Volume 1

Blood and Skin

Blood and Skin (Vol. 1, Issue 2): Stories about race, racial tensions, and race relations while living and working in Hawaii.

Behind the Mask

Volume 1, Issue 1

Behind the Mask, Hawaii Stories, Vol. 1, Issue 1, June 2020.

COVID-19: We are here

By Mitchell K. Dwyer

In late March, days into the stay-home edict, we joked about the consequences of forced, extended time with our loved ones. When it was over, would there be a baby boom, a rise in divorce rates, or increased numbers of vasectomies? A month later, in somewhat less humorous tones, we wondered if the real test […]

What Others Don’t See

by Jannica Cuaresma

Maybe it’s because of other things. Maybe it’s because I’m shedding hair like a dog and I have to cover the new shoreline on my forehead with a pink headband before I see people in virtual conferences.

The Gravity of Absence

by Megan Fernandes

My sister and I sat beside her, holding her hand in front of a large window. It was a grey, overcast and bitter cold day, with patches of snow remaining on the frozen ground outside.

Bubonic Beer Run

by Jamie Winpenny

I’d love to tell you about how bright my future was that day as I mingled among towering, living legends in the long afternoon shadows of a silent and somehow solemn Aloha Stadium.

Choosing My Reality

by Edwina Pine

We live by different values yet when the human race is “attacked,” we cannot agree to protect it, to protect all of us.

Behind His Mask

by Susannah Johnson

It’s harder to establish that trust when you can’t see our faces, or hear our voices very well. It’s a hurdle even for me to recognize co-workers sometimes, so we’re introducing ourselves every time we walk into a room.

The Next Precipice: Barely Scratching the Surface

by Kate Ozawa

I began to see politics, in its own strange way, as theater. If anyone wants to get into any elected position, they have to put on an act.

My Mask is Longer Than Yours

by Katherine Finch

These visits end up being emotional counseling sessions more than hands-on therapy, and she’s a champ at it, saving my spirit along with my muscles.

Quarantine Tacos and Unintended Focus

by Kristie Fetterly

Over time, Saturday Tacos disappeared. We got busy. School work turned into a career, marriage, and children. Before there was a literal ocean between us, other things took precedent.

About the Mask and My Life in ‘The Quarantimes’

by Alicia J.W. Takaoka

I respect the mask, but some days, I think it’s just a social convention so we aren’t panoptically shamed. Then I see the coronavirus reports in the morning.

4,562 Miles

by Jennifer Ozawa

Visiting my old home after I had been in Hawaii for a few years was a revelation. Nothing about my old town made sense to me. It felt like another planet, truly alien and strange.

Welcome to Shangri-lost

by Sandy Cameli

What do scientists call it, the circadian rhythm? Whatever it’s called, I think mine is broken!

From All Angles

by Sheila Buyukacar

Finally, solace in the calm of the ocean and sky

Restoration of Self Through Cooking

by Kathleen Lee

Spending time in the kitchen boiling, sautéing, chopping, and mixing made me feel like I had accomplished a little victory.

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