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November 03, 2006

What happened at HIFF (Besides the Films!)

[pics galore] Hi there! Just thought I'd share the blog I made with all the Louis Vuitton Hawaii International Film Festival events. It was a great week thanks to some fantastic volunteers and staff. The films I saw were, for the most part, epic. Here's some photos!

so here's some of my favorite things from the hiff week.

you don't usually see me...

...spending too much time at the o lounge. but tonight is special. VERY special. one dan the automater is here tonight for a very special Hawaii International Film Festival performance

whathey! SPEAK of the devil...

chris veatch is back on the islands until he sells his house. guess the holidays are going to be better than i thought!

scotty was there with ivan cruz. scotty totally rescued me when they wouldn't let me in the gate at the hickam contest. rad!

michelle was there too. and there's me! i'm there! there i am!

far east movement was there

aw kyle honey. coop was HELLA disappointed to hear you were just outside. you should have just come in. it wasn't bad at all. i mean, hey! balloons!

far out, man

hey, these guys. i wonder what they were discussing. i don't know if i should even put this up considering there's like 104 photos this time. but man. it's accidental brilliance if you ask me.

chris's friend was pretty hyped on my bag.

chris's friends, come to think of it, were pretty hyped on the entire night in general.

um, ya. sarah honda TOTALLY knows dan the automater. she lived in his house for a few years. i remember getting pretty excited about them last year at the futura party too

just so you know. there WERE pupus. ....

ALLIA!!! damn girl it's been like centuries. stop hiding now, i'm not down with that!

i told chris he had emo hair now. he said it was only because he was super drunk.

maggie! MAGGIE! ahhhhh...... (maggie)

ho'ala's crew made it. i'm so proud of ho'ala, by the way. he's out and about like in ridiculous amounts these days.

oh, ps: i was there

the king and queen of chinatown made their appearance

maui what!

hi, make films much?

hey! what's up...

coop did stuff too. um, you're gonna just have to take my word on it.

oh ya, and this guy. you better believe he did something way cooler than this

there was a question about the set. i heard something about the mainstream dominating it for various reasons. nobody (except maybe sarah!) will ever really know the real reason. but anyone who was there will tell you it was HELLA fun.

oh ps: i was pretty much the first person in the door for the receptions. ask trevor.

don't worry tho-- john berger was right behind me.

hi, we're brilliant. love, the filmmakers

michelle is absolutely getting a lot of coverage lately. rowr

my new HIFF best friend. i was lurking her shots for the whole festival

so ya, people were there

i saw this.

ian was there

there was food

and people

the invitation said "aloha wear". these were the ladies who didn't just take heed. they pretty much mopped up the entire patio with their steeze. i love you, international aloha wear wearers


ps: jacquie and chanel made it!

proof? well! here we all are

hi, we're famous. love, gerard elmore and kal penn [modi]

pretty much blew it with my attempt to get a shot of joel here.

OH HEY! jacquie and i were commissioned to do an installation of our now semi-famous starbucks art project! seriously! by none other than casting extrordinaire sue larkin in her office. um, HELLO FUTURE ARTISTS!

she even had us sign/date it. 5 more of these and i can totally have one of those art resume things kyle always has laying around

we accept most types of payment. please e-mail me if you want one.

where am i now. OH! hey matty...

ya, matty wins for best oahu ride right now. you california people are probably used to vehicles like this. out here. not so much. i slobbered all over it the entire ride over to dole

oh, hey kamu

forget where ever you go on tuesdays. clearchannel copy room is totally where it's at

now take 3 individually hot-headed totally bossy people who each think they are always right (me der and flash) and give them a simple project of making 20 goody bags

it was. total. mayhem.

we made these by hand people. so make sure when you're at prom on tuesday you appreciate the handiwork. ps: i asked my future to one and it was TOTALLY right. so ya, they work!

os ps: tuesday night for halloween.... is going to pretty much rule. please come. sheraton waikiki.

the usual attack of derin's office after the meeting. this time we got treats tho!

they always have the coolest clients.

OLENA!!!! we all are seriously dying here. who needs a master's degree already COME OUT girl ....*sobs*

so what. oh, hello royal hawaiian

guess who was the first one to the hiff awards banquet? just guess!


sometimes it's nice to be early. and sometimes not. i mean, if i knew it wasn't open bar i'd make one of those fashionably late appearances i always hear about.

ok. people now.

trevor pretty much ruled this whole damn deal. i'm not talking about the party so much as the entire film festival management and such.

hi, we're local filmmaking geniuses with projects on the side like newspaper columns and stuff. love, us.

he should be on the list i mean his film won

oh ya, this. i loved this.

chris was there making friends

you know, it was $100 to get in to this thing. i'm thinking. that means. open BAR.

thats ok tho. you know you can't really win them all right? and this stuff is non-profit so. oh! ps: i LOVE these girls

see kyle honey you would have loved some of the people there. was dope dope dope dope!

hi, i'm a real photog. love, NOT christa

so ken wantanabe was there too. and i was lurking super hard among all the real paparazzi with my little digi point and shoon. HEY! over here!

this guy cast wantanabe waaaaaaaaay back in the day. let me tell you.

ask anyone who was there. the story is. long

hi! we're tv people!

let's hear it for the hiff people. and sarah honda's DRESS!

nicole. NICOLE!!

kevin smith was bimbling around trying to avoid me.

you know. i TOLD him to throw up a shaka. i really did. and there it is.

john berger and i are here to tell you that life rules, ok?

another HIFF BFF (best friends forever)

so americanese was so sad. i usually only see upbeat comedies during a film fest because my poor little heart can't take so much drama. i made an exception for americanese tho. i mean, hey, eric byler. and not to mention chris tashima

hi, my film totally won. love, michael wurth and friends

ps: i was there. michelle too!

kevin is still ignoring me

hanzo and his girl were there tho!

and i met my next stalking-victim for the next ten minutes. SHELLY! so beautiful i want to die.

ray and jason were there.

so ya. ten dollar drinks. me and chris were.... not drunk

i don't care what you say. with the exception of kevin smith's award acceptance, taimane was the best thing that happened all night

hey! it's THIS!

i mean, she totally blew the entire room away. but whatever. she has come a long way from the kalakaua days. thank GOD. i love this girl

ps: i was sitting too close. not one good shot starting now

so ya, jack bender directs lost. no big deal

kevin smith got the maverick award and compared it to his penis. then he talked about doing it with his wife. it was fantastic. if i were you, i'd make sure you go to his seminar at the hawaii theater saturday night.

ken wantanabe. post intro.

love for share won! love for share won!

and that's all i should show you. unless you are super into it. eh... i gotta get cleaned up. it's friday!

you missed the film festival don't worry! next year's will be even better. and if you feel like there's just no use to go on living WAIT! there's totally going to be an indie one in, like, a week. SHOOTS!


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way cool...

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