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Spent a great weekend in Las Vegas. Short but sweet visit – 48 hours – all about quality over quantitiy.

A yearly Aloha World event – sometimes formal ie: get program kine. Sometimes informal ie: buffet hopping.

This year it was informal and as always good fun, food and friends. Mahalo you guys! \\000//

For me its very educational as I learn new things about people, places and myself.

What I learned in Las Vegas this year:

– M Buffet: The buffet at the M Resort in Henderson, NV is truely the bomb and its not an hour wait if you know how to time it. We walked right in paid & got seated there was no lines. Its all about the timing. LOL

– M Buffet has da bestest crab legs, hugest and sweet, ono to da max.

– I learned I dunno how to open da crab legs and it takes a lot of work if you one rookie like me. I even wen stab myself with the crab tool, I wen jab myself and da crab sametime, wotkine dat no can.
As oppose to da expert sitting across me: bugga just brokem’ at da joint and pull, broke da biggest piece in half & pull, dey da meat all in tack one big piece. Grind’em.
Me opening da crab: brokem in half at joint stay splashing everybody & giving myself crab shampoo, grab da tool and pokem’ where its pre cut, poke & slice wit tool should be only da crab leg dat get poked & sliced but I did my finga too, try broke da crab leg sommoe, grab da fork and try get da meat out, da meat come out all shredded gotta diggum’ sommoe….. hooooo no can da kine. LOL

–I believe all people bond over food.

–I learned it was not HE&SHE, it was HE&HE. Waste. LOL

–When I first walked into the M Buffet, I said out loud “just like SOYLENT GREEN.” I meant the video display. LOL

–The properties on Fremont St charge for WiFi. Even Starbucks, the lady said cause its part of the hotel, Golden Nugget. I was thinking all Starbucks have free WiFi. Guess not.

–If you love to people watch – sitting at the Starbucks on Fremont St is a great spot. It is amazing to see all the different types of people and their style. I’ve always had this small kine inferiority complex lack of self confidence kind of mind, so I guess seeing all the “strangeness” makes me feel more confindent or less inferior-ish. LOL

–Nobody came up to me this year and yelled “EH U ONE TITA HAH! I know you one tita I going come talkstory.” LOL That happend the other year. Did not see that one coming it was so funny.

–Street entertainment: There was this one guy on Fremont St who had ugly t-shirt with writing on it no clue what it said was hard to read, he was randomly strumming his guitar and blowing a whistle like one lolo. He had one cup so people could give him money. HUH?

Anden there’s that saxophone player thats really good and he sells his CD’s. What his name Carl Firs or something. He sounded so smooth.

Anden there this tall black guy in a leopard looking body suit and he does all this yoga stuff he really flexible kine. He get one box thats like a 3 fee cube and he can scrunch himself in dat box. Unreal. I way moe potote den him and I know I no could do dat. LOL

–HuliHuli Chicken is copyrighted. You could get sued for using it or at least as Cease & Decease order or woteva. So how about Huli2 you know Huli Squared, I’m just saying….. LOL

–Omiyagi is inspiring……. :)

–I have been inspired to write what I call “Attempted Haiku” or maybe “Haiku Fail” nah nah nah wot about “Dakine Haiku” wait wait wait I know “TitaHaiku” yup gotta copyright dat one – so no copy me. LOL

Gluttony improvised
Calories piled high
A model emerges.

You tink get chance
But every time humbug
Gotta pick flowas make lei.

Black hair silver
Punk life recognized
The sidewalk to the moon.

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It just dawned on me ~ hello ~ late reaction ~ that I did not write about Las Vegas.

Every year there is an Aloha World Gathering. Sometimes its a formal get program kind of gathering or its informal us go eat, go ho’olaulea la dat.

So this year it was “us go eat.” Can. After last year’s formal gathering I joking said to da Babooze of Germany via Nanikuli; you have a year to plan may be next year you guys can come. And he was like yeah dats a great idea and my Bruh stay FL he works for Southwest Airlines. So that was in the winter. Come spring time, da Babooze says I think we going plan on making it there in September. Ok cool. Gotta talk to Bruhdah. K.

Every year we have some kind of surprise. So I said EH You guys can be da surprise. Truely one surprise. Who thinks get locals in Germany muchless dey going show up in Las Vegas? What was last years surprise. Makule memories awreddy. Oh yeah Kamaka wen sing, Bruh can sing you know and I wen to do da Ei Nei thing. yeehaw

Next thing you know its summer and da Babooze says “yeah we going come.” I’m like oh cool. Was still months away. Then he says ok its confirmed us coming, us going FL den going to LV. Wow!

Thats half a world away yeah….. I didn’t think of telling anyone because it was never really confirmed. And it was suppose to be a surprise so fine no need say nothing. If they come cool if not, next time.

I’m not good at keeping secrets. I going tell. You tell me something, I going tell somebody. Just cause I have this need to share or something to that effect. There are very few secrets that I’ve kept. Or maybe I don’t remember them so its canceled out. LOL nah nah nah So I just never mentioned there were going to be GUESTs from Germany.

Next thing you know we are all in Las Vegas and I get this funky 12number long phone # on my phone. I answer it and lo and behold “Lika us stay hea” Ohwowlaulau fo’real k k k dinna 6 pm Makinos.

Its not till we were all in LasVegas that I started getting questions. Who’s coming? How many seats we gotta have fo’dinner etc. AND I had to LIE. Only one day of lies. I said “my cuzin dem coming add 2 more seats.”

Then on the way to find Makino’s – George calls asking for the address cause they going take one cab. So we are in serious pau hana traffic, Lurkah’s asking Kalena directions, I’m asking Kalena for the address. She shows me da mapquest paper and Lurkah is like yelling “EH neva mind dem, us first, which exit?” I’m laughing on da phone. Lurkahs stressing and Kalena’s showing me da paper, showing Lurkah da paper. And I find out, oh we need one more seat, get tree(3) peoples.

Anyways so funny, we pull into da Makino’s parking lot and a cab going in the opposite direction pulls right across us. My makas got big cause I knew was DEM. Kalena says “oh this must be one famous place, people come here in cabs.” Lurkah cussing gunnfunnit cab driva just cut acrossssss…

And me….for da second time dat day…. I jumped outta da van. Jump out and no can close da door. LOL I so goofy. So den I go over to where Koni & Izzie is waiting. At the same time 3 people are coming out of the cab and I’m waving at them to come by us….Izzie and Koni are looking at these 3 people walking towards us, …… I’m saying…. You know how every year we have some kind of surprise…THIS is this years surprise!

By then George, Jutta and Frank is in front of us. Aloha. Aloha. Honi honi. Koni telling me I lied. Yes all day, only one day. Your cousin dem? Then Lurkah dem came. Duh, I forgot Kalena doesn’t come on da Lanai so she had no idea, what Babooze, George who?

It was pretty awesome though, 10 years or so of just talking story online and next thing you know they are there in person. Time flys when you are having fun. We did have a lot of fun.

I was all proud I kept a secret. Hhhhmmmm I wonda whats next year’s surprise?


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A picture speaks a thousand words…..well in dis case……da picture makes my stomach growl and ono for sommoe. I loved the shrimp tempura. For more information go to:


Round 1 – my eye bigger den my stomach part I

round 1

Round 2 – my eye way bigger den my stomach part II


Round 3 – I shoulda gotten dessert first but da sushi was calling me first. Could not resist…..


Round 4 – Green tea ice cream without the hot fudge. It taste betta wit hot fudge on it. I put hot fudge on it after I took the picture. Was too busy grinding to take pictures afta dat…….



One of my favorite things to do wen I stay downtown Las Vegas is go to Starbucks around 7 or 8am at the Golden Nugget and sit outside and watch people.

This past Saturday morning I did just dat. Was afta 8 am, I went and got my mocha latte wit whip cream and one cheese danish. I wen go sit outside, watch da birds feed da birds. Momona birds because dose birds eat all da crumbs on da ground yeah. So wot da hey, I trow dem some moe crumbs too. Da whole gang show up wait for crumbs. I tink dose birds are diabetic. But I digress…..

So there was maybe 2 or tree ada peoples sitting out there too, reading their paper drinking their coffee. The people walking Fremont Street is sparse that time of morning. (oh wow college word, I must be writing seriously LOL) Peoples coming and going. Workers coming and going. Janitor crews cleaning la dat.

I saw one bright yellow T-shirt way down on the right side walking towards da Golden Nugget. Anden I was staring off into lala land on da ada side. I was trowing crumbs to da birds and watching wea dey fly off to. Buggahs was stashing all da crumbs dey was kakaroaching.

Next ting I know dis local man stay right on da ada side of da Starbuck fence in front of me, tall guy wit long salt & peppa beard and hair in pony tail, he was wearing one bright yellow T-shirt, jeans brumoodahs (LOL aka shorts), one black backpack and one Heinekins in hand; da bugga stay pointing at me and he says REAL LOUD:


OMGoodness I started cracking up sooooooo HUD, I trow’um da shaka sign and say WAIPAHU.

He trow me da shaka sign and says KALIHI, I knew you was one Teerah! I going come tawkstory witchu.

He goes around to trew da gate, put his beer down on table and hugs me howzit. Anden he start busting out allda Hawaiian words he know including, ua mau ke ia i ka pono!

And I respond “Pehea oi?” He looks at me says “Oh yea but I really Samoan.” Us was cracking up even moe. It was all so funny.

So I say “Talofa” and he says Faafetai or howeva it is you say thank you. (I think)

BRUH says: Hawaii, Samoa, Tonga, Figi whateva us all Polynesia yeah. Fo’realz.

Anden he starts to tell me his story about he stay homeless, da streets stay his home for 3weeks now. Cause he came from Hawaii and he suppose to meet his friend and dey was going Alaska work fishing. But his friend neva show up so as why he stay homeless now.

So I say “You stuck den.” And we both start bussass laughing again.

He said, last night some friends let me stay wit dem only one night. He told dem he really just need to use da showa la dat, cause gotta be clean yeah. So he said as why he was all clean and fresh dis morning. Anden he stood up and reached for his Heinekins on da table.

And I said “Wotdat breakfast of champions?” And we cracked up some moe. It was a fresh bottle of beer not even half done. He picked up da bottle of beer and threw it in da trash! I was like shocked. I said the first thing that came to mind….

“One day at a time hah Bruh”

He said “az right.” The he told me the story of how he got dat beer. He said one friend offered it to him and he couldn’t say no because that would be disrespectful and he neva like act la dat so he took’um.

I was telling him you know get Ho’olaulea down Henderson, plenny polynesians ova deya. He was like dats right, I heard about dat. He goes, “so wot you going take me?” And we both start cracking again.

I told’um, I no moe car and even if I had I wouldn’t know how to get deya. Us was all cracking up again.

Den Bruh says, ok da real reason I come tawk story wit you is fo’ask you money. And we cracked up laughing.

I tell’um Bruh, I awreddy donated to da machines and point to da slot machines across da way at da Binion. We start cracking up again.

He says woteva you get, loose change help.

Rarely or never do I know of; have I given money to homeless strangas. But fo’woteva reason, I wen go dig in my coin purse and pulled out all da quartas – 4of’em and gave it to him.

He hugs me Hawaiianstyle honihoni and says God Bless you sista; I gotta go. And we cracked up laughing again. I said, Malama pono and he went continue walking down towards ABC Store. I looked right towards the Fremont in da direction dat he came from anden I looked left in da direction of ABC Stores. And I neva see him……

# # # # # # # # # ## # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # #

K~ ko’u mana’o:

When I neva see da buggah walking away down Fremont Street, my first thought was did dis juss happen? Yes it did, I no moe quatas I gavem’ to dat Buggah! It dawned on me, da question is not IF it occurred or not; da question is WHY did it happen?

Right. So ha’come? If there is a reason for everything, what was da reason fo’dis. Proof I one Titah? No, dats a given hah. LOL

Dis dakine one serious TAWT provoking occurance. Ha’come me? Cause God knew I was going make him laugh, wot? Or we would make each ada laugh la dat. Me I laugh everyday so as notting new. I tink dat Bruh he laugh everyday too. But maybe dat day he no had reason fo’laugh until he said EH YOU ONE TEERAH HAH? I swear that was seriously offdawall funny. Starbucks, a cheese danish, birds and one strange Bruh juss calling me out like dat. Only locals would buss out la dat yeah.

Dis one story I couldn’t make up. Da ting I most curious about is da beer. I’m not a beer drinker but if I was I would drink Heinekins, I know as one good beer. Ok I’ve had a few backinda day but he threw away a perfectly good cold beer. It was also 8:30ish in da morning but a drinks a drink.

If God works in mysterious ways, I think this is one of’um. So um’God niele minds like know, ha’come?

Then again someone once told me, its not about knowing why but just accepting that it is.

For da record doe, I still niele.

Wotchutink? *L*