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I’ve had these shoes since the 70′s. No no no, it just looks like it. I think it may have been late 80s. Ok could be earlier, well it also could of been later. No matter. Them suckers is old. And scraggley, beat up ugly. But its so comfortable.

I need to seriously trash them. I’ve been looking for a pair to replace them. Ain’t found one. Ain’t really looked that hard neither. *L* In denial like that.

Remember when Beatle Boots first came out and some of’um had high stacked heels? Think high school – for us anyways. LOL A vague memory. I think back in the day it was basically men shoes. Then like everything else it evolved.

I have this thing for black shoes. How many pairs of black shoes does one wahine need? Its not need, its how many can I buy.

I went to the State Capital the other day. Had on a pair of regular lace up black shoes. They are Harley Davidson. Another really comfy pair of shoes that I need to replace cause I’m a klutz and why is the toe part scrapped up. Anyways I kept setting off the metal detector. Swear to God I have no ordinance on me. Then the guard looked at my shoes and said “its your shoes.” I had to think about it for a bit but then I said “OH I think there steal toe too.” He was like nice. He didn’t ask me to hemo’um or nothing. Not like its the airport. A Harley Davidson shoe as an exploding device, come on now thats sacrilige.

I went looking for a replacement pair and either the heel is to high or they didn’t have my luau feet size or they are made way to narrow & uncomfortable. Like I said no had my luau feet size. Wide with? Wide width. Haven’t check Payless either. LOL

Need to go to the HD store and just order the exact same shoe for my lace up ones. Need to check Ebay too. Speaking of which, I’ve not been on Ebay for a long time. That reminds me I should go look see. They have some great HD things. I’m totally attention deficit though on Ebay. Always end up looking and buying something other then what I had in mind.

These shoes are so worn, its about to become holey. They look very used, too used. I keep telling myself to just trash it. But I keep telling myself I need a replacement pair first. Right? LOL

beatle boots


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I’ve always liked trees. Big trees. Older trees. Climbable trees. Maybe its a childhood thing…. I use to climb this one big plumeria tree and just sit there for the longest time daydreaming. I use climb up on the 5-finga tree to the highest part where you could see the roof tops. I’ve always thought….if trees could talk the stories they could tell.

At Ewa Elementary back in the day; for PE we played tree-tree. Don’t guess kids do that now days. I love the scene of the old trees talking and walking in LORD OF THE RINGS, because I’ve always thought that could happen. *L*

I think trees have a spirit. Some more then others no doubt. Much like people in a sense, ya’think. Certain trees just kind of call to you or not.


Mr. Frogtree? Why did I just think of that? LOL


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