He had a very distinct chanting voice and style. He will be sorely missed.

RIP Unco.


I’ve been accused by more then a few of having ‘good’ Gaydar. Whatever that means. As oppose to zero gaydar? I dunno.

Its not something thats intentional. I just know or I don’t know. Not a big deal. It makes me no neva mind who da hell your sleeping with. In general anyway. There is no reason to say if someone is or not. None of my business right.

True, I have gay friends. Perhaps more then most, I dunno. Is there an average amount of gay friends each should have. Then again if you have bunch of’em it puts you/me automatically in the Faghag catagory. So perhaps Faghags do have better Gaydar then the general population. LOL

One of my mahu friends always tells me his little adventures and DRAHmah. Swear ta’gawd! I always tell him “y’all are so permiscuous flat out whores AND drahmah queens.” He just laughs. Its the whore-ing around that cause all that drama, hello.

I looked at picture once, a female I did not know but my first impression was ‘butchie’. She didn’t look like the stereotypical butched out female. She look like a regular female to me except that I just had that impression. The next thing I’m told by a guy friend is that “she’s gay, she’s my ex-girlfriend’s girlfriend.” huh? Oh Ok, I kinda slow sometimes. I asked da guy – “you BI?” LOL He quickly explained it was after him and he did not find out till way later.

Ooookkkkk Life is filled with these twist and turns of sexuality. LOL


Some different notes, same but different ……..

I am at
………. home.

I am thinking……I’m sure grateful there is A/C.

The TV is ……. on ESPN.

I went………to see TRANSFORMERS – love blow up stuff movies.

I am ………. not doing what I suppose to be doing, because if I was I would not be on the computer.

I am going
…….to clean out my purse, why is it so heavy?

I am reading………….Hot Mahogany by Stuart Woods – sounds like porn huh – NOT – murder mystry.

I am wishing………..for a check in the mail.

On my mind………how to… well neva mind. LOL

Noticing that………I have issues. No seriously….

I just made……. chicken soup.

I am surrounded by
………. my imagination.

One of my favorite things……..shopping for others, good excuse ain’t it.

I am listening to………. the dryer.

I can’t believe and did not think that ………..I was as kapulu as I am. *L*

I love it when
…….my granddaughter makes me laugh. LOL

REMEMBER WHEN……….candy was cheap, like penny, five cents ten cents cheap.

IF TOMORROW NEVER COMES……… I think we’ll be all right.

IF Tomorrow Never Comes

Doing my tutu duties this weekend. Overnight babysitting. Went better then usual. MsKai use to not like going to bed here just waiting for her Moms to come get her. This time though she passed out on her own at 7:30pm and didn’t wake till the next morning at 7:30am. So she had a good nights sleep.

Was unusual for her to just fall a sleep. Usually gotta nag her and she don’t go to bed till almost midnight. This child is just a little tornado. Walking running around and droping stuff as she goes along. I’ve forgotten about 2 year olds and their path of stuff they leave in front, behind. This girl has a thing about throwing things. She will pick up things and just pitching them. Sometimes its forward and sometimes back. The child cracks me up.

I was looking in the frig and I said out loud “we don’t have any mik” – Kai says “go to the store.” I was playing catch with her and I threw the ball a little to the right of her and she had to go get it. She says, “Neenee’s better.” Whatever. Neenee is her 17 yr old half sister.

I find my Granddaughter very amusing. She reminds me how much energy it takes to take care of young children. It will be interesting to see what kind of an older person she becomes. *L*

Summertime In Hawaii

I’ve always loved summa time. Prolly had to do wit no school. What were the choices, summa time or Christmas time? Don’t get me stahted on Christmas time. LOL In this day and age, Hawaii is summer time year round. There is no 4 seasons and the 2 seasons that there is – is just a matter of rain. Passing cloud, choke, or no moe.


Some different notes, same but different ……..

I am at
………. home.

I am thinking……I had the best vacation ever, ready to hana hou.

The TV is ……. not on.

I went………to In and Out Burger, ha’come there fries kinda junk now?

I am ………feeling very ADD-ish.

I am going
…….going to slim down, you betcha. LOL

I am reading………….The Kaisho by Eric Lustbader.

I am wishing………..upon a star.

On my mind……..list of list, to do, not do, I did I didn’t, blah blah blah.

Noticing that………I’m not getting enought sleep.

I just made……. a cup of tea.

I am surrounded by

One of my favorite things……..lying on the beach reading my book.

I am listening to………. the fan.

I can’t believe and did not think that ………..I was as sad as I was and lilobit still is as sad as I am by the passing of Sandra.

I like it when
…….I am financially blessed. LOL

REMEMBER WHEN……….there was only 3 television stations…why did that just come to mind? LOL

IF TOMORROW NEVER COMES……..you would know that I loved.

IF Tomorrow Never Comes

To me its kinda of scarey, claustraphobic that Honolulu has so many high rise resdiential buildings. I understand the concept but still its kind of unsettling. Maybe because I’m a country jack and was never around residential high rises, much less knew anybody in one. Ok wait I take dat back, I rememba going to KPT. LOL Again, back in da day the high rise of KPT was da only residential high rise for miles. SO now, look how many KPTs get. nah nah nah I can’t imagine what the cost of living in one of the townie apartments are. Would it be less den an high rise apartment in Pearl City? I dunno. But if they do it like hotel rooms, I’m guessing whoeva has the prime view pays the higher premium.

Honolulu looks kinda Hong Kong-ish huh. More and more places get high rises rising. Once upon a time an acre of land would have 6 houses or 6 lots. Then to get more money, I’m guessing, an acre squeezed in 8 lots. So now lets just put up a high rise and get more money more tenants more this and that. My forever nagging question when I was home, “where do I park?” Or where do THEY park. Where my sister lives each person has two car spaces. But most households has 3 or 4 cars nowadays. So her whole area is crowded with on street parking on both sides and there is only space for one car to go thru. I met up wit da rubbish man one morning drove straight towards him cause you cannot see around the curve. He looks at me shrugging his shoulders – you know heain’t gonna move – he’s on his rubbish man mission. So I had to reverse, and I so suck at doing that – reverse till I got to a drive way that I could turn the other way. That on street parking is not the safest, especially when you trying to pull out and turn left and you cannot see, you just kinda inch your way out anden chancem’. Auwe.

I live where there is a HOA (Home Owners Association) and HOA gestapo. Who da hell invented that….oh I digressd. So NO on street parking – Frikas will tow your car. Even if in front your own house, shitunot. $150 cash only…how do I frkng know dis…. don’t get me stahted. But yeah where my sista lives they have an HOA – I wonder what it says about parking. Well even if they had no on street parking, it wouldn’t be enforced. The masses would kick somebodys behind, because literally there is nowhere to park. It kinda of irritating but I suppose its the price of paradise. WotEwa.

Get ukupila choke residential high rises now. I always thought high rises were for businesses. Duh? My sista said she heard they like put one high rise on da Kam HiWay Drive In property. But the High Rise building right above that street is protesting cause going block dey view. Well hello all of da high rises is blocking MY view too. *L* Speaking of high rises, who is the architecture of the twin towers in Pearl City – that is a sorryass piece of design – what was the inspiration, Legos? Obviously not a Frank Lloyd Wright piece. sshhheessshh Its such an eyesore of a design. I’m thinking paint it GREEN so it blends in more with the environment. Manana Housing was way moe nice den dat. Shoulda just left Manana Housing. LOL

I drive a truck right, love my truck and here in da Valley of da heat, have no problems parking. Just whippem in. Kinda crooked but hey I kinda junk la dat. So my rental was a Jeep Compass, small SUV – who knew – I thought I was getting a Mini Cooper or something. But yeah I got upgraded for whatever reason. OMG I learned I really do suck at parking. I mean I know I junk but I learned I moe junk den I think. LOL It so tight squeeze. If I parked next to you, I think I hit your car. E kala mai. Seriously. Hooo da squeezee. Anden EVERYbody…. ok most peoples….. do da reverse in parking thing. My sistas parking lot, you can tell who da tourist – me stay park regular style. My sista kept insisting ‘reversem’ in’. I’m like are you kidding you like I karang your car, cause dat what going happen eda dat your neighbas truck. Her expert hah, reversem’ in not a problem.

So den us wen Ala Moana, Magic Island parking lot. Was about 10 in da morning and had choke parking, it was really strange. So my sista tell me. Eh reverse in, no moe dat many cars, practice. I’m like are you serious, practice karang somebody car. So cruising looking for one parking space… looking looking. Find one section, no had cars. I tell my sista, you like I reverse’um in. K, I reverse’um in baby style. So I pull into a parking space and keep going to the one in front of it – so look like I wen revese’um in yeah. Me & my sista was just cracking up. She was like “you freeking lolo.”

And speaking of parking…. if you go to a tourist kind of place… say Waimea Valley…. go early…as in when the open at 9am. Tourist no wake up early. LOL I’m a kapakahi kine tourist I’m outta da house by 6:30am. LOL But seriously the earlier you go, the better parking and the more quiet. Cause once everybody start showing up, hoo da kill joy. And the overflow parking is down da road, you gotta hike.

When I got to Waimea Valley there was like 3 car loads that were there. I neva had to listen to people talking and screaming what not for at least 2 hrs, it was nice. Peaceful. All you could here was the stream and the birds, like it should be. I took my sweet time walking to the waterfall. People were walking fast passing me, gotta get to da waterfall. The waterfall wasn’t going anyplace, going be there when you get there yeah. By the time I got to the waterfall you could here people talking and screaming blah blah blah. There were 2 lifeguard on duty. Back in da day no had such thing yeah. I look at the local lifeguard and I ask him “Bruh you can blow you whistle and tell everybod get outta da pool. I like take pictures without the glare of their bodies. I no like bodies in my pic-chas.” He just started cracking up, “NT No Can!” Fine wotEwa.

I took my pic-chas and had to get outta there. By then the place was getting packed, too many bodies in a small place. So I started my walk back, taking some trails down by the stream that I didn’t go thru on the way to the waterfall. I was on this path away from the main path and I heard this angry piss off man yell “YOU ARE NOT GOING TO TAKE A PICTURE OF EVERY FUCKING FLOWER.” I straightend up and I was about to yell “fkyeah I am” then I remembered oh he wasn’t yelling at me. But yeah crap la dat really pollutes the experience of communing with nay-cha yeah. So go early! LOL


This past Sunday I attended church with my sista. Don’t want to mention which one just cause – this is just my mana’o on my experience. I think my reaction/feelings about the experience is a totally reflection of me being raised is a small village Catholic church where everyone new everybody.

So we went to this big church service, I think the 2nd service of a series of 4 of’em. Choke peoples. Parking attendants pointing the way to parking. More choke people. Big stage. Close circuit TV. Band. The whole works. I agreed with the service message, very likeable preacher blah blah blah.

My ADD-ness focused on the bigness of it all. I think this is the first time I’ve been to a huge production. With the cameras and screens I looked at the service as a production. Because it looked like a TV set. Oh it was a TV set. But I just felt that it was about “production” and where was God? I think he was at the beach yeah.

See given a choice I think God would pick outside. But dats just me. LOL

Guys had ball caps on in the service. Why did dat bother me? Cause I was brought up where men remove their cover in da house of God. So maybe no was his house yeah. I dunno. I don’t think anybody ever told dese guys take yo’hat off in church.

Shorts! Can wear shorts and tshirt to church? Again nobody told dem no can so as mean can. Granted its not about what you wear and keeping up with the Joneses but should not one dress for the reverence of the occasion? Again, maybe just me. Old school – ness. I’m trying to rememba if I told my kids these things. Since dey dress way betta den me, I’m thinking they have common sense too. I’m guessing.

I had no problem with the message and preacher just the hugeness of it. Again – me yeah. As we exited they had juice and pastries. They had some free loaves of bread if anybody needed la dat. It was all nice.

As we left there was a line outside waiting outside to enter for the next service. Choke peoples. I think choke peoples and tight ass parking is what freaks me out. In one sense I found it overwhelming and not all that relgious-ness. But I think thats me…

I think its cause I see these people “in church” and so I think they think they have satisfied Gods commandments. I don’t know how to explain it good. But like they go church therefore they must be Christian and so must be they going heaven. Its kind of a going thru the motions kind of thing.

Maybe its just me being overwhelmed by the bigness of it all. I believe its how you treat people and the way you live thats more important then the going to church part. The sky is my cathedral and God goes to the beach and blesses me weather I go church or not. Since mostly not. LOL


Call me retahded but I don’t think of RAPTURE as an end of the world thing. Ok maybe I do now because of the media but before all the blitz about rapture this and that. Initially “rapture” to me has/had a sexual connotation. So I don’t think, see or hear “rapture” as the end of the world kind of scenario.

To me… rapture has to do with joy, like happy happy joy joy, ecstatic. Positive over the top joy. “Orgasmic kine of joy!”

Ok there I said it. Hence the sexual connotation. I associate RAPTURE with orgasm NOT the end of the world.

Ya’know what I mean jelly bean? LOL

I understand how “rapture” can mean ‘the carrying of a person to another place or sphere of existence’ BUT still I don’t associate it with end of the world as we know it.

I don’t mean to be pressumptious which means yes I am; but I think the way I think about ‘rapture’ is da way God thinks of rapture.

S-E-X baybee. *L* What! God created all things right. Hello, the big O! Ohyeah. Happyhappy joyjoy. Is that not Godly?

Ok granted this may sound blashphamous on this Sunday morning that we were told we were not going see BUT ok what is more sinful:

A) Telling people that the RAPTURE – aka as end of the world, kiss your ass goodbye because life as you know it will no longer exist – then learning ooops no I guess not – wait Dec 21, 2012 – kiss your ass goodbye for Xmas 2012.


B) Telling people that RAPTURE involves, describes, and is associated with ORGASM.

I rest my case! Am I lying? No. Am I bullshitting you and being a false phophet? I don’t think so.

Welll you might think I’m a false prophet telling you that ‘rapture’ descrbes orgasms BUT dat would be because you ain’t had one.

Perhaps you’ve not had an orgasm ever, or lately. Go get one first and then tell me I’m wrong. I can handle it. We are responsible for our own orgasms although we like to blame the other person….. OH I digress….. LOL

‘The carrying of a person to another place or sphere of existence’ – who wouldn’t want to experience that kind of orgasmicness.


MRI = Magnetic resonance imaging

I got MRI-ed this morning. I thought I had been thrown into every kind of scanner machine there ever was so this one would be no different right? Wrong.

I think it was a clue when da nurse said “I need to put in an IV.” Wait I neva have to have IV befoe.

I knew something was different wen dey said I gotta hemo all my clothes, oh wait panty & socks ok. I know from experience to wear sock cause my feet get cold everytime. But hemo clothes? I neva have to befoe. That was then and this was now.

Ok so nurse tells me its going to be very loud. It is? Ok I ain’t been in loud kine so I guess this is one of those virgin experience. You have to wear ear plugs? I do. She opens a drawer filled with earplugs and gives me a set. Florescent green gummy kine. It feels like I shoved gummy bears in my ears. Ok so I lie down on da machine. Ok and lets put these pillows next to your ears because it is going to be loud. It is? I’m still not getting this “loud” she keeps telling me about.

“You shouldn’t experience any discomfort BUT if you do, here’s a call button.” She puts a rubber bulb in my hand, you won’t hear anything but I will. I’ve never had to have a call dilly before. Ok, I’ve never been in diskine machine.

I get shoved into da machine and I hear her telling me she going start da machine. It will go for 4 minutes then stop for a minute then start go for 6 min blah blah blah about 30 minutes worth. Then we will take you out but don’t move because we have to inject the contrast dye. Huh? Ok.

Da machine turns on and its fckng LOUD. The nurse told me loud, not fckng loud. This was fckng loud. Imagine a jack hammer next to your ear. Maybe be a decible louder but about like that yeah. I’m serious, I ain’t even exaggerating. Irritatingly loud. OMG my brains started pulsing. If I didn’t have earplugs & pillows next to my ears I would be deaf awreddy. I had no idea. All the other machines made noise, hum, clankity clankity, hummm loud but not make you deaf loud. It was a longass 4minutes.

Anden ok now it is going on for 6 minutes. OMG I’m glad I listened to my subliminal stuff the night before I usually do when I know I’m having some kine of treatment. But ist usually about claustraphobia and pain. Ok the jackhammer next to the ear, became serious pain. Pain in the ass. Who knew. My thought was, IF some one wanted to win a Nobel peace prize they would invent a quieter or at least a muffler for this frkng machine. Did I tell you it was obnoxiously loud. Jackhamma next to your ear loud. Swear ta’gawd I ain’t lying I ain’t even exaggerating.

Ok after the first 5 minutes I had a serious headache. So by the end of the session I was feeling a little sick. I come outta da machine and the nurse asks “So how was that?” I tell her “LIKE PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE!” She starts laughing, yeah thats about right.

So I’m leaving the place and start to feel queasey and I’m like I can’t throw up I haven’t eaten anything. lol My head hurt so I felt nauseated. Migrain? helluva migrain Food, I needed food. It was a 7am appointment and I don’t usually eat before an appointment. I’m thinking if I did I would thrown it up anyway, just waste. Went to get someting to eat and went to work.

Then it dawn on me, faka I have a 3:30pm dentist appointment. OMG moe headache…..

Pain is a reminder you are not dead. Read that in a Marcinko book, like I’m a fkn Marine or something. booyah my ass LOL

It seems productive to schedule two appointments in one day BUT if pain is involved, its not such a good idea. I have the headache to prove it. Its not a major migrain no more but there is this dull pulsing still going on and its been 12 hrs. Need to seriously sleep this off. Good night.