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July 12, 2003

Island Ghost Stories

I first got the idea for this post after someone had told that Hawaii had a lot of ghost stories floating around. My girlfriend's Mom told me about the big Jesus statue at Punch Bowl Cemetary and how it is known to dance at night, or maybe it just moves. Working at Zippy's Kahala I have heard stories about that old cemetary next door. Supposedly there was a Drive In Movie Theatre where the storage building is now and people used to see a woman's ghostly figure in the bathroom there. I don't know how much is true and how much is myth but supernatural events have always intrigued me. I'm sure Hawaii has somewhat of a haunted history after all that has taken place in these islands over the last couple centuries.

Posted by James at July 12, 2003 07:57 PM


Posted by uilani on October 26, 2004 5:02 PM:

aloha...im a local girl from hawaii and i truelly belive in ghost here in hawaii. and yes...i heard all lot of stories about the "faceless woman" and again it is true. and all i can said...that if you ever come across of any ghost in kaimuki or kualoa side just put your head down and close your eyes and dont look at them...and you know what sometime they can be friendly if you dont do anything.

Posted by chad on November 15, 2004 6:53 AM:

been there saw nothing. Not that i wanted to see anything. My friends told me about that faceless woman when we were visiting the storage facility while it was under construction.

Posted by Brittany on May 17, 2005 10:03 AM:

scary buh no better stories

Posted by Danny Rita on October 30, 2005 3:53 PM:


top of the chain

Posted by Eric on October 31, 2005 2:30 AM:

Okay there are some stories I've heard. There's an old estate up in 'Aina Haina that is a known Night Marcher sight. those are the ghosts that you need to lie facedown on the ground.

As for the 'faceless lady'. She's an old obake that used to haunt the women's bathroom of the Waialae drive inn movie complex. The bathroom is where the Storage facility is now. Don't know if she's still there...

There is a firestation/EMS station in 'Aina Haina that is also supposedly haunted. Story goes that one of the paramedics was taking a nap between calls and he suddenly felt as though someone was sitting on his chest and was choking him. His coworker saw what was happening and pulled off his crucifix and placed in on his friends chest and the choking stopped.

There also a Chinese cemetary near the university of Hawaii, and at the cemetary is an old dead tree that people have claimed to see flames or strange lights comeing from, but on closer examination the tree is unburned and there is no source of the lights at all.

Posted by astrida on November 13, 2005 1:10 PM:

Really would love some info on this house that we know is haunted here in Kaimuki on 9th. Avenue. Please contact with any input.

Posted by Jay on January 25, 2006 2:07 PM:

In reference to the dancing statue, that is at the cemetary by Diamond Head around the back side by Triangle park, not Punchbowl. For those of you that havent been there and want to go, all you have to do is make the right at the intersection of triangle park and follow the road that is going along the base of Diamond Head (like youre driving toward Kapiolani Community College). The Cemetary will be on the right side. I'm not sure if you can drive in at night anymore but back in the day you could drive right up to the statue. If anyone would like to hear more, my friends and I have been to almost every place on Oahu that had some sort of story attached to it. Hit me up at 808allstar@gmail.com

Posted by David Kealii on February 28, 2006 10:20 AM:

HI I was born in hawaii And lived there for about five years. I now live in ca. and my tutu always told scary stories about hawaii. Have any uv you guys no about palani road if you do could you post somting. Tanks alot.
Good by and Aloha. Uncle dave.

Posted by Dennis on March 19, 2006 6:26 PM:

If you ever want to get spooked go up Old Pali road to the Water Treatment plant. Across the street is the old Midkiff home. Above that (towards Pali) there is a trail leading to Nuuanu Stream. About half way along turn left into the bush and you should find a ruins with a sign in front saying it is Kamehemeha the 5th summer palace. Been there a couple of times and heard strange voices. I didn't stick around to find out what it was. I grew up in that valley and I stayed away from there after that.

Posted by kendria on March 23, 2006 9:56 AM:

I lived in hawaii for 4yrs and I didnt see anything planning to return this summer any good spots to visit if anyone have any good stories please email me a_pretti_gyrl@yahoo.com

Posted by Bonnie on April 4, 2006 5:01 PM:

I had one really scary thing happen to me, I was living in an old apartment on waiola st, across from the old saimin factory. One night when I came out of the shower my boyfriend was sitting on the bed and looked pale. I asked him if he had seen the ghost and he looked shocked, later he told me he had seen a man come out of the bathroom I was in, wearing a red plaid shirt and walked right past him and disappeared into the corner. This spirit had never appeared to me but until I finally moved out, had made noises when I was in the bathroom and even once tried to crush me in my sleep.

Posted by Maria on April 6, 2006 6:23 PM:

I have heared about alot of gohts stories ...and yes i have seen a gohgt befor . i saw pele when i was driving back from the volcano nationl park .I did belive in pele put I did not think i would see her .hearing all those staries about her I knew it was pele.

Posted by Stephanie on April 27, 2006 7:20 PM:

I lived in hawaii all my life, but nothing was as bad as last night when i was sleeping, about 2am in the morning I felt something on me. I couldn't move and i couldn't breathe. I kept moaning and groaning...then i woke up and left my bedroom. I later went to my sisters room to sleep in, where i felt safe. From what i heard, the thing that was on me was the night marchers...sounds scary.

Posted by Ku'ulei on May 1, 2006 7:14 AM:

has anyone heard of any ghost stories or hauntings at the dole cannery office building?? i work there now and theres alot of eery feelings. most of the time its a positive feeling, but other times its really negative and it feels like someone is right next to you. maybe just a couple inches away..and its just trying to keep you in one spot and there are eyes all around you just staring at you. i've also heard chairs move on there own, charts fall for no reason, and a couple co-workers of mine claim of seeing a nurse in a very old nurses uniform. i've asked around and im not the only one whos encountered these eery feelings..but no one knows the story behind it.

Posted by asdfjl;asdkfjl;asdkfj on May 12, 2006 11:03 PM:

Honolulu Aipa building on the first level where diebold is located. the warehouse is haunted by old technitians; just spirits...i encountered one going down the hallway i was walking and the lights behind me were turning off so i ran.
Many workers have seen the spirits and we wonder if its real because its pretty creapy...im sitting in the warehouse right now...

Posted by Kevin Cotton on May 18, 2006 1:35 PM:

I remember stories of the 13 steps over next to the Pali Highway. I grew up going to Waialae Drive In and hanging at Jolly Rogers ( now Zippies ) and still remember the grave yard next to the Church and Jolly Rogers. I live on the Mainland now but still tell my kids the stories of the night marchers in Hawaii, Not to mention the smother ghosts that are by the stories above are still running around. Does anyone remember when they built Aloha Stadium and how many workers died until they blessed the construction site and the injuries stopped?
A Hui Hou

Posted by Shane on May 22, 2006 1:58 AM:

about the diamond head cemetery supposedly you drive around at night with you headlights off and when you turn them off the statue is right in front of the car.

Posted by kelsey on May 31, 2006 10:10 PM:

hi yeah the faceless lady is called a mujina.

highly doubtful she's still there.

theres also two morgan's corners...and the one that supposedly had the couple there never happened.the real story on that morgans corner up in kaneohe on kionaole road involves a murder of a young girl.the other morgans corner is on the nuuanu pali drive....it involves the beating and hanging of theresa wilder.

try going up tantalus...pretty scary up there.

oh and please dont bring pork across the pali unless your ready for your car to break down.

Posted by Kanoelani Fernandez on July 12, 2006 5:06 PM:

Aloha could I have more information on the house in Kaimuki on 9th avenue. And if the house is still there and if it is how long is been empty where no one lives in it.
Much Mahalo,

Posted by Lesi on July 14, 2006 4:25 PM:

talofa im Lesi as i have always like visiting Hawaii i came up there during summertimes to visit my uncle and aunt.......anyways about da ghost stories up there its really fascinating i've heard about it alot especially da night watchers led by kamehameha and i heard that they are the worse spirits to come across.....well keep posting ghost stories because i really love to read them.....

Posted by Lesi on July 14, 2006 4:27 PM:

u should hear about our own ghost stories about American Samoa really, really spooky!!!!!!

Posted by billy kaczynski on August 4, 2006 1:57 PM:

on the old pali rd. the one going up the pali and you make the right after the intersection, there are tons of cold spots here which are usually asociated with spirits, i felt a few of them one day while hiking.
they also like to hang out in the trees on the side of the road. check it out, but show respect. take a picture, you might get some orbs or an actual spirit on film.

Posted by Naomi on August 24, 2006 10:46 PM:

On the Island of Maui in Makena along the Kings Highway, past La Perouse you can see the night marchers.

Posted by Leolani on August 29, 2006 12:16 PM:

has anyone ever been to baby's cry?

Posted by malu on August 29, 2006 2:49 PM:

I believe. Once on Molokai we saw a woman clothed in white near the cite of a heiau. Here on Oahu, when we were young teens we would sneak off to Old Pali Road. One night while we were there, something chased us down. We could hear and feel something, but couldn't see them. Then when we got to the gate and jumped in our car, our car which was just working fine didn't start! My friend began to pray and the car started and we never went back!

Posted by Travis Erece on August 30, 2006 9:08 AM:

Yeah! I when herd the one about Pele, the God of volcanoes in Hawaii. I herd if you see one lady walking on the side of the road at the mountains, you get goodluck.

Posted by makala on August 31, 2006 2:37 PM:

I live in hawaii near kahala mall. i was talking to my friends about ghost and one of us brought up the dancing statue at the cemetary across da street. we went there at night with the car lights faceing it. at firrst look its a large statue

Posted by Kahealani on September 3, 2006 12:03 AM:

Hey.. my name is Kahealani and i heard so manys tories about how many places in hawaii is haunted and i truely believe it is. but not because of the bad but because of how sacred this land is and people don't look beyond the ghosts and just notice that their probably telling us something. i once went to pearl city high school with my boyfriend and his friends and i noticed that, that's the only high school that the red and white gate isn't closed. so when you drive in to the school's parking lot and i suppose that's in front of the stairs. we got out of the car and walked towards the stairs and we listened and the closer we listened we heard a loud scream. the scream would come every 30 seconds. and at first i thought it was the wind but i looked around and the tree's weren't moving. the scream would then come again. and we ran in the car screaming. i don't know if it's all planned out by someone because the front gates were open but then the moral of the story would be that this girl was getting into the elevator in school and this other girl was beating her up till she died and throughout she was getting beaten up she tried to scream for help and she kept ringing the emergency buton. and still from this day when you go to pearl city high school you can still hear the scream and sometimes the bell ringing.... spoooky!!

Posted by Jessica on September 11, 2006 11:19 AM:

Has anyone ever had these like black moving humps you see at the corner of your eyes follow you everywhere you go? Cuz when i lived in Hawaii they where there. Then when i moved to the main land i never saw them again.

Posted by j_boog on September 13, 2006 6:28 PM:

pearl city high is fake. we went all the way up the stairs to where the sounds were coming from. you hear screaming every minute. it is not an elevator, but a storage. we tried opening it but it's locked. and the speaker box, er tried pushing the buttons but nothing happens.

Posted by Yukie on September 14, 2006 5:23 PM:

to the girl asking about the 9th ave house, it isn't on 9th, it's on the corner of 8th & harding. yeah, the house is still there...no one lives there but from passing by that house almost every day it seems like they're trying to fix it up.

Posted by Knox on September 16, 2006 10:23 AM:

The Oahu Island News, a local community paper, is doing a cover story on ghosts of oahu (for Oct 06). Anyone with direct experience, or can put me in contact with someone who has, please call me at 263-3535 or email at knox@oahuislandnews.com


Posted by Summer on September 20, 2006 3:41 PM:

I have been here on Oahu for 2 1/2 months and have been dating someone that experiences the "paranormal" daily! He is native to the island, and I've heard that makes a difference for some reason.

It was hard at first believing him, was he just trying to scare me? Is it all in his head? He is so terrified to go to sleep, and has barely slept at all in the last few weeks -- when he is in an almost sleep state, he gets held down, cant breathe or scream or anything! growing up, he always saw things, heard things, felt things.... I dont know what to make of it. And since this is a daily occurance, its all he dreams about as well (when he actually SLEEPS that is - which is usually only at my house)! Constant nightmares about spirits and ghosts attacking him!

I think it MAY have something to do with your religion as well -- another person I knew back home on the mainland grew up with this "sixth sense", but the only time it became horrifying was when he was trying to find his way and practiced different religions. The guy that I'm dating was brought up morman and refuses to practice. Maybe the spirits bother him so much at his home because of this? His family is VERY strict Morman; his grandfather is even a bishop.

Can anyone give me any more insight? Sometimes I feel like he's crazy and it's all in his head! Can you really have that much power over your mind to just BELIEVE or NOT BELIEVE and make it be real or not real???

Because of my experiences with him, I now have trouble sleeping at night because of what he's "seen".

Posted by Angie Chung on September 28, 2006 11:55 PM:

Hey i've been on island for about 2 years now and would love to visit some of these haunted places. Just what do I need to protect or ward off the spirits?!
Was it something like Ti Leaves or some sort?


Posted by Angie on September 28, 2006 11:55 PM:

Hey i've been on island for about 2 years now and would love to visit some of these haunted places. Just what do I need to protect or ward off the spirits?!
Was it something like Ti Leaves or some sort?


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