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February 03, 2005

Out of the System

I've had it with the incompetant substitute. I've had it with the parents who can't teach their little monsters how to get along with others. I've had it with the bureaucracy and the rigidity and the uniformity. I'm home-schooling my kids. And before you tell me that home-schooled kids are freaks, I'm going to tell you: I know, but I'd rather raise a brilliant freak than a poorly-educated prom queen. I can count on one hand the number of things she'll miss out on by not going to school. Read on...

Posted by Scarlett at February 03, 2005 06:15 AM


Posted by kane on February 4, 2005 1:21 PM:

Congratulations on your decision to home-school the kids!

The children that I've come across that home-school are bright and creative with great communicative skills. Their family ties tend to be stonger and they are goal oriented with a strong sense of self.

Granted, home-schooling is not the answer for everyone, but when one considers the number of troubling issues throughout the public school system, it is understandable why more parents are increasingly seeing home-schooling as a viable alternative for their children.

At one point in time there were a lot of false perceptions and stereotypes attached to home-schooling and the kids that home-schooled. However, in the past 15-20 years where home-schooling has continued to grow in numbers, the methods of home-schooling have gained broad acceptance with educators and has also become socially accepted. It is my guess that most children nowadays have a friend that homeschools or knows of someone that does.

There is now a wealth of information available on home-schooling. In some areas, teachers and counselors are more than willing to work with families on developing a rounded curriculum and devising lesson plans if desired.

Once again, I congratulate you on your decision to give the gift of home-schooling to your children. I hope the experience proves to be a rewarding one for the kids as well as for yourself.

Posted by kreeesty on February 9, 2005 3:46 PM:

sure, lots of homeschooled kids are freaks, but look at everyone who came out of regular school a freak anyway.

seriously, i believe all kids can benefit from homeschooling through at least third grade, and i actually have some faith in the public school system.

my one great wish is for parents to view themselves as the primary educators in their kids' lives (not "it's your damn job, teacher!") so many kudos to you for taking an even greater step.

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