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So she has this quilt block….. its been on in the hoop for months….months…. it would take less then an hour to finish this. She just has to do the green part. Months? Why? Procastitating. When she starts stuff she likes to finish it asap OR this is what happens. It sits. Months. It hasn’t been a year has it? No, just months. Finish it all ready!


OH and speaking of Coach purses……………….


On another note, SHE is replacing me: EVO. But she gotta go find the other dude first. Some long legged dude in chaps. WTH…
Something about contrast. She’s prejudice that’s why, she is. She like dudes more then females. Don’t blame me cause I’m cuter more volumtuous. Don’t blame her though I’d rather have a dude in chaps too. *L*


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I found a little bin of Harley Davidson toys. Stuff from when I use to work there etc. I was really looking for this one stuffed Honu I have somewhere. Well a light bulb went off in my head, inspiration from Bessie & Musubi. They travel and photos taken of them. So how about these plushies. They could travel. They have a life. LOL What…. I know my imagination precedes me. heehee

The 2 new stars of my blog. STROKER she’s a sheep, a black sheep with kind of a dudes name or ‘um well we won’t go to the “or” section right now. LOL EVO is a little she bear. A happy bear as oppose to a grumpyassbear. LOL

E & S

And the back side……


Evo’s tag says……


And Stroker’s tag says….

s tag

More pics and stories to come….. Hopefully this will keep me motivated to blog….I dunno just because…..


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