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August 31, 2002

Restaurants and Bars We Miss

Since we kept mentioning a lot of restaurants, bars, and other places for food in the "Stores We Miss" thread, a separate thread on late, lamented watering holes is practically in order.

The places I miss, off the top of my head:

Posted by Stella at August 31, 2002 07:10 PM


Posted by helen on August 31, 2002 8:11 PM:

Places that I miss (in no order other than what pops into my head):

Posted by macpro on August 31, 2002 9:11 PM:

On the Big Island... All of the Big island restaurants I remember from my childhood and teen years...  
Posted by Vivi on August 31, 2002 10:15 PM:

I remember all of the food spots in Ala Moana Center before they opened up the food court.

Yes, the Magoo's Pizza is still in Puck's Alley.

Posted by helen on August 31, 2002 10:40 PM:

Speaking of pizza places, Round Table Pizza!

Posted by Stella on August 31, 2002 11:38 PM:

Magoo's Pizza (is the one at Pucks Alley still there?).

Yes, Magoo's Pizza at Pucks Alley is still there. Here's an indication of how old I am getting: I actually remember when it was still Mamma Mia and the folks at UH used to call it Mama's.

A more recent memory, albeit slightly less savory: Campus Cue.

I remember all of the food spots in Ala Moana Center before they opened up the food court.

I remember when Ala Moana used to have that Filipino restaurant in the food court. Also, I remember when they still had to gut down the bar.

Here's another blast from the past - The Fishmonger's Wife on Ala Moana's old Mauka Walk (where Sephora and Z-Interiors are now located)! Meg and I would always hang out at that place to order oyster shooters and hit on the cute waiters. (Then again, what can I say? We were very young and quite clueless.)

And then there's that Chinese restaurant that also used to be on the Mauka Walk, whose name I don't remember any more (Asian something) but was the site of some very memorable family moments. Later it moved to the building next door and the quality went downhill from there.

Posted by Aaron on September 1, 2002 4:41 AM:

Definitely Round Table Pizza. Now it's only in the Hilton Hawaiian Village. Still great pizza but you have to beg the folks at the Tapa Bar to validate your parking.

I miss the Monsarrat location.

Posted by Kurt on September 1, 2002 6:57 AM:

Oh man, nothing like food to take one down memory lane. It's been so long since I lived on Oahu that seeing some of the places on this list was shocking. Farrells is no more! Always begged my parents for rock candy from the candy store.

And no Shakeys, we lived around the corner from the restaurant on Keeaumoku, as a kid all those Olde English signs tripped me out.

The following are more questions than anything else, as I have no idea whether they're still around:

Harpo's pizza in Ward Warehouse (also on Kapahulu?).

Coco's. I know this one's gone. It's where the Hard Rock is now, right?

And just next to it, by the canal, was some drive-in (I'm tempted to say KC drive-in but that's probably wrong), the old kind where they'd attach the food tray to your car door. I still remember their corn dogs.

Likelike Drive-in, I can't remember where that was, but it wasn't on Likelike hwy, that's for sure!

Diner's on Keeaumoku? Their mac salad was the best on the island.

In Ala Moana, I'd have to assume that Patty's Chinese Kitchen is gone or moved (it was next to/near Farrell's). And what about Orange Julius? And some sandwich place called Havens or something like that?

Downtown, on Hotel St., some pancakes place I can't remember the name of (Jamesons?), with fancy stain-glassed windows. Gotta be long gone.

Mama's (Mexican restaurant), on School street I think?

Liliha bakery?

Off all the drive-in's on Kapahulu, am I smoking to remember some place called Alex Drive In (near Kaimuki Intermediate).

Funny, as much as I hate to say it, I can remember where all the chain places are (or were), the McDonalds', Zippy's, Churchs' Chicken, Sizzler's, but the one-off's, I have a hard time placing sometime, just there on the tip of my brain but the name or location I can't quite place. Ah, hanabuddah days........

Posted by Vivi on September 1, 2002 8:42 AM:

Harpo's pizza in Ward Warehouse (also on Kapahulu?).
The one on Kapahulu's still there.

Likelike Drive-in, I can't remember where that was, but it wasn't on Likelike hwy, that's for sure!
Still there on Keeaumoku, even after a few brushes with closure.

Diner's on Keeaumoku? Their mac salad was the best on the island.
There's still a Diner's in Kalihi near the post office on King Street.

In Ala Moana, I'd have to assume that Patty's Chinese Kitchen is gone or moved (it was next to/near Farrell's).
They got a big space in the new food court and are still doing well, despite having a Panda Express 20 feet away.

And what about Orange Julius?
Still there, though sharing space with Dairy Queen now.

Mama's (Mexican restaurant), on School street I think?
Long gone... ::sigh::

Liliha bakery?
Still there and still crowded as ever. Mmmmm, Coco Puffs...

Posted by Albert on September 1, 2002 8:44 AM:

Patti's Chinese Kitchen is still at Ala Moana, inside the food court. It's a little surprising that both it and the very similar Panda Express seem to thrive there.

And Magoo's at Pucks Alley is a real favorite with UH students, more for the cheap beer than the pizza, I think.

Posted by helen on September 1, 2002 10:45 AM:

As far as the Patti and Panda at the food court, I sort of noticed that the locals tend to eat at Pattis while the tourist types eat at Panda.

Posted by Linkmeister on September 1, 2002 11:11 AM:

Mama's in Moanalua is gone too.

Pearl City Tavern and the Monkey Bar.

The Round House (now Bravo) below Anna Millers.

The Down Under Bar next to Sears Ala Moana ground level.

And more to come, I'm sure...

Posted by Linkmeister on September 1, 2002 11:16 AM:

The pancake place downtown was Jake's, I think.

The restaurant on the ground floor of the AY hotel where Fasi and his buddies had breakfast.

Woodies Hot Dogs on Fort St. Used to catch the Honolulu Club private bus downtown at lunchtime to get a Polish sausage there.

Posted by Stella on September 1, 2002 11:43 AM:

Pearl City Tavern and the Monkey Bar.

Link, do you mean to say that Blue Tropix was not the first monkey bar on Oahu? Or does that mean that Blue Tropix is the only monkey bar in this state that utilizes live monkeys?

(Either way, if Blue Tropix ever makes this list, it won't be a moment too soon.)

And now, a priceless quote, courtesy of our very own Tom Modjeska (from the No Good Italian thread):

Here in Hilo we had a great restaurant that was called "Topo Gigio's". It was one of the best Italian restuarants on the Island. But they got sued by Topo Gigio's on Oahu over the name so then they became ... "Emilio's". They started losing business soon after that so then they became ... *non-existant*.
Posted by helen on September 1, 2002 1:23 PM:

Might as well add the Woolworth's in Waikiki, they too had a decent prime rib buffet.

I can't remember the name of the place but it was on Amana Street at the Pacific Grand Hotel, it's a Korean restaurant now, but the place before it served a decent prime rib as well as other dishes. Granted it wasn't that busy when I went there but it was nice if one wanted a quiet place to eat.

Not to mutate this thread but one thing I missed is those sub sandwiches that 7-11 used to sell.

Posted by scrivener on September 1, 2002 3:22 PM:

I wouldn't say the Mama's on School Street is "Long Gone." It's right between my house and where I used to work, and I went there a lot. Then, one day, there was a note in the door that said, "We have moved to a new location."

That's all the sign said. It didn't say where the new location was.

Other late, lamented restaurants and stuff: King's Bakery, The Magic Chef, the Rain or Shine Coffee Company on Waialae, Java Java on Kapahulu (along with the Lizard Loft), Catania on King Street, Pioneer Chicken, the Upstart Crow and Company (of which there are still a few on the mainland), and that Internet cafe on Kapahulu, where the new Auntie Pasto's is.

Oh. And Coffee Haven, across KC Drive-In.

Posted by Linkmeister on September 1, 2002 3:43 PM:

"Link, do you mean to say that Blue Tropix was not the first monkey bar on Oahu?"

According to Mom, PCT had a monkey bar as far back as the '60s. Dad came through Hawai'i in the mid-'40s and he always said PCT had such a rep then that the Navy declared it off-limits. Obviously it cleaned up its act later on! The bonsai garden upstairs was always fun to walk through after dinner, too.

There were a series of restaurants on the ground floor of the Honolulu Club next to TGIF; first The Good Earth (run by the franchise owner's daughter and her boyfriend), then when it died the Club tried to make a go of Johnny Appleseed in the same location.

Anyone remember a place (Minn's, maybe?) in the alleyway between Queen and Merchant across from BOH Financial Plaza? Great chowder and fish/chips there.

Taco Time on Alakea was a hit for a while during construction in the neighborhood because they had a liquor license; all the workers would knock off at 3:30 and have a few beers there. I think it's a realty place or mortgage banking place now.

Bob's Big Boy in Harbor Square for the Big Boy burger was an occasional stop for me, too.

Posted by rlivings on September 2, 2002 2:41 PM:

anyone remember Chico's pizza on waialae ave.?? I think it was located where the City Mill is now. I can't remember much about the food but I do remember the tasty potato wedges and the video games in some big room.

My pop used to work at Shakey's pizza where Sarabol restuarant is now. hmm, maybe this is why I don't care for the delivery stuff.

Posted by ali on September 2, 2002 3:06 PM:

Haven't lived on O'ahu since college--I remember that one of the few places that would deliver to the Chaminade dorms was called something like "Great American Chicken"? Are they still around?

Besides the O'ahu classics of Shakey's, King's Bakery, Flamingo's and Farrell's-- on the Big Island, I miss the old Dick's Coffee House, Woolworth's, Mun Cheong Lau (when it was across Bank of Hawaii downtown), Green Door, Restaurant Satsuki and Emilio's.

Posted by 7train on September 3, 2002 8:03 AM:

I remember Farrell's at Kahala Mall and Ala Moana from keiki time. I had my 10th birthday party there. Remember those giant sundaes with the little plastic monkeys on top? My family always used to go to the Ranch House in Aina Haina. Olomana used to play there. They made the best fried chicken in town, and they always served fresh pineapple spears with marshmallow fluff and breadsticks for free pupus. Woolworth's had real ono fried chicken too. I miss MOS Burger at the Makai Market at Ala Moana, they used to make the best teri burgers and fries. They reopened near Foodland on Kapahulu and also on Ward Ave, but didn't last long, maybe because the teri burgers were off the menu? I used to like the Little Caesar's at Koko Marina, because it was the only place where you could get pizza by the slice in Hawai'i Kai. Now gotta go all the way to Boston Pizza on Waialae Ave. And don't forget Bueno Nalo! I used to go there whenever I would go to Sandy's or Makapu'u.

Posted by julia on September 3, 2002 1:00 PM:

Chico's pizza - yes, where city mill is. I don't remember the food much either, but I do remember watching them make it through the window as a child. I used to love going there.

Alex's in kaimuki used to hang the tray on your window. I don't know what's there now, but there used to be a formalwear place on that corner, across from the park with the basketball hoops and joni's filipino food/panda travel (it's been awhile, folks.)

Posted by Kurt on September 3, 2002 5:12 PM:

I'm trying to remember some eatery on King street, between Piikoi and Keeaumoku. They had a side window for take out where you could get awesome .25 cents hotdogs, best deal in town (this was in '85 or so).

Posted by scrivener on September 4, 2002 11:09 AM:

Kurt, you're thinking of Bakery Kapiolani, where Golden Duck is now. The walk-up window had hotdogs on home-made sesame-seed buns for a quarter each. By the time I discovered the place, around '86 or '87, the price was up to thirty-five cents, but STILL, what a great deal, and the hot dogs were YUMMY.

Gluttony, thy name is Cheap Hot Dogs.

Posted by helen on September 6, 2002 12:18 AM:

What's sad is that I can't remember the name of a bar I used to go to in the late 80's. All I can remember it was on Kapiolani Blvd, makua side, past Ward Ave. Used to be in the same block as pet hospital and a restaurant. The space is now a car dealership.

Posted by bunny on September 6, 2002 3:30 AM:

I always used to get the slice and salad combo with a small soda. Mmmmm...

I was just lamenting this fact this past weekend, while searching for something suitable for dinner. I asked my sweetie if malls (in NJ, PA & WV) ever served Sicilian pizza slices with a small Italian salad and drink combo, because it completely hits all the right spots. He said nope. We don't have anything like it in MD/DC/VA, so that got me thinking. Is it a West Coast thing or just a Hawaii thing?

I miss Tiki Tops and Perry's Smorgasboard in Kaneohe. I have fond memories of the red Jell-O cups that came with kids meals @ Tiki Tops and deep mistrust of the tasteless chocolate and vanilla puddings at Perry's.

Posted by helen on September 7, 2002 10:28 PM:

Restaurant 168 located on Rycoft street closed last month. It was a Chinese/Vietnam place. I only tried it once and it wasn't that bad. What made it special was that it was open kind of late like about 3am.

Another place called Kam Boat opened in it's place. It too open to 3am.

Posted by Linkmeister on November 8, 2002 8:42 AM:

News flash: Eggs N' Things has re-opened!

Posted by Ryan on November 8, 2002 9:41 AM:

That's incredibly cool. A neat story, too — of 30 original employees, most of whom went on to other jobs, 26 came back! One of our precious "mom-and-pop" success stories.

Posted by ali on November 8, 2002 11:54 AM:

Awesome! I remember eating there when I was in college. We studied mostly at Kings Bakery above Times in Kaimuki but, whenever we had the $ and could find someone with a car, we'd escape for breakfast at Eggs N' Things. Their Florentine omelette was heaven. Probably still is!

Posted by Leslie on August 18, 2003 10:54 AM:

Wow, lots of memories. I'll have to add a few of my own. I miss the awesome ice cream at Farrell's which is what brought me to this site to begin with. My first job was at Farrell's at Kahala Mall. I guess it was about 1975. One of my dreams would be to open one up where I live.

I can also relate to Shakey's Pizza. Remember the songs with the words projected onto the walls so everyone could sing along? We used to go there ( and sometimes to Lum's ) after the Kam Drive In swap meet on Sundays.
And Woolworth's was a fav. It was like being in a diner in a store. Remember, "You do the pickin' when you buy chicken at Woolworth's"?

I was also so sad to see Canlis in Waikiki go under. My birthday was always held there with my mom letting me bring a friend or two. Ah, the dungeness crab legs.

Another fav I was sad to see go, was King's Bakery. I'll always remember all the older waitresses that never seemed harried even with a line far out the door every Sunday.

As far as bars go, well there was nothing like the Point After was there? I actually worked there for two years back around 1978/79.

If you worked there, you could get a job in any nightclub, due to the unbelievable training and reputation. If you went there, do you remember the hotdog stand? Can you imagine going out to the meat market, Point After, and shoving a hotdog down your throat between dancing?

Two other places I forgot to mention are Sakiya's and Alex Drive-in. And Korean Barbecue House on Monsarrat Ave. Alex's had the best chocolate sundaes. And the corn chowder was the best. Korean BBQ house had the best Kal-bi and musubi rice. Both Alex's and Korean BBQ turned into Japanese restaurants during the "cater to Japanese tourists" years. About the same time every other store in Waikiki became a Channel or Louis Vuiton....etc.

One more thing that really hurt was seeing Waikiki 1 & 2 go out of business. I don't know what is to become of Waikiki # 3 but it is a historic site so hopefully they won't turn it into another Armani or Starbuck's.
Well, thanks for the trip down memory lane. Leslie

Posted by David Lubin on August 30, 2003 10:57 PM:

The Pearl City Tavern was my first experience in Hawaii restaurant eating. I remember waitng long beyond our reservation time. The hostess gave me a memorable and philosophical explanation of "Hawaii Time". Our waitress was delightfull. I remember her warning that our giant prauns would be complete with heads and beady eyes! The food was served on beautiful lacquor ware. This was at least twenty-five years ago, but when I close my eyes, it might as well be today.

Posted by David Lubin on August 30, 2003 11:05 PM:

P.S. If any one has an extra old match book cover to the Pearl City Taven, I'd sure love it.

Posted by Rachel on November 21, 2003 11:20 AM:

I miss the Woolworth's in Waikiki and all the Jolly Roger's restaurants - are any of them still around? Also, the Rigger Coffee Shop at the Outrigger Waikiki - Yumm - they had the best (and cheapest) breakfasts around!

Posted by Wayne Yasuhara on November 22, 2003 9:50 PM:

Here's all the places I miss...King's Bakery on King street, Chuncky's drive-inn across the street from the old Honolulu stadium, KC Drive-inn on the corner of Kalakaua and Ala Wai blvd., Columbia Inn next to the Star Bulletin building, the Dog House across the street from Leonard's bakery, Alex drive-inn across from Crane Park, and the mama san lunch wagon behind Likelike elementary school, that sold breaded hamburgers for 25 cents.

Posted by Wayne Yasuhara on November 22, 2003 10:02 PM:

Julia, the formal wear place next to Alex drive inn was Hale Niu...and next to that was a small market....then Davenroy cleaners...then they bulldozed a big puka and extended the H-1 freeway.

The park across the street is Crane Park.

Oh, and another place I miss is Kapahulu Saimin, next to Kapahulu theater....well there was a theater there. I think Zippy's took over that location.

Posted by KirkK on November 24, 2003 12:12 PM:

Tanoue's in Kaimuki - The saimin & BBQ stick.

Chicken Alice - I wish that I had the recipe for the chicken wings.

King's Bakery - Though I've been to the one in Torrance - and the club sandwiches still taste as good as I remember.

Alakea Grill, Kaimuki Inn, Jolly Roger in Kahala, and Woolworth's Chicken.

One good story - there was a place called Choi's BBQ across from stadium park that I used to go to at least once a week. I moved away from the islands in '97, but used to come back several times a year. Well during one of the trips I went to get Korean and found that they were gone. Nowadays I'm lucky if I get back every 2-3 years. But on my last trip a friend of mine told me that they had relocated.....ahhh, nothing like finding an old friend.
Also, if anyone can remember the Chinese Food Restaurant on the corner of Waialae and 10th ave - not King's Garden but the other one, where Boston North End Pizza is....I the first Chinese Food that I ever remembered there...

Posted by Isolated808 on January 6, 2004 9:39 AM:

Man, talk about showing our age when mentioning places like Farrell's and Shakey's. Yeah, I'm no spring chicken myself. I miss the Original Dairy Queens in Wahiawa when it first opened. The burgers were the best. Woolworth's downtown was winna's, it had EVERYTHING, a bakery, choice deli sandwiches(pastrami, mmmmmm), chinese food, okazu and even a sit-down restaurant way back then.

Today, Islanders Cafe in Wahiawa serves a good porkchop plate with gravy all over. Can't find a decent diner that sells good roast pork plate lunch with gravy all over. St Louis USED to have a good one but these days...not so good.

Posted by Isolated808 on January 6, 2004 9:39 AM:

Man, talk about showing our age when mentioning places like Farrell's and Shakey's. Yeah, I'm no spring chicken myself. I miss the Original Dairy Queens in Wahiawa when it first opened. The burgers were the best. Woolworth's downtown was winna's, it had EVERYTHING, a bakery, choice deli sandwiches(pastrami, mmmmmm), chinese food, okazu and even a sit-down restaurant way back then.

Today, Islanders Cafe in Wahiawa serves a good porkchop plate with gravy all over. Can't find a decent diner that sells good roast pork plate lunch with gravy all over. St Louis USED to have a good one but these days...not so good.

Posted by KirkK on January 6, 2004 12:56 PM:

Talking about Farrell's - the last known Farrells in existence is located in Mira Mesa, North of San Diego. I hope to get there soon - according to their website they still have the "zoo".

Posted by scott on January 7, 2004 2:00 PM:

in koko marina had a game center called superfun(very old school).

kuapa kai aka hawaii kai shopping center used to have fun factory(around for awhile).

aina haina used to have showbiz now chuckycheese i believe.

pearlridge had tilt

Posted by scott on January 7, 2004 2:04 PM:

oh crap restruants huh?...

hmmm circle K in pucks alley i used to grind cheap burritos and chili dogs there afta school all the time and play street fighter there or across

there used to be a haole restraunt in hawaii kai between longs and the marina on the second floor.

it had grinds brunch but always crowded. forget what its called.

Posted by KirkK on February 11, 2004 7:13 AM:

Here's one for ya'...wuz talking to another ex-pat Kama'aina...
Remember Scottie's on Keeaumoku??
Also, if anyone has the recipe to Chicken Alice's chicken - I'd REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, appreciate it!!!

Posted by John on February 11, 2004 9:33 AM:

Anyone remember Tasty Broiler in downtown Honolulu, right by the harbor? They had THE best breakfast ever, and generally was 2-3 dollars cheaper than every other place.

There was a great Chinese place across the bus terminal in Ala Moana too, I want to say Young's. You'd get the fried rice, put it in the spoon and dip that into the saimin... aaah!

Someone mentioned Alakea Grill, I used to like the jukebox they had, and you were able to select songs right off of your table.

While not a restaurant or bar, I would like to mention the two lunch wagons that used to be around Booth Park. One was the chili wagon, where you could get chili & rice in a poi bowl. The other was a porcelain green lunch wagon where the guy sold the greasiest hamburgers and fries, but was so ono. At least when I was 3rd grade.

Posted by tvguy on February 11, 2004 11:11 PM:

Here's a few I remember-

Hana Chicken-used to be near the Old Pearl Ridge theatres.

Any Spencecliff Restaurant- Coco's, South Seas (with a treasure chest of toys for us kids to pick) and Popo's, which had really good Mexican Food. I think were a few more, but can't remember.

Mama's mexican food also was located in the Moanalua Shopping Center and also in Pearl Kai when there used to be a food court in the back where 24 Hour fitness is now.

My dad loved taking us to Mexican places....I remember gong to La Paloma on Kapiolani and the original location of Azteca a block down from where they are now.

And since some of you guys are on the videogame subject, my favorites were the Mitsukoshi building game room and Game World in the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center. Also dropped many quarters at Castle Park!!!

Posted by John on February 12, 2004 10:56 AM:

Speaking of Mexican food, there used to be a place in Nu'uanu, not sure if it's still there, but it was right around the corner from the McDonald's and Foodland. Back then, the only thing people knew of Mexican food was Taco Bell, but the place (I wish I remembered the name) had some pretty damn good burritos and quesadillas.

Posted by tvguy on February 12, 2004 11:12 AM:

Hey John-

I believe you're refering to Mama's on School Street that's been talked about in this thread-
If you pass by, the walls are still painted the colors of the Mexican flag outside.

Posted by JB on February 12, 2004 11:52 PM:

I must pay tribute to another Mexican place (I too will miss Mama's near downtown). I grew up on the Windward side and left the islands about 9 years ago now. In any case, when I was growing up, there was a place in Temple Valley called Casa Magana that had really good enchiladas. (mmmmmm cheese enchiladas!!)


Posted by John on February 14, 2004 2:21 PM:

Thank you tvguy, Mama's sounds right. There was another place in Fort Street Mall that used to have very good burritos, I want to say Taco Spot, but it was right across from where Arby's was.

Posted by LLLL on March 31, 2004 4:03 PM:

My goodness, the memories: The Bistro on Kapiolani Bldv. fronting the Ala Moana Shopping Center. The Mayflower also on Kapiolani. Cavalier with it's bar upstairs called the Eagle's Nest or something like that. Remember Le Coq d'or on Ala Moana Blvd., a lounge where Rene Paulo held court? Of course, the Barefoot Bar at Queen's Surf. What about the Snack Shop before the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center assaulted the Royal Hawaiian frontage? They had the best guava freezes and lunches. I also loved the old Waikiki Lau Yee Chai where Keo's now stand. Remember Dolly Parton's for a short run in Hawaii Kai next to Long's?
And, in Koko Marina where Zippy's now stand, there used to be a wonderful seafood restaurant that served all you can eat Alaskan crab legs, served by waitresses decked out in Parkas. That didn't stay too long. And best of all, who remembers Watertown, a wonderful drinking spot across the street from the old Kaiser Medical Center (where the Hawaii Prince Hotel now stands). I practically lived there.

Posted by K Lee on April 3, 2004 12:09 PM:

OK -- here's one for only those approching 50YO

When I was young, the place to go for a great and plentiful Pastrami Sandwich was Lynn's Delicatessen in Ala Moana Center. Of course, it's no longer there (long ago). It was right on the makai Diamond Head corner of Phase I Ala Moana Center. It was positioned right-next to the Ala Moana Foodland. (I also used to like going into the AMC Foodland to check-out the mechanical doughnut-frying machine.

Ah -- such are old memories!

Posted by Winn Jaimes on April 5, 2004 9:54 AM:

Anyone remember Barney's Burgers in Ewa Beach, in the Ewa Beach shopping strip? This was back in the 60's. There was also a Woolworth's in the same stip mall with a lunch counter.

Posted by aloha Don on April 13, 2004 12:57 PM:

I miss the Willows, especially when the musicians were playing and they would come around to the tables and take requests for Hawaiian songs.

Also, Rich Manetti's and Tom Sellecks Black Orchid at Restaurant Row. Gotta love da Magnum, P.I.!

Posted by Ryan on April 13, 2004 3:09 PM:

Aloha, "Aloha Don"! If you haven't heard, the Willows is back, and beautiful as ever. They also have live Hawaiian music often! I don't know if the artists still wander the lush grounds, but it's still a great place to experience a taste of Old Hawaii.

Posted by KailuaGirl on May 8, 2004 10:50 AM:

Wow...I happened across this site when looking for a company that would ship Manapua to the east coast. I've been away from Hawaii for 20 years, but this was a total trip down memory lane! Is Buzz's Steakhouse still around?

Posted by Lanaki on June 1, 2004 11:48 AM:

Yes, Buzz's is still there. Went for lunch last time I was back two summers ago. Still the same.....yummy!

Posted by Stephanie on July 1, 2004 4:48 PM:

It's been over 25 years since I've been there, but I remember my parents taking me and my brother to the Cavalier for dinner, the PCT and the monkey bar, and this little stand that sold these little fried donuts. It may have been near Aiea. (?)

I can still taste the chinese food at Patty's Chinese Kitchen and the Peach Garden in Wahiawa. My mom used to take me there after taking us with her to her classes at Leeward Community College.

Posted by Stephanie on July 1, 2004 4:48 PM:

Oh and I too had a birthday party at Farrell's...:)

Posted by mark fujiyama on July 1, 2004 11:44 PM:

Oh wow laulau, Dairy Queen's on Monsarrat, and yeah Scotties after losing my grandmadda at Ala Moana Shopping Center, same order e'rytime, "humbugga, french fry, coke". Right next door makai side had one bowling alley used to serve frozen banana on a stick, ho, take me back! one nodda Dairy Queen on Liliha St, "humbugga french fry coke", where da library stay now, Gracie's Lunchwagon UH side, Dairy Queen Pearl City where Zippy's stay now, "cheeseboigga, cheeseboigga cheesboigga", da restaurant that spin around and around and make me moa dizzy den I a'ready stay, on top da Ala Moana office building-La Ronde, had one small shack selling chili and rice down kapiolani park side by da bandstand, forget da name but da bugga was spicey!, DeeLite Bakery in Aiea shopping center. ho brah, i max out all my RAM a'ready!

Posted by albert on July 2, 2004 12:11 PM:

Now we can miss Denny's, across from the zoo.

Posted by Roxy on July 15, 2004 10:50 PM:

Scotty's Drive In on Kamehameha Highway in Pearl City...Zippy's Pearl City now; Blue Bird Drive In across the street...Flamingo Restaurant now.

Back in the day, there was an indoor amusement park in the Ala Moana Shopping Center (makai side) near Farrell's. Anyone remember the name?

Posted by Dennboy on July 24, 2004 10:30 PM:

Back in the day, there was an indoor amusement park in the Ala Moana Shopping Center (makai side) near Farrell's. Anyone remember the name?

It's was Called keiki land.
does anyone here have small kid time pictures of this place?
please post.
Oh another fave place to eat was Goody goody(sp)?
around the corner from
Chunky's where HK's is now.
Remember walking there
on many hot summer nights just
to buy there goody goody

hey ppl check out this link i found it's forum of local kind grindz past and present.
really a must to visit!

Posted by kila on July 25, 2004 10:15 PM:

Castagnola's, Manoa
Haiku Gardens, Kaneohe
Shakey's Pizza (Magoo's, Round Table)
Lynn's Deli, Ala Moana (Pastrami Sandwich and potato salad)
Bernard's NY Deli, Kahala (same)
The Bread Of Life, Kailua (subs & sandwiches before subway & Heidi's)

That was fun. Now I'm hungry...

Posted by mark fujiyama on July 30, 2004 6:55 PM:

Roxy wrote:
"Scotty's Drive In on Kamehameha Highway in Pearl City...Zippy's Pearl City now"

yeah you right, tanks for reminding me, sorry i called 'um dairy queen's, too much cobwebs li'dat.

Dennboy wrote:
"It's was Called keiki land."

good one, rememba da bicycle shop next door, Eki Cyclery? I used to hate going dere! All da choice bikes wit' da banana seats and butterfly handle bars I no can afford. Finally I go get enuff newspaper boy money for buy one called "Foremost", go figga...

Posted by Bill Hancock on August 12, 2004 3:12 PM:

I cannot remember how to spell it but Mui Kuai's next to the Pali Palms was the BEST Saimen in Kailua!

Posted by Jhakana on August 14, 2004 12:45 AM:

Stewart's in the Niu Valley Shopping Center next to Times Supermarket. This Spencecliff restaurant had the tenderest, juciest, teriyaki steak and creamy mashed potatoes!

Who could forget the late, great, Ranch House in Aina Haina? When I was a kid, after dinner, we got to pick out a toy from the huge treasure chest in the front lobby. And then when you had a big party, you could rent out the back rooms, I remember they were a bright green color, and the floors squeaked when you walked. Anyone know the name of the "50's style" eatery that opened up in its place (a huge failure for its Japan owners?)

Emjays in Aina Haina (now Foodland, same owner, new name), I know, off the subject, but who could forget Cornet in Aina Haina too?(where Chuck E. Cheese is now)
Aina Haina Garden Shop?

TasteeFreeze in Aina Haina

Going down the road...

Farrell's in Kahala Mall.

Chico's Pizza in Kaimuki. I had so many birthday parties there, it was a very special place for me, and the pizza was good too. I hit my foot more than enough times with those heavy black "stools" than we sat on, while pulling them close to the table to eat the delicious pizza! Chico's was right next to P & P...

What was the hot dog place in Kaimuki called? I think the building was shaped like a doghouse.

La Ronde? Best view of the city!

Lynn's Delicatessen, in Ala Moana, the best hot pastrami sandwich! I only wished I tried the coleslaw instead of throwing it away! Was this the place that also had the steak and baked potatoes--they called your number and you would pick up your steak. (When it was still located by Foodland in Ala Moana)

What about that pizza place that I think was serviced by the Lynn's workers, it was deep dish pizza, and you got a green salad with kidney beans and pepperocini (and other stuff), and a drink for about $3.00, and you could get the same meal with two square slices of the pizza for a just little more. What happened to that place? They opened up very briefly in the new food court, and then disappeared.

Kitchen Garden (?) in the Ala Moana food court. Best Ceasar Salad, huge too. They also had rainbow jello.

Farrell's next the Keikiland!
Anyone remember the rides at Keikiland, boats (in real water), a spider ride, mini ferris wheel, what else?

Did Ala Moana also have eateries or rooms for private parties in the lower level by Sears? I vaguely remember seeing celebrations down there when we would pick up our Sears Christmas Wish Book.

Woolworth's Deli downtown, the best poppy seed rolls, we ate those rolls with thick sliced San Franciso hard salame. You would always get more salame then roll, so you would have to eat another roll...it didn't end until you ate all of the rolls!

Hot butter-top bread from Ken's in Waimanalo--closed down for awhile, but open now!

KC Drive Inn -- soon to be missed--ono ono shake chocolate with peanut butter!

...ahh, the memories...

Posted by Chay on August 16, 2004 10:53 PM:

Does anyone remember the name of the restaurant before it became Denny's Pearlridge?
It had an old fashioned bicycle near the entrance,
on the corner of the strip where the Pearlridge 4 flex used to be.

Posted by Kaela on September 19, 2004 9:23 AM:

I'm having a debate with my family. Two of us remember a Mediterranean restaurant just off of Monsarrat, where Pronto is now. Two of us have no recollection at all. Does anyone remember what it was called? It was on the 2nd floor, and overlooked the street.

Posted by Jeff on September 23, 2004 7:58 AM:

Remember the way to get a free sundae at Farrell's on your birthday?

"Farrells features fabulous food and fantastic fountain fantasies for frolicking, funfilled, festive families."

Is that right?

We always went to the one in Kahala Mall and yes do miss the fried chicken at the Ranch House in Aina Haina...is it still there?

Played Pop Warner football in the field behind the restaurant for the Kalani Falcons...:-)

My father had a restaurant called Pancho Villa next to the original Magoo's on Kalakaua back in the late 60's. I think the owners name was Rocky...


Posted by Jeff on October 19, 2004 3:57 AM:

Does anybody remember La Hacienda a mexican Restaurant in Koko Marina?


Posted by terence on November 25, 2004 2:41 AM:

I miss L & L drive-ins...I miss the katsu or the hamburger steak...I didn't see anyone mentioning rainbow's and their mixed plate...gravy over everything!!! YUMMMMMMMY!!

Does anyone know of any place that would send manapua and pork hash to the mainland?? PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!! MUCH MUCH MAHALO from Texas!!!

Posted by Mike on December 3, 2004 3:23 PM:

I visited Honolulu in October of this year. Lived there 1977-1984. Found the wonderful 'Aloha Spirit' ambiance still intact, but a lot of my local hangouts - gone: Lynn's, M&M Burger, Jacques Saimin in Kalihi, Arthur's (downtown), Butterfly :), Misty II :):), Dickens on Kapiolani, Third Floor...Willows was 'OK' but somehow not the same. Couldn't find Davey Jone's Locker Room - behind one of the hotels in Waikiki...Very much missed one of my old buds who had recently passed away - Herb Dollahite - former Manager of the Royal. We once sat at the beach bar behind the Royal and Herb described Pearl Harbor Sunday. You could hear the drone of the airplanes and I still get shivers thinking of the story and the way he told it, so vividly! RIP, Herb.

Posted by Mike on December 3, 2004 3:43 PM:

How could I have forgotten Pieces of Eight in Waikiki! The night I moved to Hawaii I had serious 'Buyer's Remorse' and as I contemplated my meager room at the Coral Seas I seriously considered heading back ASAP. I went to POE next door and a 40's something waitress listened to my story, then brought me a tall, cold Chi-Chi. I ordered a lobster dinner and felt much better. When I woke up the next morning and walked down to the beach - I was hooked! Also thinking of the 'Peanut Bar' on top of the McDonald's in Waikiki - Lewers and Kalakaua - and a piano bar inside the Pan Am building on Kapiolani...So many memories!

Posted by jeff on December 6, 2004 9:31 AM:

Hey Mike...remember Scruples? How about a piano bar in Kings Alley...or The Green Rose on Lewers...or Blue Water Cafe on Kuhio...or that little backgammon bar beneath Rudy's...OH YES the memories...Aloha!

Posted by Mike on December 12, 2004 12:47 PM:

Aloha, Jeff!

How could I forget Scruples!! Was the piano bar 'Crow's Nest' or something like that? I also remember the Green Castle on Ward - the mamasan used to always greet me and bring kim chee and kalbi ribs...I did see that the Red Lion on Lewers next to what used to be Pieces of Eight was still there...I remember a brouhaha down there that really filled that little space up :) And, of course - the Lollipop - wish I had a $1 for every Stolyi and Grapefruit I had in there...The little Russian Piroski stand is still on the Fort Street Mall - same owners all these years!

Posted by Jeff on December 13, 2004 6:36 AM:

The Piano Bar I was thinking about was (I think) the Rose and Crown. Wasn't the Crows Nest above Kalakaua where those 2 crazy guys used to do their raunchy piano thing? Someone in the crowd used to yell one liner jokes at them...they and the whole crowd would repeat and then the punchline....

What years were you there and are you still there...

My family owned a restaurant in Waikiki next to the old Magoo's (It's Tony Roma's now...or it was), called Pancho Villa. Then he opened a second location in Koko Marina called La Hacienda...had that there for 17 years.

I'm a St. Louis grad, played FB @ UH for several years...we'll be back (wife and 3 kids) for a 10 day visit in about 2 weeks!!!!!!!!

Aloha bra,

Posted by Mike on December 13, 2004 5:01 PM:

Yo, Jeff -

Yes - I do remember the R&C now! The piano bar on Kalakaua was a crazy place; the one in the Pan Am building was more subdued...I was there from June 77 to July 84. The first years I did some writing and trading the markets. From 81-84 I ran a brokerage house (with 2 partners) called the Investment Network. We were in the 1515 Kapiolani bulding. I could tell you some great stories about the investment world in Honolulu at that time. Do you remember the commodity scandal (K.C. Yamato) at 125 Merchant Street? Or the container scam or the Ronald Rewald saga? I'm in Colorado now. We spent most of October in Hawaii (Oahu and Molokai) and I sure do miss the place, Jeff! Hope you and your family have a great time. If you like sushi Akasaka is still there and very much the same.

Posted by Jeff on December 14, 2004 8:11 AM:

I do remember the Ronald Rewald story...although the details escape me...I know that alot of people we're pretty upset...give me a hollar to chat if you'd like (800-286-9736)...catch up on "old times" and what we're both doing now...in 77 I was a HS sophomore...81-84 I was playing football and attending UH...those same years my father owner World Gym on the Ala Wai...

Aloha, Jeff

Posted by Mike on December 15, 2004 3:06 PM:

Aloha, Jeff -

Rewald was a big time investment manager in Honolulu from around 1978-1984. He was 'busted' for fraud and spent 8 years in the slammer. The interesting part of the story is Rewald claimed right away his entire organization was a front for the CIA. Everybody laughed! Comes to find out, he was telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Book about it all called Disavow. I'll give you a holler sometime soon - best time nights?

Posted by Jeff on December 16, 2004 9:03 AM:

I'm in Texas so more like 8-5 CST for me...

Aloha catch up with you soon!

Yes I remember the CIA front to the Rewald story now...but had no idea it was actually the truth. Didn't people want to off him as he had hurt so many?


Posted by P. Kysno on January 31, 2005 5:46 PM:

I too was playing Football in the 1980's (once upon a time for St. Louis) and well remember the CIA cover being blown for several VIPs in '83.
Ron Rewald, Mike Daily, John Kindschi, Enrique Zobel, Sultan of Brunei, George Bush Sr., and several top ranking military personel in the pacific had their financial interests rerouted from Hawaii after their Bishop, Baldwin, Rewald, Dillingham & Wong connections were exposed.
I knew some of the investors that lost money and it is amazing that the CIA still has not returned the money from the diverted accounts, even though their involvement has been extraordinarily well documented over the past 20 years.

Posted by Jeff on February 1, 2005 6:40 AM:

what up mike and P. kysno...

Did you play for Lee? Did you go on to College ball?

Where did you grow up?

Hey Mike, where's that call...:-)


Posted by Ryan on February 2, 2005 11:47 AM:

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