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December 12, 2005

Again with the filipino cookies...

Update: Okay, I just had to post this here because I have a suspicion that someone is having a good laugh on behalf of the filipinos, errr cookies that is. While putting together some info for a person that was interested in importing the Filipino cookies, I found the main company that markets the filipino line. Well wouldn't ya know, there are more than just the standard filipinos, and if you follow this link, you'll see what I mean:

Check the 4th and last item that's listed. I was like, OH MY GOD!

Posted by Rowena at 04:29 AM
October 25, 2005

Half Baked

Don't laugh, okay? I want to go to pastry school. I always said I wanted to make my living in food. I said I wanted to be a chef, and I probably told a hundred people that, but I realize that I like baking even better than cooking.

And so far, I don't have a strategic plan for achieving this. Other than checking every baking book out of the public library, that is. Read on...

Posted by Scarlett at 08:32 AM
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July 05, 2005

You serious?

Just a quick thought. I was going through serious poi withdrawals a few days ago and was looking to see if I could find anywhere online that would ship it out of country. I found POI POWDER! Has anyone tasted this stuff? I am horrified and at the same time taken in with the idea of it. They do ship international but I don't want to plunk a chunk of money without some input from anyone who has tasted it.

Poi Powder... whoa!

Posted by Rowena at 04:49 AM
February 07, 2005


I had heard about Filipinos through another blog, so when I spied this cookie in an unlikely section of the supermarket (someone had second thoughts and left it in the soap section?), I couldn't resist the impulse to buy it. The cookies are manufactured in Spain, but the idea of a cookie being named after an ethnic group cracks me up

Posted by Rowena at 11:08 PM
January 13, 2005

Pineapple Crush Cake

Can somebody please help me? I want to make a pineapple crush cake, the one where you add one small can of Dole's crushed pineapple along with the rest of the ingredients.....tried to get my Dad to send it but he can't find it. Another thing....

Posted by Rowena at 12:44 AM
November 25, 2004


Lest ye leave the table unfull:
New Turkey Recipe

Posted by Ron at 12:53 AM
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November 24, 2004

What Have I Done?

My neighbor's husband is in Iraq. She has a twelve-year-old son and they're pretty much alone, and I know how bad it sucks to have a dad away during the holidays, so I invited them to have Thanksgiving dinner with us tomorrow. And I decided I'd do everything myself. Read on...

Posted by Scarlett at 07:34 AM
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November 06, 2004

The fate of L&L Drive Inn #12

L&L Drive Inn #12 located on Young Street is one of those hole in the wall kind of places, hidden away from the main street of life but just readily available. The prices there are much lower than the Ala Moana store and the selection much greater than the recently open location at Wal-Mart.

Posted by Helen at 01:21 PM
September 27, 2004

Another Food Survey

The only subjects I seem to do well in are those involving food, so here's another.

In the past several years I've been to some tasty places but I know there's much more out there to be had. I've only got three to list as "good": Tony Roma's, Bob's and Chili's. Ooo, such a great selection. My list of restaurants to reference is very short!

Where are your favorite rib joints?

Posted by Jenn at 07:49 PM
May 26, 2004

Search for the Loco Moco

A hamburger steak on a bed of rice with eggs over easy covered with brown gravy. It is the most delicious creation I ever stumbled upon during my time in Hawai'i. But who makes it best? Or even halfway decent? I've tried a lot of different places, mostly within Honolulu and still I'd have to say that Zippy's makes it best. I know that somewhere on this island there is a great Loco Moco waiting to be discovered. Does anybody know where?

Posted by James at 01:05 AM
March 28, 2004

Hawaii's Best: Food

Here's part two (of six) of the Star-Bulletin's Readers' Poll. I'll post the remaining sections over the next few days. This is a long one, so just do the best you can.

Posted by scrivener at 12:05 AM
February 07, 2004

A List Challenge!

I like to read other people's ranking lists but loathe to do my own, on anything. I just take too long and think too much about it. However, I've recently taken up a list challenge.

Since I've been living in Honolulu, I've gone to many eating places. Last week my boyfriend challenged me to create my own buffet using dishes from any restaurant that I'd been to (no home cooked food). There is no theme, the foods don't need to go together - the only rule is that there are a set number of each type of dish: 4 appetizer/soup/salad; 3 sides; 8 entrees; 3 desserts. I know, the ratios are weird but he set the rules. Questionable dishes should be stuck into the closest applicable category.

So I pose his question to everybody out there. If anything, it's a quick way to get suggestions for new places to eat. I'm curious to find out what other people would list. Care to share the fruits of your culinary adventures?

Posted by Jenn at 01:44 AM
January 24, 2004

I didn't know it closed

I was reading the January 22, 2004 edition of the Honolulu Star Bulletin and I came across Erika Engle's TheBuzz column (and for some strange reason it can't be linked to directly) where it mentions "Expanding cheeseburger chain and virus vaccinations" which I will only mention the cheeseburger chain part here.

Posted by Helen at 12:50 AM
November 17, 2003


A young tourist, whose blog I read every day, asked me: "Do you know of place I can go to get some tastygood cheese? I'm lactose intolerant and have to avoid cow milk but can eat goat and sheep aplenty. At the food pantry even the cheeses that are regularly sheep were cow. Cut to picture of me crying in the grocery store."

We can't have tourists weeping in supermarkets. Has anyone a suggestion?

Posted by Albert at 11:47 AM
November 12, 2003


Helen and I usually test any new restaurant opening in the vicinity of Ala Moana Shopping Center but we didn't get around to checking out "Marbella" until we had a holiday luncheon there on Veterans Day.

It's a small place, maybe ten-or-so tables, most of them four-seaters, although they have another section that I guess they don't open until dinner time.

The menu is the shortest I have ever seen in a restaurant. Not even a dozen choices, although the server did rattle off a bunch of "today's specials". Helen decided immediately what she wanted, I needed more time to peruse the lengthy list of choices.

There was only one employee, a young woman whom I felt sorry for. She was the hostess, the server, and judging by the serving time, maybe the cook as well.

Posted by Albert at 12:38 PM
October 29, 2003


I've heard talk about it, but looks like it's finally official. They're going to open a Cheesecake Factory in Waiks.

Posted by Sun at 01:23 PM
September 11, 2003

Where to Eat on the Big Island

Some friends and I will be on the Big Island during Thanksgiving weekend, if all goes according to plan. I lived in Hilo for two years and loved it, but I was a poor college student with no wheels, and therefore did not enjoy the many lovely dining opportunities Hilo offered.

Posted by scrivener at 10:11 PM
August 07, 2003

Eating places that are open all the time

Sin suggested that a new topic be started on places to eat that are open 24 hours or have late night hours.

Of course Like Like Drive Inn is at the start of that list, it's open 24 hours a day.

Posted by Helen at 11:32 PM
August 04, 2003

Belated 50th Birthday Party

Like Like Drive Inn. I think I've eaten there more than anywhere else in town, except for the mainline (mainland) fastfood franchises. Had a 4th of July lunch there with Helen this year, and I think I wondered then how long the place has been around. Long time, more than most of you folks have been.

My favorite meal there is the hot roast beef sandwich, mashed potatoes and gravy ... yummm. They do a very decent grilled cheese sandwich, too. And the iced tea (infinite refills) is also most excellent.

Posted by Albert at 03:15 PM
July 26, 2003

Finding A Place to Eat

While I am not the most seasoned traveler, I have been to a few places.... Washington DC, New Orleans, San Francisco, New York, Pennsylvania, etc. Traveling is an exciting adventure because you may visit places that you've never been to and experience culture and foods unknown to you.

Posted by Joy at 05:08 PM
July 10, 2003

They must have re-hired that Ben guy

I noticed that Jack-in-the-Box is selling something called "Turkey Jack". Decided to try that out today, while it is kind of medium pricey like in the $3 range it was kind of decent.

Posted by Helen at 10:25 PM
July 02, 2003

Hot Dogs!!!

Since the 4th of July holiday is coming up, it seems (to me at least) that the hot dog is just as traditional to the holiday as Thanksgiving is to turkey.

So does anyone have a favorite place for hot dogs?

Posted by Helen at 09:42 PM
June 19, 2003

Hilo Macaroni Factory Closed

It was announced today that Hilo Macaroni Factory closed.

They haven't made macaroni in more than 50 years, but are well known for their local Saloon Pilot Crackers.

Posted by macpro at 07:29 PM
June 13, 2003

Restaurant Reviews

Lately I've been trying to hit up some of the well known and not so known local restaurants. I went to Dave 'N Busters last week, the food was alright but what I really enjoyed was the games and atmosphere which I'm sure is why most people go there. I've become dedicated to buying my Mauna Pua from U Choice on Kaheka St. and the Sbarro in Waikiki is my new local pizza joint. As for Drive In's I like to go for breakfast at Rainbows in Kapahulu or the Like Like on Keaumoku. I've heard a lot about L & L but still havn't tried it yet. Assaggio's in Ala Moana had a great Chicken Parm and I've been wanting to try Auntie Pasto's. I once ate Malasada's from the food court in Ala Moana Center but was told that Leanord's in Kapahulu made the best Malasada's.

So what are some of your favorite foods? Or your favorite restaurants to eat these foods? Any good hidden eateries for plate lunches or local cuisine?

Posted by James at 02:24 AM
May 28, 2003

Recipe Request

Update: My co-worker made me the cake when they celebrated my birthday at our staff meeting last week. I know it was early but go here to see a picture of the cake.

I can hardly believe that I am having a difficult time finding an appropriate recipe for GUAVA CHIFFON CAKE like the one Deelite Bakery makes.

Posted by Joy at 04:48 PM
May 18, 2003

Where to Celebrate?

This is partly a poll of favorite restaurants to celebrate momentous occasions in Honolulu, and partly a way for me to figure out where my family, friends, and I should go for dinner tomorrow night.

So, where is a good place to celebrate a graduation? There are visitors from out-of-state so we'd like to go somewhere that's unique to Hawai'i. Oh, and not too expensive. Gotta save all that money to pay back student loans...

Posted by Vivi at 06:29 PM
May 07, 2003

Hunger Pangs

It's been a while since I've been home and I'm craving some manapua. I'm sure there are many new manapua shops around and I'm wondering what your favorite manapua shop is.

For the record, my fave is Char Hung Sut. They also have my favorite chow fun and pork hash.

Posted by Hayneyz at 07:27 PM
March 18, 2003

Melona Bars

melona bar.gifMelona bars! ONO! I am in San Fran and can't find it anywhere! Does anyone know where I can get them here on the mainland? Also if I can order them right to my home in California? I have a strong weakness for melona bars!

Made in Korea, a melona bar looks like a pastel-green, single popsicle. It's made of water, molasses, skim milk powder, sugar and melon flavor. Each 2.46-ounce bar contains 5 grams of fat, 4 of them saturated, and 19 grams of carbohydrate, including 15 grams of sugar. Price is about 79 cents.

Posted by Heidi at 07:33 AM
March 09, 2003

Liliha Bakery

Have you ever wondered what makes Liliha Bakery's food so good? Well, my husband Basil and I went on a quest this morning for the truth. We loaded in the wagon, and headed to our favorite spot for Sunday morning coffee and coco puffs.!

Posted by Beth at 03:52 PM
March 05, 2003

They're Heeeere!

That's right! It's Peeps time again! I spotted them last night at Safeway in Manoa. I personally prefer chicks to bunnies, and cut right to the chase, biting the head off right away. How about you? Bunnies or Chicks?

Posted by Beth at 06:54 PM
January 13, 2003

Hawaiian Barbecue

Imagine my surprise the other day when I drove past a sign here in the San Francisco bay area. The sign read: GRAND OPENING! HAWAIIAN BARBECUE!

A quick u-turn brought me into the shopping plaza parking lot. Sure enough, nestled right there between a SuperCuts and a Radio Shack was a brand-spanking new branch of L & L Drive-Inn. I didn't even know that there were branches of L & L outside of Hawaii.

Posted by Bill at 03:04 AM
January 02, 2003

Dominos Dots

Eh, you guys wen see da new Dominos commericials about Dominos Dots? They look like sugar coated cinna-stix-balls. Das not malasadas o wot?

Posted by keithk at 05:25 PM
December 19, 2002

This Isn't Your Mother's Shoyu

My perception of shoyu is changed forever as a result of seeing this little promotion for Kikoman. Perhaps we need an Aloha Man.

Posted by Haken at 09:40 AM
November 27, 2002

The Thanksgiving Meal

What is on the Thanksgiving Menu? Trying any new recipes this year? Will you be celebrating with family and/or friends? Do you consciously save room for pie? I wonder if Martha Stewart will preparing a feast this year, or if she just said to hell with it all. Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving to All!

Posted by at 02:27 PM
October 27, 2002

Cuisine Tony

On Albert's suggestion we tried out a new place called Cuisine Tony located on Kapiolani Blvd across the street from the Pan Am Building.

Part of the adventure of going there is checking out the various dish names that includes a country name to it.

Posted by Helen at 07:36 PM
September 15, 2002

Wanted: Grinds

There are so many wonderful places to eat and foods to sample here that I feel almost guilty for complaining. Nonetheless, I have a want list of places I hope exist somewhere on this island- if they do, please let me know.

First is Indian. Please don't mention Zaffron- some dishes are quite good, but overall it's mediocre. Komala Curry House is great for lunch, but they only offer fish, chicken, and veggie curries. I want some good Tandoori chicken with a side of naan, please!

Posted by windwardskies at 08:33 AM
September 01, 2002

Places to eat at the Ward Entertainment Center

Might as well discuss the various eating places in or around the Ward Entertainment Center.

Posted by Helen at 06:14 PM
May 01, 2002

Free Plate Lunch

This Saturday, May 4, I am moving 2 miles (from Kailua Town to Maunawili). Unfortunately, the friends who promised to help have either gotten ill or gone out of town, so I am in need of assistance.

I need a couple reasonably strong people from about 10am-noon to help load and unload the truck. I will gladly pay you for your time and include a plate lunch of your choice.

Posted by windwardskies at 10:07 PM
April 30, 2002


I think one of the things that make us local is by the type of food we eat. Normally, in most places, people start the day off with a plate of scrambled eggs, sausage and bacon, and maybe a couple of pancakes with good helpings of butter and maple syrup. Some would say such a breakfast is a death sentence, but that's not what this entry is about.

What this entry is about, however, are...

Posted by Haken at 11:07 AM
April 15, 2002

EH! You want fried rice with that?

I don't know if being Chinese has something to do with the fact that I have never been bothered by "bad service" at Chinese restaurants. More than a few of my friends have left a Chinese restaurant fuming over the "stupid waiter" or dirty dishes, but I've never taken poor service and dingy atmosphere at a Chinese restaurant personally -- I figure if you're going to eat Chinese food out, you're asking for it.

Posted by Keith H. at 07:41 PM
April 11, 2002


Hi me again and I'm hungry. I have been constantly craving Zippy's chili for the past two weeks. I know Zippy's UPS's chili to the mainland but damn it! Why does it have to be so expensive?! I figure I try to make my anyone have any Zippy-like chili recipies for me to try? I'd grab one off the net, but I'd rather have it from someone who's actually cooked the stuff.

Or someone could just fly to NYC to deliver a bucket. Heh.

Posted by Sun at 03:06 PM
April 09, 2002

Next stop...?

Inspired by those Zippy's commercials:

You've just arrived back in the Islands after a long trip, or you've moved elsewhere and managed to come back for a vacation. Where's the first place you go to eat?

Posted by Vivi at 09:12 AM
April 08, 2002

No Good Italian

The family just dined out at the new Boston's North End Pizza Bakery in Manoa, one of two new locations (after the one in Waikiki didn't work out). I love Boston's, and the folks I know from the East Coast also give it a thumb's up.

But it got me to thinking about what a co-worker (from New York) says, time and time again. "There are no good Italian restaurants in Hawaii." Is this true? Apart from pizza (if it counts at all), are you out of luck looking for decent Italian eats in the islands?

Posted by Prophet Zarquon at 10:23 PM
April 05, 2002

Mmmm, POG

A friend of mine had called my attention to the new Minute Maid(tm) Blends, and especially their Orange Passion Blend, which the box describes as an "orange passionfruit guava juice." In other words, their version of POG.

Posted by Stella at 04:02 PM
April 01, 2002

Spiced Ham

I've lived on the mainland for nearly three years now and no matter how hard I try I can't get people to fully appreciate that great canned delight we call SPAM. Maybe it's my bland way of cooking it for them (musubi, fried rice, spaghetti)? Anyone know of any delightful SPAM recipies that I can share with the tastebuds of the Northeastern area?

Posted by Sun at 05:17 PM
March 28, 2002

Downtown Eats

Okay. How about our first non-Meta (i.e. not related to the HawaiiStories website itself) post? What's a good spot downtown for eats?

Posted by Prophet Zarquon at 10:39 AM
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