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Got home from work last night and picked up a new book from a pile of books that I plan to read.

LONG LOST by David Morrell. He’s da guy that wrote RAMBO and FRATERNITY OF THE STONE and books la dat.

I intended to read the first chapter only. I started reading about 6 or 6:30 and by 10:30 pm I was done.

I pau-ed it! I shocked myself. I haven’t done that in a long long time. When I do its on weekends usually.

I thought it was strange. Ok I am strange sometimes. Last night was one of those times I guess.

I had a big lunch so I wasn’t even hungry. I just read. Nobody bothered me. No kids around. No DH to humbug.

I totally enjoyed myself. It was cliff hanger who done it, oh no he didn’t kind of book you know.

When I was done I thought maybe it was midnight or later but it wasn’t. And I told myself I’m not going on the computer I’m not going on the computer.

So what happens. Yeah, I got on the computer. Auwe.

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Wanna go on vacation but no moe kala……need a vacation but no can take leave……how about escaping into a book. Sometimes a book can take you there, where ever you choose. If you like go Moloka’i summa vacation den go read dis book………….


I just pau read Moloka’i Nui Ahina: summers on the Lonely Isle by Kirby Wright. This book is about two brothers who go spend summa vacations at Gramma on Molokai. Its a chronology of the fun and functionality of a dysfunctional family. In ada words its moe normal den not. I kinda identified wit dis, cause wit me was summa vacation at Grammas on Kauai. I think all Grammas have there quirks yeah, I mean you live “dat long” you get set in your ways and all.

pink cartoon

For me this book just flowed easy cause niele minds like know hah. It was a smooth fast read. It has a lot of reminders of a much more simple time in Hawaii. It made me laugh cause I had not heard J. Akuhead Pupule mentioned in a long long time. And if you remember Hawaiian Eye, you must be makule? Moe worst I just saw a picture at Ohanalanai of Poncey Ponce wit Bruh Kamaka. I was like, “wow he still alive.” Hello, we are too! *L*

Then there was mention of all da ono grindz. Truely local wen you bring up food yeah. I was ono fo’custard pie afta I read da book. I love custard pie. But you know what, custard pie in Hawaii and custard pie on da mainland no taste da same. Hawaii one moe ono yeah, maybe its da lani moo milk or different kine watah. Plus it talks about going catch fish for dinner. Fishing for ulua for da front porch of da house. I’m a fish, rice & shoyu kind of person so I’m thinking I could go for a week or more maybe of just fish & rice yeah. Palehu, fry, make soup. How ono is dat, to have fresh fish weneva yeah?


The book mentioned things that I had totally forgotten about. You know the things that adults tell you, you no ‘pose to do dis and dat. Like if you whistle night you calling da ghost or da spirits la dat. Or da ting about if take da maka piapia outta da dogs eye and put’um in your eyes you going see ghosts, hell I was told da devil. YOU like see da devil? HALA, bring da dog ova hea! My Unco dem would scare da crap outta us small time we use to run away so fast & go hide.

Wailau Valley, Molokai

For me this book has dat small keed time feeling. Plus da small kids grow up into big kids. You learn about Gramma & Chippa. There are all kinds of characters that I think we all can identify with. It could be our relatives or our friends, they seem all so familiar.

I’m sure Moloka’i today is way different from Moloka’i in the 60′s & 70′s. But still compared to Honolulu, Molokai is moe fo’real Hawaii then most of da ada islands yeah. For a little escape to Moloka’i read this book. If you wanna make a homesick person on da mainland (or in France or Germany) even moe homesick buy dem dis for Christmas and garans they going squawk, why no juss send me da grindz! \\000//


Its a book, a story, a murder mystery I just pau read.


So I’m in the Public Library cruising down the isles of the “mystry” section and I’m looking for certain authors right. My eyes are just skimming the shelves. I had to take a second look and pull dis book out. Does dat say “bachi?” Sure nuff it said:


So I read da back cover and skimmed da book. Hontonei, inTAH-ressing ne?

Its another historical kind of murder mystry thats based on survivors of Hiroshima. Plus da concept of BACHI yeah, what comes around goes around. I think we have all experienced that. I think it was interesting dat part of da definition of bachi was “your insides not going be good” aka guilt trip?

The story revolves around dis ojisan Mas Arai, a survivor of Hiroshima who lives in the LA area, Altadena and things that happen during and after the bombing of Hiroshima comes back around 50 years later in America.


There is something about ethnic writers story telling that I really like. Be it Mexican, Asian, Native, Hawaiian woteva there is a certain story telling voice that makes if feel very comfortable, you know like I listening to da story instead of reading it. Thats da only way I know how to explain it. Maybe cause its the mixture of ethnic words, of good English and not soo gooda English that feels familiar.

Mushroom Cloud

I think alot of kids don’t know about Hiroshima. Or perhaps to them Hiroshima is a jazz group. (love their music by the way, jazzed up traditional instruments, they are awesome) Hiroshima was and is a horrific happening. Imagine something like that could happen to day and be a million times worst. Sad. If you go to & search Hiroshima, you will find a picture of survivors. I couldn’t put it in here. Too sad.

I had never thought of the genetics or illness that may have been caused by the aftermath of all that radioactivity. Like the after effects of those exposed having kids and what of those kids. Much like in any chemical weapon release during war, Agent Orange and who knows what experiments people do during war time. Pray it never happens again. Pray we know better.

Hiroshima Memorial

I’ve never been to Molokai. I know I should have gone while my niece was teaching HS there, then I would have someplace to stay and have my own tour guide. I told somebody I wanted to go down da Molokai Trail down to Kaulapapa. And dey said, “EH locals no do dat; you go up to da trailhead take pic-cha pau.” LOL Wot I genuine Local Tourist. I read about da mule train in da magazine, DUH I neva know was couple of hundreds of dollars. Ok scratch dat thought. Still yet I’ve never been to Molokai. I like go see Molokai Piko, da hula festival. I like go to da Beamers Aloha camp, hula workshop. Oh only two thousand fo’one week. Ok scratch dat idea. So WHY I writing about Molokai…… cause……


I just pau read MOLOKA’I by Alan Brennert. Its a story about a girl who is sent to Kaulapapa when she’s 7 and her life there, till she left, till she went back, till she got buried there. Historical fiction. OMGawd I cried through da whole book. So sad da voice of da people who suffered from Hansans Disease yeah aka leporasy way way back in da day.

Get plenny books about Fahdah Damien yeah. But this book is about da peoples who lived and died there. Plenny dying. Everytime somebody makidiedead I gotta cry. I da type you can just say “funeral” I cry. Cry baby yeah. I no shame. Shame is when you steal. LOL

So the little girl Auoli, 7 yrs old gets sent to da hospital, I cry. Her Unco Pono gets shipped to Kaulapapa, I cry. She gets shipped to Kaulapapa, I cry. She ends up in da Girls dorm, her no can stay wit Unco Pono against da rules, I cry. Unco Pono makidiedead, I cry. Some ada kids maki, I cry. Auoli’s Fahdah come visti, I cry. Auoli get boyfriend, have sex, get married, get hapai, I cry X4. She has da baby and gotta givem’ up for adoption as da rules, so da baby no get da disease, I cry. Moe friends maki, I cry some moe.

Anden years and years later she’s wot 50′s, 60 years old her disease is dormant, she gets temporary release, she can leave, I cry. She go find her ohana, dey reject her cause of da stigma of da disease blah blah blah, I cry. She finds her sista, I cry. Da sista tell her da real story of wot wen happen to da ohana, I cried. Auoli searches for her daughta dat she had to give up & finds her, I cried. The meet up wit each ada, moe I cry.

Kaulapapa, Molokai, HI


I should have called this piece, I cry! Hoo da kine. But fo’real I did. The daughter was adopted by one Japanee family dat only had boys, that baby was in da orphanage in Honolulu till age 5 when she was adopted by one Issei family. Dat family relocates to California right. So what happens da war, and that girl & her new ohana was interred in Manzanar da Japanee interment camp. Sad. I cry sommoe.

Anyway moe crying but things get pono. Its just that there was so much sadness yeah. If you need to cry, dis one good book to force out da tears. Sometimes tears stay stuck yeah. Tears are good, they take out certain kine huhu in your system. Fo’real scientific fact. I’m glad I read dis book.

One of the many cemetaries at Kaulapapa.


By Chris McKinney. Its a book. Its a good book, I liked it.

It is: “A Novel set in a Hawai’i only a few dare to know and understand.”

That’s what it says on the cover. Yeah well my thought is there are more then a few of us who do know and understand the side of Hawaii that is portrayed. I think cause mostly get “tourist-sy” stories about Hawaii more then real life Hawaii kine stories. Prison life is prison life; da ting is in Hawaii there is cultural diversity. Da majority on da outside becomes da minority in da inside, yeah.

This is a story about a Japanee guy incarcerated in Halawa Prison. Its a story of his life, how he grew up, what he did and how he ended up there. It tells of his ohana and friends.

Its a totally local story. It was like I knew some of these people you know. I think they was my classmates. Nah nah nah….  I read da book while I was home, every morning afta I pau walk my two miles at Ko Olina I would sit at Lagoon 3 and read. It was a fast read.

Its interesting because there is a Haole character, a prisoner who cannot talk because somebody slit his throat in prison. It tells his story too. For whatever reason, I think the getting ones throat sliced open; I identified with that character. I thought it was too wierd. Imagine not being able to talk……my doctors talked to me about that…. maybe thats why.

I read somewhere this book was going to be made into a movie. I think it would be cool if it is. I think it be even cooler if the they use real locals. LOL Although I was thinking the main character could be dat Watanabe guy, da one in Last Samurai. Plus he get dat good voice, I think it would work well.

Anyway if you guys like read closer to reality Hawaii kine stories read Chris Mckinney’s books. You going feel like as some of your friends and relatives he stay writing about. Or maybe az juss me dat. *L*

His other books are: Queen of Tears and Bolohead Row. Queen of Tears is a good story too about one Korean family and da main character is a Korean movie star or use to be. I still stay reading Bolohead Row. (hey DM you gotta read dis book, az about Makiki area)

Happy reading y’all. LOL

I just finished reading PERFUMED SLEEVE by Laura Joh Rowland. I’ve read most of her books, I just started GENERAL KING’S PALACE. Her stories are 16th or 17th century Japan Shogun times, samurai CSI. They are all murder mysteries and da head dude is Sano Ichiro. Sano-san gotta find out who wen kill who and ha’come. His wife is his assistant and back in da day it was unheard of for da samurai’s wife to be involved in her husband’s work.

In the mean time there’s all this rivalry and Japanee customs and fuedal Japan stuff. Its very interesting. Oh & get sex too! Not a lot and its very tactfully written not flat out wambam kine. Ok some is but its tactfully written wambaming. *L*

The thing that thru me off about her books and I don’t know if its true or she just made it dat way. But da Shogan mahu-ish. Alot of those samurai’s liked “manly love”. Eeewl. Da Shogun like young boys. And his mother was BI, hello; where did he get it from. Its just strange cause I always thought of samurais as macho macho dudes you know. In this book its not necessarily true. Lotta male hanky panky with in that male bonding group. hhhhmmmmm

To me her stories go fast so I no can wait for pau’em. I read when I should be doing more productive things like cleaning house. I always think I’m Queen Kapulu anden on TV I see da kine programs on HGTV; Clean Sweep and Mission Organization and I’m like “dang I ain’t dat bad.”

When I first started reading her books I didn’t think it would have that much “sex”. Muchless “manly love” as its referred to in da book. Who knew these guys was “La Dat”? I was wondering did the author make it la dat or was it for real dey was la dat. I’m thinking a little bit of both, yeah dey was La Dat! eeewwwwll LOL

I’m sure the author has done a lot of research cause get plenny details and she is Chinese/Korean. Its fast paced reading, I think.


I’m such a nerd, I’ve read all the above. Hey but I heard Nerdiness is in, so I’m “hip to be square.” *L*