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September 25, 2006


A few pics from the Akaka HQ Saturday night.... it was a fantastic race and hopefully Akaka supporters will appreciate the photos. Eh!

[pics included]

Posted by Christa at 09:47 AM
June 30, 2006

Beverly Harbin

In the deck of cards that is Hawaii politics, Bev Harbin is the joker. But setting up a website to say so with cartoon drawings put one local blogger in Harbin's crosshairs. She sent him a threatening letter, lamenting the online lampooning as a liability in her political aspirations — and waving the big stick of litigation to get him to take it down. Being a practical person, he relented. But the story isn't over. The tiff was picked up by other local blogs and discussed at HawaiiThreads.com, and netted an excellent write-up in the Honolulu Advertiser, a segment on HPR, and an AP wire story.

Harbin's efforts to silence one critic's lampooning of her eminently lampoonable political antics have, not surprisingly, backfired. The blogger's cartoons have a bigger audience than they ever had before. But, as the Advertiser piece notes, her actions in this relatively small scrap raise much bigger questions about free speech and the flawed laws she used as a weapon to stifle it.  MORE...
Posted by Prophet Zarquon at 11:15 AM
May 07, 2006

A Salute to Our Troops

Today was the perfect day to have a big parade. Thousands of soldiers and veterans of previous wars marched or rode on vehicles down Kalakaua Ave. in the "A Salute to the Troops" parade and event. The parade started at Fort DeRussy and marched Diamond Head toward Kapiolani Park, where it was finished off with lunch and a concert.

The crowds that lined the street were appreciative of the soldiers and sacrifice they have made to preserve our freedoms as many received rounds of applause and cheers as they marched on by. Vintage military vehicles from the Hawaii Military Vehicle Preservation Association added a touch of nostalgia, especially for those veterans who actually used them in wars gone by. Some of the younger soldiers oogled at the vintage tank after the parade was over.

I was most impressed with the 2 Stryker vehicles that were on display at the park, along with some other hardware from the U.S. Army. The Strykers have been a source of controversy in Hawaii ever since it was announced that they would be stationed here. I personally have no problem with this.

After the parade the soldiers and public were treated to a free concert sponsored by the event organizer, the USO and a handful of local firms. Food vendors had to literally feed an army this afternoon from the tents set up at Kapiolani Park. The food lines were popular and very long.

I shot about 350 photos at the parade and for a short time at the park. Some of those photos can be viewed at my Salute to Our Troops page.

Posted by macpro at 12:25 AM
November 14, 2004

"Smear" or something else?

In today's Star-Bulletin, our intrepid host, Prophet Zarquon, has had published a column detailing the role of the blog in the local mayoral election. In it, yet again the role of Malia Zimmerman's blog writing is pulled up as the reason for Duke Bainum's narrow loss on Nov. 2.

While the HawaiiReporter.com stories may have swayed a few voters, I don't think that information got spread as widely as Internet fans would have liked. And I don't think enough people took the time to read the columns carefully to create the claimed effect of tipping the close election in favor of Mufi Hannemann.

Posted by ZZType at 09:55 AM
November 02, 2004

Crazy World

An political observer has jokingly remarked that a ham sandwich should be able to beat Bush after the mess he has made in Iraq, tax cuts to the rich, the loss of jobs in the U.S. and the record federal budget deficit. But Bush may take the electoral votes of heavily-Democratic Hawaii and is a percentage point or two ahead in the overall presidential race.

Welcome to Crazy World. The lunatics seem to be in control of the insane asylum.

Posted by Bill Moake at 11:45 AM
October 24, 2004

Seeing red, feeling blue

Okay, someone, anyone, everyone: what is UP with this and this?

I'm truly confused at how Gore won Hawaii by almost 18 points in 2000, yet according to a Ward poll, Bush has a slight (within the margin of error) led over Kerry here. Next someone's going to tell me Mike Gabbard leads Ed Case.

Posted by windwardskies at 11:06 PM
September 16, 2004

Masked Men on Donkeys

It's could be a bad mutation of the argument and pure conspiracy theory, or a hybrid thread to the same argument meant to introduce humor to the presidential campaign, that James Clarville and Paul Bagala, both political advisors now with the Kerry campaign, could have been the culprits behind a ploy of duping Dan Rather to unveil the Lt. Col. Killian memos on a live broadcast. The important points are, Bagala and Carville are former Bill Clinton advisors, and the authenticity of the memos in question are generally regarded as fake.

Posted by Ron at 07:25 AM
August 19, 2004

Absentee Voting

Like many other registered voters, I received in yesterday's mail an absentee voter application. I have never voted absentee in the past, but I thought, why not. So I grabbed my pen, opened the application, and on the very first section I found myself stuck for an answer.

Section I states, I hearby request Absentee Ballots for the following Election(s):
Primary Only
General Only
Special Election

Obviously, there has been a mistake in the application. There should be a box to check for Primary & General. I'm wondering how such a mistake could have happened, and what effect it might have on the voter results.

Posted by Kane at 04:31 AM
July 18, 2004

The Poll

Upon each visit to HawaiiStories, my eyes will inevitably divert to the graph on the upper right-hand corner of the site. You know, where the poll question is asked, "Who will get your vote in November?"

Although I won't dispute the current numbers, I do find that these numbers are nowhere near the representation of what I've been finding in listening to others speak about their vote. In spending the last week listening to acquaintances, neighbors, and strangers discuss the election, there appears to be an overwhelming amount of support for the John Kerry/John Edwards ticket.

Posted by Kane at 11:55 PM
May 29, 2004

Goo in the News

The smelly, algae-filled "reflecting pools" at the Hawaii State Capitol have been a longtime source of frustrated and disgusted commentary, but now the disgusting wet mess has hit the big time. Tomorrow's New York Times features an article titled, "In a Sparkling State, Goo Fills the Symbolic Pools."

Now everyone knows about the problem. What's the solution? Worth fixing, or only after a few other foul matters are attended to?

Posted by Prophet Zarquon at 08:53 PM
May 06, 2004

Brickwood for President?

According to this Star-Bulletin article, our boy Brickwood aspires to be the head of the isle Democrats!

Today, the radio morning show; tomorrow the state!

Bricky for President!

Talk amongst yourselves!

Posted by ZZType at 06:35 AM
February 25, 2004

Same-Sex Marriage

With all of the recent same-sex marriages that have been taking place in San Francisco, I'm reminded when the subject was being debated in the islands and it became a voting issue as to whether the legislature should have the power to amend the State Constitution and reserve marriage to opposite-sex couples.

I opposed the amendment, as I didn't believe it was right to seclude couples from marriage based solely on their sexual orientation. Now, six years later, President Bush is pushing for a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage throughout the country. Some are suggesting that the Bush proposal is nothing more than his catering to his political base in an election year. It's tough to argue against that point, as Bush himself said he was against such an amendment when he ran for election in 2000.

Personally, I don't think such an amendment should be made to the Constitution. When I think of the Constitution, I'm reminded how it has advanced the rights of people in this country, not taken rights away. Such a discriminatory amendment would not only deminish the entire Constitutional document, but it would chip away at all of our civil liberties.

Posted by Kane at 08:22 AM
February 24, 2004

Is Ralph Crazy? Or Just A Spoiler?

He's Back! Ralph Nader is running for President of the United States as a Green Party candidate. So there is a third choice in the 04 election other than Bush and Kerry, or Bush and Edwards, or Bush and Sharpton.. Yeah right. I'm sick of the corrupt two party system and all of the corporate interests that are guiding their policies on state and federal levels. America is not being led by the brightest and certainly not the most honest or moral individuals. I think Ralph Nader is genuinely sincere when it comes to the issues he believes in and even though he most definately will not get elected, I'm voting for him.

Posted by James at 08:13 AM
February 16, 2004

Caucus or crocus? It's spring!

The Advertiser has a story about party fundraising today; to no one's surprise, Bush leads everybody by dint of his $750K event here earlier this year. Hawai'i's Democratic caucus is Feb. 24, when Democrats will battle for the state's 29 delegates.

Anybody here besides me going? Find your precinct here.

Posted by Linkmeister at 10:09 AM
February 04, 2004

Dodge disses local diction

Dodge is releasing a new car modelled after the retro "Woody" station wagons, made popular by surfers during the 60's. The car was to be called the Dodge Kahuna. Upon getting wind of this, a local resident got infuriated and started an online petition. His goal was to rally the masses and alert locals (and the Dodge company) to the ongoing misuse of the ancient Hawaiian word which is meant to describe a priest or shaman.

Clearly, the natives are restless.

Posted by Cheyne at 03:41 PM
January 12, 2004

Mass Transit IV: Rail-ien Ressurection

I'm not exactly old, but I've still seen rail transit come up enough times to say, "Here we go again." Lingle recently went out on a limb, proposing a $2.6 billion Kapolei to Iwilei line by 2018. That's one hell of a price tag. Considering we got $800 million in fed funds only to kill a plan in 1992, I'm not holding my breath. Some have pushed for a state excise tax, but that would tax other counties that would see no benefit from the Honolulu project.

I believe in rail, but I also know human nature. Despite recent reports that we're about to cross the one-million-car mark, it will probably take literal all-day gridlock before everyday citizens see the light. Rail? BRT? Toll roads? Punitive taxes? What do we need? And what will we end up with?

Posted by Prophet Zarquon at 08:53 AM
January 04, 2004

Lingle's Lei's

I don't know much about Lei Ettiquette and probably know even less about Hawaiian Politics but something bothers me about seeing Linda on TV and in the papers always with Lei's around her neck. I get it, she's the Governor of Hawai'i but does that mean she must always be adorned with a Lei. Do people actually give her Lei's out of respect and admiration or does she have a "Lei Budget" payed for by Hawaiian Tax Dollars?

Posted by James at 11:20 PM
November 07, 2003

House Party

Now this is a novel idea. Dean supporters are giving house parties around the country, and one of them is in Lanikai, hosted by Famous Amos! Bake cookies, talk story, beachwalk...might be the most interesting house party of all the ones Dean fans hold.

Posted by Linkmeister at 04:40 PM
October 21, 2003

Bush Comes to Hawaii

Our honorable and uncompromising President is going to be in Hawaii tomorrow to meet with some of the survivors of Pearl Harbor. He is just returning from a trip through Asia where he met with the Japanese Prime Minister and the Lady President of the Phillipines among others. Instead of going by helicopter the Pres will travel by motorcade through Honolulu and will attend a Republican Fundraiser in Waikiki. I hear that traffic is expected to be worse than usual.

Anybody plan on celebrating or protesting his arrival? If not, what are your thoughts on his visit to Hawai'i?

Posted by James at 09:55 PM
September 16, 2003

How Many??

A father and son, ages 61 and 33, have 50 and 80 prior arrests, respectively, police said.

That's from a story about a raid at a Waipahu home the other day which netted a bunch of fighting cocks, drugs, and cash; the nine people arrested were released "pending further investigation."

Granted the prisons are overcrowded and the courts full, but still...

Any prosecutors or public defenders read this blog?

Posted by Linkmeister at 04:41 PM
July 03, 2003

Christians vs. Gays -- round XIIVIIXI

Ruling Expected on gays in Parade
I hope I'm not the only one who sees this case's existence as something very wrong.

In what could be called predictable behavior from the Christian Coalition, a case has been filed by three gay-oriented organizations to allow these groups to participate in the first "Family Day" parade to be held this weekend in busy Waikiki.

Posted by at 01:02 AM
May 02, 2003

SCR 18 (Patriot Act)

I just did a Google News search for Hawaii Patriot Act; the first item on the list was the story from Hawaii News. The next was the Denver Post. I have searched the S-B and the Advertiser sites, and I find nothing about the passage of this resolution. Have I gone blind, or have our two major newspapers decided that our state legislature's decision not to comply with a major Federal statute is not newsworthy?

Help me out here, folks.

Posted by Linkmeister at 05:35 PM
April 01, 2003

Support Adult Ed

A rally to support Adult Education will be held this Thursday, April 3, from 10:00am-11:30am at the Capitol Rotunda.

Governor Lingle's proposed budget cuts to the Adult Education program would essentially kill the program, limiting classes to a handful of courses open to a select few. This would make obtaining a GED, learning essential job skills (or new skills required for career advancement), and even obtaining US Citizenship much more difficult for many people.

Posted by windwardskies at 09:56 PM
March 25, 2003

The Media Hush

There are so many questions not being answered, it's unnerving.

"So and so has this intelligence and that intelligence, which clearly prove why we must do this and that, something we can't tell you because of operational security, but trust us, we know what we are doing."

Posted by Anaiis at 07:15 PM
March 21, 2003

What are those people thinking?

We drove to Berkeley and there was a lot of police all over the place today! In the news, people are protesting this war! All over the place! I find it wierd that people would actually stick their arms in a metal tube and have the police saw them off! Not their arms though! But what got me thinking is this... do these people actually think that because they are protesting that the president will actually say, okay, I'll stop?

Posted by Heidi at 02:50 PM
March 11, 2003

Freedom kiss me, baby?

Lingle's recent quip about state legislators being "childish" can certainly apply to national ones, given the story about "Freedom Fries".

[Even if use of the term "childish" is an insult to children everywhere.]

If I go into an establishment serving "Freedom toast" or "Freedom fries", I am walking right back out again.

Vive Monsieur le President Chirac!

Posted by Albert at 12:20 PM
March 09, 2003

What are your coordinates?

The latest meme making the rounds 'mongst warbloggers and other politically-aware escribitionists is the Political Compass. It adds another dimension to the left-right cliché: an authoritarian-libertarian spectrum. Over at MeFi, someone collected all their answers, and plotted it on a graph. There's a definite... trend. And I seem to fit in.

How well does the compass peg you?

Posted by Prophet Zarquon at 08:41 PM
March 03, 2003

Orange Nation, Blue Hawaii?

This morning the Washington Times ran the following headline: Terrorists aim at Pearl Harbor.

The attacks would be carried out by hijacked airliners from nearby Honolulu International Airport that would be flown into submarines or ships docked at Pearl Harbor in suicide missions, said officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

The harbor is the home for 30 Navy and Coast Guard warships, including 18 nuclear submarines, five destroyers and two frigates.

This report conflicts with Governor Linda Lingle's statements in the Saturday, February 8, Star-Bulletin piece, Hawaii stays at general risk for terrorism.

Posted by Jon at 11:55 PM
February 26, 2003

No New Taxes Hawaii

The Hawaii State Senate is proposing an increase to the General Excise Tax. SB 1626 SD1 passed out of the Senate Ways and Means Committee today and is more than likely headed to a floor vote next week.

Posted by macpro at 09:40 PM
February 23, 2003

Sorry, Helen

It looks like model rocketry is yet another innocent victim in the War on Terrorism™ — albeit a somewhat obvious one. If TSA agents at airports are panicking over nail clippers, seeing "solid rocket motors" on a shipping form could send some folks into a seizure.

Nonetheless, it's sad... like the way plane spotters are finding themselves chased off as potential terrorists. (And I was just getting into it.)

Posted by Prophet Zarquon at 09:36 PM
February 13, 2003

NION March Saturday 2/15

Cribbed from the pages of Honolulu Weekly: Not In Our Name is organizing a march this Saturday, called the "International Day of Protest to Stop the War". Protesters are urged to join a half-mile march from Aloha Stadium to CINCPAC Fleet Headquarters at Pearl Harbor. Upon arrival, the group will demand an inspection of the US's weapons of mass destruction. More details available at Hawai`i Independent Media Center, or call 534-2255.

I'm considering attending, if I have company. Is anyone else interested?

Posted by windwardskies at 01:16 PM
February 11, 2003

Local boy does good(?)

A former Hawai'i legislator (and, briefly, co-worker of mine) made the pages of the New York Times today.

An assistant secretary of housing and urban development, Michael Liu, said today that the minimum rent proposal was "a reasonable way to promote work and responsibility."

Posted by Linkmeister at 07:56 AM
February 06, 2003

Internment OK?

We know that those who forget history are doomed to repeat it. What happens to people who remember it, but now actually think one of the biggest missteps in U.S. government history was a pretty neat idea? The head of a homeland security subcommittee, North Carolina Rep. Howard Coble (a Republican), said this week that he supported President Roosevelt's decision to put Japanese Americans in internment camps.

"Some probably were intent on doing harm to us,'' he said, "just as some of these Arab-Americans are probably intent on doing harm to us.''

Posted by Prophet Zarquon at 08:53 AM
January 21, 2003

Lingle's State of the State

Simulcast on the major local TV network affiliates, KSSK AM 590 and on the web, Republican Gov. Linda Lingle (check the spiffy new website!) will lay out, for the record, her vision for the next four years. Will her historic address form a solid launching pad for a successful, bipartisan-led legislative session, or finally put the first cracks — needed or not — in her relatively impressive first-timer's honeymoon?

Posted by Prophet Zarquon at 07:14 AM
January 13, 2003

The Living Nation

I just saw on the News about a group in Hawaii known as The Living Nation that wants Independence for all of Hawai'i. They say the overthrow of the Queen in 1893 was an illegal act of war and an apology from the President and Congress is not enough. The group is growing in numbers, marching and holding "rallies" this next week in Honolulu.

Posted by James at 09:35 PM
January 05, 2003

Ed Case wins!

Congressman Ed Case wins Hawai`i's second Congressional district with 43.2 percent of the vote. Matt Matsunaga garnered 30.2 percent, Colleen Hanabusa at 7.9 percent and Barbara Marumoto at 5.9 percent.

For full results:

Posted by keithk at 01:55 PM
December 02, 2002

Ed Case Wins!

After the frustratingly close loss at the primaries, Ed Case managed to win the special election for Congress. I think it's a good sign he'll win the January election too, since he won this one by a large margin.

Interestingly, I didn't vote for him this time. I think that's a good thing, because I'm convinced I have the Pen of Defeat when it comes to voting. Every single person I voted for, with the exception of Patsy Mink, lost in the general election (okay, maybe I voted for a BOE winner or two, I can't remember).

Posted by windwardskies at 10:10 AM
November 13, 2002

Hit by the left cross (while looking for the right jab)

My goodness. I thought I was beyond surprisable, but Mazie Hirono is talking about running for Congress, and I just did NOT see that coming.

Posted by scrivener at 04:53 PM
November 05, 2002

The Returns, The Results

After all is said and done, those who vote have the last word. And we'll soon see what they said. So — will you have the TV on to watch election returns as they come in, locally or nationally, or will you just tune it out and look for the headlines tomorrow morning?

Posted by Prophet Zarquon at 03:46 PM
November 03, 2002

Drinking The Sand

As we come to the close of this election season in Hawaii, let me pose a question that's a little different from the typical this-party-vs.-the-other-party rhetoric.

Posted by Keith H. at 04:01 PM
October 24, 2002

Fuzzy Numbers

Watching all these Linda Lingle and Mazie Hirono commercials really bugs me. After learning about statistics it is easy to see why itís so hard to trust really any one candidate. While I understand that it is not the candidate, rather their team, that chose to mud sling, it really upsets me how they use numbers to trick people.

Posted by Pharoe at 09:49 AM
October 19, 2002

Constitutional Questions

In addition to the hotly contested battle for governor, and to replace the late Rep. Patsy Mink ("Death and Scandal Leaving Democrats in Chaos in Hawaii," reports the New York Times yesterday), islanders will also have to decide on three proposed amendments to the Hawaii State Constitution.

Question 1 covers legislative candidate residency requirements. Question 2 suggests assisting not-for-profit (but private) schools. And Question 3 proposes initiation of felony prosecutions by written information. Are you familiar with the issues? And how will you vote?

Posted by Prophet Zarquon at 05:40 AM
October 11, 2002


Okay, has anyone checked out this site yet? Apparently the GOP's pants are in such a bunch over this site that they're actually accusing the Democratic party of cybersquatting.

Well, let's see: it is clear that the Democratic party really is behind this, and I'm not surprised that the game has come to this level, but - cybersquatting? Hello?

Posted by Stella at 09:55 AM
October 03, 2002

Minor Majority

A recent issue of Honolulu Magazine (I didn't even know it was still around, but I'm getting copies now at work, and it looks great) was dubbed "The People Issue," and examined who we are. Although at heart revisiting the same Census demographic data we all heard about months ago, they approached it from a fun angle, putting a human face on the numbers.

They also took an unusual look at ethnicity and geography, listing the neighborhoods with the highest concentration of specific races. Most Haole? Spreckelsville, Maui (89%) and Lanikai (87.5%). Most Japanese? Upper Manoa (64.9%) and... Woodlawn Manoa (62.9%). I have to admit, and hate to admit, there were no surprises.

Posted by Prophet Zarquon at 09:05 PM
September 28, 2002

Patsy Mink has died

CNN just reported that Rep. Patsy Mink passed away today at Straub; they have few details to report. Presumably the local news stations will have more; I'm sure they have pre-prepared obits for all Hawai'i public figures.

Posted by Linkmeister at 01:52 PM
September 22, 2002

Primary Past

After low, but not nearly the lowest, voter turnout yesterday (40 percent, I believe, of registered voters casting ballots), Linda Lingle and James Aiona will challenge Mazie Hirono and Mark Matsunaga for the right to occupy the top floor of the State Capitol.

Ed Case gave the "status quo" a run for the money on the Democratic side, refusing to concede early on with only 1 percent separating him from on-again, off-again candidate Hirono (who, in the end, netted less than half the Democratic ballots pulled in the Primary — hardly a ringing endorsement). Meanwhile, a remarkable number of Legislative incumbents found themselves on the road to early retirement.

Posted by Prophet Zarquon at 09:11 AM
September 18, 2002

Adventures in Absentee Voting

I just finished completing my absentee ballot (the orange section for the curious). I found the process most educational, and learned that the Natural Law Party isn't as half-baked as I'd assumed. But can anyone tell me exactly what the Free Energy Party is? They don't seem to have a web site.
Anyway, these sources were helpful:

Posted by windwardskies at 08:19 PM
September 05, 2002

First Amendment? Wassat?

"...I don't know anyone here that would want to put any work into increasing hatred." That's Center for Hawaiian Studies director Lilikala Kame'eleihiwa, speaking about threats made to Rebecca Goodman, director of the Academy for Life-Long Learning at UH. The threats caused Goodman to cancel several lectures by anti-sovereignty activist Ken Conklin.

Posted by Linkmeister at 09:25 PM
August 12, 2002

Bu on the Ballot

While most assume the race for Hawaii governor is between Linda Lingle and three Democratic somebodies, there are in fact seventeen candidates on the ballot this year, including Kaui Hill, a.k.a. "Bu La`ia."

Last time, he ran as a Green Party candidate, and they didn't like it. This time he filed under the Natural Law party... and big surprise, they're not fans either.

Posted by Prophet Zarquon at 09:27 PM
July 25, 2002

Jeremy Harris' Other Shoe

Long suspected in previous discussion here and elsewhere, Jeremy Harris' sudden decision to withdraw from the race for Hawaii governor had to have been prompted by something bigger than a few points in the polls.

While we haven't felt the Big One yet, there sure seems to be a pretty tangible tremor down below.

Posted by Prophet Zarquon at 05:13 PM
July 23, 2002

Pineapple Lottery

I wasn't fully listen in to the radio ad but it seems that Andy Anderson if and when he is elected governor would try to setup a Pineapply Lottery to help pay for school system.

Posted by Helen at 09:55 PM
July 15, 2002

Oh, You Mean That Bill?

A Mazie Hirono for Governor TV ad highlights her efforts to repeal an act that criminalized improper disclosure of medical records (which was well intentioned, but so poorly written it put insurance and medical companies into a tizzy). It was a bad idea, a financial disaster. "No one was willing to help but Mazie Hirono," the ad says.

Which is all good and fine, except for one small detail: It was Mazie Hirono who signed said bill into law.

Posted by Prophet Zarquon at 12:00 PM
July 08, 2002

Bush's Aloha Connection

A couple of weeks ago, President Bush called the WorldCom scandal — the latest case of big business malfeasance, following Enron, Xerox and others — "outrageous." Today he's giving a speech on Wall Street in which he's expected to call for a crackdown.

His cries for corporate responsibility are ringing hollow for some, though, as a 1989 Bush business deal makes its way into the headlines. It involves a Texas company called Harken Energy, and a little subsidiary named Aloha Petroleum.

Posted by Prophet Zarquon at 10:23 AM
July 02, 2002

Tobacco taxes

Now that the no-smoking law has gone into effect for restaurants, and given that the tax on the evil weed will go up on September 30, this editorial from the NYT seems germane. Y'all may know that the tax in NYC went into effect yesterday, raising the price of a single pack of cigarettes to nearly $7.00.

Posted by Linkmeister at 08:39 AM
June 27, 2002

"Under God" Overruled?

Yesterday the nation was taken aback by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling that the Pledge of Allegiance is unconstitutional. In a 2-1 decision, the court ruled that the phrase "one nation under God" violated the 1st amendment guarantee of separation of church and state.

Frankly, I'm surprised that a constitutional challenge took this long in coming. But it came at the worst possible time.

Posted by Keith H. at 10:04 PM
June 25, 2002

He's In, He's Out, Who's Left?

Once again, "no" is the big news in local politics — first Jeremy Harris pulls out, and now, local business bigwig Walter Dods has announced he's also not running.

Once again, the Dems are in a tizzy, for during the ten days Dods was a possible contender, their dimmed hopes of keeping control of the Governor's office seemed bright. Now they're left with, it seems, second-bests: Ed Case, Mazie Hirono, and D.G. "Andy" Anderson. Getting stuck in a second leadership vacuum so soon has got to smart.

Is there a chance for a second (or third) wind? Or are the Dems' long, shining, and infamous days in the sun finally at an end?

Posted by Prophet Zarquon at 08:27 PM
May 30, 2002

Breaking News?

Via e-mail a few minutes ago: "Honolulu Mayor Jeremy Harris is expected to announce Thursday afternoon that he will no longer seek the office of the governor."

KITV 4 News and TheHawaiiChannel.com will have a live report on his announcement at 4 p.m.


Posted by Linkmeister at 03:20 PM
May 24, 2002

Sign Waving

Well, you may have seen scattered pockets already, but I'm wondering if today marks the official launch of "sign waving season" in local politics. I saw an army of perhaps 100 Mazie Hirono sign wavers deployed along South King, from Ward to Piikoi.

Though I sometimes forget to mention the phenomenon when "Hawaii: So Weird" lists are thrown about, sign waving is certainly one of our more distinctive campaign quirks. What do you think about the practice? Is it done just to be done, or do you think it actually affects how people vote?

Posted by Prophet Zarquon at 05:53 PM
May 23, 2002

Union ads

Has anyone got a clue as to why we keep seeing 1-minute ads for HGEA all over the TV screen, particularly in very expensive time slots like the evening local news? It's not like they need to advertise for members, surely? If I were a member of the union, I'd sure as hell be asking why they're spending dues money on such vague feel-good stuff. And they're not plumping for any particular candidate, either.


Posted by Linkmeister at 02:28 PM
May 14, 2002

Honolulu Hale: The Election

This was inspired by a comment I made on a previous thread about Jeremy Harris and his "old job" at Honolulu Hale...

This year's race for Mayor of Honolulu has gotten quite interesting for the most part, especially with two city councilmen and a former Lieutenant Governor kicking off their campaigns throughout the community.

Posted by Stella at 09:36 PM
May 10, 2002

Here we go again

Once again, Forbes has studied Honolulu and found it wanting as a place to do business. Prepare for another round of gnashing of teeth on the part of the State and City and another round of "I told you so" from the Republicans.

Posted by Linkmeister at 09:52 AM
April 29, 2002

LA Riots-- 10 years later

Maybe we get a little detached when we live in Hawaii. We don't have major race clashes nor do we have many "black" people or "white" people so we don't have that tension causing trouble in Hawaii. We are one big ohana, or the so called melting pot. Hawaii has its own issues, such as the quality of public education and our government, but ethnic conflicts, thank goodness isn't one of them.

so then, what DOES is mean to be an Asian American?

are we Asian American or are we Hawaiian American, and are we American at all since many don't even consider Hawaii to be part of the US of A. (silly mainlanders, first they take over and make us part of them and then they deny that we are one of them)

So many things to think about.

Posted by kimkim at 07:29 PM
April 19, 2002

Two Wongs make it White?

A new clothing line by Abercrombie and Fitch has ignited the ire of some Asian-American advocacy groups because the shirts supposedly contain racist mottos.

Posted by Vivi at 09:17 PM
April 17, 2002

Uncle Ben ups the speed limit

In the face of the van-cam fiasco, Governor Cayetano is proposing that we raise the speed limit on our highways.

Posted by Scarlett at 10:07 PM
April 10, 2002

Lies, Damned Lies, & Politicians

I get the KITV headlines via E-mail; this one about Rene Mansho arrived a couple of hours ago. It strikes me that we've got one hell of a City Council to be proud of; Mirikitani in jail, Mansho facing prosecution, Felix fighting about his damned wedding business, Yoshimura disbarred, etc. And isn't Steve Holmes's resume still under suspicion, or did that get resolved?

Not bad for a city with a population of 800,000 or so, huh?

Posted by Linkmeister at 02:57 PM
March 30, 2002

Those Darn Van Cams

So the state contracted a mainland company to deploy speed camera vans on Honolulu's highways, and when the tickets — hundreds of them — started flying, locals started howling. Front page news for weeks. Love 'em? Hate 'em?

Posted by Prophet Zarquon at 12:49 AM
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