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March 20, 2003

Blogs come of age?

There are probably quite a few of them, but I find this "blog" from Baghdad compelling reading, many of his comments being far more emotionally touching than any mainstream news report I hear.

I'd pray for his safety, if I knew anything to pray to.

Posted by Albert at March 20, 2003 02:30 PM


Posted by Linkmeister on March 20, 2003 4:03 PM:

This post has a few more links, and this one is a blog from a CNN journalist.

Posted by Ryan on March 20, 2003 11:09 PM:

Oh, blogs are all over this war. Not only are media outlets and pundits writing about them in the context of Iraq, but some "mainstream" media outlets are blogging themselves.

Speaking of 'blogs in the war, I'd like to take a moment to gloat a little and say, "Called it!"

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