Volume 1

Blood and Skin

Blood and Skin, Hawaii Stories, Vol. 1, Issue 2, October 2020.

Editor's Note

by Alicia Takaoka

“While we do not experience police brutality against African American and black men, there are still racial issues and tensions boiling below the surface of aloha.”

A Decent Human Being

by Jada Tan Rufo

“The Americans taught the Japanese how to make hush puppies, and the Japanese taught the Americans how to make traditional bookmarks.”

Laters, 1981

by Angela Nishimoto

“As they go to Rommel’s light blue Datsun 280Z parked on the Ala Wai, Rommel is silent.”


by Dr. Todd Inouye

Iit is difficult to recognize where we still fall short, being neck deep in Hawaii living.”


by Nick Choy

“I knew you would still be bathed in darkness for another six months as you grow into the little person you’ll be.”

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