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April 04, 2002

Odd Finds

My hubby and I just spent the last hour browsing around Found Magazine, a gallery of found objects - from grocery lists to Dear John letters to torn up photographs. Totally random, yet also totally engrossing. It reminded us of a strange set of index cards Ryan found near UH one night.

He was taking night classes and parked on one of the side streets in Manoa. The same night his car battery died and he had to wait around for AAA, he collected three fairly crisp 3-by-5 index cards in the bushes by the UH President's House. They were all one long note from a guy to a girl. It was very heartfelt, but a bit creepy.

One line was something like, "I know I'm not being reasonable it's just that I didn't like the way that guy was touching you." The guy in question was also apparently Swedish.

The most interesting part was the sign off, which said something like, "I'll leave the device behind the rock where we put that thing that one time."

The device?

Posted by Scarlett at April 04, 2002 11:21 PM


Posted by Linkmeister on April 5, 2002 7:55 AM:

Hmmm....heraldic, do ya think? Hopefully not explosive.

Posted by Ryan on April 5, 2002 8:45 AM:

I loved that site! I kept giggling about some of the "Notes" late into the night.

The misdirected jilted lover note, and the angry parking lot note.

What intrigues me about the latter one is that the author apparently took the time to get to a computer, compose and print the note, and then return to the offending vehicle to deliver it.

Now I'm thinking I just might not ignore those scraps of paper on the ground (or, more often, left in empty shopping carts)...

Posted by Linkmeister on April 5, 2002 10:07 AM:

To inject a note of solemnity, remember all the paper floating around lower Manhattan on 9/11? NPR's ATC did a short piece on it.

Posted by bunny on April 8, 2002 7:07 AM:

Oh my. I've left rather vehement notes on inconsiderately parked cars before - especially when someone steals a parking space at the mall or it's 2 am and there's no on-street parking and one car is parked sideways across two or three spaces. It's really infuriating, but I never thought about one becoming a found object. Makes me laugh! I might say more than, say, "You Suck" now. :)

I always like to think that an anonymous nasty note gets stuck in the offender's head and they are mad about it all day, but in reality, if they are such an ass, they really don't care one way or the other.

Posted by Ryan on April 12, 2002 4:33 PM:

Late addition, but worth a click (especially on Friday): another found art web site. More angry scribbled notes than you can shake a stick at! (Via MeFi.)

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