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Want to join in the fun?

As we waxed electronically in the introduction, "We hope the HawaiiStories community weblog will inspire island webheads to share their stories, and respond and react to the tales and thoughts of others, fostering a fun and intelligent (well, mostly intelligent) exchange of both random ideas and provocative points of view."

The HawaiiStories community weblog (the main page of the site that all members contribute to) is open to any journaler, diarist, weblogger, or online storyteller with ties to Hawai`i. If you live in Hawai`i, once lived in Hawai`i, were born in Hawai`i — or in some cases merely visited or just really like Hawaii — drop us a line to request an account.

(Of course anyone, anywhere, can comment on HawaiiStories posts and participate in discussions. But you need to be a member to get your site linked and to get an account to post entries on the front page.)

When you request your account, be sure to include a brief introduction (tell us, for example, about your Hawaii ties), as well as the URL to your website.

Don't have a website? Well... 

Want to move in with us?

Are you a would-be escribitionist who just can't find the time to build a website? Or are you a current journaler or blogger who's budget has condemned you to ad-filled hosts (like Geocities) or overcrowded and unreliable diary services (like Diaryland)?

Well, HawaiiStories is here for you. If you can pass our grueling and rigorous screening process*, we also provide 'blog/journal/diary hosting.

That's right. We can set you up with your very own site here on HawaiiStories. We'd equip you with the WordPress publishing system, which is so nifty it's both push-button easy and powerful and versatile at the same time. Beginners will be sharing their wit and wisdom with the world in no time at all. Demanding power-coders will be able to customize nearly every aspect of their site, taking full advantage of the versatile WordPress template system.

Want to take a test drive? Check out the fictional Lady Sample's Blog. You can log in (user: LadySample, password: test), poke around, even post an entry or two. We should warn you in advance, though... online publishing — journaling, 'blogging, whatever you call it — is highly addictive. No one can post just once.

Does all this sound good to you? Inquire within!

* Don't worry. While we are pickier about who we host than we are for people who simply participate in the community blog, if your Hawai`i ties — and your desire and ability to write — are strong, chances are we've got a home for you.

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