. Hello it wasn’t windy. SMOG in Indio! Unreal & nasty, global warming I tell you.

Headed into Palm Springs.


There’s something “nice” about being at the bottom of that mountain. Maybe its a “mana” thing. I don’t know. I don’t know anybody who lives there, I hear there’s alot of rich highmuckamucks who live there. They have alot of the old architecture, looks 50′s and art deco-ish or California Spanish styles. We stayed at the Palm Springs Motel 6. I’ve been to alot of Motel 6′s and this one is nice, very decent. Probably the cheapest place to stay in the whole city. I don’t know.

View from the pool.

PS Pool

Sunday we headed toward LasVegas via 29 Palms. The road doesn’t even have a number. Or I never saw one. Its on the map but it aint on the road. We went thru Yucca Valley and Amboy and Essex, population 100 the sign said. I think 75 peoples may have moved out since that sign went up. Physically I only saw one human. It was way way out in nowhere, short cut. I didn’t want to take picture of sand and sage. Just vast nothingness. Kind of like…if you’ve every driven between Reno/Carson City & Las Vegas. Its that kind of nothingness. Except between Carson City & LV there are at least 5 brothels and 3 gas stations. Between 29 Palms and Needles,CA there are no brothels and maybe 1 gas station.

So we stayed at the Imperial Palace.


Me, I made history. I did not gamble. Not one quartermania, did not buy jack. Zero shopping. Just went to eat. Cause you know I had a sponser. Basically, I sat by the pool and read my book; cause dats da Kanaka in me. LOL

Imperial Palace pool side.

IP pool

I’ve traveled down I-40 for decades now. I’ve seen a lot of changes. Just got home at midnight after an 18hour drive. Tahlequah, OK to Phx/Mesa, AZ. Do you know how good your own bed feels after a drive like that? Wow I even got up to go work BUT could not no way make it to the gym. Bad girl – ain’t been to the gym since last week sometime. LOL

We left at 6 AM. Had to make a stop in Norman, OK and drop off a chair to number 2. By noon we were in Amarillo, TX. So we’re cruising down I-40 and in front of us is a vehicle with Creek Nation Plates. Oh sorry, Muskogee Nation Plates,as in license plates. Oh cheapest gas, Muskogee, OK at Creek Nation Casino; $2.00 a gallon.

So we pass the vehicle with the tribal plates. The driver looks familiar but I don’t say nothing. Husbands says that looks like KT. So I do the obvious thing and turn to look at the driver and he looks at me. He waves at me and I wave back; I look at the passenger side and I cover my mouth in surprise anden wave at her too. Its his wife, or X or they divorced & they still maybe but they are together again or something to that effect.

Anyway we pass them and they stay behind us all the way thru the Texas panhandle. Then we pull over at the first rest stop on the New Mexico side. They follow us and we end up talking story for about an hour. Our kids grew up together back in the day. They don’t have Grandkids either. Their daughter graduated from OU & works for the Gaming Commission in Tulsa. Wow, I haven’t seen TT since the 80′s when we moved away. Our sons were born the same year.

I-40 probably has more casino then any other Interstate. I’m partial to Sky City Casino myself. I’ve seen that place from the get go, when it was just a tin building bingo parlor. Its grown up to a full blown casino, hotel, travel stop what have you. Gas is cheaper there then in Albuquerque, NM. New Mexico has 3 Casino on I-40.

I got to see the largest cross’ twice, the big cross in Groom, TX. I dunno, I got an email about it one time. When I saw the email I was like “hey thats in Texas.” It is a sight to see, no doubt. But whenever I see that cross, it makes me think “My cross is bigger then your cross.” And so what? I don’t think having the biggest cross makes anyones religion any bigger or better; you know what I mean.

No, I neva hit jackpot. Would I  be writing? I would be out shopping. LOL

So K-I was pool bunny for 2 days, Sat & Sunday morning just read my book at da pool, crashing out half of da time. Sweating like a pig, driniking watah, sweating drinking watah. You would think I loose a few pounds sweating. No, cause I go buffet. Duh?

Mimosa for breakfast. How decadent is dat? Orange juice and champaigne, hala. For somebody who does not drink, I’ve had two or more like three, glasses of champaigne. I like good chamapaigne. 1 glass not going kill me hah? Might mess up a blood test or two but I think I’ll survive.

Ok ~ at da pool…….I’m a people watcher right……I thought maybe I be da fattest one there. I wasn’t, some others made me feel skinner then I am, so I’m cool with that. BUT I swear, every other wahine had bought and paid for boobs. Wots up wit dat? Is that normal. Is LasVegas the breast augmentation capital of the world? Oh, a lot of those people were not from LV, but they boobs might have been. I dunno. LOL

I don’t mean to sound like a hater.  I mean moe power to you, if you can afford brand new totoys. I think if need be, I’d get what I have lifted. *L* But no I don’t need to be messing with any kind of anesthesia, much less for cosmetic purposes. Survival yeah. Perky boobs, neva mind. It perks up, it just needs to be in somebodys mouth. nah nah nah….Ok yeah yeah yeah! LOL

So den us wen walking down to the Aladdin hotel and walked around the shops in there. I discovered HILO HATTIES and ABCStore. Oh wow laulau. I was picking up anykine. Anden I puttem’ back, anden I pick up something else.

Finally I pau and dis little ole Japanee grandma/obasan or is it ojisan, I gettum’ mixed up. Anyways dis Grandma her was kinda ancient, just slowly doing my stuff and telling me, “oh cute dis one.” Anden I tell her, “nice yo’shirt material, you wen makem?” She laughs, “no no no, I findem’ childrens section, no moe dis one I tink awreddy.” I tell her, “oh smut hah you buy kids size, moe cheap yeah.” She just laughs. Her go dig in da drawers and find one coupon. “Hea” she tells me, “I give you candy.” She throws in a small box of macadamian nut candy in da biggest Hilo Hattie shopping bag. Even doe I neva buy big kine stuff. I tell her “ai, I gotta eatem now, I go outside going melt.” She shakes her head, “oh yeah, hot yeah?

K-So us walking down da strip right back towards da Tropicana. Plenny peoples get big shopping bags; M&M’s, CocaCola, Adidas, Gap name brand kine stuff la dat. Tita ova hea walking wit da biggest Hilo Hatties package. Hilo Hattie is name brand yeah. I thought dat was funny.*L*

I going holoholo hele to LV for da weekend. Honeymoon suite, yeah right? Honeymoon buffet, den. nahnahnah

Juss going look see what get. Walk my feet off. You cannot go Vegas without walking forever. Walk walk walk. Granted good exercise. Especially if I stay shopping. Oh yeah like I get kala, hah. May be I’ll hit big. Quartermania, watch out. I get plenny quarters you know. Not, only about $20 worth. Can hit jack pot o’wot? My history of gambling is $20 last like 2 minutes, if at all. Might as well go buy one souvenier at least I take home something other then sad feelings hah.

Not going till afta pau hana. Tomorrow  I get one class. Construction for the Non-Construction Personnel. Dat would be me. Us even going go to one construction project go look see. Woohoo field trip. I even get my own hard hat. I going be sweating fo’shua. 112 degrees its been averaging, give or take a degree or so. But its a dry heat. Dry heat my mutha shutyourmouth.

I thinking it’ll be fun, field trip as why. I get to wear my HD boots, steal toes and all. I sound like a dyke huh, I’m not wearing a flannel plaid shirt. Aloha Friday so I’m thinking Manuhealii, LOL.

Anyway I writechu when I writechu. LOL


Tomorrow morning I am on a Hawaiian Airline Plane headed home to my class reunion and da many grinds dat await me. I am so ready. LOL

But I don’t get excited till da plane land in Honolulu cause I tink worst case scenarios. As what I get for watching too much TV and movies. Like I always look out da airplane window looking for dat gremlin looking monster dat stay shake his fingah, “no no”; you know da one from Twilight Zone.

I don’t think terrorist have reason to go to Hawaii but you neva know yeah. I get one aisle seat so I going trip any suspicious looking bad muthashutyourmout dude.

I tink terrorist know betta den to hijack one plane filled wit people who have been deprived of ono grinds and who are looking forward to go eat. Imagine, some lolo try mess wit starving locals who neva eat breakfast cause dey going eat plate lunch first thing they get off the plane. I pity da fool……

K~den a hui hou…………us go grind. *L*




In anticipation of getting lost; figureratively and literally, I figure I better do some plugging & chugging on map quest before I get home. My sista no moe computa, last I heard anyway. I haven’t gotten email ever from her so thats a sign of no computer….

Which reminds me I should have mapquested, airport to her house just as a refresher but after seeing some of the directions I got, well maybe not.

So I had this bright idea to mapquest me some directions. So I put in KOAHEAHE St & da zip code right. It tells me its found a similer street; it gives me KUAKA St. If I wanted Kuaka I would have asked for Kuaka. Somehow, eventually it let me use Koaheahe.

So I toldem’ go find Auntie Pupule’s hale, not Kaneohe. nah nah nah I neva mention Kaneohe. But da directions made me feel like as wea dey like me go. I stay reading da directions and I am so confused.

So I go look da pictures. I am now really confused. Cause I’m like; um’ I wonda if as wea da Burger King stay? Duh…I need land marks. Plus it is mentioning roads I have never heard of….. East 78? Excuse me? Diamond Head mauka yeah? So from Pearl City, Honolulu is east…. K. I tink.

My problem is….other then being totally “map reading” challenged is that I’m not familiar with the freeways of Oahu, or alot of the roadways of Oahu for that matter. Plus I country jack, not one town person. Eh, I get lost in Kunia. I’m thinking to go town…..Kam Hwy den Dillingham. Totally old school on my part. There are no H’s involved. Will there be a H-4? LOL

Anyway I’m sure I’ll figure it out. Slowly. *L*


We’re headed out cross country to Cherokee County, Oklahoma. My Three Stooges, aka my kids will be meeting us at Grandmas. Homemade bisquits and gravy for breakfast! Yes.

Where’s Tahlequah, Ok you ask? Do you have your maps out, boys & girls? LOL

Tahlequah, Ok is located about 30 miles south east of Muskogee, OK. Its also about an hour or so from the Arkansas border. You’ve heard of Okie from Muskogee. Although to get technical Merle Haggards (was it Merle Haggard) people was really from Council Hill which is south of Muskogee. Like between Muskogee and Checotah. You know Checotah, OK home of Carrie Underwood, Ms. American Idol. Her.

What do Carrie Underwood and I have in common? We’re both alumnis of Northeastern State University. Go Redmen. I assuming she graduated.

Tahlequah is like my second home. Its green country, hills, rivers, lakes and way different from Oklahoma City side. Its small town America. Actually it ain’t so small anymore. Use to be when I lived there. When I lived there, there was no McDonalds and SuperWalMart. When a small town gets a 24/7 WalMart, thats not small town anymore. Small towns ususally shut down at 10:0o p.m.

I find that Oklahoma people are not that much different then people from Hawaii in the sense of Aloha Spirit and friendliness. Yes there is the hardcore bilble thumping redneck good ole’bigot. But in general I’ve always found the people quite friendly. Or maybe its just me. LOL

The Oklahoma people I know will talkstory with anybody about anything and more then most will tell you some of the damndest family soap operas just standing in line at the post office. They will tell you all about their Granny and Momma an’dem, like information you did not want to know but you did ask first, “how’s your Momma an’dem?” And dang if you ain’t got the history of the past couple of decades. *L*

I get to hangout with the inlaws and kin folks. I get to go to SuperWalMart and just visit. In Tahlequah you don’t need to go house to house visiting kinfolks, you just go to WalMart on Christmas Eve and you end up visiting with most of the relatives eventually. *L*

I will be off line till probably Wednesday. In the mean time you all have a safe and great Merry Christmas.

Na ka uhane o kela e ho’ohau’oli i kou pu’uwai.
(May the Spirit of the season warm your heart.)