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Went to see the movie GRAN TORINO. Clint Eastwood. Mainboy and director. Great story. If you looking for a movie to go see I think y’all will like this one. Who doesn’t like Dirty Harry? Its funny and its sad. Its the sign of the times. Its the truth. Its funny. Its not sad sad till later. Its more funny first.

Clint Eastwood is neighbors with a Hmong family and well you know, you gotta love ethnic peoples. Dey so da kine yeah….. but then theres the modern influences and generational differences. Its an educational movie. How many movies have you seen that shows Hmong culture?

The beginning starts with the funeral of Clint Eastwoods wife and the Grandkids OMG I would have kicked dem outta church, dey went to their Grandma’s funeral dressed LA DAT! Parents should let their kids do crap like that. Call me old school woteva, its disrespectful that you can not dress appropriately fo’you own Grandma’s funeral, you know what I mean.

There is a great barber shop scene. It reminded me of when I use to take my son to da barber shop when he was still in school. All the wahine hairdressers even da ones with a barbers license could not my cut my sons hair right. Maybe its was his head and 3 girigiris as why. The Barber shop I took him too had 3 Grandpas, one Mexican, one white and one Native. It was always fun to listen to dem talkstory and tell my son stuff. They would tell him they knew he was one good boy because he let his mom bring him to dat barber shop and he wasn’t like all these other kids with whacked haircuts. But I digress….

I think this story is about families. Its about stereotypes. Its about ethnic peoples. Acceptance and respect. Its about community.

Clint Eastwood goes to confession and confesses that he doesn’t know his kids. Thats way too common I think and very few would admit to that yeah. Anyways its another great Clint Eastwood movie. Tell me if you disagree?


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My Mahu friend said, “YOU need to see this movie. It is your sense of humor.” Me, porn, funny? Ok? So I was very curious as to what another person’s perception of what “MY sense of humor” is. FagHag Sr. that I am. heheheh I don’t think I would have gone and seen this movie had it not been for the suggestion and my curiousity.

I had not even heard of this movie. I haven’t been to the movies in a while either. Anyway we went to see it and I just cracked up. It was FUNNY. Ok maybe its just me, and yes there is nudity and sex. So if you are offended by flesh and people walking around naked, I guess this is not a movie for you. There is sex, but not like how you think. Ok maybe the way you do think, but its funny not raunchy. Ok if you think its raunchy then it is. Sorry not everybody thinks the way I do. If you told me I’d be cracking up all thru some porn-esque movie, I would tell you ‘geettouttahea.’ LOL

Perhaps its the sarcasm or the reality of stupidity or I dunno, I thought it was funny. It wasn’t serious serious kine. It was more funny then serious. Kind of like the Flockers, you know Meet The Flockers. I think thats real funny too. This is naked people funny. Ok there’s some nasty humor. A guy must have wrote it. Its guy humor, its a dude movie. Definitely not a chick flick. But it could be if the chicks had a warp sense of humor, like moi.

Granted this is not for everyone. Dude’s would love it. Mahu’s will love it. Women who love to laugh will love it, nakedness and all. And really there is no boto flashing. Got Okole. But not botos. The usual you know lots of tittys’s and ass and botoless. Well maybe it did have a boto or two I was busy laughing. When I laugh I turn ASIAN and my eye so small I no can see. Or maybe da boto was too small to see. Doesn’t matter. It was funny. Ok maybe thats just me. LOL

With all dat said and laughing there is a moral to da story. There was a plot and everything, it wasn’t just about the porn thing, porn was the product to pay the bills. In the end the reality presents itself as “there is a difference between having sex and making love” and respectfully so.


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I watched a movie called SEPTEMBER DAWN. Compliments of Netflix. Its depends who you talk to whether its true or not. It did happen BUT historians, scholars, writers whomever have added or embellished.


The bottom line is people died. Religious persecution. God told me to kill the heathens. In my opinion God had nothing to do with it, its man using God’s name in vain.

Its a very very sad story. Even sadder that the Mormons used and blamed the Indians. Even sadder still a lot of Mormons probably believe the Indians did do it. Because you know they are savages like that. Or so the media has made it out that way. Who is the media and the historians?

Although the Mormon church denies a lot of this story….. well who am I to judge. You watch the movie you make up your own. I make up mine. I think there is more truth then their is fiction. Something happened no doubt. How do we know it wasn’t even worst? We will never know. I’m thinking there may be stories that have been handed down generation to generation. Then there may also be the vow of silence and if nobody talks about it or writes about it, then the story will never be known.

It pisses me off that people do what they do and use GOD as the reason. And blaming the Indians. Classic. Have you ever seen the movie SOLDIER BLUE. You don’t want to, its another massacre. Another no we didn’t do that movie. Whatever.


This movie is based on the Mountain Meadow Massacre. That happened in the 1857 in an area north of St. George, Uah.


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Couple of weeks ago we went to see the movie MONGOL. This make me sound like a big movie buff yeah. Its summer in Phoenix America and one of the coolest things to do is sit in the theatre. Its 110 degrees outside, ssheeesh.


This movie is in the Mongol language so its subtitles, you gotta read during da whole movie. Its really interesting, edcucational I think. The scenery, the costuming and listening to the language. Totally immersion yeah. Its about Ghanghis Khan. I understanthis is part one of a trilogy. This is Ghanghis Khan from baby time to adulthood and how he became the person that he was. Its like all he went thru in his life prepared him to be who he became, when in fact who should of died so many times.

A couple or two walked out of the movie and never came back. I think maybe they didn’t like the fact that they had to read. Or maybe they didn’t know how to read English. I dunno. I’m just specutlating. This is one of those movies with cast of thousands. The basic war scene of the two side coming together and clashing in the valley. The costuming looked very authentic.

Ghangis Khan’s childhood/birth name was Temidjan (or something like that). My daughta liked that name. I think it could either be a boy or girls name myself. If I get a Grandson he’s name could be Kaipo Temidjan or Po Temidjan; Po form KungFu Panda. LOLnah nah nah, if his name Po dey going call him Popo awreddy. He ain’t eve born yet. hehehe My daughta dem is set on da name Kai and I’m like Not – but what da hell do I know. Told her, her needs to add to’um Kaipo or Kaimana or Kainalu yeah. Because Kai is also a word in several different languages but wotdahelldoIknow. I’m da Grandpuma so I get to call the kid whateva nickname I decide to callem! I’m thinking Kamaha’o! Kama-Boyor Kama-girl! But I digress…..hehehehe

I really enjoyed this movie and look forward the next ones.


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We went to the movie, CHILDREN OF HUANG SHI. Its based on a true story and was so awesome that at the end there are the clips of the Grandpas, who this story is about. It takes place in the late 1930′s early 1940′s. Its takes place during the time when the Japanese was taking over China. Serious war time. Serious “why dey hate each” ada kine story. Lotta history.

Anyways its based on the life of George Hogg a British Journalist and how he helps out this orphanage of boys. The characters are all very interesting. The scenery is awesome. Its an amazing trek. Unreal that its actually a true story. But it shows the determination and strength of the kids as individuals and as a team.


Try go look:,com_frontpage/Itemid,1/lang,en/

So funny….. I went to see this movie with my kids. Big kids too, my oldest & youngest. We love cartoons. LOL

Well Son said he wanted to go see it Saturday but all the kids probably be there. So we he was thinking of going Sunday morning. So #Daughta said if you go call me, I wanna go see that too. So my son said lets go Sunday morning everybody should be in church. WRONG. I thought all the kids get dragged to church by their parents. Not. So my son went in first go save us seats, while I waited outside since I had my daughtas ticket. We go into the theater and my son is sitting front and center, right above the handicap section. He says MOM this is the best we’re gonna get away from all the kids. WRONG. The place was filled with kids.

I have to buy this when it comes out. So funny. It will make you laugh. I love Kung Fu movies and this one with animals, OMG too cute. Cause da Panda real momona yeah, everytime stay grinding. He cracks me up. Masta Shifu was fighting with Po da Panda trying to teach him and stomping on Po and he’s lying down exhausted and he says, “Stop it you gonna make me pee.” Dey shoulda done it in Pidgin, I would have rolled if he said “you going make me shishi.”

Its a fun movie. I still have one question doe. Ha’come Po da Panda’s fahdah one goose? There’s one hanai story I tink. *L*


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I saw two movies this weekend. Wow when was the last time I did that? Been a while, I think.

Saturday night we went to see Ironman but it was sold out. I guess everybody else wanted to see it too. So we ended up seeing Narnia: Return of Prince Caspian? Is that the name? Narnia II, that one. We went to da 8:30pm showing and people brought their little kids. Why? More then half of them was passed out asleep before the end of the movie. I think its called pass their bedtime.

I love the talking animals. Badger. I think that would make a badass name. I don’t think my daughta would go for it though. Cause I suggested Jaguar or Panther. What – its a Native thing yeah. LOL Then I figured if you name a kid Jaguar the kids will tease’um Jagoff; ok so scratch that name off the list. But Badger, now thats a ball players name ain’t it? But I digress…..

Its the basic good vs evil. Kill the heir to the throne so the next person can be king. The oppressed and oppressors. I love when the trees came alive and kicked ass. The talking mice was cute but still ewwwll. Rodents. *L* The Centaurians were awesome. Hard to tell whats real or computer generated nowadays.

One topic of debate about the movie has been about the amount of violence. Yes cause its war and thats what happens in war. So if the movie is too violent then don’t take your kids. Its that simple. Why you gotta bitch and moan? I agree there’s a lot of fighting between the good guys and the bad guys. I don’t think its any more or less fighting then whats on TV or the news. I’m sure the kids have watched fighting or played computer games that includes was fighting so NOW its a big deal. Thats an easy fix. Do not take your kids to go see a movie that has a lot violence because it has a lot of violence. Just say no. Whats to debate? You know what I mean. Better yet let the kid read the book first then they can go see movies. You know too many kids are not reading these days.

I love movies like Narnia. So imaginative. To see it on the screen is so real like. Need to by the DVD’s when its out.

Went to see Ironman this morning. We should all be that genius when held captive in a cave? LOL Its cool to see comics come to life. Waiting to see Ironman II all ready. Will the sexual tension between Ms. Potts and Mr. Sparks be statisfied? Hmmm stay tuned.

My daughter and her friend were talking and her friend asks “Whats Ironman about?” My daughter explained that it was an old comic book character kind of like X-men etc. I said “Yeah your Dad had the orignal Ironman comic books.” My daughter looks at me, “I didn’t know it was THAT old.” *L*

Hey Old School rocks, look at Jagger. LOL

I went to see the movie GOLDEN COMPASS this weekend. Loved it. I love that people have such great imagination that it can be put into pictures for me/us to watch, you know that storybook comes to life kind of feeling.

GOLDEN COMPASS is in the genre of Narnia, Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter kinda I think. I love the magic of the movie; talking animals and fairiess and cool stuff like that.


So in the movie….it poses the question “What is dust?” Not dust da kine fine dirt, but da “metaphorical” kine – Ok you gotta go watch da movie, or read da book I guess. To me the dust represented ones aura & spirit or the greater power that one believes in, whatever you call THAT of which you believe.

In da movie, everybody has a demon. The demon is not one devil. Demon is what they call their spirit guide or aumakua maybe, somting la dat. The kids demon can change like from bird to cat to racoon or whateva, their’s are changeable. The adults one no can, its just one animal.

I thought thats because the kids are open minded and able to see things from different perspective they aren’t stuck in one frame of mind, black or white, things/thoughts have many colors. But the big people they all set in their ways so thats why their demon just stays as one animal.

So their was the “dominant society” people the Master & all the council and what have you. There were the gypsies, the fairies and the polar bears. I looked at the movie from an ethnic point of view. Or perhaps the haves and the have nots, the us and the them. LOL The gypies where the every day peoples, doing what they gotta do to survive. The fairies were kick ass, they could fly and were great with bows & arrows. The fairies were shooting people makediedead, dang I neva thought of fairies as the war monger types but they were doing their part. The Polar bears were the brawlers. My daughta said they were the Natives because they took away URick da PolaBeas pride, gave him a shitty job and paid him with whiskey so he was a broken down drunken bear till Lyra came along.

Lyra is the name of the maingirl. I suspect there will be a bunch of baby girls named Lyra now. I dunno if dats a good idea to name a local babygrl Lyra, bumbye dey going call her Ly-YA! K-maybe thats just me. LOL

So to me this is one of those everyday modern day old fashion fairy tales. You know good vs evil, the choices you make, the consequences blah blah blah. Anden they live happily ever after….NOT….it ended making you know there’s going to be Part II or some trilogy is gonna happen. I was like “Juss go find yo’Fahdah NOW!” lol

Ok so afta I see da movie I start to read and hear about certain religions think its this that or the other. Yeah yeah yeah. Then I was googling around right, and I come to this message board and it says and I quote “Don’t watch this movie it teaches kids to kill God!”


Ok then it started to get hilarious because only that one person had that opinion. Maybe its me…. BUT in watching that movie, I did not see any “religious” overtones or undertones, or anything like that. But thats me. How people see God, muchless killing God in that movie is beyond me. Somebody going have to draw me da pic-cha cause I don’t understand that train of thought.

“It teaches kids to kill God?” No, a movie does not do that. The parents maybe, other people yeah, a movie. IF a person has that opinion than don’t go to see it and fo’real don’t take your kids to see it.

I’m thinking I gotta go read the book cause maybe I missed something, “killing God?” where does that comes from? I did not look at the movie as anything “religious” – I just went to see a movie to be entertained and I was. It taught me you can interpet the movie however the hell you want to.

I think you could interepet it more political then religious. The HAVES and the HAVE NOTS, hmmmm. I think, its good vs evil, an everyday theme of life. “Killing God” I’m still baffled by that term. Its like power of suggestion, people telling people this is about “killing God” and so other people – won’t go see it just assuming that persons opinion is FACT. Hellisdatabout?

If one is truely a believer in God then one knows, no movie or story or what have you can or will kill God. There shouldn’t be fear. There should be prayer.

I think God has a sense of humor and he has created creative people to present us with these stories that question our imagination and sense of self. I think he’s laughing at the concept of “killing God.” LOL But hey thats me.

Watch da movie and tell me wotchutink!

I went to see the movie LIONS FOR LAMBS today. It stars Robert Redford, Meryl Streep & Tom Cruise and a bunch of others I can’t remember.

Its a movie that makes you think. You either argree with it or you don’t. You can call it wotever the hell you want because this is America and your are entitled to your opinion(s) and thats a good thing.

The movie is definitely a political statement. I whole heartedly agree with it. To me, all that is being talked about is no different then Viet Nam. The big difference between Nam and now….. media coverage and technology.

You can rant and rave all you want about da movie. The bottom line is Americans are off in a foreign land, dying! There is a war! There are dead people, people loosing limbs, people coming home mental and smart ass asshole are debating political correctedness sh*t weather this movie is liberal, not liberal this that or the other.

Good movie, junk movie, indifferent movie it don’t make no frkng dang difference to the soldier overseas under fire. How does all this political bebate honor dead American soldier? It seems to me sometimes that political debates only honor whoever wins the political debate. The soldier does his duty for his country while politicans debate, jockey for positions and write CYA memos.

I don’t usually read movie reviews. If/when I do, I read it after I see the movie. I googled after I saw the movie. I went to: I guess this is suppose to be a junk movie if you believe movie critics.


I am my own movie critic. I go to see a movie because I want to see a movie. Not because “the powers that be” point me in a particular direction.

In reading some of the comments at I was surprised to read stuff like “so and so really don’t want you to see this movie.” And I’m thinking… if there is a lot of negative stuff written about it then people won’t go to see it? They believe who ever the critic is weather its good, bad or indifferent?

There are all kinds of message board and debates about the movie and so yes it makes for interesting postings and all. But its nothing new and profound, everybody thinks they are right. Whats scarey to me is, WE are not learning from our own mistakes. Should we not have learned from our history? Hmmmm easier said then done huh. Ok, I understand that part personally. LOL

Our actions makes a difference. Our mentality. You know act locally, think globally. Vote. Don’t vote. Shuttup. You know what I mean?

I went to see the movie Transfomers today. Loved it. Most movies I see I like. I’m not all that critical about watching a movie you know. Its a movie, I view it for entertainment pleasure and I was entertained. Some people get very technical and passionate about loving or hating a movie. Its a movie.


This is not a little kids movie, its a big kids movie. LOL I was telling my son that and he reminded me, “Mom who was the first generation of Transformer fans?” I’m like “Oh you guys, peoples your age huh?” He was like “DUH?” I remember buying my son the Transformers and he hadn’t even started school yet. I use to could not get it back into da car shape. I could open’um up but I had “issues” putting it back together. My son would be like… just go like dis and like dis and he be twisting both hands dis way and that. I would watch him anden try do’um and I junk. LOL


It was a guy movie huh? Rock’um sock’um shoot’em up. The Mom, cracked me up. “Happy Time” I so cracked up she was too funny talking about masterbating. I love when the car would switch songs/music to go with the mood.

Autobots. Deceptacons. Optimus Prime. Cool names.