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Doing my tutu duties this weekend. Overnight babysitting. Went better then usual. MsKai use to not like going to bed here just waiting for her Moms to come get her. This time though she passed out on her own at 7:30pm and didn’t wake till the next morning at 7:30am. So she had a good nights sleep.

Was unusual for her to just fall a sleep. Usually gotta nag her and she don’t go to bed till almost midnight. This child is just a little tornado. Walking running around and droping stuff as she goes along. I’ve forgotten about 2 year olds and their path of stuff they leave in front, behind. This girl has a thing about throwing things. She will pick up things and just pitching them. Sometimes its forward and sometimes back. The child cracks me up.

I was looking in the frig and I said out loud “we don’t have any mik” – Kai says “go to the store.” I was playing catch with her and I threw the ball a little to the right of her and she had to go get it. She says, “Neenee’s better.” Whatever. Neenee is her 17 yr old half sister.

I find my Granddaughter very amusing. She reminds me how much energy it takes to take care of young children. It will be interesting to see what kind of an older person she becomes. *L*

So I got this text pic from my #2 and it showed two home hapai test. + – something – I really didn’t understand the picture…. So I texted her back…. “I Don’t Get It.” So she calls me and says: MOM its 2 home pregancy tests that shows positive, ones regular kine and the other is a digital.

And I said: Tell me afta you get one real certifiable lab test. I know like know da da Jerry Springer version. Go docta & go to a real lab. I know like know about your battroom test.

WHAT, you don’t want to know the 99.90% test?

NO, just tell me da fo’real what da docta said one.

We was just cracking up – I freaking think she is! When I saw her in Oklahoma she was looking pudgey and she’s a runner. She runs daily most times. I told DH, if/when she gets hapai she going be big. The following week we all went to a banquet and I said “you look hapai.” She was like its this dress…. and it was the dress but still.

So anyways not going say nothing till we get the official docta report. So no say notting.

#2s MIL is going to be estactic, especially if the baby is a girl. She raised a bunch of boys and she was so happy to get a DIL to go shopping with la dat. My SIL’s family has 3 sets of twins – this genration of cousins. One set is a boy & girl set – they are the cutest. I always tell #2 I want that kine. My order is for boy girl twins. Her MIL just want a female. So see if she makes a boy girl twins then both Gmas be all excited.

Either way happy for #2 she’s been working on it for 2-3 yrs. I told her just chill but no her like puttem on da calendar, either springbreak or xmas break. Lolo, I told her it doesn’t work that way, it happens when it happens. Duh? So if her are…. July… me & #1s birthday.

Don’t say congratulations yet….. lets wait for the official doctors declaration not da at home shishi test! LOL

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#1&only grandawta calls me GAM GAM GAM. There’s a slight pause afta da first GAM. LOL

We watched Kai this weekend, Friday afternoon to Sunday evening. Don’t know who had moe separation anxiety da Mom or da baby. Kai asked twice “wheres mom I dunno.” Cute she answers her own question. And whenever she says “I dunno” her two hands are palms up.

We ran around and around and around. We played water, da sprinkler in da backyard. Run in da house. Play watah. Run in da house. Run in da house. Play water. Run run run.

Kai-girl reminds me of my #2, portagee mouth just constantly. She be talking about I dunno what but she talking da way she knows. She was telling me something and I was telling her “you know I really don’t understand what you are telling me” and she starts giving me attitude. Da tone gets meaner da hands start going up and down. I start laughing at her “you giving me attitude excuse me” and I start running away and she starts running

I forgot how much physical energy it takes to take care of a baby, how da hell did I do it with 3 little ones. Kai is 20 months old and in dat copy cat phase, she will repeat stuff. She trys to copy – So You Think You Can Dance. She trys to stands on one leg and kicks back the other one. I show her to do her hands and shoulders and she shrugs her shoulders and pumps her arms up and down. So funny cute.

I forgot how strong a baby is until they decide they don’t wan’t their diaper changed. Plus she kept finding stuff I didn’t know we had and I think it was from her Unco’s room. She finds candy. She found a Dumdum and her eyes just lighted up and she showed it to me. She calls candy “uuuummmmmmm” because when her Mom see’s her with candy she says “uuuummmmm what do you have?”

Kai is G’pa’s girl so she gave the candy to him to get it opened. I am totally frkngshocked at how much DH does for his 1&only Grandawta. He changes diapers, even doo-doo daipers; cuts her food up, follows her where she wants to go. Everything he didn’t do for his kids he does for his grandawta, go figgah yeah.

I was sitting on the couch and Kai sneaked up on me and I said ‘hui’ when I looked at her. She looked at me said ‘HUI’ – everybody just cracked up. Anden her Unco wanted to fix her hair. She’s just wildchild she won’t let us do her hair. He touched her hair and she jerked back and said “OI!” We just cracked up.

Then Kai got picked up and we were telling Q about Babygrl saying “Oi” and Kai says “oi” and we were all cracking up. Q says lets see if she’ll say it to NT. So Q calls Star and tells Star to listen and we tell Kai to tell NT, OI. She says “OI NT.” We just cracked up.

#2 says “Ok mom its official – Kai’s a tita – thanks to you.” LOL

Today, Q says she’s driving and Kai’s in the back calling her so she looks back at her in the car seat and she is doing fist pumps to the beat of the music.

“Mom what did you guys teach her.” LOL

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I’ve seen bits and pieces of this show but I never really watched a whole episode. #2 was visiting and insisted we watched it so I did. Watching TV was me, #2 and Son aka Bruh.

#2: Bruh you should apply to be on this show.

Son: I would request all ethnic women and no haoles.

Me: I tawt you like haoles, how many haole girlfriends you had awreddy?

Son: Thats what I’m saying, I’m done with haole girlfriends.

Me: Ha’come?

Son: Because they ask stupid questions like “if you have chance to be with a native girl would you?” and I givem’ one honest answer – Yes. Don’t ask me questions if you can’t handle honest answers. Then they cry and get pissed off at me.

#2: Shuddup you guys. I’m trying to watch TV. So Mom, what do you think? (about da The Bachelor TV show)

Me: I tink its PILAU.

#2: Well now dat you mention it, it is pretty nasty watching a guy exchange spit with a dozen women.

Son: The producers set up the atmosphere “to fall in love” its ideal kine dates they set up.

Me: What does this guy do for a living, he can’t get dates, he’s decent looking, he just lazy and want somebody else to screen da wahines fo’him?

#2: He’s a pilot, 30something never been married?

Me: So he’s tired of screwing with Flight Attendants?

Son: Pretty much. LOL

Me: Imagine if it was a dozen Titas, how funny would dat be? OH dat would be a Jerry Springer show huh.

#2: Shuddup you guys I’m trying to watch TV. So Mom what do you think?

Me: WOT IF HE sucks at sex and she doesn’t suck at all wouldn’t that defeat the purpose?

Son: (rolling on the couch) Like I say – ONLY MY MOMS!

#2: OMG ~ OH NO you DIDN’T!



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The scene is my truck in pau hana traffic, diamond lane. #1 is driving, #2 is riding shotgun, me and Grandbabygrl in back.

Me (doing insseewinsee spida): Insee winsee spida crawl up da spida web…

#2: Mom, its water spout…

Me: Down came da rain and wash da spida away (hands with flickering fingers making hula rain)

#2: Mom, its down came da water…. you are making hula rain….

Me: Shuddup my rain moe nice den da staight haole rain…. AND DA Inseewinsee spida go BOOM!

Everybody laughing including Babygrl.

#2: Mom did you talk and sing to us like that all the time?

Me: Yes and you guys turned out pretty ok fine. Its about interaction.

Everybody laughing and Babygrl is not amused.

Me (making crawling fingers on Babygrls arm):
And da insseewinsee spida crawl on top my hand and I scream EEEEEEEKKKKKK (at da same time I tap Babygrls hand like I makidiedead one spida and I stay crack up laughing)

Babygrl look at me with her eyebrows raised then starts laughing.

We are all laughing because Babygirl is laughing.

#2: Crazy grandma!


One of the purest and joyous sounds is the sound of a baby laughing.


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I bought the headband, socks & shoes. LOL GO Cards!


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Today I learned a new word – Self-Efficacy! I think I’ve heard it before but when I read it; well I read in pidgin soooo as why I read it like: self-effi-cocky-see. The “cac” part should be short and quick as oppose to cock that is long and slow? Gawd I crack myself up…..

For Christmas I got my #2′s Dissertation. So kapakahi that I am, I started reading da last chapta first. The conclusion. One of my bad habits. Kind of like dessert first. LOL

So the line was: The Native American students in this study, like other college students are likely to have successful academic college experience if they have a high level of self-efficacy. And there was a ? over my head. Self-confidence. Self-sufficient.

So then I had to buss out da that took me to da wikiwikipedia.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:
Self-efficacy is the belief that one is capable of performing in a certain manner to attain certain goals.[1] It is a belief that one has the capabilities to execute the courses of actions required to manage prospective situations. Unlike efficacy, which is the power to produce an effect (in essence, competence), self-efficacy is the belief (whether or not accurate) that one has the power to produce that effect. For example, a person with high self efficacy may engage in a more health related activity when an illness occurs, whereas a person with low self efficacy would harbor feelings of hopelessness.[2]

It is important here to understand the distinction between self-esteem and self-efficacy. Self-esteem relates to a person’s sense of self-worth, whereas self-efficacy relates to a person’s perception of their ability to reach a goal. For example, say a person is a terrible rock climber, they would likely have a poor self-efficacy in regard to rock climbing, but this wouldn’t need to affect their self-esteem since most people don’t invest much of their self-esteem in this activity. [3] Conversely, one might have enormous skill at rock climbing, yet set such a high standard for himself/herself that his/her self-esteem is low. [4] At the same time, someone who has high self-efficacy in general might think that they are good at rock climbing even when they are not, or, knowing they are not, still believe that they can do it, and can quickly learn

Dr. 0′s dissertation is entitled: STRATEGIZING SUCCESS: NARRATIVE OF NATIVE AMERICAN STUDENTS IN HIGHER EDCUATION. University of Oklahoma, 2008.

Imagine she came from my loins and she did this whole study and wrote a dissertation. We are so proud of her.

I need to go work on my self-efficacy now. I know that I am a good gymrat, I just gotta drag my behind to the gym.*L*

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Since my kids are grown and don’t live in the house, if and when all three of them are home I take that to be Christmas. Even thou one kid supposeably lives with us; coming home to check mail, use the computer and take a shower is not living with us, that makes us base camp. Its headquarters. Not necessarily live in quarters.

This past weekend #2 & husband came to visit and celebrate their 1st wedding anniversary. For the first time ever in my house was my three kids, son-in-law and da other one whom I refer to as BabysDadddy, and my granddaughter was over the house. All at one time! Imagine that? *L* Usually there’s one. Every now and then 2 but all three anden some. “Ohana means no one is left behind” ~ Lilo Why does Lilo look like an FAS child? Oh sorry I digress….

Plus my daughters best friend came down from up north with her 2 kids. And some how everybody ended sleeping over up at our house. It was really strange because it reminded me of when the kids were in high school. Our house was the house the kids hung out at. I didn’t mind because that means my kids are home. But use to be Saturday mornings and/or Sunday mornings there would be these extra bodies sleeping on the floor or couch in the den. I use to ask my kids, do these kids parents know they are here? Most times the answer was, “there parents aren’t even home!” And people wonder why their kids turn out messed up.

Anyways it was fun. Strange but fun. I was thinking we were passed the phase of waking up and there are extra bodies in the house but I guess not.

We had a babyshower/watch the OU vs Texas Tech party. My daughters best friend volunteered to have a babyshower watch football party. It was mostly watch football and eat. But they did take time to open presents. You know the females in the kitchen/dining room and the men watching football or at the grill outside. Oh yeah not to mention all the little ones running around outside in the yard.

Kids we haven’t seen since they were in HS showed up. I still think of them as kids even though they are 30something. At least they are productive working citizens. Most of them make way more money then me and have nice big homes etc.

Somebody said “yeah everybody use to hang out at your house.” DH was “what use to, they still coming around.” Funny cause “everybody” was usually the softball team or the football team or basketball team; depending on the season. All the kids have been coached by DH in one sport or another.

Family, friends, food and football! Isn’t that Thanksgiving. And Christmas! Yup. I had Thanksgiving and Christmas this past weekend all ready. So I’m done.

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Kai-girl One Little Big Cutie Patootie Chili!


When my son saw baby pictures of himself, dressed up in cutsie silly baby clothes, mainly the hoodie with ears; he asked the question: Why do Mom’s do that?! Hmmmm the answer will always be: BECAUSE THEY CAN! lol

When I sent this picture via phone to #2; she texted back: My niece better have a great sense of humor because her family is CRAZY!

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I went to my cuzins wedding in Reno, NV. They live in Sacramento, CA but they got married at the Arch of Reno Wedding Chapel in Reno, NV. They are having a wedding reception in Sacramento next Saturday. We are not going to the reception so we decided to go to the wedding in Reno, NV.

I use to live in Carson City so I’m very familiar with Reno, NV; its just down the road about 30-40 miles. As we drove to our hotel I asked DH what was the temperature suppose to be in Reno. He said 67 degrees. As I looked at snow flurries falling from the sky that turned into your everyday snow; I said “no, you can’t have snow with 67 degrees it has to be at least 32degrees.” Reno had one its earliest snows. Did I bring it? I think I may have, AND I (coming in from da sweatiest city) brought da wrong kine jacket. At least I had mittens in my jacket pocket and I did bring a scarf. It was freezing. Pretty and cold. I had forgotten about the wind and the wind chill factor. Just makes me wanna go shishi, I swear. But I survived. OMG clean air. Reno has great air quality as compared to dryheat Phoenix.

Oh the wedding. I saw my cousins that I haven’t seen forever. The last time I saw them they were in High School and I’m told this year they will be 40. How did that happen. My cousin looks 20ish and so I’m thinking its a family trait so we must thank our Grandma for that. My Unco & NT came from Kauai. Is it Kauai people or my ohana, I think its Kauai people in general, dey just funny. Anden me and my cousin both wore lavendar/purple-ish tops and I said, “Oh you got da memo?” My NT was “ha’come you guys neva tell me, Kauai hah, purple!” I was telling my NT, “eh Eleele get McDonalds hah now?” She’s like “eh we even get one traffic light.” Anden my Unco was like “hooo you no can turn left you know coming out from my house, plenny traffic dey have to put traffic light fo’us next.” Dey live Hanapepe Hights? I think dats what its called

My other cousins I had not since they were JrHi I think and I wondered if they remembered me. Vague memories no doubt and sad ones cause da last time I saw them their Mom & Dad were both alive and both have been gone for a few years now. One of my cousins, we’ve always called Tootsiepop. So I asked him “hey J do people still call you Tootsiepop.” His eyes got big, he says “last night, NT kept calling me that I was trying to tell her nobody has called me that since I was 5yrs old.” Me & my other cuz look at each ada. NOT. My NT has always called him Tootsiepop, she didn’t stop when he was five. We just laughed at all the hanabuddah stories.

Once upon a time ohana all lived in the same area yeah or at least da same state. But dese days everyone is scattered around the world. As cousins we have tried to keep in touch but its sad that these days its mostly funerals or weddings that bring us together.

With that said, us was all asking, oh where this cuzin or that. Well there’s one story somebody heard and somebody heard another story so we were trying to put the stories together. Well there’s a part missing and one cuzin is like “you go try find out.” And I said so “my mission is find out dakine?” My ada cuzin was like, “Ok Ms.CSI!” We were all juss cracking up. Once upon a time we use to all be at my Grandma’s house running around the yard, inside the house and getting chased out. Those kinds of days are gone yeah. I asked my NT; Grandma’s house still stay deya? “No moe awreddy long time. Get coffee fields.” Not like befoe! Progress yeah. A different age of Hawaii.

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