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Hawaii Stories was established in 2002 as a storytelling community, a gathering place where web-savvy islanders and islanders-at-heart shared their thoughts… be they random epiphanies, poignant observations, anecdotes, rants, questions, lyrics, poems, or anything else. Hawaii is what ties us together, but the things we shared crossed the whole spectrum of everyday life.

The genesis for Hawaii Stories came from online diarists, journalers, and “personal webloggers” — people with a love of writing, storytelling, and “escribitionism.” Front and center was a community blog, and Hawaii Stories also hosted individual blogs for dozens of talented storytellers.

Of course, back in 2002, it wasn’t easy to write on the web. By 2004, “blog” was the Merriam-Webster “Word of the Year,” and by 2008 (when the last community blog post was published), you couldn’t throw a rock without hitting an online publishing platform. In fact, a chorus of voices lamented the inevitable death of good writing on the web.

Fortunately, good writing hasn’t died. But it’s certainly evolved. With terms (and sites) like “Long Reads” and trendy long-form platforms like Medium, online storytelling is alive and well.

Today, Hawaii Stories hopes to foster and showcase great local writing. From train-of-thought talkstory to think pieces, from fiction to poetry, from personal journals to citizen journalism, if you have a story to tell, you are welcome here.

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Hawaii Stories is part of the Hawaii Hui. Founded in 1994, Hawaii Hui LLC (formerly Leahi.Net) is the largest and longest-running blog network and online publishing group in the Aloha State.