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DANG, Just wen I was on a roll…………..

I will be offline for a week, maybe two. 2 Weeks! I’m being drama queen. For real I going nuts & will prolly return manic depressive but den gotta do wot you gotta do.

Going thru a ‘transition’ period here. Very stressed. Shouldn’t be. Like I haven’t done this a gazillion times before. It never gets easier. With me I think its gotten worst. I could rant & rave forever but whats da point? I still gotta do it. What ever IT is? LOL

I will miss coming in here. I will come in as much as possible but if seems like I fell off of cyberspace its because I did for a little bit anyway.

I’ll be BOK!

Dats da way I stay feeling, worst den junk. Dats pretty bad huh? I couldn’t just say bad. Cause its not really dat bad, but its junk. So wots da frkng difference? Attitude, maybe. *L* I dunno wot I trying for say. Worst den junk is betta den bad, woteva.

I tink dat pityparty I was trying to beat down has just surfaced. Or maybe its a virus, I wen catch da lolo bug from Lynn. (You know my family call me “Lyn” too) So maybe its a “Lynn” thing. Mines only get one “n” so makes me less lolo then those wit 2. hehehehe My lolo-ness doesn’t include drugs. Yet. LOL

What is it da “blahs” da blues da hormones? All of the above anden some. Funny some people describe me as “bubbly” cause today no moe da bubbles. Da bubbles all been bursted. My English teachas stay doing 360′s in dey grave! *L* Da bubbles stay all buss up. (so wot dat propa pidgin)

I have no fizz today. I am fizzless. As oppose to futless? Futless refers to natural gas and fizz is what? Ummm, energy! I get energy. hehehe But no moe bubbles. Maybe I should drink 7-up wit a shot of tequila for a chaser. LOL I would so die. I guess its dose feelings dat just “drive you to drink” if I was a drinker.

Having a lot of issues at this time so I guess as why. Would not want to burden anyone with my so-called issues. hehehe Its just me. Its like you know when you figure out “yes its your fault & if you would listen to yourself” you wouldn’t be feeling dis way. Its also known as “hudhead” neva learn da lesson but its slowly sinking in now and its kinda late. I stay going thru dat “slowly” part. *L*

Imagine if I couln’t write today. I swear I would be moe lolo. I tink I write to make myself right. Cause I came in hea feeling really wrong anden I write all dis ‘genius’ stuff and I’m like: stupidhead you stay cracking yo’self up. How retahded, am I?( Rhetorically question*L*)

Writing is free thereapy, lets all take advantage. *L*

Gypsy Lika~On the Road Again

AKA ~ Why I hate moving
OR ~ I bet I’ve lived in more places then you have?


Born in the Territory of Hawaii, Queen’s Hospital
Graduated Waipahu High School 1971

3/1973 Married, National City, CA
1973 1st Child Born, Tripler Army Hospital
Honolulu, HI
1973-1974 Ocean Beach, CA
1974-1978 Tahlequah, OK
1975 2nd Child Born, Hastings Indian Hospital,
Tahlequah, OK
1978-1985 Chinle, AZ
1981 3rd Child Born, Sage Memorial Hospital,
Ganado, AZ
1985-1987 Tahlequah, OK
1987 Graduated from Northeastern State University
1987-1989 Socorro, NM
1989-1998 Window Rock, AZ
1998-1999 San Carlos, AZ
7/99-3/00 Chinle, AZ
3/00-7/00 Greasewood (Ganado), AZ
7/00-6/01 IGNACIO, CO
6/01-9/02 Gardenerville, NV
9/02-11/04 Carson City, NV
5/12/2004 Right thyroid removed
5/14/2004 You’ve Got Cancer
6/29/2004 Removal of the rest of the thyroid
8/20/2004 Radioactive Iodine treatment
11/04- Ft. Defiance, AZ

Need to be out of current place by July 30th. As of this date, don’t know where. Will let you know when I know.

Be gone this weekend, we’re making a run. We have a storage unit that is 4hrs away, closer to where our house is being built. That won’t be ready till September/October. In the mean time we’re trying to put as much stuff as possible into storage.

I get to make a run to Bookman’s too, so that I can sell a bunch of books and buy new used ones to read. A never ending cycle. I have a large bin of sewing projects. They need to be done but I’m busy reading or doing things other then what I’m suppose to be doing.

I’m thinking of making quilt tops for my quilting in-laws for Xmas. I haven’t graduated to quilting. My quilting look like some drunk run a muck. Not pretty. But my in-laws are quilters so I makem’ the quilt top and they finish it into a quilt. Works for us. I have a bunch of quilt blocks to do. I need to use up the material I have so of course I can buy more. I need to sew more. Just because….keeps me from eating? No, because they’re Xmas presents and before you know it – it will be Xmas.

I want everything into storage. Then I’m like, no I’m gonna need this and that and so, no I’ll keep that here. Whatever.

I’m thinking I have frkng packrat syndrom or something. Let go awreddy. *L*

I should be packing. But I’m surfing…no I’m blogging. Who knew I’d be a blogger…….

I should be doing the Mission: Organization thing: keep, trash, or pack. And I will ~ sooner or later. Ok, later. I’m writing…. then I’ll find other things to do other then what I’m suppose to do. Oh yeah, and the book I’ m reading, its at a real interesting part so I need to read a few chapters or maybe just finish it.

Excuses, excuses, excuses. I can be so good at it. I just need to get my rear in gear and get crap done so I don’t have to do it later. Its kind of never ending or it feels like that. And yet funny how time flys when we’re having fun.

So if time is not flying must not be all that fun, huh? *L*

Anyone whose known me for a long long time knows my feelings about moving. Don’t ask. I’ll go off. LOL

But crap happens. Long story short, we need to move again. Soon. Like the end of the month. Don’t exactly know where but I’ll let you know when I know. I have moved so many times you would think I have it down to a science. Not even close. The ideal move to me would be to just pack a suitcase and go. But to pack up 30 plus years of stuff is another story. Everytime I think I got rid of stuff, there’s still plenny stuff. What’s up with all this stuff.

In that sense I have to give credit to people who know how to get along/live with the least amount of stuff. Scarey thing is I think I/we have downsized considerably but yet there are still a lot of stuff. Ok, so I’m part packrat. I’ve gotten rid of a lot of stuff. Evidently not enough because there is much to do and pack and trash.

The last move I gave a way a ton of books. Why do I need these books. Reference. Yeah well I’ve downsized, really. I’m down to 1 bin. Ok 1.5 bins of books. Do you know how heavy a bin/box of books are. Luckily I’ve found a bookstore that sells/buys used books, CDs, DVD’s and such. Bookman’s ~ love that store. Bad thing is I sell my books and magazines to them and then I buy used books & magazines. I do read them. But its a vicious cycle. LOL

I like to think I’ve gotten a better attitude about this whole gypsy thing. So now that I’ve adjusted my mind, my body is the one that feels it. Use to be the other way around; the physical part was easy the mental part was insane. Now the mental part is easy, the physical part is painful.

I know I ain’t no spring chicken, but I still like to think that I can still spring!*L*