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April 11, 2002


Hi me again and I'm hungry. I have been constantly craving Zippy's chili for the past two weeks. I know Zippy's UPS's chili to the mainland but damn it! Why does it have to be so expensive?! I figure I try to make my own...so...does anyone have any Zippy-like chili recipies for me to try? I'd grab one off the net, but I'd rather have it from someone who's actually cooked the stuff.

Or someone could just fly to NYC to deliver a bucket. Heh.

Posted by Sun at April 11, 2002 03:06 PM


Posted by Ryan on April 11, 2002 6:18 PM:

I've seen Dr. Shintani's Chunky Two-Bean Chili, which is served at Zippy's, around the web. It tastes almost like Zippy's regular chili, so I'm wondering if just adding some unhealthy, fatty ground beef would get you close to where you want to be...

Posted by Stella on April 11, 2002 10:08 PM:

I heard from a few sources way back in the day that Zippy's chili is actually based on Cincinnati-style chili, which is often served with spaghetti.

That said, it also doesn't hurt to mess with the above-mentioned Shintani recipe, either, since I'm sure the good Doctor is pretty familiar with the original stuff.

Posted by jeff on April 12, 2002 5:28 PM:

Mmmm...now I'm ono for chili & rice. I don't know the Zippy recipie, but everyone seems to like mine.

3 cans of kindney beans
1 can of pinto beans
1 pound of hamburger
2 portugese sausage - diced
1 pork sausage
2 big cans of tomato sauce
1 tomato - diced
1 small onion - diced

Cook meats seperately and drain, then add to sauce. Add garlic, tobasco, and anything else to taste. Have fun with it! Cook it slow over low heat; stirring occasionally.

Posted by Linkmeister on April 12, 2002 9:49 PM:

Jeff, that looks remarkably like one I used to make two crock-potfuls of for a New Year's Day Open House we used to throw.

Add cumin and coriander for a bit of extra bite, if you like.

Posted by Jas on April 12, 2002 11:34 PM:

Fortunately, we have a store that sells Zippy's Chilli. It's kind of expensive, but worth it. :)

Posted by Lili on June 11, 2002 10:03 PM:

Well all I know is that Zippy's is the best when it comes to chili. I've tasted chili in a can which don't taste to good, and been to other states and tried thiers not even close. Here in Alaska we have a polynesian resturant "Hula Hands" and they are great, but they don't have the chili. It's okay though, because once or twice either a friend or family goes back home and get me chili. They're shipping prices is to high for me. Why not have a zippy's resturant here
in Alaska there's alot of local people here.


Posted by ulalamakuahine on August 13, 2003 1:03 PM:

hey, i haven't tried the recipe yet, but it's under the title zippy's chili, go here.

Posted by Gary Andrews on November 6, 2003 8:55 AM:

Zippy's Macaroni Salad is the best. Can't find any Macaroni salad on the mainland that is even close. Does anyone have a receipe that might be a close match? Mahallo, Gar

Posted by Judy on December 7, 2003 9:53 AM:

From here:

Sometimes, when I want to recreate Zippy's chili dog plate, I throw in a package of red hot dogs during the last 5 minutes of cooking, and then serve with a scoop of macaroni salad. Ono! Another good addition (when I have it) is chopped up portugese sausage.

1 lb. ground top round
1 round onion
1/4 lb. bacon
1 large can red kidney beans, drained
2 tsp. red wine
1 tsp. powdered chicken bouillon
1/4 tsp. ginger
1 bay leaf, crushed
Pinch paprika
1 tsp. chili powder
1/4 tsp. oregano leaves
Pinch cumin seed
1 tsp. Ajinomoto (msg)
1/2 C. chopped celery
1/2 C. chopped bell pepper
Dash Worcestershire sauce
1/2 tsp. sugar
1 large can tomato sauce

Brown the ground top round with onion. Add bacon. Then add the rest of the ingredients and simmer 30 minutes.

From the Honolulu Star-Bulletin, 1969

Honolulu & Kihei, now Birmingham, AL
Wen grad Moanalua c/o '79

Posted by Sherry Machado on March 27, 2004 6:50 AM:

I'm stuck here in Michigan with NO Zippy's Anything!!! Please, if anybody can get the recipe for their Macaroni Salad or at least the sauce, can you let me have it? Mahalo

Posted by Leah Propes on March 30, 2004 12:16 PM:

I'm with you about the macaroni I would also love the recipe. Please write if you find it and I'll do the same. Lost in East Texas without Zippy's

Posted by STEVE K on June 5, 2004 12:23 PM:


Posted by Albert on June 5, 2004 2:12 PM:

Well, I am disadvantaged, I guess, since I spent my childhood in Texas.

What Zippy's calls "chili" would be thrown in the garbage there. Hello, Zippy's, ever heard of jalapeno's?

As for their "macaroni salad", try chop some celery and pimento-stuffed green olives in it. At least.

Posted by Kelly "Kailua Girl" White on June 18, 2004 9:21 PM:

Uh, hello, Albert, you have no idea what you are talking about. Zippy's chili and mac salad rock!!!! Mix 'um togeda and now you gotta meal! Keep your stickin' vegetables in your vegetable salad and keep our mac salad pure!

Posted by albert on June 22, 2004 2:32 PM:

Kailua Girl, take a trip to Texas, find out what the real stuff is! :)

Posted by Ryan on June 22, 2004 5:51 PM:

Indeed. I'm a local boy, and I love Zippy's chili, but marrying a woman from the south has shown me that what we call "chili" in Hawaii would be condemned as an abomination in most areas known for their chili.

I like both kinds now. Zippy's chili is so different, though, I keep thinking it should have a different name... or some kind of marketable branding like, well, Hawaiian chili.

Posted by Jen on June 23, 2004 10:02 PM:

I've since found out that Zippy's chili is based on the stuff you get in Cincinnati. Cincinnatians seem to be pretty fanatical about chili, si trust 'em. Besides, ZIppy's chili has its charm.

Posted by albert on June 25, 2004 11:00 AM:

"Zippy's chili is based on the stuff you get in Cincinnati"

Ah, that explains it. It's YANKEE CHILI! [gasp]

Posted by 7train on June 28, 2004 3:33 AM:

Maybe Albert or someone else who hangs out around UHM can answer this question:

Does Manoa Gardens still make real ono kine chili like they did in the late '80s? I used to go there all the time when I was a (broke)student and get a bowl of chili 'n' rice for a buck or so. I actually preferred it to Zippy's, it was spicier and more like homestyle.

Posted by braddah sam on June 28, 2004 7:49 PM:

Albert on June 5, 2004 02:12 PM: wrote: "Well, I am disadvantaged, I guess, since I spent my childhood in Texas.

i imagine you are.

"What Zippy's calls "chili" would be thrown in the garbage there."

i think you missed the point. yeah, i'm sure there's a lot of chilis that would "taste better" than Zippy's, but it's a comfort food for a lot of hawaiians and *that's* the point. Take SPAM for instance, the food not the eWord, there's a godzillion things that "taste better" i'm sure and probably IS better for you healthwise. But there's nothing in Texas that will come close to a spam musubi as far as a taste from home. i've lived ob the mainland before, and no amount of money or job ops or chili recipes will ever make me go back. where did you think i learned how to be a wiseguy? tell those cowboys to stick that in their garbage.

Posted by Albert on June 29, 2004 11:24 AM:

Yep, Manoa Garden still has their chili every day and, yep, it is better than Zippy's. Just don't buy the chili-and-rice from the UH vending machines ... that really is junk.

But the best way to get chili in this town is to buy a can of Nalley's jalapeno chili, chop in a couple of tomatoes and heat it.

Posted by LinDa on July 12, 2004 10:20 AM:

I'm reading the comments and I'm cracking up laughing!!!! I've moved here to Las Vegas and when they have their Hoolauleas, guess what's sold at the vending booths? You got it!! Zippy's Chili! And! Guess who sponsors it?

Why the California Hotel. I'm sure there are other chilis out there, and I've tried a few. So far, it just can't beat Zippy's Chili! It must be the "Aloha" in the cooking. "The Magic Touch" that makes it so-o-o-o good!

"Aloha" w/a Smile! LinDa

Posted by LinDa on July 12, 2004 10:43 AM:

By the way, I did put out a chili recipe in Kihei for St. Theresa's Catholic Church, cook book sale. I dubbed it "Linda's Portuguese Chili."
Everytime I made it for Pot Lucks, everyone loved it. Keeping everything simple and easy to cook, I used fresh ground Hamburger, Canned Kidney Beans, Tomato Paste, and the usual: salt, pepper & aji. w/a dash of Paprika (just love Paprika) Of course threw in some fresh garlic, round onions and chopped green onions. I did jot down the ingredients in the cook book, but I say: To each his own taste bud. Oh! Of course, Portuguese Sausage! You cook the hamburger and sausage first, drain out the oil and take over from there. Since aji-no-moto has gained a bad reputation, I feel, the food does not taste the same. Without the aji, there's something missing. I've moved to Vegas, and really haven't cooked much; but, this week I'm planning to cook Chili for our Hot Dog Luncheon. Wish me Luck. It's like starting all over again! Back in Elementary School. "Aloha" w/Smile! LinDa

Posted by LaurieLu on February 10, 2005 8:58 PM:

Well I only recently move to Hawaii and have not thought much of Zippy's chili until today. In a weird 7 mo. pregnant way I suddenly couldn't get enough. I have the real kine in a bowl and a big crock pot going of the above mentioned recipe. Hate to say it but the recipe isn't close in texture or nearly as sweet but the flavors could perhaps mellow similarly in a few days. The Zippy's chili is really gummy.
The ingredients listed on the box from Zippy's: kidney beans, water, ground beef, Portuguese sausage, flour, tomato paste, onion, celery, bell pepper, chili powder (chili pepper, cumin, oregano, salt, silicon diozide, garlic and ethoxyquin), salt, bacon, sugar, Worcestershire sauce, paprika, wine (sherry, salt, potassium metabisulfite [preservative]), msg, beef base, chicken base, garlic, ginger, spices. I guess the flour as 5th ingredient explains the gummy texture and I bet it uses a lower quality Portuguese sausage.
This stuff is definitely comfort food!

Posted by G on May 2, 2005 11:00 PM:

I heard that they use peanut butter in their chili? Anyone else heard that?

Posted by Tim on June 10, 2005 3:54 PM:

Since I moved to the mainland some people ask what I miss the most about Hawaii. I hate to admit it, but Zippy's macaroni salad is high on my list! Hey Zippy's, seeing the number of people on this board who crave it, you should think about selling it nationally! At least give us the recipe. PLEASE?

Posted by J on August 3, 2005 3:10 PM:

Check out Zippys.com if you want to buy it elsewhere.

What about using cream of mushroom insai?

Posted by wenchia on October 10, 2005 8:40 PM:

Where is the store that sells zippy's chili? I heard there is one in California near LA? If anyone knows, please share?

Posted by kauilani on October 27, 2005 12:09 PM:

I recently moved to Las Vegas and my husband is jonzin' for Zippy's chili. We went to California Hotel one night to eat and he asked the waitress about the chili spaghetti. He was so excited that they used Zippy's chili, now it is the only thing he orders!

"It must be the "Aloha" in the cooking. "The Magic Touch" that makes it so-o-o-o good!"
LinDa on July 12, 2004

You are right! It is the magic of the Aloha Spirit that makes Zippy's chili special.

Posted by lynn on January 25, 2006 5:38 AM:

Missing Zippy's chili & mac salad right now. My family and I moved to Germany in August 2004. I went back home to visit last September and brought back with me a lot of frozen chilis. It's all gone now because we have been eating it like there's no tomorrow and it warms us up especially in this very cold weather. I tried different ways of making it hoping I'd hit the jackpot BUT there is no comparisson. If you have the recipe for Zippy's chili, please share. MAHALO!

Posted by TalohaX on May 2, 2006 7:33 PM:

Aloha from Houston! My roomie from Waimanalo had a cousin who worked in Zippy's central kitchen and she told him the secret to their chili is MAYONAISE! I tried the receipe posted a while back (from Honolulu S-B '69), threw a spoonful of Best Foods in the pot just before serving, and -- VOILA!!

I make my own very plain (no tuna, olives, etc) mac salad but add some finely shaved cabbage and fish flakes (like the used in sushi) for that extra taste. ONO!!

Posted by Robert on May 29, 2006 8:48 AM:

Aloha, from Scotland.

Haven't had zippy's chillie since 1997 and god do i miss it.

Was hoping to find a recipe but looks like i'll have to keep looking

Posted by Jayson Tarawhiti on June 20, 2006 9:47 PM:

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE somebody send me the recipe for the mac salad!!! :-( It's ALOHA from down under here in New Zealand. I've been craving good Zippy's or L&L's mac salad since leaving the Hawaiian islands in 1995 . .. Please help!!!

Posted by Zippy's Hater on July 17, 2006 2:22 PM:

Zippy's AKA Rippy's is so expensive and they want to charge for everything now. They charge for water and anything extra you want they want to charge for it. Yesterday they wanted to charge me for extra napkins. That's it...I'm not going back there anymore. As for the chili, it's not that good. L&L is better. Also they want to charge for cheese and onions. BOYCOTT ZIPPY'S errr RIPPY'S!!!!

Posted by Joanne on September 12, 2006 4:42 PM:

Sun - so you thought Zippys was expensive this past Sunday. Well, I just got the surprise of my life, I have lived in HI for 10 years and often bought Zippys frozen chili which was 32 oz. To my surprise, when I went to buy it last week it was 20 oz. at the same price. To me that is being deceitful when they downsize without advising the consumer. Consequently, I will never buy Zippys chili again. I also ate there 2 times a week but will not eat there again.

Posted by Odi on September 30, 2006 6:59 PM:

HEY ALBERT!!! Who cares about Texas! I don't care for chili to be hot anyways. Zippy's chili rules.

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