Blood and Skin Call for Submissions

Volume 1, Issue 2: “Blood and Skin”

In the islands, we integrate different cultures and values with our work, homes, and communities. We don’t have the same racial tensions and experiences as the mainland, but race is often still a point of contention in our state. We want to hear your experiences and stories about race, racial tensions, and race relations while living and working in Hawaii. Whether you consider yourself local or aspire to be, if you’re kanaka or kama’aina or malihini, we want to hear from you.

Submission Guidelines

Please provide:

  • Your short, non-fiction story of 500-750 words. We are flexible on length, and also on primary medium (poetry, photo essay, video) but prioritize the written word.
  • A headshot of yourself, ideally centered, directly facing the camera, with room to crop vertically or horizontally as needed.
  • A two- to three-sentenced author biography.
  • An optional photo or illustration that best represents the theme, topic, or tone of your submission.

DEADLINE EXTENDED: Please send the above via email to by August 31, 2020.

All rights to submitted works remain with the author. Hawaii Stories endeavors to be an inclusive venue for Hawaii voices, but publication is not guaranteed.

About the Editor

Alicia J.W. Takaoka

Alicia Takaoka is a writer, instructor, and researcher who lives on the Big Island with her Mister and cats. She moved to Hawaii for school and has lived on three islands in the nearly 17 years she’s been here. Alicia has an MA in Scientific and Technical Writing from Bowling Green Stare University, and she is earning her PhD from UH Manoa in Communication and Information Sciences with a focus on human-computer interaction.

Alicia currently teaches English and Gender and Women’s Studies classes at UH Hilo. Her research focuses on the intersections of embedding emotional context in asynchronous communication, communicative memory, digital humanities, information sharing, and stigmatized individuals on social media. Alicia is active in the Hawaii Chapter of the Internet Society and is getting more involved in writing and publishing. You can find more information on her website at

Senior Editor

Hawaii Stories co-founder Mitchell K. Dwyer was editor of the inaugural issue and will provide guidance and support for this and future issues.


Hawaii Stories co-founder Ryan Ozawa periodically pushes buttons.

On Issue Three

Interested in curating and editing our next issue, and playing a key role in developing and deciding the theme? We want to hear from you!

Photo credits: “Rainbow” by Jessica Wust, “Hands 4” by Laura Lewis. Creative Commons.

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