Ingenuity: Alive and Well At Vista House

You’ve seen da photos of Vista House, built in 1917.  For da past 4 years it has been going through one restoration process.  Many times I was sitting at da desk on one rainy day, with watah dripping down ontop my head.  But no more!Da restoration is now pau.  It is beautiful, restored to its former glory.  More about that in anodda post.

One of da things dat da restorers had to figgah out was how for put in one lift for handicapped peepos to be able to get to da gift shop and restrooms on da lower level without destroying da historic integrity of da building.  Try look wat dey wen come up wit!

Weah is it?
Oh! Deah stay!

Dis da lift coming up:

Still coming up:

Now I going show u photos from da odda sai of da desk. Up it comes! Dat is da State Parks wahine holding da controls.

Coming up moa far; get 2 peeps insai.

Alla way up now!

Da door opens, da peeps go in or out, den slowly we slide it back down to da floor.

Pretty kewl, yea?


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  1. Nolemondo Says:

    This is a cool addition for assisting those in need. We will have to visit so I can see it in action.

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