Syndicate Us

Through the power of new web technologies (specifically XML and RSS), you can syndicate HawaiiStories content on your website.


Want your website to taste extra fresh? Thanks to Ben Brown's RSSMonkey, you can add the latest headlines from HawaiiStories simply by pasting the below code into your page. (Make sure the code doesn't contain any line breaks after you cut-and-paste it into your HTML.)

<script language="JavaScript" src=""></script>

You can then format the basic appearance of the text by wrapping the code in formatting tags (i.e. bold, italic, font styles, etc.).

For a working local example, click here. For real-world examples, check out the HawaiiStories talkstory feed on Ali's page, and on Ryan's page.


If you're familiar with XML syndication, the XML address (URL) to specify in your query is:

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