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April 04, 2003

Crash, Boom, Bang

Hawaii doesn't get many thunderstorms, especially of the magnitude of this morning's storm. When I was awakened during the wee hours of the morning, my mind, still half asleep, believed for a brief moment that those crashes and booms and flashes of light were brought upon us by enemy fire.

I think I have been watching too much CNN with live coverage of bombing in Baghdad.

When I came to my senses, I found myself listening contentedly to the rolling thunder in the distance, lying in my warm bed and being utterly thankful for the blessings that I have and the relative "peace" that we're so fortunate to be enjoying here on our humble little island.

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Posted by lisa on April 4, 2003 9:53 PM:

You're hardly the first person I've heard say that today. One person even said they went outside just to check, and found most of their neighbors up and about, nervously peering at the sky.

I woke up to a bright flash in the middle of the night, and actually enjoyed the light show. We didn't get much loud thunder in Kailua, so it wasn't anything to arouse alarm or suspicion (plus it was raining here, and I've heard in most places it wasn't).

A part of me can't help but wonder if the government isn't a bit pleased that the media is having such an impact on us (I confess that recently I had a dream that Saddam got SARS). After all, a frightened society will surrender freedom for the promise of security.. but that's another story.

Posted by Donna on April 4, 2003 10:13 PM:

You mentioned the absence of rain. That's one thing that I forgot to mention, because that was something that I remember consciously listening for... and not hearing -- the peaceful pattering of raindrops on my rooftop. That surely would've served to allay my fears more quickly. (I subconsciously associate thunder and lightning with rain.) By the time I started dozing off again, I heard a very light drizzle start to fall but I don't think we ever got a big downpour in my area.

As for the media impact, I sometimes wonder if all of this advanced technology which allows the press to give us the "play-by-play" action of the war is doing us more harm than good. But as you say, that's a whole 'nother entry altogether.

Posted by Ryan on April 4, 2003 10:27 PM:

Our Beth had a similar instinctive reaction to the storm. "Oh my god! They're bombing Pearl Harbor!"

The only thing weird about the weather last night, in our home, was that one particularly bright flash of lightning actually turned on one of our brass, touch-sensitive lamps. It was a little eerie.

Posted by Beth on April 4, 2003 10:54 PM:

I can't tell you how happy I was when I found out it was thunder.

Hello, Mr. Bush, stop this war...I want to get off!!

Posted by Linkmeister on April 5, 2003 7:18 AM:

I woke up at 0315; the dog was under the bed before the first loud clap (clap sounds too short; the first long roll) ended. I had an immediate sense of empathy towards the citizens of Baghdad too.

Posted by Donna on April 5, 2003 8:59 AM:

Linkmeister, you're lucky your dog was UNDER your bed. Mine ended up on top of my bed, pushing poor Hubby off and relegating him to the floor. ;)

Posted by Linkmeister on April 5, 2003 11:35 AM:

Donna, it was even better than that; the dog was under my Mom's bed!

Posted by Albert on April 5, 2003 1:28 PM:

It is odd we so rarely get thunder here (and did you see the newspaper story about the house in Ewa Beach that got hit by lightning?).

Woke me up, too, and yep, I instantly thought of Baghdad and those poor people there.

Posted by Donna on April 6, 2003 11:46 PM:

Linkmeister, I would have to say, better your mom's bed than yours, right? :)

My dog kept me up with his skittishness and when Hubby shoo'd him out of the bedroom, he nearly bit Hubby's face off. He clearly wasn't happy about being relegated back to the livingroom.

Posted by NemesisVex on April 7, 2003 4:26 AM:

Yesterday in Austin, there was a light drizzle right around the time the sun started to come out from the clouds. I looked around to see if maybe, perhaps maybe, I'd get to see a rainbow. I think I've only seen one rainbow in the six years I've lived here.

Thunder and lighting, on the other hand, happen all the time. And flooding.

Posted by lisa on April 7, 2003 9:29 AM:

Anyone notice Part II last night? What was weird about this installment was that I could see stars in the sky, yet the sky kept flashing like some kind of strobe light. No thunder╔─ąľall, just the sky blinking to some cosmic beat.

Posted by Donna on April 8, 2003 12:41 AM:

I must've been fast asleep because I didn't notice the lightning. What odd weather we're having these days... and it doesn't seem to be over yet.

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