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June 21, 2003

Lost Hawaii

The other day I was having a conversation with my friend. He's about 12 years older than me and we were talking about how much Hawaii has changed since his youth. A comment he made made me a little sad: "I think my generation, those who grew up in the 70's or so, got go experience the last drops of what Hawaii used to be."

We talked about how he remembers there being a soda man that came to your house to sell soda. He remembered the local wrestlers, local beer, and local tv shows. How he would skip barefoot to the store down the block from his house to buy ice for his mom.

The difference, I guess, was that there was more self content here in Hawaii. While we both agreed that there was a huge profit in becoming more in line with mainstream American culture, he is sad that so many people want to be more than just local. "We grew up perfectly happy being local, living here our whole lives, looking forward to going to Maui. Now, to people, it feels like Hawaii is not enough. It's good people wanna travel, see things, listen to different music, but it's sad, cause when I was growing up Hawaii was a world to us, not just little islands. Now there's not even real local shows, like local shows are low class or something, like no one going watch em no more."

I was wondering what you guys, who are maybe in your 30's and beyond, think of old Hawaii thinking vs. new ideologies.

Posted by Pharoe at June 21, 2003 04:30 PM


Posted by aureservoir on June 21, 2003 10:28 PM:

Your friend makes some good points, but how can we watch local shows when there really aren't any? The more I travel and converse with people from all over the world, the more I appreciate where I come from...Hawaii "still get 'um", IMHO.

Posted by Albert on June 22, 2003 1:49 PM:

No local shows??? But "Hawaii Stars" is back. :)

Posted by Ryan on June 23, 2003 10:47 AM:

On one hand, I agree much of Old Hawaii is lost, but that's true of any community or culture. And while we may have lost some charming, wonderful things, I'm sure many folks aren't sad to see most of the tiki-themed, campy co-opting of all things Hawaiian go away.

It's all relative, and definitely generational. My parents mourn the passing of the Sky Slide in Waipahu, the old "Termite Palace" stadium in Mo`ili`ili. Our generation will probably get wistful at mentions of Liberty House, standalone movie houses like Cinerama, King's Bakery and ... well, Saloon Pilot crackers. (And no doubt, our kids will roll their eyes at our un-hipness, just as we often do at our parents.) It's human nature, I think, to always say "Things were better before," and "The magic is gone."

There's still lots to love about Hawaii.

As to the "content" comment on local television shows, though, it bears noting that we generated a lot of original stuff back then out of necessity! Local TV stations back then had to ship tapes from the Mainland... meaning a two-week delay in all television shows and news programs! With the wait, and all that was rendered obsolete, no doubt KGMB had to fill its schedule with something!

Yeah, generally, original local programming is scarcer now than it was when I was a kid (I at least had Professor Fun!). But while we've lost the regular investment of "big stations" in original programming (save, say, Hawaii Stars, Esme's Island Moments and Hawaiian Moving Company), I'd offer that we sure see a greater variety and range of voices thanks to public access.

Posted by Ryan on June 23, 2003 10:54 AM:

Oop. Missed one of the main points.

I would also say that awareness and interest in national and global affairs and an appreciation for things that make Hawaii unique are not mutually exclusive. (That is, it's not that "Hawaii is not enough.")

While some Native Hawaiian groups would probably disagree, I think the interconnectedness between the islands and parts beyond has generally been more good than bad for Hawaii. Outside influences might dilute or distract from "local things," but those "local things" are ours to preserve, or forget. You could say our interest and efforts to revitalize Hawaiian culture are perhaps intensified specifically because of our awareness of the Big Picture. Ambivalence and complacency are just as dangerous as mass media and homogeny, IMHO.

Besides. The more I know about everywhere else, the more I'm glad I'm here!

Posted by Damon on June 26, 2003 12:35 PM:

Checkers and Pogo


Goza slippas

Yum yum! Yick Lung! Yum yum! Yick Lung!... (finish the jingle)

"The exchange goes down down down and round round round in your tum tum tum....(finish the jingle)

"Shop today at Longs Drugs where they make the price bahave, all your neighbors shop at Longs, (finish the jingle)

"Go where all the fashion trends begin, where else but McInerny!"

Holiday Mart! Its Smart!

One of the Good things, about Hawaii! Is wonderful KGMB....

Take IT away!........(Pilipino Fiesta Hour)

I could go on and on.

Posted by aureservoir on June 27, 2003 2:08 PM:

still get goza slippas and KGMB jingle...what about "I LIKE the package!" and the vegetable man?

Posted by mitchell on June 28, 2003 12:19 PM:

"The good old days weren't always good, and tomorrow ain't as bad as it seems."

--Billy Joel

Posted by ken on August 5, 2003 1:22 PM:

I spent nearly 8 years of my childhood growing up on oahu from the late 60's and early 70's. Waipahu was special back then from the sky slide and wigmam,To clocks 25 cent hamburgers.I now live in Virginia and have for over 25 years. Nice to hear some old familiar talk

Posted by Artie B on January 22, 2004 9:31 PM:

Check this .... waking up getting ready for school with Checkers and Pogo on the tv and then running home from school to see Checkers and Pogo in the afternoon , Speed Racer , lol. Having to take the shoes off before entering the house because of the red dirt , watching 50th state wrestling friday nights with Ed Francis , Tally Ho , Toru Kanaka , Mr Fugi , Pampero Firpo , Ohhh Yeaaaah !!! What about Daie in Pearl Ridge with the monorail connecting to Liberty House , Kikaida , 0-1 , Kamen Rider V-3 , RainbowMan and the old Wahiawa bridge , Dots restaurant , Zippies , Lunch plates , shaved ice !!!! KiKi , Korl radio stations , the 50th state fair , Farrels ice cream .... Anybody live on Wheeler Air Force Base and attend Wheeler Elementery from 1973 - 77 ??? So many memories , Oahu has changed so much .

Posted by 7train on January 23, 2004 2:02 AM:

I grew up in Hawai'i Kai during the '70s (used to go trick-or-treating at Pogo Pogue's house!), remember when everything I ate, drank, wore, watched on TV, etc. was 'local'. Summah Fun at Hawai'i Kai Baptist, going down to Hanauma Bay before it became a tourist nightmare, eating Diamond Bakery cookies and Exchange juice... I think everything started to change in the early 90s when Costco arrived on the scene, followed by Starbucks, Barnes & Noble(okay I'll admit that's a good thing), Kmart, etc, though some older folks might say it started earlier with McDonald's(remember the old Koko Marina McDs with the pirate ship? That's where I had my first job). What I really dread is the new Wal-Mart on Keeaumoku, which I am afraid will hurt the remaining local businesses on the street level of Ala Moana and the surrounding area.

Posted by sneakyTiki on January 23, 2004 9:15 AM:

7Train: what's Hawaii Kai like now? I've heard about the Costco - where is it exactly? In Kuapa Kai? I wonder what remains from when I lived there.

Is the manapua counter at the Foodland (I think) a few blocks from Ala Moana still around? I'm planning on taking a trip back to the islands soon and that manapua counter and Rainbow's plate lunch are the keys to my Hawaii-on-the-cheap plan.

Posted by 7train on January 26, 2004 5:03 AM:

Costco is on Keahole St. just makai of Kuapa Kai(Longs/Safeway). I like to get a hot dog(a bargain at $1.50 including soda) or pizza and sit on the lanai facing the marina(the entrance is near Ross). I was shocked when I went back to Hawai'i Kai for the holidays, the whole area around the Hawai'i Kai Drive/Lunalilo intersection is being filled with condos, some or all of which will be old age homes(for the rich I assume...). I am not familiar with the manapua place which you mention, but Rainbow Drive In is definitely still there.

Posted by Sheilah on February 13, 2004 5:40 AM:

I lived in Pearl City Highlands in the late 60's and remember: being on Checkers & Pogo (how exciting), Mrs. Clark's hula (3 years) in Waipahu, the beautiful muumuus at Liberty House, the Ala Moana jingle (it seems everyone's doorbell plays it now), running through the model houses after they cleared the canefields, them filming a scene of Hawaii Five-O while running through our backyard and of course, hot malasadas and shaved ice at the fairs. I could go on and on---

Posted by JB on February 13, 2004 9:24 AM:

I remember when most surf spots were not the zoo they've now become (this is more according to my father, I've been away for 9 years).

While Sunset and pipeline were crowded. Laniakea (Lanis), velzyland and chun's were not.

Posted by Chris on February 23, 2004 9:08 AM:

Hey Artie B, I went to Wheeler Elementary from 70-73.

Posted by David J on March 3, 2004 9:37 AM:

A former student of Barber's Point and then Pearl Harbor Elementary here (1971 to 1978, the length of my stay). A lot a memories have come back reading these comments, thanks! Hopefully not to much repeating to follow (and high accuracy), but I remember: Pop Shops, Paradise Park, going EVERY YEAR(!) to Sea Life Park on a field trip then going some more when relatives visited, riding the glass elevator at the new Sears at Pearlridge looking at the huge copper fish hanging from the ceiling and the fountain below, riding the Pearlridge monorail for the first time, the circus at HIC, eating at Pearlridge International Kitchens (pre cursor to the food court), seeing the model of the Aloha stadium on the news before construction (the model, it moved!), being on Checkers and Pogo (who wasn’t?), "Hi! I'm Carol Kai!", all of the Japanese TV show (Rainbow Man, Kikita) merchandise at Arakawa's, the movie “Midway” at the Waikiki Twin (in Sensorround!), the “Monkey Bar” at the Pearl City Tavern, no TV reception in the Lahaina of 1975, listening to the first “Home Grown” album, Pioneer Chicken at the Salt Lake Shopping Center, playing in the construction as they built H-2 over Nimitz Hwy (not the brightest thing to do). I left as a 12 year old in 1978 and came back to visit my parents in 1988 and 1989. The islands had a different feeling for me but I think for me it was seeing things as an adult.

Posted by Winn Jaimes on April 6, 2004 12:28 PM:

Spent my summers in Ewa Beach from 11 to 17, this was late sixities, early 70's.

*Checkers & Pogo
*"Colorful Nine" - KGMB TV, Honolulu, Hawaii
*Woolworths at the Ewa Beach Shopping center
"McDonalds at the Ewa Beach Shopping Center and the fruit punch
*Ewa Beach park where they had the minah birds
*Sky Slide in Waipahu across from the GEM store
*FoodLand in Ewa Beach
*Riding bikes in the canefield aisles, the red dirt
*The Dole Pineapple factory and that distinct smell of fresh pineapple
*The smell of sugar cane burnnig
*"Star" Department Store in Waipahu
*Pearlridge/Liberty House
*Eating at Pearl City Tavern with my granparents and watching the monkeys
*Holiday Mart
*cracked seed
*Omaru cookies
*the wonderful smell of flowers when you enter the Honolulu Int'l airport teminal. It is EVERYWHERE.
*Plumeria trees
*50th State Fair Magic Island

Posted by Winn Jaimes on April 6, 2004 12:28 PM:

Spent my summers in Ewa Beach from 11 to 17, this was late sixities, early 70's.

*Checkers & Pogo
*"Colorful Nine" - KGMB TV, Honolulu, Hawaii
*Woolworths at the Ewa Beach Shopping center
"McDonalds at the Ewa Beach Shopping Center and the fruit punch
*Ewa Beach park where they had the minah birds
*Sky Slide in Waipahu across from the GEM store
*FoodLand in Ewa Beach
*Riding bikes in the canefield aisles, the red dirt
*The Dole Pineapple factory and that distinct smell of fresh pineapple
*The smell of sugar cane burnnig
*"Star" Department Store in Waipahu
*Pearlridge/Liberty House
*Eating at Pearl City Tavern with my granparents and watching the monkeys
*Holiday Mart
*cracked seed
*Omaru cookies
*the wonderful smell of flowers when you enter the Honolulu Int'l airport teminal. It is EVERYWHERE.
*Plumeria trees
*50th State Fair Magic Island

Posted by Herb Myles on April 6, 2004 3:45 PM:

I am older by far than most of your remincees of Waipahu-I was there in 1944-45 with US Aarmy. It was then a little 2 by nothing town. I was stationed it what was then Waipahu School. We lived 8 men to classroom. and had underground plotting bunkers under the lawn. The school was surrounded by 2 old church buildings and a small cemetery and a Japanese shrine. Beyond the perimeter was sugar cane. In the town was the sugar processing plant which could be smelled 5 miles away, a barber shop and a bank. In 60 years its all probably gone since from your prior postings you have all noted major changes in just the past 20 years. How sad?????

Posted by jhakana on April 9, 2004 5:29 PM:

Yup, Hawai'i Kai currently is a MESS...
Checkers used to live in Hawaii Kai too--on Kawaihae Street, along with Pogo, up by Hahaione Elementary School, when that hill stopped at the park. Used to ride my banana seat bike real fast down that hill, streamers flying, and with the "putter" sound of a card clothespinned to my spokes!
I remember when there we no condos on Hawai'i Kai Drive (wasn't too long ago); where the white pueo used to live; there were rare Hawaiian owls that flew around at night in Hawaii Kai!
The heiau by the old Hawai'i Kai Rec Center will be destroyed very shortly; more condos slowly encroaching upon its boundaries. This heiau is at the head of Kuapa fishpond (legend has it that King Kamehameha the first himself, helped to build Kuapa fishpond, the biggest fishpond of all the islands).
It's so sad to me that Hawai'i Kai has become the place it is now. My parents still live there, one of the few original owners (with the same original house!) on Hawai'i Kai Drive. I dread driving to Hawai'i Kai, to see the constant changes being made, walls up to the sidewalk, even windows up to the sidewalk, no more mock organge hedges, it certainly is not the same Hawai'i Kai that I grew up in.

Posted by jennifer on April 18, 2004 5:40 AM:

I grew up in Wahiawa and in my neighorhood was the old wooden dole cannery. I have looked for photos of this old building and can not find any, From what I understand, is it was moved to a Waipahu historic park and then burned down. If anyone knows where I can find a photo, please let me know

Posted by leah on April 25, 2004 12:24 PM:

i remember swinging carfree on the banyan trees. its a shame they dont allow it no more.

Posted by Pete on April 30, 2004 11:15 PM:

I spent 5 years in Honolulu as a kid and teenager in the last half of the sixties. We Haole boys took several Pearl Harbor boat tours on a few of the converted PT boats which had their Packard Marlins replaced with a pair of Detroit Diesels, and the built for the purpose all steel Leilani with four Detroits and twice the nine-knot speed and twice the passenger capacity of the PT boats. I still feel guilty about letting my girlfriend railroad me into buying a new Mitsubishi VHS machine in '89 (Zeros)!
Our step-dad was half Hawaiian/half English and narrated the tours on some of those tour boats.
We rode the last of the Hawaiian Airlines piston-prop Martins to Maui in mid '64 and I later found out that that airline was a ship line which abandoned its primary business for the glory of air travel. That explained the term "Has-been ship line".
On TV we watched Capt. Honolulu after school and our church jr. chior once sang on the "Through the Porthole" Sunday Morning childrens religious show. Those shows were on KHVH channel 4.
In the cartoon show's taped opening and closing scenes Capt. Honolulu rode the float-equipped Bell 47 from which Jim Hicklin reported on traffic for KHVH which had also simulcast its afternoon news in the mid '60's on both Channel 4 and 1040 back when Kaiser owned the station("These are the Kaiser channels")(4, 12, 13, 1040).
We also watched the Wrestling from the Civic Auditorium which Mom said was choreographed but looked real to our kid minds. The Roller games was also a big fun show for us and I later "jammed" on ice skates in a mainland ice rink.
We saw the original "Checkers" played by Jim "Weather-Eyes" Hawthorn and the first two or three subsequent replacements for Hawthorne. I originaly watched Checkers and Pogo for the older Popeye cartoons that Capt. Honolulu didnt run. KHVH made the mistake of replacing Capt. Honolulu with "Billy Boy Moonster" and showing some newer Popeye cartoons instead of getting the wider range of Popeye cartoons (from the thirties or earlier, on up)which gave KGMB the kiddie show edge over the early to mid-fifties Popeye collction on KHVH.
I also liked the KGMB Elephant trailer which was towed behind a Volkswagen on the streets of Honolulu and then by a p.a. system equipped Taylor Dunn type flatbed electric truck crewed by Checkers(Hawrhorn) and Pogo in a couple of parades. It looked real.
Hawthorne was the first and best of the Checkers.
Pogo Poge let me try his pogo stick at the Checkers and Pogo Carnival which we took the HRT to. That was a neat-o time for me. We got ride tickets for Bireleys cans, Love's bread wrapper inserts and other labels. We boys had collected a box of them and Pogo rolled off handfuls of tickets for us. We even had tickets left over for the Teen Fair to ride the E. K. Fernandez Shows rides there.(Wally Yee didnt honor them)
The HRT was another memory and it was a shame that the owner ruined what had at one time been a well-run example of a privately owned transit company. I rode it to intermediate school and the 3T Navy Main Gate bus went up Hotel Street with all the adult places including some book stores, the Busy B theatre and the Cozy Nook theatre. The 1R Kalihi bus went by "The Glades". What a bargain for five(or was it ten?)-cent school tickets, 20 cent full fare tickets, 15 cent cash student and 25 cent cash full fare, and five cents for zones.
I can tell anyone the license number of any HRT bus in the late '60's, just tell me the bus's number. The 900 series buses(the modified G.M. "Aerotrain" body made from'59 to the mid '80's) had a plathora of different prefixes until the new yellow license plates came out in '69. Unfortunately I dont remember the license number prefixes of their trucks plates.
HRT's WTS subsidiary shared the coaches and license numbers except that a "144-c" preceeded the coach number on the sides of the WTS buses. I had heard that the W in WTS stood for Wahiawa and when Lucky Luck (a Texan) sang My Wahiawa, I thought of the HRT subsidiary Wahiawa Transportation Systems. Some HRT buses had the HRT diamond emblem taped over and WTS written on the masking tape during some of the strikes.
Leeward Bus Company, which eventually became part of Laidlaw the big Canadian trucking company, had bought most of their buses used from the Los Angeles MTA/RTD back in the early to mid '60's.
I used to also read in the Star Bulletin and Advertiser about the HPD busting mahus and teenage glue-sniffers.
In '68 the Star-Bulletin ran a series on school crime with the figures for the different intermediate school/crime/student/semester ratio.
The Sunday Star Bulletin And Advertizer combined paper was a favorite read for us.
My brothers had Star Bulletin paper routes which I subbed for when they got sick and I did a better job than my slackey brothers did. I also got $5 a month for maintaining and fixing their bikes or lending them mine as a loaner. I also charged half of what the district manager charged for delivering their routes which was $5 each day he did it.
KPOI No.1 at 1380 was the top rock and roll station with the Action 20 and plenty of good Rebounds, and KORL 650 was another rock and roll station. KORL Radio Channel 65 converted to modern good music in late '68 or early '69, a year after KULA 690 turned into KKUA (Double K-UA the Big 69). This KORL conversion made it a combination of KPOI type songs played to KUMU 1500 type music.
KHVH 1040 was "All Hawaiian All The Time" in '64 then became a CBS news affiliate with "Information Central" after Kaiser sold KHVH to Western Telestations.
KGU 76 played the "Standard School Broadcast" which was sponsered by Standard Oil every week and it was played in classrooms all over the state.
KLEI 1130 ran the syndicated Hawaii Calls show which had since been sold to Bill Bigalow in the '90's and re-named "Sounds Of Aloha" with Aloha Airlines (The Rolls-Royce powered airline)as a major sponsor. KCCN 1420 also had a good hawaiian music format. The songs were great including a song celebrating a new muu-muu like it was a new or restored '59 Chevy; and Hilo Hattie sang the Hilo Hop. She also did a funny TV commercial for bug spray, ending with "...Push the button and Geeeve-Em!". She had a record album out where she told about learning a few things from the Shriners. I remember the Shriners Al Bahr Clowns caliope wagon whith "Hawaii 68" on the front fenders along with the other states and places it ran throughout the country.
The local Hawaiian song with the line "Put the dishes in the sink, boys" was played so often that the stations had to replace worn copys of the record a couple of times.
I found out that "Dialing For Dollars" on KHON (formerly KONA) channel 2, was a syndicated program, offered to many TV stations, after moving back to the mainland.
A new off-ramp for the Lunalillo Freeway("Ten years abuilding, obsolete when it's finished") opened up near Kapiolani and Date and I rode my bike up it a few days before its opening fanfare in late '68.
The beaches were fun. From Haunama Bay Beach Park where we camped, to Queens Surf with its warm and often cryatal clear water, as well as other beaches. The signs at parks and beaches said "No drinking(of intoxocating beverages) No dogs", etc. and "Have Fun" as the bottom line. And then there was the mess when Fasi took out the city bleachers for the Kodak Hula Show from between the two sets of state-owned bleachers and then when the city supposedly finally took over the HRT, after we had moved back to the mainland.

Posted by Tim Stapp on May 8, 2004 10:14 PM:

I lived in Hawaii as a kid in the late 60's and early 70's. I was then stationed at Schofield Barracks in the early 80's. I went back to Hawaii in April 2003 for a vacation. I remember alot of the things talk about on this comment site. It has changed but it is still a great place. I have been all around the world and it is still the greatest place I have ever been. I love the people and the place.

Posted by Mark on May 26, 2004 4:31 PM:

I lived in Millilani Town from 1974 to 1976 then moved to Wheeler AFB (attended Wheeler Elementary Grades 5 and 6) until 1979 when my dad was transferred back to the mainland. Hawaii was some of the best memories from childhood that I can recall...

- riding my new skateboard with Stoker urethane wheels down "suicide hill" in Millilani Town.

- going to Wahiawa and having New York style pizza.

- having the Dole pineapple fields butt up to my backyard and daring each other to jump the "Stalag 17" style fence that surrounded the fields.

- hearing that Yick Lung jingle "Sometimes when I'm happy I stick out my tongue, and put on a flavor of Yick Lung!" everyday while watching Checkers and Pogo.

- going to Barbers Point and throwing rocks at the (nasty black) crabs sitting on the rocks sunning themselves.

- pineapple bugs in all the food at Millilani Elementary

- riding my bike WITH SHOCKS (wow!) to the McDonald's in Millilani Town.

- seeing this weird game called PONG at the Millilani Shopping Center.

- Knowing all the words (who's kidding who!) to the theme songs IN JAPANESE for Zaboga, Kamen Rider V-3, Kikaida 0-1, and all the other Power Ranger pre-cursors!

- having malasadas at the 50th State Fair.

- having strawberry pie at the restaurant next to the Pearl Mall (these pies were HUGE!)

Posted by Sara on June 1, 2004 3:53 PM:

Who remembers the Princess Knight cartoons on Checkers and Pogo?

Posted by Glen Miyashiro on June 1, 2004 10:08 PM:

I remember having to sit through Princess Knight because it always came right before Ikkyu-san, the cartoon about that boy Buddhist monk.

Suki suki suki suki suki suki aishiteru
Suki suki suki suki suki suki Ikkyu-san

Posted by Laura on June 10, 2004 7:10 AM:

I grew up in Hawaii, and left when I was 21. I cam back 8 years later for my father's funeral. Hawaii has changed a lot, but I thoroughly enjoyed a lot of my old favorites. My brother who flew in from Minnesota drove down to Hotel street at 5 a.m. to buy Manapua. I bought Pasteles from the side of the road down near Barber's Point. The beaches were still wonderful. The beaches were something I missed sorely. You can't just pull over on the side of the road here (Maryland), and jump into the ocean for a swim. I miss that... I also miss pulling over while heading towards Kaneohe, and swimming at Jack Ass Ginger. Does anyone remember swimming at Sacred Falls before the rocks came tumbling down from the mountain. I wil forever cherish that. I was shocked as ever though, to see the sugar cane fields missing. I was very disappointed that houses and shopping centers were built in place of those. I did think Oahu was over industrialized. That was disheartening. I do remember things like the slide in Waipahu, the corner stores, the manapua truck. There is no such thing here. I miss all of that, but I will have my treasured memories forever, and I did try to share what was left with my son when we visited Hawaii. He loved it so much, he wants to move there.

Posted by Mark on July 15, 2004 2:10 PM:

Does anyone no where I can get the fruit punch served at Rainbow and McDonald's? I would love to get a concentrate or powder here on the mainland.


Posted by Heather Shaw on July 24, 2004 6:14 PM:

I remember never understanding what the big deal was. Why are all of these tourist here??? Then when I was 15 I moved to Missouri!!! I KNOW WHY NOW!! I had never seen snow untill i was 15! Never been off the islands. I miss them soooo. I remember crack seed, hurricane Eva, hanauma bay, kailua beach, going to sandy beach and watching my dad fish. Going to work with my dad. He died in 1978. He was the program director at KKUA. Dave Shaw was his name. Anyone remember him?? He produced the album HOME GROWN. Kapono sang at his funeral. I remember I had a big crush on Kamisami Kong. I remember sneaking on the bus to Castle Park. Holiday Mart. HIC!! I would nearly give my right arm to have a manapua or some shreded li hing mui! Fishing all day at the lake by our town house on Keolu Dr in Kailua with my best friend Mary. And ofcourse Checkers and pogo! Going through the Pali tunnels. My dad got mad that he could never pick up radio stations so he put up antennas so everyone could still enjoy the radio while passing through the tunnels. I remember trying to hold my breath all the way through the tunnels. My favorite places were Sea Life Park and Waimea Falls. Camping at Pray for Sex Beach.
I left Hawaii in 1985. I went back when I was 18 (1989) and just cried because everything has changed so. I haven't been back since

Posted by Monique on August 13, 2004 10:34 AM:

I was in Hawaii the same time as Heather, I remember Hurricane Eva, my first concert - the go'go's in 1981. I went to Kahala elementary, Kaimuki Intermediate and Kalani High School before I moved to Beverly Hills in 1985.
Beverly had terrible snotty kids, but I loved the heavy metal scene in LA! I went to a thousand concerts, and it was great because in Hawaii you had to buy your tix three months in advance and wait, but LA had constant shows. Thats the only thing that sucked about Hawaii - no one ever came.Remeber Ozzy in 84? Or Dio? Ratt? Def Leppard? Or the Police with Stevie Ray Vaughn in Aloha Stadium? Any headbangers out there?
Anyway, I remember the drinking age was 18 and I had a fake ID and used to go to Masquerade, the Wave and Pink Cadillac?
Remember those clubs?
I miss it, I went back in 2000 and thought it was built up on Kalakaua, and the Kahala Mall is much bigger, but my old neighborhood was the same. I don't think it's changed as much as you guys think. I think we just want it to stay the way it was when we grew up, but change happens.
What do you guys think about Oprah buying 33 acres in Hana? She is going to build some hoity-toity resort there. Talk about spoilage, better get to Hana and the seven sacred pools before she starts charging admission!

Posted by Monique on August 13, 2004 10:45 AM:

Oh yeah, don't forget dried red ginger and li hing mui, chic jeans and a bad perm, angel flights still lingered, getting stung by man-o-wars at Bellows, chinese jumprope and chinese jacks. But the best is "Exchange, goes down, down, down and around round round in your glass, glass, glass, makes your mind, say yum yum yum theres an orangeaid called Exchange"
I was young, it might not be right but you get the jist.

Posted by Don Norton on August 17, 2004 10:36 PM:

wow what a great forum!

I lived in Hawaii from 1970 (year I was born) to 1979(-80) I lived on Ibis avenue, and went to Barbers point Elementary School. Then moved to perl city. These forums bring back fond memories of a very very different place than Massachusetts. Checkers and Pogo, the giant copper fish, and lets not forget the giant winny the pooh with the pot on his head etc. My kindergarden teacher (Spelling) Mrs Okita. Going to the races. Giant spiders (hehe my fav) bananas and mangos galore! God I really miss that place. Waking up every morning watching kids scoop handfulls of pennies out of the jar and putting it into there cone shaped party hats, what else could you ask for? :)

Posted by Jennifer on August 19, 2004 6:23 PM:

Wow! What a trip down memory lane!! My family lived in Catlin Park from '74 to '77. My brother and I attended Our Savior Lutheran School in Aiea, and on Sundays we would go to a flea market at a drive-in nearby. We watched Checkers and Pogo, and LOVED Kikaida!! I was too young to keep up with the reading of the subtitles (ages 4-7), so my Dad or my brother always read them for me. I always wanted to be on Checkers and Pogo but never was. We used to eat at a restaurant called Kelly's. You could save Kelly's dollars and then 'buy' something from their treasure chest of toys. Every summer we rented a cabin at Bellow's Beach for a week. What memories!! We took the hydroplane to the big island and Maui while we lived there. I think they stopped hydroplane service while we were still living there. We took visitors to the obligatory tourist places--the Kodak Hula Show, the Polynesian Cultural Center, Sea Life Park, Punchbowl Cemetery, etc. I'm sure I remember the lunch counter at Woolworth's--didn't they serve A&W rootbeer? I remember getting a coupon for them from school as a prize and my mother taking me there to get my rootbeer. Thanks for the reminders, guys! It's been fun reminiscing about all of this!!

Posted by cschlangen on September 9, 2004 7:32 AM:

Hi, Anybody out there...does anyone remember the Carol Kai Variety School and Annual Bedrace? I am trying to locate information on this in hopes of starting something similarly oriented on the mainland! I can't seem to find anything on her anymore, other than her name mentioned via conjunction with a T.V. show hosting on this string. Please let me know if you know of anything at all...would be greatly appreciated. It was great fun briefly scanning thru the comments here. Been alotta years since I been there. I write a column in our local blurb called "Tutu Kele's Korner". Have some fun with it...spreading a lil pidjun for all the rest of the world to share! Thanks for the help and info ahead if any of you know...please write! Or you can check out our website at wagonruts.com and email me from there, too, if you wish. ALOHAAAAA!

Posted by Jeff on September 21, 2004 11:13 AM:

I have very much enjoyed this time reading everyone's thoughts. I moved to Kaimuki when I was 5 in 1966, went to Liliuokalani, Waialae Elementary, Star of the Sea, St. Louis, then UH. Ended up as a flight attendant for several years w/ hawaiian. My family had a mexican restaurant in Hawaii-Kai (Koko Marina) called La Hacienda for MANY years. My earliest memories start with riding my bike around Kaimuki, picking my mom up after work on Sunday's at Reuben's at the Kahala Mall and going to the drive-in across the street. I think it was Kaimuki Drive In? Of course, staying home on "Kill a haole day"...:-). Everything mentioned from the "old" Ala Moana to crack seed stores, to summer fun programs with my brown bag lunch to ben franklin in Koko Marina to Sandy Beach to cockaroach cove to the manapua truck to Portlock Point to Andy Bumatia, C& K, Kalapana, Hawaii-5-0, Magnum, hanging out at HSG to pick up my girlfriend, and even Exchange orange drink brings up a strange sense of loss. Those were indeed the days...time of my life and I have been tremendously blessed to have been a part of everything mentioned and everything forgotten.. And of course I was on Checkers and Pogo (twice), played the hot potato game, and lost. I look forward to further correspondence and will be back w/ the fam (wife and three kids) in December.

Remember when the 50th State Fair was EK Fernandez?
St. Louis grad class of 79'

Posted by Jeff on September 21, 2004 11:17 AM:

See above...Any body know me? Let me know how to reach you..I now live in Waco, TX.


Posted by Jeff on September 22, 2004 4:17 AM:

Now I can't stop thinking about my childhood..:-):

- McInerny's @ Kahala Mall before Liberty House moved in.
- The Banana Splits show...Danger Island...AH OH CHONGO...
- Speed Racer
- Avoiding the "Mokes" and "Tittas"
- Going to the "Battle of the Stars" at Punahou and the lagoon at Hilton Hawaiian Village
- Hitchhiking EVERYWHERE when it was safe
- Loco moco's off the trucks at Sandy Beach
- Seeing Poseiden Adventure 7 times at the Waikiki 2 theater (are they still there?)
- Skating @ Uluwatu's in Hawaii Kai
- Yes I remember the Pirate Ship @ McDonalds in Koko Marina
- Red Lion, The Green Rose, Scruples, The Hideaway, Pink Cadillac, Lucky Pierre's, Moose Mcgillicuddy's,
- The Society of Seven
- Waikiki "BEFORE"
- Plate Lunch (Grace's, Rainbow Drive-In, Zippy's, Jolly Roger)
- Picking Lychee off people's trees walking home from school
- Jerry Puana my first best friend

I can go on, but I'd better get to work...:-)



Posted by Rose on September 29, 2004 5:06 AM:

After all the hurricanes in FL, I decided to look up hurricane Eva-the only hurricane I can remember being in and I found this site.(which is making me so sentimental I'm trying not to cry at the thought of mochi and popcorn right now!) It seems like it happened on Thanksgiving and the power went out and we couldn't cook our turkey? is that right? I was very young (born 1976) and we had just moved to Wheeler airforce base. If anyone else lived in the Wheeler/Wahiwa area during the early eightes drop me a line! I miss it so much!! (also I worked at Zippy's in Kaneohe around 1994-went to Castle High 1993)
--mahalo, haole(sp?) girl-Rose

Posted by Sherry on October 8, 2004 9:18 PM:

Howzit! Wow the memories. I grew up on Oahu. Went to Radford High...bought lunch at the "trucks"..was noodles or li hing mui. Stayed at bellows 2 weeks in the summer, every summer...saw the taping of Charlie's Angels at bellows...and my sister and I were on Checkers and Pogo...she cheated!

Posted by Sherry on October 8, 2004 9:21 PM:

Heather Shaw...I love that album Home Grown...one and two...sorry about your dad....any idea where I can get a copy?

Posted by jill h. akana on October 18, 2004 5:51 PM:

Yes! I remember La Hacienda in Koko Marina! You guys had the BEST salsa and chips....went to many high school birthday parties there! Also the first Magoo's about two doors down. Yami yogurt too!

Posted by Jeff on October 19, 2004 3:53 AM:

Used to make that salsa by hand. My wife says I make the best guacamole too...she's right...:-)

Hey Jill, thanks for the e-mail. What year did you graduate, was it Kaiser? We may know some of the same people.

I read your comments under Stores that we miss...you obviously grew up in the Islands!

I look forward to further correspondence.

Aloha and God Bless,

Posted by J on October 24, 2004 4:59 AM:


Posted by Marilyce on November 17, 2004 1:02 PM:

Wow, I really LOVED that pirate ship.

Posted by Julie on December 25, 2004 10:49 PM:

It has been so fun reading the comments. I lived in Kailua for 22 years. I went to Le Jardin Academy and Hawaii Baptist Academy. Some things I remember was when we had to sell sweet bread in order to make money for our fourth grade Big Island Trip. I remember slurpees being called "icees" and the trash recepticles at McDonalds had the word "RUBBISH" written on them. I had NO idea what Day Light Savings was when I moved to Cali. I still remember the taste of Poi and the times there would be a pig cooking in the backyard at a party. I remember all the roller skating rinks (Da Skate)etc, and how exciting it was when the ice skating rink was made. I remember the Kailua Fair they had every year in the Kailua Elementary field and the yearly parades. I remember partying at Alan's Bridge, H3 and Middle Park. I used to go dancing at Pink Cadillac, Masquerade, Limelight, Mooses, etc. I was a "doorman" at the No Name Bar in Kailua. Remember the old Kailua Bowling ally? We used to buy 75cent Kool cigarettes out of the machine at the bowling ally. I will never forget all the "grunts!!" I went to the Bob Marley tribute concert, the Third World and Yellowman and Pato Bantan concerts. I remember Bobby McGees and Yum Yum Tree. I went to kindergarden at the Learning Tree where the YMCA was in Kaneohe. I remember going to plays that were put on by Castle High School students. I remember always walking barefoot into stores and thinking nothing of it. Everyone was afraid of getting "hoali feet." Remember when girls were called "titas" and "tunas". I still remember spending hours on the buses with the huge local bus drivers who wore those blue hawaiian shirts that had all the names of the Islands on them.... and when the bus cost 25 cents to ride! I remember when the Kailua theater charged 99cents for their movies! Remember the Kaneohe Drive in!! The big ass speakers never worked and would always drop! Okay, need to go now! Julie

Posted by chad on January 24, 2005 11:27 AM:

Castle Park, man what great memories of that place. I remember when they were building it. I was at Radford High...Hey, I am trying to buy some yick Lung, anyone know where Ican get some. Not too much of it here in Texas.

Posted by Jeff on January 25, 2005 10:22 AM:

I live in Waco...just got back from 10 days in Hawaii...what were you looking for? I've still got some friends there. Are you talking Li Hing Mui, etc.?

Kamaainahaole Jeff

Posted by Jeff on January 31, 2005 10:41 AM:


What years...we sound the same age...the era you describe...

I'm a St. Louis grad class of 79'


Posted by Lauren D on January 31, 2005 2:08 PM:

I lived in Aiea (McGrew) in the mid 70's and went to Alvah Scott Elementary (K-4) and then Our Redeemer Lutheran (5-6).

I too remember the blue and yellow sky slides. I didn't go very often because we didn't live that close. We went to Castle Park a lot. That place rocked as a kid!

I used to love going to Sandy Beach and getting a banana shave ice from Malia's truck. She and Matsumoto's had the best shave ice. I'd ride the waves on my boogie board for hours. Remember that little beach/cove next to the Blow Hole? You had to walk down the rocks to get to it, but it was worth it.

I used to love going to SkateLand on weekends and cracking the whip with the big kids.

My brother was in the boy scouts....remember the Makahiki? Was it held at the Neil Blaisdale Center? Those were pretty fun.

I grew up listing to the Beamers, Home Grown albums, Sea Breeze, Cecilio and Kapono, etc... I still love that music. I loved laughing to Rap Replinger and Andy Bumatai too. I've found many of those albums on CD now.

I live in Michigan now, however I feel I grew up in the most special place in the world. My memories of growing up in Hawaii are priceless and have filled me with such nostalgia for the islands.

Posted by Jeff on February 1, 2005 6:45 AM:


Couldn't agree with you more about the nostalgia that accompanies my memories of my youth.

I grew up Hawaii Kai side. The little beach by Blowholw was "Cockroach Cove", we were there on January 5th...we snorkled first at Hanauma Bay and then went to check out the cove...spent many afternoons there as a kid.

It was nice reading your post...Michigan...could it be worse than Waco TX...:-)


Posted by MikeJ on February 2, 2005 8:25 AM:

Grew up in Manoa, Kailua, Kaneohe, Kapiolani '60-'82.

- Two story Woolworth at Ala Moana
- Chunky's Drive Inn
- Windy's Drive Inn (Kaneohe)
- Hawaii Islanders
- Tide pools near old skeet range on Mokapu Peninsula
- Cinerama Theater, Kailua Drive-In
- Beerman's Grove Elem (Kailua)
- Hikes in Kaneohe
- J. Aku-Head Pupule (radio guy who used to broadcast from treehouse at Int'l Market Place)
- Crater Festivals

Posted by Jeff on February 2, 2005 12:24 PM:

Hey Ryan...why did you close Restaurants and Bars that we miss???

Posted by Ryan on February 3, 2005 6:40 AM:

Jeff, that Restaurants and Bars We Miss thread and the POG thread were closed at the request of the original poster, who was still getting notifications of comments years later.

Threads that stretch on and on will eventually get closed, and people will be pointed over to HawaiiThreads.com, where general talkstory and reminiscing is more than welcome. This is all part of the "reclaim HawaiiStories for personal stories" project that I'm futilely trying to advance.

Posted by Jeff on February 3, 2005 7:01 AM:

Thanks for the reply Ryan...maybe it's me, but HawaiiThreads does not seem to be very user friendly. Should I give it another try and is it easier than I think?



Posted by Chad on February 10, 2005 9:54 AM:

I am looking for anything by Yick Lung. I have some pretty good imitations, but not like Yick Lung.
Hey, anyone ever eat at a greasy little burger place near the airport Ramada called Bryons?

Posted by Larry on February 14, 2005 12:46 PM:

I grew up on Wheeler AFB from 1975-1980. What great memories you all have given back to me.
-Checkers & Pogo, pennies out of a jar, eat a cracker and whistle first.
- Kikaida
-Childhood friends.
- Mrs. Mostad 3d grade, Mrs. Brown 4th grade, Mr. Hirata 5th grade, all at Wheeler Elementary
- Wheeler Warriors youth football, we travelled the whole island to play games.
-Dirt bikes in the pineapple fields and run like hell when the farmers came.
- Skateboard ramps
- 10 cents to ride the bus
- Bellows Beach boogie boarding
-Hanauma Bay snorkelling
- Uncle Mikey

Anyone else there at this time?

Posted by Chad on February 22, 2005 9:13 AM:

Larry, I was there 79-82..played for Pearl Habor youth football.

Posted by Lauren D on March 1, 2005 2:51 PM:

Larry - I loved boogie boarding at Bellows. Check out http://www.bellowsafs.com/ to see the beach now.

I'm going back to Oahu this December for a visit. I'm so excited. I can't wait to eat a banana shave ice.

Posted by gregorio on March 8, 2005 5:58 PM:

i just came across this site.i miss those days living in hawaii. i lived on oahu. as a kid i have great memories living there in the mid 70's. like taking my bus fair money and buying yick lung seeds after school. instead of riding the bus and walking home. and who could for get manapua. i grew up on watching many kid shows. at the time . like kamen rider,robocon,rainbowman,kikaida. just the other day i bought a kikaida dvd . i saw it in tower records in nj. my son wanted power rangers dvd.i told him and my wife wait to see this dvd. at first my son was mad. now when he comes home. it is the first thing he puts on. it's hard to explain. to my son that the power rangers are a old show. because at the time in hawaii in the 70's. they were called the five rangers. i have great memories. like taking the bus as a kid. and going to waikiki to see star wars 22 times. at the time you could go by yourself. and not have care in the world. it is funny how times have changed. i remember my mom used to leave me and my cousin . at the swings in ala moana mall. while her and my auntay would go shopping. how could i forget, i broke my first bone. falling off the swing. i can still remember my mom use to leave me in sherakia store. playing in isles with kikiada dolls. while she go shopping.those were the days growing up on oahu. man i shur do miss shave ice,zippi's,manapua of course. i prefer steamed. all in all hawaii is not the same.either is the world.i wish my son could experince days like that.and enjoying watching checkers&pogoo.i hope you enjoy my memories of the great hawaii. hay bra won talk to you later. buy the way i'm new at typing. so for give me bra.

Posted by Dave on March 11, 2005 12:45 PM:

Reading the posts on this site have reminded me of my very happy time spent in Hawaii as a teen. We moved to Hawaii in 1968 and my brother and I spent the first several months at Wiapau (?) school. Very rough! We moved into the first circle to open in Catlin Park; first on the right as you left the King K hiway goin north. We then went to Radford till 72. I remember the wonderful friendships, the summers at the beach, Bellows being the best for us. I remember my Dad got us this massive life raft that we would load up with a gazillion kids and ride the waves in to the beach. My best friends, John, Herman, Gayland and Clem (many others) what a blast. Most of the above reflections refresh my thoughts. Aiea loop trail and that crashed Japanese plane. Watching the filming of "Tora Tora Tora." Riding my little 125 Kawasaki all over the Island. Wonder I did'nt get killed. Alot of our lives seemed to revolve around the beach and football, football, football...girls and football!
Speaking of girls, I found this site because my wife and I are planning to spend our 25th in Hawaii next year. Although I'm sure I will be disappointed with some of the changes, still can't wait.
Thanks for sharing folks!

Posted by GC on March 11, 2005 2:16 PM:

Yick Lung? Wow! remember that also, actually was in a commerical for them in late 70's. My classmate had our forth grade class in the shoot with Moe Keale singing. I recall being on Checkers Pogo hanging donut game at KGMB after that. Reside in Chicago now, but a friend says Yick Lung is still in Kalihi area and still sells those nibbits. Hope to get some when visiting. Good memories!!

Posted by Susan on March 12, 2005 2:44 PM:

You're right...Yick Lung products are hard to find. Not like the old days. Try calling or leaving a message at their corporate office...808-841-3611.

Posted by David on April 23, 2005 6:34 AM:

Reading all of this brings back memories but being a Maui Boy they a little different than all the Oahu guys. Growing up in Kahului attending the Wailuku Honganji Nursery school, the smell of the insense. Attending Kahului School. The 25 cent School lunches. Attending Japanese School after regular school. Getting out of class 25 minutes early because you were a JPO (Junior Police officer) and having to wear the Blue jeans and White button Shirt. (Yeah I know Big Geek. The Big janitors strike and the teachers strike that closed the Schools for a couple of weeks. Riding my bike to Swimming Practice. The long drive to Lahaina and every time telling “DAD Pop the Horn” as you drive through the tunnel. Looking for the Eagle and the Bear in the side of the mountains. The hot days visiting family in Lahaina, and not thinking it was hot in Kahului because the trade winds were always blowing. Always looking for the Big L for Lahainaluna High School. the places to shop were , Noda’s, Ookas, Ah’Fooks, Star, Longs, Woolworths, Ben Franklin, Foodland/Emjay, Which later became Skate Palace. The smell everytime you drove by Kahului harbor. The old Quanset huts that used to be where the Community Arts Center is now. When the Zoo first opened and holding the rubber slipper so the Emus would peck at it. The Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlor. Being Jealous of everyone because they could get KHNL and see all the Japanese programs, Kikaida, Kikaida 01, Kamen Rider V-3, Ultra Seven, Ultraman. Running home from School to Catch Checkers and Pogo, trying to sneek in TV before homework. Envying all the Honolulu kids because they could be in the audience of Checkers and Pogo. Kewpees Drive in next to the Kahului library. The Dairy Queen with the Ono Fries and the Hamburgers or the hobo lunch. (all before McDonalds of course). The Ice Cream trucks that drove around, used to be the Tastee Freeze guy and then was those side Panel Vans where you could get Shave Ice Rainbow flavor and with Ice Cream on the bottom, or the packages Yick Lung Arare, Li Hing Mui, or Lemmon Peal. The Shishido Manju Shop. The long Drives taking Visitors around the island, the Haleakala Sunrise, the trips to Hana and the Seven Sacred Pools. Da Old open air Kahului airport which used to have big Banyon trees inside em. The picnics and camping trips at camping areas all along the way to Lahaina. Being able to spend hours playing in the Ocean. Visiting Iao Valley looking for the Profile of Kennedy. Always running across the Concrete and Steel bridge over the river. Playing at all the Cultural areas at Kepanewai Park. Feeding the Koi in the big pond. The Parades for the Maui County Fair. The undeveloped area between the Kahului Pool and Saint Anthony’s School. Currently am living and working In Iraq, and will be returning to my home in AZ, but my Parents Still live in Hawaii in the same home I grew up in and there are a lot of changes every time I go home. But these memories do stick and make me miss being a local boy. Thanks for helping me remember some good memories. Some of you may know What I am talking about hopefully will bring some Maui poeple some good memories as well. "Mahalo Nui Loa and Tally Ho" Lord tally Ho Blair when he closed the wrestling matches.

Posted by Chad on April 29, 2005 11:23 AM:

Susan, you rock! Thanks for the number. Dave, I used to live in Catlin Park also, I lived in the circle that led to Aliamnau (sp) middle school.

Posted by HK on April 30, 2005 3:51 AM:

OMFG! I just remembered La Hacienda in Koko Marina. It was kinda by that pathway (well, the back of Foodland) by Napa yeah? I was still small then but I THINK I remembered they had good nachos. That and Magoo's (with their sit-down pac man and asteroids games)and that big guy who sold the best shave ice in that little stand in the middle and the McDs with the pirate ship. Then there was Thrifty's, Molly's (for Icee), that store with the huge jacuzzi, the pet store, the hardware store, that fabric store...wow, it's all coming back to me now (BTW, i'm going by the early 80's). Now I have more things to lament over in addition to the empty space that no longer exists here. Hawaii Kai pretty much blows now--no character at all. I think that having 2 sets of Jamba Juice and Starbucks--in other words, 4 stores total (and literally 2-3 minutes away from each other by car--pretty much says it all.
BTW, does Yick Lung even do seeds anymore? All I see from them now is burnt shrimp chips, shadow-of-its-former-glory nibbits (both at Longs), and some li hing mui candy (at Daiei--formerly Holiday Mart). So to the person desperately seeking it, I have a feeling you may be disappointed if you do find it. It would be nice if they had some kind of a renaissance.

Things I miss also:

Jolly Roger in Kahala
Woolworths restaurant in Kahala
JcPenney restaurant in Ala Moana
Farrells Ala Moana
Saimin Bowl in Moiliili
Famous Amos cookies before he sold out

Posted by Cameron on May 14, 2005 4:12 PM:

OK, how can there be so many that grew up in Hawaii in nearly the same time period? Wow, talk about memories! I was a kid there from '67 to '74. Until I moved back to the mainland, I had no idea there was another version of the 12 Days of Christmas except the one with "Five Big Fat Pigs." I still don't know the "real" version. Speaking of Christmas, who can forget the gazillion bigger-than-life creatures Ala Moana put up every year at that time? It was always my mission to find the penguin with the little red ball in his beek. Ala Moana was the largest shopping center in the world at that time--144 stores. Anyone remember the playground on the ground level? yes, I remember the two-level Woolworths, Liberty House, Shirokiya and my favorite little shop..Island Coin. My favorite place to eat there was Lyn's Delicatessen and its teriyaki plate. I went back a couple years ago and its still there, but surrounded by a food court.
I could go on an on about the things I remember that have been referenced here: Waipahu Sky Slide, a multi-colored sky slide in front of Wigwam in Honolulu, Sandy Beach (we called it the Big Wave Beach and it is the BEST!), the cannons I used to climb on in front of the closed pool in Waikiki, The wind at the Pali lookout, the bridge in Wahiawa, the first McDonalds in Aina Haina with 59-cent Big Macs, ZIPPY'S, Li Hing Mui (of course), Saimin with the little pink and white fish pieces (my mouth is watering!), the Pearl Harbor Memorial, Nanakuli Beach (the best!), watching the filming of Tora, Tora, Tora, the opening of Pearl City Mall, school at Alvah scott Elementary in Aiea, the Shell gas station coin game, field trips every year to the Honolulu Zoo, Honolulu Symphony, Sea Life Park and Paradise Park, living on Puuku Mauka Street and Akaaka Street......I could go on for hours!
I will end by saying that, like every other kid in that period, I watched Checkers and Pogo religiously. Remember Super Spy and his jingle? "Spring time, for Super Spy, in Pigstyvania!" (at least that what I thought he said??) I was one of the lucky ones that got his number called out from the magazines they used to carry in Wigwam and other stores. They called my number and I won a nine-foot stocking full of toys. Yes, for nostalgia sake, I STILL have a couple of those games stashed away to preserve the memories.

Posted by nasty black on June 30, 2005 8:03 PM:

Was browsing through blogspot when I stumbled here

Posted by nasty black on July 2, 2005 12:27 PM:

Thanks for the link to this page

Posted by Merrie on July 11, 2005 1:23 PM:

Oh my goodness, I was just reading all this, and the memories are so coming back to me, I went to school in Kailua, Kalaohe High School, 1979 to 1981, Military we were called "grunts" I really miss it alot. I will be in Hawaii in Sept. 05 for a 1 week vacation. I want to find my long lost friend, His name is Keith Stephenson, Where are you??????????? He joined to navy right after high school, came to California to visit me before he went to boot camp. I have talked to him a couple times in the years, last was 02 i believe, Someone if you know Keith (from Kailua) he is around 42 or so. Please email me: mmartinez2@ec.rr.com

Posted by Lee on July 15, 2005 1:00 PM:

Checkers and Pogo, Yick Lung (Shredded ginger, baby seed, and just Li Hing Mui in general), Getting bullied by ne big kine local on "Kill Haoli Day."
KGMB, KKUA, Aulea swim team, life on Mokapu Road, going to school barefoot, plumerias, luaus. And my mother screaming at me to 'Go To The Beach!' because she didn't want me watching Checkers and Pogo, Kress Icees

Posted by Lee on July 15, 2005 1:05 PM:

You can find reasonable facsimiles of Yick Lung in most Asian food stores, but there is no real variety. Usually just the white and the red Li hing mui

Posted by Lee on July 15, 2005 1:11 PM:

Here is a link that looks promising for all you Yick Lung devotees


Posted by Lina on July 18, 2005 3:38 PM:

Ho some of these guys can go on forever! I'm mainly a Hilo girl but lived on at Hickam and in Ewa before my Dad retired. I remember the sky slide but I had forgotten about the penny thing on Checkers & Pogo. The jingles were cute and they came back so easy. Old Hawaii is gone, it's sad. Most of my cousins can't afford homes even in Hilo. I'm on the mainland, and I literaly cry when I think that I may never be able to live there again. YOu can get seed on the Jade website and there are receipe's at alohaworld.com. Support the Sovereignty movement, it's our only hope!

Posted by Naomi Lucente (Weigel) on July 18, 2005 7:55 PM:

Wow! The memories are flooding in. I cannot thank you ALL ENOUGH FOR REMINDING ME OF THE MOST WONDERFUL MEMORIES OF MY CHILDHOOD. i LIVED IN WAIKIKI (MOSTLY) FROM 1970-1988. My entire childhood was spent there. Moved to Ca. when I was 23. I miss everything!!!! Rainbow drive in was and is the best plate luch place on the island. I used to dance hula/tahitian for Kapiolani Butterworth. We performede at the ala moana shopping center every saturday, and the waikiki shell 3 times a week (kodak hula show). I was the little Haole girl in the front row. I wish I could find Mrs. Butterworth. Anyone know her?? I went to Jefferson elem. Washington inter. and McKinley high, Class of '83!! Go Tigers! I miss the .25 cent hamburgers from the "Back Store" behind wash. inter. and Mrs Levy!! i HAVE THOUSANDS OF MEMORIES!! I had great friends... Scott Sedeno. Memo Manrique, George Raquel, Sherri Texeira, Saane Takenima, Joan Ma...Has anyone seen them or heard of them?? How about Kimberly Sensano (Kaimuki High class of '83) I heard she moved to Texas but I can't find her. Lisa Eon, Claudia Bates, are you out there?? Nick BARAINCA?? Remember?? I would love to hear from any of you. Remember the Silver Lockers?? Kamaili Kapua, Steven Silva, Michael Drake?? I can't wait to see who responds to this...Aloha Everyone!! Can't wait to return home for another visit. (came last year for 2 weeks!!
Naomi Lucente (Weigel)

Posted by Maggie on July 21, 2005 7:56 AM:

Wow, this has been a trip! I grew up in hawaii from 1974-1993 when I moved to central NY....I lived in Kaneohe and went to Kaneohe Elem until halfway through 2nd grade, and then we moved to Ewa Beach, where I lived until I grad in 88....then back to Kaneohe until I moved to the mainland...this is bringing back some awesome memories! I have not been back since I moved, but I hear the sugarcanes are pretty much gone (this was happening right before I left, with the new crackerjack-box houses in Ewa and all the golfcourses starting up everywhere you looked! I remember goin swimming in the canefield ponds, fishing for crawfish...playin hide n seek until midnight all summer...I was on checkers and pogo when I was like 6 or 7, and got to do the penny thing...also had to choose the cup thing and I got those stupid chattering teeth! It was cool, I had forgotten about it! My uncle had a beach house in Kaaawa and used to spend a lot of my summers there too...swimming, kayaking out to china mans hat, playing in the treehouse we made, cathing crabs at night with a flashlight...camping in kaneohe bay,sleeping out under the stars, chasing the little tadpoles...going to luaus for babys or weddings or the kanikapila (my granddad played the base in the band), going to haiku gardens and chasing the baby ducks, going to the zoo and feeding the birds, waiting in line for 10 hours to see return of the jedi at the cinerama, cathcing the bus to waikiki with my friends (highschool age) and pool hooping at all the hotels in the hot summer, and then catching a movie at the waikiki theater before going home...oh, and how about runnign into a filming of magnum pi and having the road all blocked off! getting stuck in rush hour traffic going over the pali for two hours on what usually is a 20 minute drive...I have such wonderful childhood memories...I know it is not the same now, I have heard, but nothing can take away our past...not everyone can tell the kine stories we can, ya know?!

Posted by Naomi Lucente (Weigel) on July 21, 2005 7:17 PM:

I know what you mean! There is nothing that can take away our memories, and that's a good thing! Aloha to you! Ilived in Ewa Beach for about a year with my daughters Dad and his family (The Martinez's) Very fond memories for sure!!

Posted by Naomi Lucente (Weigel) on July 21, 2005 7:17 PM:

I know what you mean! There is nothing that can take away our memories, and that's a good thing! Aloha to you! Ilived in Ewa Beach for about a year with my daughters Dad and his family (The Martinez's) Very fond memories for sure!!

Posted by Ken on July 24, 2005 11:37 PM:

Reading the entries filled me with nostalgia and brought back memories. I grew up in Moiliili. I remember Kuhio Elem School, Mrs Lum was my teacher. I worked at Chunky's Drive In. Before Kuhio Grill, the place was called Cafe de Paris and next door to it was a store that sold scale models. I left the Islands in the 60s and now I'm in Copenhagen, Denmark. I desperately miss saimin, manapua, plate lunch, poi, lau lau, Kalama Beach, sounds of waves and mynah birds, Pumeria fragrance and other Island things long gone.

Posted by Jeff on July 28, 2005 12:16 PM:

HK, my family owned La Hacienda in Koko Marina, yes by Napa and yes down that back hallway behind Foodland. AWESOME memories...any body from Hawaii Kai era 1970 - 1985 please say hello, either we know each other or share some of the same friends...



Posted by Barbara on August 10, 2005 10:33 AM:


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How may I start a business Hawaii in the Bayou ? I look forward to hearing from you soon Barbara Dunning 3712 Louisiana Avenue Lake Charles La 70607


Posted by Scott on August 10, 2005 10:39 PM:

Man this is totally unreal! Memories galore. I could go on and on but it would all be redundant stuff (ie Yick Lung, Checkers and Pogo, Kikaida, Kamen Raider V-3, Farrels, Kailua Drive-Inn, Kaneohe Twin Theaters, etc.) but NOBODY mentioned A&W Root Beer Floats next to Holiday Mart in Kailua!!! AND Perry's Smorgesborg (sp?) in Kaneohe!!! Hauoli and Play World too!!! There was NO WINDWARD MALL!!! LOL!!! Come on!

Aloha to all this has been a fun "ride"!

Posted by Jana on August 30, 2005 10:47 AM:

This was great. I grew up in Hawaii - Kuhio Elem, Wilson Elem, Kaimuki Intermediate, Kalani High. My family moved to Utah summer before my senior year. When reunion time comes around - I really want to go to Kalani's - but never get invited cause I didn't actually graduate from there. I graduated in 1975 - anybody know abut Kalani's reunion in October - think I could go anyway? It'd be fun to see everybody. How about Alex's drive in by Kaimuki High? Farrels at Kahala Mall. Just went to Hawaii with my mom and sister, first time back for them. Lots has changed - yet many things still the same. Visited Kaimuki Intermediate where I got beat up alot - took a deep breath in the hall by the counselor's office and walked through the school - still the big tree by the cafeteria. Had some hard times - but some great times too!! Love Hawaii - it's the greatest!!

Posted by jeff on October 20, 2005 5:48 AM:

Where did all the recent comments go?

Posted by George on October 21, 2005 5:45 AM:

Yeah!...What Jeff said. My recent post is missing. How can people contact me to talk DA KINE? Kaneohe haole now living in Sacramento, Ca


Posted by MM on October 29, 2005 10:12 PM:

Okay....wheer did my post go to? Anyone seen it?

Posted by Chris on November 8, 2005 5:54 PM:

WOW, I'm listing to slack key guitar and thinkin bout da ol days. In the 60s you could ride your bike to Hanalma bay, tie it to one of the Papaya tree up top. and there wouldn't be but a couple other people there. The coral was so full of life. and fish, octopus and even eels.
Wiamea falls was still muddy, and you could climb up on the right side if you had the guts to jump in from the top. Mud slidin down the hills with your friends and stealin a pineapple for lunch.
You could sleep in the pavillions at the beaches, like kahuku and someone would invite you in their place for breakfast. There were free hula shows in the International Marketplace and you would get a big bowl of saimin under da big treehouse. The only buildings on the beach side of kalalaua was the Royal Hawaiian and the Prince Kuhio hotels.
I remember camping at bellows beach in the pines and surf fishing at night on Kailua beach. and cooking fish on a small Habachi.
Now I miss my home. The magic isn't gone, it lives in each of us. Keep it alive. Think I'll go back for Aloha week

Posted by robert sims on November 16, 2005 4:22 AM:

Hawaiian Skateboards Galore. The junkyard at the end of the Hawaii Kai houses. The treefort in the big tree by Hawaii Kai Golfcourse leading into KoKo Crater. Manapua Trucks by Sandy Beach. Waikiki Walls. Uluwato's.

Posted by jhakana on November 18, 2005 11:50 PM:

The junkyard at the end of Hawaii Kai houses? Was that not Kalama Valley?

Posted by Katsuichi on November 27, 2005 12:03 AM:

What I remember about Island living. Was the huge bird cage on the side of Shirokiya's at Ala Moana Shopping Center. Especially the Koi pond and Center stage when they had shows going on.
Everything is changing so fast that Hawaii, is not what it used to be back then. What I remember the most was growing-up near Varisty Circle near the University of Hawaii Campus. The lower campus didn't have that huge swimming pool built back then. It was just a dirt road parking lot. We as kids would built a raft out of left over pallets from some construction site and when it would rain hard the parking lot would over fill with water and we float on our raft as we were on some journey with nothing to worry about. I also recall the Sky Slide, the one near Jumbo's Restaurant in Mapunapuna. I thinks its a car lot if not mistaken today! All the tv show's everyone has mentioned earlier and always remembering where you once didn't have to pay to enter the Honolulu Zoo. Parking was free near the Zoo and around Kalakaua Avenue. Remebering that Ewa Beach, was nothing but cane fields and today it's all new construction. One thing I won't forget was Paradise Park,in Manoa. Also recalling the Old Honolulu Stadium. So many memories that when I started reading what people had wrote it got me kind of teary eyed because those were golden days to always remember growing up local style. Aloha =)

Posted by George West on December 15, 2005 7:43 AM:

MELE KALIKIMAKA to everyone from da Islands!! Enjoy da Kine with your ohana!

:c ) ALOHA

Posted by Sandra on January 19, 2006 12:25 AM:

Did anyone out there go to Nimitz school or live in NHA#3 in the 1950's or 1960's? My favorite teacher was Ethel Ching, and I took hula classes with Lillian Vincent at the Modern Hula Studio. After statehood, we had to wear shoes to school, but could go barefoot before then. I had the luxury of hiking to Sacred Falls and swimming in the pond there, and it seemed like "Journey to the center of the earth" to me then! Does anyone remember any of this or the "Ah-gee-no-moto" jingle? What about Lani-Moo, the Hawaiian equivalent of Elsie the cow? Ahhh...sweet memories!

Posted by Monica on January 31, 2006 10:17 AM:

Wow, things have changed so much there, I went there two years ago and nothing was the same. I went to Lunalilo elementary, Washington Intermediate and Kaimuki High School.
I remember chunky's, rainbow drive in, wisteria restaurant, jolly rogers drive in, shirokiya's bird cage(on the side of the store), liberty house, the koi ponds in the middle of the mall, gem, the cinema on King street. daie and the monorail at pearlridge, I miss seeing the japanese programs, I was into kikaida and ikkyu-san. I'm glad that many of you out there still remember these things, that brought us smiles to our faces. It is sad though that I have to pay $100.00 to get some chilli from zippys and hawaiian food that i love!!! :(

Posted by keith on February 15, 2006 12:47 AM:

Great site. I grew up in Kailua,went to Kalaheo H.S. class of '81. Would love to hear from anyone from that time. I'm still in Hawaii, but it's just not the same,looking to relocate. I'm a musician & spent a lot of time going to, & playing in the clubs of the early 80s. 23rd Step (Kailua),The Rock-n-Roll Clinic, Jazz cellar, York's, Orphan Annie's, Wave,3D, Red Lion. If anyone has any memories, or better yet, pictures, of any of the local bands from the 70s & 80s, I'd love to get copies. I'm starting a scrapbook of all the bands from that era. Also, any pictures of Kailua from then (60s-80s) would be greatly appreciated!!

Posted by Martie on April 4, 2006 12:17 PM:

Great to hear all the memories. I was born and raised in Hawaii and went to Kahala, Aina Haina and Kalani High Schools. Remember the May Days in elementary school - I could have killed to be on the royal court! My grandma would always make leis for the lei contest - it was a tiare which was, at that time, a secret to make. She would tell me to just tell people it was pikake! Remember eating saimin at Honolulu Stadium watching the Hawaii Islanders play! Must have seen every Disney movie first run at the old Waialae Drive In, after picking up burgers at Jolly Roger on Hunakai and Waialae. And then there were sunburnt summers at Kawela Bay...I could go on forever... Loved it!

Posted by kelly on April 26, 2006 10:25 PM:

Being stationed at Hickam, my father gave us kids the best childhood ever! I went to Mouklele elm. while my brother went to Radford. I remember spending Christmas at Bellows beach, catching little crabs scampering for the water at sun up, digging in the sand and finding empty shell casings (Pearl Harbor) playing on the big golden anchor outside the restaurant, the giant sky-slide we got to ride on while the folks shopped, being in the audience with other kids on my birthday during a filming of 'Checkers & Pogo' and getting to grad as many pennies in one handful as I could to put in my party hat, my dad watching us swim in the pool in Waikiki as he sat below in 'Davey jones' locker and watched us, the beautiful 'wooden roses' that grew like weeds in our yard (yet I can't find ANYWHERE today), making plumeria leis for our relatives when they came to the island to visit, dad taking me piggy back out to the sand bar at waikiki beach (his 'den' he called it)always having sand on the bottom of my feet and in my shoes and the bald headed guys who played and sang outside the international marketplace when it started to get dark, our neighbor, mr. Ching who was raising his grandson 'kimo' (my first boyfriend) when we lived on Tusatala street just a block from waikiki and who refused to sell his home to developers (wonder whatever happened to him?) Such a wonderful time and place to be a child. I don't care to go back, I'm sure all my good memories would be replaced with sad ones seeing all the progress the island has made.

Posted by Bozik on May 26, 2006 5:57 AM:

Hawaii is our home sad to say we left two years ago, and now we live far away in Puerto Rico. We look foward to the day we go back to our beautiful Hawaii, peaceful life, full of Aloha spirit and good fellows. Our keikis will live a good life. I can even smell the plumerias. So I just order some from Kapoliei to plant in our home in Puerto Rico. Yes is true you can become richer financialy in the mainland but richer in Aloha only Hawaii can give you that. Mahalo to all of you.

Posted by Lori Moon on May 30, 2006 10:19 AM:

I wonder if any one remenbers a Lori Coakley from Milliani town or Wahiwa Middle school.
I looking for lost friends.
My Dad was in the service and we lived over there from 74-78.


Posted by Lori Moon on May 30, 2006 10:20 AM:

I wonder if any one remenbers a Lori Coakley from Milliani town or Wahiwa Middle school.
I looking for lost friends.
My Dad was in the service and we lived over there from 74-78.


Posted by Mike Balliet on May 30, 2006 7:49 PM:

Lived in Aiea from 1966 to 1969 and went to Alva Scott Elementary. I remember Checkers & Pogo and still have a picture from the time I went to the show. I remember trading metal flake (from car seats?) and STP stickers with my bro's in 1st and 2nd Grade. Huanama Bay was so clear and usually 20 people tops. Watching Astro Boy, Speed Racer, King Kong (10 times as big as a man...) then watching Dark Shadows and being so scared I wouldn't go down the hall to my room. Hiking up the hill to the C&H sugar cane fields. Finding wild boar traps in the valley below my house.....great times. Went back for the first time in 2001 for my 40th B-Day. What a shock. H-1 went right through Aiea between Alva Scott and my house on Kaamilo Street. Tried to look up my buddy Saaichi Oba (heard he was a football star...would have graduated in 1979.....anyone?) but they even tore down the cool older homes where he used to live....remember horses walking down a dirt road under big shady trees with a bunch of 1940's style homes on big lots.......couldn't find it. Anyone know the place....had to be in or near Aiea. Love the great memories you are all sharing. I had forgotten about the sky slide. If anything I write rings a bell email me at mballiet@cox.net.....aloha and mahalo

Posted by Kevin Cotton on June 5, 2006 6:48 AM:

I grew up in Kalani Valley went to Kahala, Niu Valley, and Kalani (79). I still remember camping in Hanauma Bay, Pupukea,and Bellows. hitchhiking to Sandy's and Makapuu jumping in the back of a pickup and making fun of the lobster back tourists on the mopeds. C and K and Kalapana concerts at the Shell or the HIC. I live in California now but Hawaii will always be home. My parents still live there at Kahala Nui. So no more house when my family and I visit. hopefully can return when I retire...

Posted by George on June 27, 2006 11:25 AM:

Aloha, I grew up in Kaneohe/Kahaluu from 1968-1972, Heeia Elementary, My fond memories: Looking out from my front yard and seeing the Koolau's and Mokolii Island, shucking coconuts for 25 cents ea. for the Pinapple Hut Tourist Stop, The Hygenic Store (It's still there) Walking the shoreline of Kaneohe Bay and collecting the Glass balls from the Japanese fishing nets, Having my FIRST Big Mac from McDonalds (circa 1969) Watching and being on Checkers & Pogo. (Was on the show 3-4 times with my Cub Scout troop, Pack 227)Watching the Hula Show at Ala Moana Shopping Center. (We were friends with Kapiolani Butterworth) I had a brother who was 8 years older so I lived the hippy days thru him and his high school friends.(The Music, the Inscence, the beadded doorways, black lights and posters, Etc.) Think about where my childhood friends are now....Kevin Cook, Guy Castro, Tim Anspaw, Richard, Zenda, Charlie and Eddie McCullum, Nathan, Stephanie, Mark, Stephen, Scott, (Can't remember their last names but they were ALL in Cub Scout Pack 227 and went to Heeia) And Zach the BIG Samoan kid who used to chase my haole okole all the time wanting to beat me up. (Glad I was much faster than him) Remember standing at The International Market Place on weekend evenings and watching the Hari Krishna people (Shaved heads and orange wrapped gowns) Remember having a CRUSH on the still beautiful Carol Kai, Holding my breath while driving thru the Like Like and Pali tunnels, Making Plumeria lei's for visiting family from the manland, Catching Crabs at the Heeia Kea Pier, And of course ALL the BEAUTIFUL Island ladies. (I should have married one!) I moved away in 1972 but my Father stayed and I spent the next 10 summers with him in Honolulu, Girl Watching on Waikiki & Ala Moana Beaches, Smoking pakalolo and devouring the apple danishes at the Ala Moana Snack Bar and drinking lots of Hawaiian Punch. Oh how I love and Miss my childhood memories of Paradise. Now Living in Sacramento, California. I get back about every 2-3 years as I still consider Oahu...HOME. ALOHA to all of you!! Send me a How'z It and lets talk Da Kine!!!

Posted by Sherry on July 9, 2006 10:25 PM:

Whoa! Just came back from Oahu...what fun ya! Manapua at Patty's; boogy boarding at Bellows...eating at the shrimp truck...it has changed so much since the late 70's...but I got my Home Grown cd's...I'm happy!
Oh the memories...hang loose!

Posted by Jeff Mathews on July 20, 2006 1:10 PM:

What up my Hawaiian loving friends...hey George call me...Jill Akana I'm still looking for Tim McInerny...any help would be awesome...Jeff

grew up Kahala side, hawaii kai, 1st grade thru college, St. Louis grad 79'


Posted by Betty on July 31, 2006 1:48 PM:

Hi! I was 18yrs old when I went to Hawaii. My husband at the time was at Schofield Barracks. I was pregant and that was in 1968. We lived in a 2 family in Wahiwa. I loved Hawaii. It was so peaceful and not all the people like I hear it is today. I had both my boys there at Triple Army Hospital.

I would really love to go back sometime.

Posted by Brandy on August 5, 2006 5:30 AM:

I'm only 27. But I grew up in Waialua on Oahu. Most of the time I lived in Mill Camp and Cement City. In Waialua I believed the old Hawaii was there. We grew our own fruits and vegetables, killed our own chickens. Yeah life was so simple and beautiful. Then the sugar mill when close down and life became harder and exspensive. If I had enough money would move back. Till then I visit my Hawaii and family every year.

Posted by Fran on August 11, 2006 3:19 PM:

I spent one glorious year in Hawaii in 1969. My husband was stationed at Hickam and we lived in Waipahu and then
Waikiki area. I will never forget getting off the plane from the mainland--the smell
of flowers and the incredible mountains and clouds. I loved Pearl City Tavern for dining and watching the surfers on the north shore.
Made many friends there, mostly locals. I have traveled all over the world and have never been to a place like Hawaii. Wish I could have stayed forever. Aloha

Posted by Bill on August 16, 2006 10:58 AM:

My daughter and I have a disagement about ther drinking age in Hawaii. I was there in the early 60's, in the service. The drinking age was 20. She says that when she was there in the late 70's it was 18. Who is right

Posted by Bert on August 22, 2006 11:30 AM:

I lived in Hawaii Kai from 76-80 and went to Kamilo Iki Elementary, Niu Valley Intermediate and Kaiser High ('83). I spent tons of time at Uluwatu's skateboarding as I lived in Mariner's Cove. I also went to Wallo's in Niu Valley. Ate at La Hacienda a LOT! I miss Sandy Beach, manapua's, that fat guy with the yellow candy van, Kahala Mall, just saying Kalanianaole, The Bus, geckos, shave ice, Ben Franklin at Koko Marina, and all of my friends.

Posted by HARRY GUNSENHOUSER on September 11, 2006 12:22 PM:


Posted by Ray on September 13, 2006 6:40 PM:

Can anyone tell the address of where Chunky's Drive-In use to be located??

Posted by Bob on September 19, 2006 6:57 AM:

I lived in Aeia Heights from '67 -'71.
I remember:

Weekends at Fort DeRussy beach.

Watching Hawaii 5-o being filmed at my elementary school.

Going to the beach on Christmas day.

Walking across Kilauea crater.

Stories about the REAL Makua Charley from local divers.

Planes flying over my house and attacking pearl harbor continuously for what seemed like a month while they shot "TORA, TORA,TORA"

Maui potato chips.


Rice balls wrapped in seaweed for school lunch.

Monster hot rod cards.

The giant Dole pineapple water tank.

Being on Checkers and Pogo as an audience kid.

Burning Sugar cane fields.

Winning first place in the Aeia Kite Derby.

Picking guavas and lychee nuts off the tree and eating them.

Snorkeling at Hanauma bay.

Pheasant hunting on Lanai when there were pineapple fields as far as the eye could see (As well as a zillion pineapple bugs!)

Posted by hanabata dayz on September 26, 2006 7:40 AM:

Did anyone mention Castle Park?! That place was "da bomb" as we used to call it. And what I wouldnt give to have a porky boy or cheesy gal! I grew up on Kauai but spent many summers on Oahu.

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