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October 01, 2004

NaNo Turns Six

October brings us into the heart of fall, into a monthlong candy-anticipating froth for youngsters, and into the eve of NaNoWriMo, now in its sixth year. This worldwide exercise in frantic fiction has seized the imaginations of the HawaiiStories `ohana before (last year and the year before)... so who's playing this year?

If you're new to NaNo, read all about it. And this site remains ready and willing to help you share your wild writing works-in-progress with its NaNo-inspired HawaiiStories Fiction department.

Posted by Prophet Zarquon at October 01, 2004 04:15 PM


Posted by helen on October 1, 2004 8:44 PM:

Will be doing it this year again. Got the story I want to write, just need to do the outline and get the cast of characters ready for next month.

Posted by Mitchell on October 2, 2004 2:48 AM:

I am SO doing it again!

Posted by Ryan on October 2, 2004 11:25 AM:

Excellent. I enjoyed what I read of both of your works last year. Thinking of posting what you write, or at least excerpts, as you go this time?

Be sure to register and check in at the "Hawaii" forum on the NaNoWriMo message boards. And maybe we might start plotting now on mid-month and finish-line cheerleading/bellyaching real-wold meetups? I produced nearly nothing last year, so meeting Mitchell and his friends and talking about the process of writing was the most valuable part of the exercise for me.

Posted by A'ilina on October 3, 2004 3:53 PM:

Yup, yup. It's routine now. Around the end of September, I start having nightmares.

I've been ML'ing for Lafayette for the past three years, but I don't know if I'm going to do that this year. I think I'd just like to concentrate on that 50k!

Hey, am I allowed to check in over at the Hawai'i forum, too? lol! Dual citizenship?

Posted by Donna on October 10, 2004 8:16 PM:

I had grand plans of doing NaNo a couple of years ago, but choked under the pressure and ended up quitting about halfway through.

I really would like to start and finish a NaNo, but by the looks of it, it won't be this year. Perhaps next year when I have a degree in my hot little hands and homework, finals, and projects will be a thing of the past!

Good luck to those of you going for it this year!

Posted by helen on November 1, 2004 12:59 AM:

It has started. A mad dash to generate 50,000 words between now and November 30. So far I only entered 150 some thing words. More to follow through.

Posted by helen on December 1, 2004 6:46 PM:

Well it's over. Made the 50,000 word limit but I didn't finish the novel.

Parts of it are at the HawaiiStories Fiction site.

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