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I spent Earth Day taking pictures. I did this last year too. I enjoy taking pictures of “outdoorsy” stuff. Not so much humans. Don’t you have to have humans sign a release form or something. Humans could sue me. Evidence. LOL Anyway I enjoyed snapping an ukupila amount of pictures with the work camera. One of my “other duties as assigned” duties is “designated paparazzi”. Except I kinda suckatit. Humans and indoor lighting. I’ve not mastered the fix the lighting setting. I’m still on set it on automatic mode. *L* I’m learning.

I was walking around this Courtyard and someone asked, “are you getting any good shots?” I said “yes, I’m channeling Ansel Adams.” hehehehe




The Sky, A Palm Tree and Bouganvillas

sky& bouganvillas


Another view of the bouganvillas and the palm tree.



Roof tiles, a branch of bouganvillas and the sky. It was a nice day.

roof tiles


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One of my favorite things to do in Washington, DC is to take pictures in the morning. Like 6 am-ish morning. Ok maybe it was 6:30 am but none the less, in the morning. Sunup. I like the natural light. The beginning of day light. The gradual coming of light. Its a blessed time. You would think nobody would be up and about. But its DC and there’s always somebody out and about. The commuters, the vendors on the side of the street, the homeless, always someone walking. Walking here, there and everywhere.

I’m still learning to use the camera. My work camera. I’m designated Paparazzi. That’s my other duties as assigned. LOL I want my own camera. My son says “I have the eye.” Not stink eye eda. LOL I think I have the eye as long as it ain’t peoples. LOL I like still life. It doesn’t move. Hence, still life. hehehhee

With that said…. ok written…. here are a few of my DC AM PICs. These are all taken in front of or around Union Station.


infront UnionStation

UnionStation statue



See I like taking pictures la dis. Go figgah yeah. Nature stuff is awesome like that. Ain’t man made. I think I’ve always had this thing about big old trees. Maybe because at Ewa School small time had these big old trees that you could go play house in side of it. Or around on the roots everybody could pick a section and that would be there house. And you figgah, if big old trees could talk….. OMG. Remember the trees in Lord of the Rings…….oh anyway….


This is in front or on top of the U.S. Postal Museum. Or the roof of the Capital Brewry. LOL

Ok ok ok, last one…. Da Trees and Da Capital In Da AM



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I’m attracted to still life or inanimate objects – photography wise anyway. I took alot of pictures of “things” I know once gone gone, it probably won’t be replaced. Not for a while and not for the same price. there are very few people who are master wood workers and craftsman and make things for a public space like a hotel. Unless of course its a custom thing, then the person gets paid big bucks I’m thinking. Anyways here’s some of my architectural photography. As oppose to pic-chas of da wall. LOL

A picture of the moldings around the door. This is the door that connects the Phoenix Park Hotel to the Dubliner, an Irish pub and restaurant. They are known for their Shepards Pie. Its very hearty and stick to you ribs.


This is a closer look at some of the moldings.

closeup moldings

I think this is over the door to the stairway.


A look at the ceiling.


Sconce on the wall surrounded by molding.


Ua pau, fo’now.

I was designated photographer of the conference I worked. It was a lot of work. Set up, putting packets together, hostess with da mostest, gofer, runner, copying, revising, do this, no do that, no wait the first one, what did we say. But I think with all the hard work, we had fun.

I had at least two people tell me I had a nice camera. I was like “yes it is sweet.” But it ain’t mines, mine; its the work camera. They’re like well if you’re using it, its yours since you’re the photographer. True dat. LOL I think I took about 800 pictures. Or 788 I think the camera says. Thats a lot. Plus there was a bunch I deleted. I think move too much or something, if theres movement it comes out blurry. I know its me most of the pictures are fine. I need to learn to time it better. I noticed I kept taking pictures of the speakers when their head were down looking at their notes. Junk. I would delete and take one with them looking up. I think I did good. I had fun anyway.

More flower pictures. I like taking pictures of flowers. Or anything colorful is good. Still life. As oppose to ada kine life. LOL

Yellow rose.

yellow rose

Lily? Catalily? Is that what this is called? Pretty flower, anyway.


Another flower arrangement, orangey pinkish roses.


Our Nations Capitol is very well landscaped. Its very neat and colorful. I guess I’ve graduated from pic-chas to photography. I think I’ve taken moe den ukupila pic-chas. Or more like I’ve taken ukupila choke photographs. *L*

One red tulip.


Two yellow tuplips.


More red tulips.


Purple flowers and pink hedges.


Daisy tree? I don’t know what this is called but its not a cherry blossom tree. Or I don’t think it is. The flowers look like daisies to me. Hence, daisy tree.

daisy tree

Cool tree. Octopus tree. The roots & branches remind me of an octopus. So Octupus tree. Takotree? LOL


Ua pau fo’now. Moe bumbye.

Its Cherry Blossom time in the Nations Capitol. For the first time in years the cherry blossums and Cherry Blossums actually coincide. Or so I’m told. Anyway here are some of my “shots.”

cb leaves

Tree tops and bulilding.


Cherry Blossom trees and cop.


Cherry Blossom tree at the Japanese Memorial.


Happy Spring!

Union Station ~


The clock inside Union Station ~


Looking down the street in front of the Union Station. The old building on the right is The Phoenix Park Hotel.

down street

The Phoenix Park Hotel & The Dubliner an Irish Pub.


The Sun Trust Building. It an old little triangle building. Its my view out my window along with the National Guard Museum.


Entrance to the National Guard Museum.


Ua pau fo’now.

I remember bits and pieces of photography class. Way way back in the day of 35mm film and developing it by yourself in the lab. Back in the day ofSpilling fixer or woteva da chemicals on your jeans and making’um holey. I think its those days of photography class and black&white photos that has attracted me to “shadows” or still life in general. LOL

Shadow 1 – The Courtyard


Shadow 2 – The Vines On The Rail


Shadow 3 – Bouganvillas


Shadow 4 – Vines Between Tree


Shadow 5 – Oh this doesn’t have a shadow. But I like this picture. I call it “Trees Between Trees.” LOL Because its trees between trees. DUH?

Shadow 6 – What time is it? LOL

I could really get into this photography stuff. Actually the camera does it, I just press the button. Don’t need to mess with any developer either. hehehe